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23.Mythical Decay (7)

Ah, there... 77.

It's blue. I feel it every time I see it, but it's so beautiful. I think I see a pearl in the Mainland. "The beautiful picture that the earth draws, the gods and demons clung their heads together.

They did not appear to be largely surprised or surprised, as if the Earth were somewhat familiar. Rather, since it boasted my beauty, I thought it was worth sleeping in.

In addition.

That's... where my father is...! The crawling chaos burst into crazy laughter. His laughter made my mind go up.

"I've been wandering around drunk for years and looking for a place where Father finally found the ideal of sleeping. How can I not be happy? Even though he was the least faithful of all the other gods, he was as intense as anyone else's passion and desire for the Father.

Above all, I could feel the chaos crawling around me.

It is the consciousness of the 'Father' who slept in his sleep, but is fixed there at this moment.

Despite the loss of the body (the tingling sensation of the soul was telling me that, so the crawling chaos wanted to rush the swamp.

What the hell are you doing?

I just wanted to go wake him up.

He was unable to say a word in advance.

It was because the spirit of Yeon-woo was shaking greatly.

“This is...) Unlike those who want to rush to Earth in 2, Yeon-ju was in a bit of a state of embarrassment.

Why in this vast, vast universe.

And in a world so big, why Earth? Earth and the solar system were initially so far-sighted that Kronos didn't even know it existed.

where there was no notion of magic and mysticism, where transcendent beings had no audacity.

So far, the Earth has been completely distant from metaphysical dynamics (% 0 kPa).

“The Black King is asleep? At that moment, there was a sudden thought in Yeon Woo's head.

- Why is the myth of Olympus here? So this is Olympus' territory...? But I'm sure you've heard the myths of Asgard in your past life. Some of them looked like they were from a bridge...! When "reel" came to Earth, when Kronos was taken from the throne and thrown into space.

He used to ask the same question several times in his previous life.

Olympus, Asgard, the archipelago, many mythological planets.

How could such a thing exist? It was a sight that Kronos had ruled over the universe for many years, but had never seen before. Of course, the question had to be raised.

I couldn't find my personality on Earth, but then I found out that Heavenly Horse had abandoned the gods in a tower.

Nevertheless, the question was never fully addressed.

Myths don't sound that simultaneous.

- It was horrifying for him that mortals in the beginning were so precisely looking at the myths of the transcendents.


I thought that this strange phenomenon might have something to do with the fact that the Black King was asleep on Earth.

'Dream...' I said. `According to the revelation, every cause and phenomenon in the world is a dream for the deep sleep of the Black King. A very long dream with no promises. And that's when we drag them out of the sea of poetry.

However, if you think about it upside down, it means that dreams can be repeated many times, and many things can be enumerated without haste.

In other words, since the myths of the gods are only the dream of the Black King, I think that the gods may be mixed with myths in places they do not recognize at all, and that they may not be at all strange even if processed by themselves.

"If the Earth is truly the closest place to the Black King, Tegyeon's eyes sank deeper and more frequently.

"It may not be a coincidence that Father's 'reel' was pulled over the Earth, or that Mother found him here…… everything she thought was a coincidence." What fell on the 'reel' sphere to float around the universe. Perhaps it was a result of the instinct to return to the Dark Lord Kronos.

[The Black King watches as his descendants make their choice.] And as I made fun of that alliance, I came up with a message related to the Black King.

Yeon-woo was confident that that gaze would never be of interest to the progeny. It's kind of like a curiosity where children are interested in observing ants' nests. He'll be nothing but a worm one day. When you wake up, it disappears, like < > l >!_ My King. Give me the honor of serving you right at the conclusion. At that time, Azrael calmly landed beside the lotus, folding his wings. His lowered head felt polite attitude and refined refinement, but his eyes were burning with aspiration.

Even at this time, he was still enthusiastic, just because he was the descendant of the Black King.

If there was a difference, it was that Yeon-woo only had an oppressive attitude at the time, but now she had an unremittingly polite attitude.

In the beginning, Azrael was a fierce follower of the Dark Lord, so the throne associated with him followed my life.

Then one of Hel's eyes, who had always represented the god of death and demons, shivered. This is why you ignore her authority.

Of course, I was annoyed.

But you can't look bad in the presence of the Great King. Hel struggles to squeeze his tongue together like a twisted lip.

"Hye Hye. What are you talking about, Azrael? Was Niflheim the king's place of residence, and was I not responsible for guiding you along such a path? But Azrael was hard at his appeal to Yeon-woo, regardless of whether Hel protested or not.

"I am the angel of death, who reaps and governs the soul and blows the trumpet with the swing instruments when the king proclaims the dark arts, the Father. If I mess up the pilgrimage for no reason, I'll ruin the faces of the other gods of death and the demons. It is the duty of the choir to make known the way of the king throughout the world, and to bring all the officials and people together to worship in that way. Please allow me to fulfill my duties. Even if I explain it so easily, I can't understand it at all... I wonder if I can't even be Samael. As a fellow worker, this hel is a real bummer. When Hel saw Azrael ignore his words, he shouted loudly as if he had been slightly angry or pretended to be a scolder.

Azrael can no longer ignore it and heads back. To him, it was as if he wanted to fight openly by calling out his name.

Of course, he had no intention of being mean to the king either.

Moreover, his resourceful tongue was unique to Malach.

It must be the blood of a Frost-Head Giant, after all. Choose only foolish words. "What? A little thorn appeared in Hell's voice.

Don't you know yet? What do you mean? This body is already one with him. "Phil" "Zen" Azrael spoke up, not with hel's warm eyes, but with a narcissistic gaze.

"I don't know what blessings I have for transporting her and her soul, but how can I not assume that this vile soul is buried in her body? Je! Sal How sad you are. So, you back off. The area where he and this body are together is not a place where you can tread lightly," “You mean the one who took the spirit of the Thirty Thousand. `When I see Azrael and Hel preaching the tale about who is serving him, I look away from my tongue.

It was a little funny because they had a nervous war between themselves that they didn't care who was in front of them.

However, he did not withhold or restrain. The loyalty competition of the congregation was useful, given the circumstances.

I don't think so, personality field I've seen here, Deep Sea Day "". "Ha ha."_^ < l < lll/) Hel flinched silently at the sound of his exhale, which he had expected to do with Azrael.

However, Hel's face was already pale red. A rough noose blows through my lips like a parrot. It seemed to be steaming up on the top of the crown.

Smart, Agarash, and your father are showing great interest in the king...... So this girl's heart was on fire... One body, one body! I can't believe we're doing this! Yiddie Hel... is dying! "The damn Stone of Desire. Yeongwoo looks at Hel as she starts to boom, and she looks at the scorn. Somehow I thought it would be too quiet to be as hellish as what I'd seen. It seemed to have been showing off.

You're Loki's bitch.

Yeonwoo pounds Pendler's neck, thinking she'll get caught up in Niflheim if she stays like this.

“I'd like to get over there. Can I help you?” King! Penryr has been thrashed, as if not to worry. "From the cliffs to the portals, the breathtaking appearance of crossing the air at once is spectacular.

Go, come with me! Heldo suddenly said, "I whipped my wings after Yeonwoo and Fenrir. Azrael is also in a desperate pursuit. 666 Death Gods and demons, all crossing the portal.

As soon as we crossed the portal, Yeon-woo had only one feeling.

“H-even though it's definitely the same Earth.

The Earth and the mythical Earth in Kronos were completely different from the Earth in the age of Yeon Woo.

In the sky, it rained so faintly that I couldn't see properly, and in the formation, I was dancing beyond the sea, where the heat was breaking. The atmosphere was full of sulfur gas, so it was possible that there could be a proper organic compound other than primitive life.

Primitive Earth.

Accurate solidarity is a very old form that is hard to measure. Based on the Earth's original time zone, we're barely out of infancy.

I thought the Black King was asleep somewhere like this.

As soon as she got deeper into the atmosphere, Yeon-woo could suddenly sense the myriad of thoughts pouring out from everywhere.

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7007Ganta2/From the notion that it might be the idea of the Black King, there were some ideas that were muddled, some words that were meaningless. Even some of them were bizarre accidents looking at Yeouido at the point of view of the pond.

It was noisy.

It was so noisy that there were so many creatures that could not be counted.

The problem was that the sounds were so large that they could not even be cut together that their souls were shaken.

[Soul trembles for an unknown reason. Your ego gets confused.] [Remain rational with cold-blooded 'traits.] [For unknown reasons…….] [Remain rational due to the' cold-blooded 'nature.] [Remain rational due to the' cold-blooded 'nature.] [Remain rational due to the' cold-blooded 'nature.] Yeongwoo had to undergo extreme confusion to be able to maintain her without characteristics. I had no choice but to cross the portal with myself and worry about Penor or the other gods of death and demons.

[Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] [Stun status has been canceled.

Confusion Resistance has been created.] [New Testimonial 0038] is triggered.] [Distracted senses are concentrated very little by little. The confused senses are corrected very slowly.] [Requires considerable time to concentrate and correct. Please wait.] [The King of Black marvels at his descendants who have come to the home of many whirlwind dreams.] “My father didn't feel this way?" As Yeon endured the headache of breaking her head, she couldn't comprehend how Kronos had not sensed the Black King in over 10,000 years on Earth.

And I had no choice but to question the Heavenly Horse who confidently shouted that the Black King had fallen into the void.

What the hell were you thinking? Even in the distant future, how did you manage to put the Black King to sleep where he was born? "Thousands of horses were born as Earthlings, but returned to the beginning beyond time when they became 'sulfur', and completed the creation of drifting space by overthrowing the Dark King there ( Hinso).

That he took over the Earth for a place where the Black King would be buried, that must mean there's a reason.

However, I did not understand what that means as a delay.

Could there be a proper life form in a place where there is such a huge, ideological turbulence? No. Nevertheless, I wondered how Yeon-woo's future could have emerged.

[The casket looks at the opponent.] [The casks listen to the opponent's voice.] Then the confusing perceptions and senses cleared up.

Yeongwoo could sense that there was something beyond the turbulence of the spirit. At the same time, there is an invisible chain between it and its soul.

The chain is pulling as tightly as it can. It's like he asked me to come here. If you don't listen to me, I'll force you out.

Tsurlock! With the sound of the pulleys spinning, the chain pulls on the moat even harder. Yeon-woo plunges into the sea in one fell swoop.

When I thought I'd gone deep enough to get to the core of the Earth.

At some point, Yeongwoo could realize that she was not on Earth, but in a sharply painted void.


There was something that could not be predicted in size.

It was painted empty, so it was not clearly visible. But its size had far exceeded the perceivable range of the lotus.

No, compared to that, there was only one thing called Yeongwoo. I thought it was' blasphemy 'to even reduce the anger.

[The Black King is looking at his progeny.19/I see... three... 2797... ~ No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.: *: Summon 0 [According to the Branch of the Iron King, the title has been changed from "Heir of the Black King" to "The Black King's Self-Substantiation"! 924/That's a lot of crabs. The Cemetery Crab... Ugh... There are some...