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24.Mythical Decay (8)

The title is "self-immolation," not "progeny"? I instinctively feel a tremendous amount of glamour in the sound of a soft, restless voice. It was because it seemed to be a nuance that completely determined the “useless bird" about the self that had been repeating the worries.

On the one hand.

I thought strongly that it was not the existence of the "Han" because it was a loud voice. Apart from the fact that the main personality is deeply asleep, some of the voluntary by-products seem to be separated and active like a personality.

"Maestro!" Then Yeon-woo could see.

Talking to himself is one of the Dark Lord's cowards, the original # of Mars.

But I couldn't ignore it.

Even though the Dark Lord himself was asleep, he was representing the physician on his behalf.

He's sleeping.

That was the same as the Black King Hory who fell asleep.

Father! At that time, the crawling chaos shouted in a bright pink tone. His voice was the only thing I could hear, but I couldn't help but gloat. Of course, he didn't seem to have any doubt that his voice would reach the Dark Lord.

I came all this way to find you! I'm the only one who hasn't done what any of your children have done! Only I did it! So let me be... by your side! When you open your eyes, take the seat next to you "...! I pleaded... -A fervent courtship that the crawling chaos had poured out on my father had to stop.

As soon as the new 'voice continued, everything around Yeon Woo fell apart. Just as everything that had been sucked into my nucleus had been a lie, Yeon-woo was suddenly standing in the middle of the sea.

It was trying to fade away as if it had just been a one-in-a-million dream. It seemed like everything that came so intensely was a lie.

Yeah, whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo! However, the invisible chain to his hand and inner nucleus was still unsolved. I didn't feel much power over there as before, but it was unpleasant because it felt like a thread hanging from a puppet.

However, Yeon-woo had no intention of caring about that.

Thrust 0\) caused the ocean to tremble to tremendous heights. An enormous amount of spirit and spirituality poured from my nucleus shook the primitive earth.

It reminds me of the land of evil!] and.

As I cut through the swirling sea level, the land began to rise slowly. This would not have been possible given the age before the earth was still under ground.

No way, is that... 9? Is that what he thought on the day he was born? I never expected to face the throne of Wudang ( #), which appeared on the promised day when all the laws and statutes would return to Dance (& Awakening). "Unlike Yeon Woo, the God of Death and the Devil, who had no wit to resist the Dark Lord's ideals, were watching the situation from above.

But even in their eyes, it was obvious that the land was very lively.

The size of the continent.

Throughout the whole time, there were strange glances in their eyes.

Dance and dance throne.

When the universe came to an end when He awoke from a long sleep, that was the throne where He sat up.

Since the progeny came in person, I wonder if they're finally going to open their eyes. The Shinigami and the demons were reminded of the expectation that the moment they had longed for might come.

"No, that's not land." Sim ":" Unlike those who were wet with hope and joy, Yeon-woo's face was stiff. As the land rose, the chains were drawn together. It means that it's connected. That's how I realized what Yeon-woo was.

We can't just leave him there.

Maybe he was provoking nonsense. Yeon-woo strongly heard that idea.

Right then.

"Kiki. Yes. That's what it is. I knew it, but... I was pretending not to know it... 'Father', did you think of us for this purpose in the end? Maybe it's because he was so fond of me that he thought I'd bring this egg to you someday. Like a madman, the crawling chaos continues to roar over and over.

"Very well, if you insist. If Father neglects his family, then I will also become a child in the wilderness. Isn't that right, stupid father? Then_'Gearing chaos, which quickly judged something, spoke to Yeon-woo.

I think I can tell. Isn't that right? Yeon-woo felt a change in the tone of chaos that was crawling around. It was definitely the same tone, but the emotion in it was clearly different from before.

How betrayal and remorse for such a good existence changed his mind.

'Of course " Yes. That's a fleshy spot. The voice of the crawling chaos was full of laughter.

A single piece of dust, made up of a foolish father… but also a cell that can accomplish everything. I didn't think Thousands would put it all in this place. That's why you haven't been able to find it. "Land, no, the continent was floating through the sea and into the air.

Urgh! At the same time, the Earth is shaking more chaotically.

No, the whole universe was ringing around the Earth.

[Space is sinking!] [Coordinates will be deleted!] [Myth Encapsulates!] [There is something that cannot be regenerated by this myth. Collapse is starting to accelerate!] [Warning! Escape now!] [WARNING! Hurry up and stop playback!] [Promised Land 'is completely exposed!] Le Louise. That's what we call it. The enormous cold pressure on land was distorted, as if the space had just collapsed. Then, when the concept of coordinates completely crumbled, the air room spread like food around the land and gradually tried to water the Earth.

[Knox] 'blooms!] Ah, Burr. G.

Ah, Burr. G.

Ah, Burr. G.

Party. God.. Period. C. Lie. Me.

Woo. Jobs. Han. Age. Mon.

Woohoo! A number of increasingly louder voices followed sadly from the "night."

Hundreds of tentacles protrude out to catch land.

Chaos erupts like a bot, breaking the laws of the world. How the grim sensation that could not be expressed in words resounded, and the fear gradually struck my head. The universe was shaking.

Then, the God of Death and the Devil hardened their faces to the thought that something was going wrong. Things were working out differently than they expected.

[The true nature of Asgard is revealed!] [Deva's true nature reveals itself!] [The main character of Olympus is revealed!] [The Day (Eros) `reveals itself!] And, of course, they weren't gods who couldn't detect that anomaly.

They stopped arguing with the Heavenly Horse and followed the point where the universe began to collapse.

That made the pressure on the Earth stronger, and now there was a concern that the planet would collapse, but strangely enough, the Earth had already exceeded its critical point a long time ago, and there was no change other than causing an upheaval.

“Tongue:: {” Uranos, who had been backpacking his feet in search of kitchenette, was now drenched in a mess beyond repair.

“Uranos, it seems that your stubbornness extends into squares over generations. What do you think?" ”Baal bites a cookie and grunts at you. It was an attitude that could be said to be dull, but the hand holding the cookie was shaking less chaotically. His face was already halfway deceased. Metatron stares at the sky dazed.

“Baal," “et al.," "Shut up." There's so much small talk going on.

Cough! [A thousand horses coming!] The last thousand words that appeared with a golden beam of light expressed their appreciation in sad words.

“Oh my... Nymmy, Shm...! How many times did I take that out just to hold it down? Thousands of horses stared at Yeon-woo with a twitchy heart.

I wanted to beat Yeon-woo to death right away, but seeing the spirit of death and demons gathering around Yeon-woo all of a sudden, the angel seemed to burst into a rage.

The three chiefs of "Daylight" were suddenly blocking between Yeonwoo and themselves.

The Thousand Horses' face was as crooked as a crooked can.

“Inspiration! Even after everything that's happened, are you going to leave him alone? I sold my inspiration for safekeeping, and you're just gonna keep covering it up?” What should I do? "Son of a bitch, this son of a bitch, eventually.” Uranos smiles bitterly and speaks.

“It's my baby.” Fuck! ”You said you had a son not too long ago. Keep growing and you'll see what I mean.” “Never mind. Let's just get this over with, really. It's chopped!” CheonMa fixes her staff and turns her gaze back towards the mainland. Unlike an evil tone, his gaze sank deeper. The "fleshly point" that was firmly embedded in the nucleus was protruding from the stimulus, even though the "night" expanded too fast.

At this rate, I thought, "The Night will eat up the whole planet and the end of the world may come to an end." When the Black King woke up, it was all crabs.

“Whew." "{ Thousand Horses breathed deeply.


I grabbed the female staff tightly and was not on my shoulders. I got into Javelin pose.

The target is Le Louise.

Only one chance. I had to put all the chaos in it and put the Black King back to sleep.

And then... 'I just wanted my body back. I'm gonna be anti-Semitic for a while longer.` The thousand horses narrowed their eyes by kicking their tongues together.

Hwaaah! Hwaeun Jing opened wide along the eye line.

[The Black King looks at himself. Hurry up and take the flesh-point.] In Le Lüer, something wriggles along the surface of the earth and begins to rise on its own one by one. Strange creatures with lots of ideals in the courtyard. If I grew up long enough, I would one day be able to evolve as a god of other systems (Puham) and monsters ($Float).

They spilled a lot. Every bright spot, the area of the 'night` spread out in every touching area and caused even more chaos.

And the more I did, the tighter the chain to Le 'Luer. The Black King is telling me to come here.

Take all these flesh-eating things and make them yours. That's how you become a vessel and an egg.

If you take it, you will be a fool's father. Maybe, if you're so lucky, you can be a father without a proper self. You become the master of the night, and you can sleep in the world as you please. The crawling chaos arose.

"Of course, I'm not sure if I can say `you` about it. If you still want it, take it.

That's what the crawling chaos was saying.

Yeon-woo touches the chain without a word. If he pulled this here, he could gain the power of the crawling chaos. Beyond the notion of death and dreams, disorder and chaos, we can become part of the real King of the Black.


It may be an opportunity for a new heist, beyond the myth of Kronos.

Didn't I tell you? Myths are stories with a theme. The subject, of course, is the business that the subject has lived in (). So I said that if the business ends well, the story will be united and the myth will be fine. But there are exceptions here, too. Crawling chaos suddenly read Yeon-woo's troubles and whispered for new curiosity and knowledge, "What if its work far surpasses its previous occupation? What if the new end of the story is much bigger, accepting the existing end? What happens then? Could that also be the completion of a new myth?" What Yeonwoo originally wanted was to wake the Black King and hold the Heavenly Horse to complete Chronos' mythology. And the intention was almost in sight.

But there was a new option being added here.

Becoming the Dark Lord's alter ego. attributable to part of it, it is' waking up 'with a new magical star (Red 1 $). incarnation (408680).

The problem is that the Black King can be erased as many times as he wants, and no one knows what they will be used for.

There was only one benefit to Yeon-woo to enduring such a thing.

"You will find the soul of the black king's soul..." So far, I've only been racing for one goal, so I can't shake the advice of the black king in advance.


Or the Black King. I thought, "Maybe I'll count on this."

[0: 04: 15 12] [0: 04: 15 11] What is your choice? Briefly, Yeon-woo stood at the crossroads of choice and looked around her.

“Grow, woman." Meanwhile, the thousand horses hurl their staff at Le 'Luo. The parapet quickly became a huge beam of light that penetrated Le 'Rue and reached the inner core of the Earth.

The swallowed up all the gods' societies around him, including the Night. There was a lotus inside.

At that moment, Yeon-woo was impressed with the impression that a woman's staff appeared to resemble a 'tower', although only briefly.

[The myths of Kronos have all been destroyed!] [Playback interrupted.]