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22.Myth Collapse (6)

“The 87 parts of 'Weeping Tears'?” "Here.” “Hmm. I don't think it's the right size. Turn this off.” Hey! Does anyone know where the rupture brake is? ”“ Is that here? ”“ You can't put that in there! I need to study the engine and the coupling elements now! ”in a dark world.

The work of the masters around Henova and Anastasia was approaching the end.

Even if it's only 12 hours, even if you want to know how to make something right.

Since the parts prepared by Yeonwoo with Henova have been modest and the time flows have been thoroughly isolated from the outside, the time experienced by masters is the same as several days ago.

He's been mentally and physically exhausted, but he keeps hammering without a sleep. One, they showed a high degree of completeness in each product, even though they could tell us why they were given the title 'Master.'

[A timeless masterpiece, the Guide to Time!]] [The masterpiece of eternal life, the Blue Orb!]] [Due to the collaborative system between the masters, the attrition rate increases explosively by over 300%!] [The masterpiece of eternity is being born in succession. A historic masterpiece.] [The effects of calibration speed restoration of Masters by 40%.] [MP Consumption Speed reduced by 60%.] [The current creations are all set artifacts!] [When combined together, can cause strong resonance.] [It's something every god and every demon should covet. Sacrifices will amplify the target's power and bring great blessings to the creators.] Anastasia - led the overall process, and Henova was able to take full responsibility for the work speed and integrity.


Taaaa! When Henova slapped the hammer with a fierce bite.

[The last masterpiece, 'The Jade Ravine Derivative (Free Short Recovery)' - is complete!] I finally remembered the last message I was waiting for.

Haaaa! Henova takes a deep breath as long as she can. Thanks to this, cigarette smoke that had entered his lungs deeply spread around him, but his gaze was fixed only on the grinding disc above the anvil.

“Henova, is that… = =?" Oh! Are you finally done? ”“ I wouldn't have had much time. There you are! ”The masters around you marvel at what Henova has accomplished.

The object was created to be the most important part of all the pieces that had ever been completed, and was the most important part of the squeeze.


It sounded like all those compliments to Henova.

[Jade Mobility Derivative] Type: Secondary Grade: Impossible to measure Description: Devices made to assist and drive certain objects. If a technological truck is fused to handle and control a great mystical force and it is exposed to the outside world, many gods and demons would covet it instead. Unfortunately, the durability seems to be not so good.

“There are so many words for disposables! Finish what's left of it!" The Jade Mobility Shredder. As the Jade Bracket says, 'Break the Jade', it was a control device that would draw the power of the Dark Jade to become Squite's core.

Given how much time and energy it took to come up with this and make it yourself, it was truly humiliating. When you made the Wise Man's Stone, you had plenty of time, not even this.

But I assure you, it was worth much more than a Wise Man's Stone.

A device designed to properly implement the power of the Black King, which many people do not even know exists. Of course, I had to put in enough effort and effort. Perhaps the masters of Henova and Hanova will reconnect their heads for the rest of their lives, but they are unsure if they will be able to produce better results.

However, if there was a problem, I couldn't help but notice that the durability was not so good. It was because I couldn't draw out the power of the Dark Jade if I cared about its durability, and I was more likely to drop the completeness of the squite.

Therefore, it was the Master's agreement to take performance to the highest efficiency even if you gave up durability……… and this was the result.

Although only once, Henova was confident. The moment you give this to the world, the tower will turn upside down.

The problem is that the person who will be the owner of this is insensitive.

“Damn you. She's always bragging, never showing her face. Ewing.” Henova pulls her tongue and grabs the bear stand in her hand. He notices something unnatural, but his gaze is firmly held elsewhere.

It's time to come...

Like a cigarette leaf burning in a bear stand.

You're gaining speed on Henova.

[0: 59: 47_88] [0: 59: 47 87] Aww! With the violent explosion, Earl Ferentis and the Vampire Lord barely landed on the ground. They were scattered all over the place. "Not easy...” Coolic! Blood spills from the lips of Earl Ferentis.

“Party" "! `“ Not yet. Not yet. How about you? I feel like I've just been shaken up. ”Earl Perenz looks at the Black Magran, shaking dangerously as if it were going to go away with her, wearing the Vampire Monarch's worried gaze well.

The Vampire Master bites his lower lip and shakes his head tightly.

“Not yet.” “Well, that's a relief.” Earl Perenz knew well that it was an objection that his wife made. Olfowon faced a myriad of priests who wanted to invade the world of light but did not waver at all, and instead tried to remove the source charge by descending the body directly inside.

Of course, it was the bitterness of the source.

Even though they were fighting fiercely now, even though they were baptized in the dark, Olfowon was still too strong.

Many of the congregation have already been critically injured and have been restarted. There were fewer deaths. Of course, they were drawn into the shadows and resurfaced as disco fluto, but it was still difficult to deal with Allfowon.

Abnormalities of the Phantom Band boasted by the Vampire Monarch have gone 'wild'. Ups are natural in light, but on the contrary, light is not compatible in the earth. The followers of Yeonwoo were critically wounded because of the power to harness the light of Allfowon.

Virtually doesn't fit the weight.

But nonetheless.

The Vampire lords and others wanted to resist Olfowon. One punch. I was filled with a desire to feed one after all.

whether they were all forced to be detained by Allfowon, or whether they had to run away indefinitely. I wanted to vomit out the tears. If I can't avenge myself now, I don't know when I'll get another chance like this.

That's why Earl Ferentis did not withhold his wife's arrival.

It was the fact that he was stubborn, too.

“I guess I can still get a few more days off, too.” Earl Ferentis smiles as he slowly rises from his seat.

“My daughter suffers like that. Let's go again.” There is the body of Allfowon that walks all the way over here.

Lana slams in front of him, and in the sky, a giant, fistful beast.

"Dead men, why do you fight so desperately against death and not follow the laws of nature? How do you not know that all these attempts, called freedom struggles, are merely tying themselves to chains and falling into dolls? 4." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Suddenly, a group of light bursts out with the work of the All-Foun has slaughtered the beast. The crack spreads like a spider web along your body, and as if the glass were breaking, it collapses and vomits a middle-aged man over here.

It hurts! It hurts so much! This place is too difficult for me to handle! Seriously, what was # # # thinking of throwing a weakling into this ignorant place! "Fragile for a black man with rabbit ears doesn't seem like a very good word.

Laplace roasts his head in scorching furrows, making a tear to see if it hurts.

Earl Ferentis smiled and asked him one day, with a good smile on his face.

“Are you okay?” "Do I look okay?" I don't think so. ”Then don't ask any strange questions.

I can't even speak right because I'm sick. "But you look happy.” Why? "Are you smiling? Laplace said," I had just touched my mouth with my hands, and I realized that my mouth was twitching without knowing it.

Yes, it's better to be here than here in Mado, where there is nothing but the stench and boredom of the underworld. This Laplace could die right now, but there's no time for it. "You're already dead." "So. Isn't that better? Red Red Red." While smiling like that.



The sounding source of the world was coming this way.

Allfowon slowly walks away, pushing Rana out loud. As the laws of the world revolved around him, he was stirring around the world of light.

I'll ask you again. Why are you putting chains on your hands and feet? And yet, why do you express yourself as an adversary? Isn't it just a recurrence that has only been repositioned? Olfowon's voice was stunning.

It was like a whisper close to Honzal, but as it resounded throughout the world of debt, it was firmly branded in their ears, or in their minds.

"Death is only death. However, Dark seeks to enslave you with a myth that it gives you a new life and gives you your freedom back. Rather, it is a timeless spirit ( 00, eternal restraint). Did He also say that He wanted to get away from me and go up? He is also wrong. Earl Ferentis felt that his voice was full of tears. The place of being that repeats a mission that no one notices, but only grumbles.

"Up above is the dwelling place of gods and demons who regard creatures like you as mere beasts for breeding. If we don't stop them, we'll let them archer, and the creatures will never cease to exist. There is no future for any creature that has to live on this earth without the bottomless pit (& boat pans). Olfowon suddenly came to their doorstep. With that in mind, Count Ferentis tries to tell you you're wrong.

Though I wanted to reflect on Olfowan's uncompromising notion of assuming your mission and their wishes were wrong.

No. The premise is wrong. "Earl Ferentz," he said, "I couldn't help it. It was because someone else was beaten before him. With a good laugh.

Going forward, Earl Perenz, and so on. in front of Allfowon. Cha Jong-woo's monument stares at Olfowon with a particularly crooked face.

"What qualifies you to make such judgments, Vivasbat?" [0: 45: 66 92] [0: 45: 66 91] "I quietly looked into [0: 39: 78_87] [0: 39: 78_86] Yeon and into the gods and demons of death, who swore allegiance to me.

At first, I was full of questions about how they all appeared at once.

After a while I thought about it calmly, I thought it might be enough.

“When you finished the wings, you sensed my presence.” At first, we were both very concerned... "The king faced a thousand horses, and when he saw the signs, we were convinced. Hel squeezes his head as he strokes one knee with an elegant gesture. It was not found in the original time zone. However, I felt like I was trembling.

Yeongwoo nods quietly.

Although he had definitely escaped from the Heavenly Horse, there were more than one or two societies involved. Not many people have read the dark traces of him.

However, in this era where many societies still do not have large exchanges, one means that they can come together so quickly.

“Indeed, the God of Death and the Devil were bound together in their own bond ( squeeze), regardless of their affiliation. Of course, the center of it would be the King of the Blacks. 'Perhaps they didn't just decide to be loyal just because the yoke is the descendant of the blacks. Now that you've seen the way you fought the Heavenly Horse, you'll find it trustworthy. It was an unexpected new opportunity for us to try to live in a rainstorm.

Yeonwoo quickly admired the god of death and the demons. Mostly daytime faces, but sometimes familiar faces. Among them were Azrael, who had originally disappeared from time to time.

Each of them gave a different impression.

It felt the same.



I was confident in their center.

The faith they emit is all connected to themselves, and their status is struck by them like a cog. The existence of Yeongwoo was also establishing their existence.

You told me you knew I was coming. It means that it was written in the book of Revelation.

"Did the Black King suppose I would visit?" If that's not it.

[The Black King looks back at his descendants from a distant dream.] Like the word 'all phenomena and facts owed to the world' by the Black King '.

Did I know this because it was part of King Black's dream, too?

By completing the concept of death, Yeongwoo was able to clearly sense the thin to herself and the gaze of sleeping beings behind the world.

And I was sure.

The Dark Lord had been observing him since the moment he first entered this myth. The progeny had been waiting for him to come quickly.

“Where did the Black King sleep?" That's why Yeon-ju didn't use the name 'He' and 'Father' on purpose. If I put such a name on my mouth, I felt more and more forced to bind myself to it.

[The Black King gladly observes his progeny.] Hel slowly got up from his seat and waved his hand into the air, not knowing, or pretending not to know, or shaking at all.

I will pave the way. Then a new portal opened in front of Yeouido, the god of death, and the demons.

Beyond that, a vast universe was revealed. Although it was in the middle of the universe, the god of death and demons could easily be seen anywhere, their faces were brightly reminded of the fact that they were approaching the place where the Black King was sleeping.


On the contrary, Yeon-woo's face became stiff.

It was a place that was too familiar with Yeon Woo.

Solar system.

Among them, the third planet, the blue star, Earth, was revealed to us.