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25. Myth Collapse (9)

"Cha Jungwoo." Olfowon narrowed his eyes curiously looking at the monument of Cha Jungwoo blocking his way.

Although he was surrounded by a swarm of light, he couldn't read his face properly on this side, but Cha Jungwoo could barely see what he was doing.

Get out of the way, you little girl. This is no place for you._"His voice was firm, but filled with compassion.

With the Cheonan, Allfowon can see everything in its place in the tower. That's why I knew how hard Cha Jungwoo had walked, and how many times he had repeated his dreams, and how much he was hurt.

That's why Allfowon didn't want to mess with Cha Jung-woo as much as possible.

Although his personality to follow the doctrine, Cha Jungwoo's monument is nothing but a dead man to reject the doctrine.

I did not intend to impose sanctions because I knew how useless it was.


I can't give up today, and that monument will vanish without a trace, so I can't help but continue to consume that limited mindset by forcibly implementing it.

Are you good at talking shit, Vivasbat? But Cha Jeongwoo thought that Allfowon's gaze was the same.

I admired him once, and I yearned for his power to unlock his secrets.

Now that I think about it, I'm attracted to the illusion of the outward-looking one, and it's practically worthless.

No, to put it bluntly, Allfowon was his enemy.

I gave my father a hard time jumping into a tower to save his children.

I gave my brother a hard time trying to get him back.

All I wanted was to stop their family from demonstrating peace and make them spill their horns.

Besides, like the Vampire Monarch, he only had to recycle the hours that many people were drunk without returning to relatives and family.

No matter how much he had more than one grudge, he had a great mission, but he never let it go.

Of course, Cha Jeongwoo knew better than anyone that he could not beat Allfowon.

I once had a serious case of desiccation in a recurring dream. No attempt could have been made to gain credibility in a way that would eventually escape the outcome surrounded by traitors.

But, of course, those attempts failed many times. I once fought with Allfowon, who was very annoyed, but I was also devastated.

So now I'm going to lose to Yaolfo, not even my original body.


So let's cut the crap. Because it's ugly.

Premiere! I just waited for him to call me. Cha Jeong-woo decided to confront, and Nemesis immediately reacted to his cry and appeared from the sky and disappeared into the void again.

Whoa- 'The dream has spread. Aurora, who glittered in color, covered the world surrounding Allfowon and took out the octagonal particles one by one.

Cha Jungwoo and Nemesis used to implement it all their lives,.

It was an electrical circuit (\ vitality) specialized in the nature of pain, which Cho Jungwoo perceives as' immersing opponents in the world and quickly killing them. '

You know this is nonsense. Olfowon laughs at his head, "How can I tie my own feet with this?"

When I take a step forward, the fabric of the fantasy world stops, and when I take a second step forward, cracks begin to break along the surface of the barrier. Tsk, tsk, tsk. It was just a misuse of this kind of power in the holiest of Allfowon and 77 others.

I know it well. But I need this, just for a little while, so I can get my feet right. However, Cho Jungwoo did not hide his ridicule.

D-don 't tell me? Allfowon paused as he approached here.

You. You hate desertion and transcendence, don't you? That's against the rules. "You say all that crap, but in the end, you want me to live in a fountain? A worm is just a worm living amongst itself... When a kid bites a diamond spoon and says something like that, he gets nauseous. Whispering! At that moment, the translucent Cha Jungwoo monument became like a real body.

Even if it's just for a moment, I've borrowed the fantasy world and restored my life in a heartbeat. A mature soul that has pioneered a high hardship, even if it attempts desertion right away.

So I'll do it in front of your face. No one could have just walked out of here in front of you. At the end of the sentence, there was a strong gust around Cho Jungwoo. And the glorious splendor poured down your back, mixing it with your fantasy world and pushing away the light of Allfowon! Desquamation.

Cho Jungwoo was trying to get out of an imperfect state of being a monument and have an intact form.

At this moment, I was outraged.

There was already too much work to become a myth. There were many lifetimes of repetition of dreams and accomplishments. They were wrapped up and wrapped up into a fortified castle that would never collapse. Judging by the sheep, I was confident that no being would ever be left behind.

In my dreams - I've only failed over and over again, but it will be different from now on. To Olfowon, Orloth established his identity as his sole opponent, and his divinity was acquired by becoming a member of the Lee Min-woo family.

Divine, mythical, divine, divine, divine.

When the five conditions must be established in order to be reborn as a god. Cho Jungwoo was able to escape the 'chuck' and have an intact body.

[Deleted Player, Cho Jungwoo's data has been restored!] [Cha Jong-woo's eligibility has changed to 'Ban Deity' due to desquamation!] [The time reel is favorable.] [Blessed are the reeds of death.] [An unknown power cheers for Cha Jung-woo.] [Transcension is underway!] and.

The right fight was now.

A world where everything fell apart.

There used to be a myth that used to constitute the existence of "Kronos," but now I think dance and dance filled all the voids.

[Leap of Time 'has stopped.] [Tai leaf of time' has stopped.] system messages were still being printed.

Originally, it had to disappear altogether, but the message kept getting out meant the system was still running.

[An error occurred.] [An error occurred.] [We are detecting an error and reviewing the cause.] [Result value is incorrectly output.] [Correct the result value.] [The myth of Kronos has not 'all' collapsed.] [Your timer has been confirmed.] [The remaining time limit currently confirmed is 2: 6: 4.] [Very few of Chronos' myths have survived and are attempting to recover.] [Failed.] [Failed.] [There is a significant amount of corruption of existing data due to recovery. Not enough energy to attempt recovery.] [Unknown force attempts to hack console system. Data recovery will be attempted.] [The myth of sturdy Kronos restarts.].

Come on.

Somewhere I hear the sound of the second hand moving slowly again.

[Leap of Time 'is winding very slowly!] Whoa! The crumbling world is shaking again. The broken pieces move back and forth, one by one.

Just as Yeon Woo disassembled and reassembled her myth to complete the ghost in the past.

This time, the myth of Kronos was being re-established.

The broken parts brought the existing parts together, repainted the damaged parts, and filled the missing parts.

Yeongwoo was unable to recover the myth of Kronos that had halved its function and was strengthening it to a better form.

[Clock reel is being restored gradually by an unknown force.] [Damaged gear 13 replaced.] [Teeth of damaged 21 gears repaired.] (1,921 gears repaired.] [All seconds have been recovered.] [The speed at which the second hand rotates is slightly faster.] time has risen.] [Reflecting on timer] [00: 03: 41_32] [00: 03: 41_33] Recovering a fallen myth is never easy. It was repairing everything that had been layered up for a long time, so it could have caused irreversible damage.

That's why Guia's curse came as a horror to drunk gods for so long. No one can be intact there without destroying the mythological balance.

Uranos, the leader of the "day," and Kronos, the god-king, could not escape the curse of Gaia. Even the King who had reached Huang did not.

However, even with Hades' help, Yeongwoo managed to escape Gaia's curse and gained antibodies, and vomited out the salt that restructured the myth and changed the body.

It wasn't that hard to remove his pain with a scalpel without anesthesia, and to find and clean up Chronos' pain with him until the end of his recovery.

Rather, I had already experienced it once, so my work speed was much faster. He was unconscious at the time, but now he's unconscious.


Winning the Arc 'is a huge myth.

Nothing was impossible.

[All minutes needles have been recovered.] And so it began to return to its intact form.

[All fixes have been restored.] When all repairs were completed to the point where Kronos thought the damage was so severe that he would never be able to touch it.

[Your status is active.] [It's a complete identity. The reel has fully restored some of the functions that have been lost.] [Unknown force forces reel into action. Fuel will be injected.] [The second hand will return.] [The minute hand returns.] [The clock is ticking.] [The Tai Leaf of Time works perfectly!] [The little roller starts rolling again.] [Overload will be ignored.] [The reel of wet notes and the reel of time are celebrated for maximum output!] The two reels are engaged, which were supposed to remain stationary forever.

In the long run, the two deities resonated greatly as if they were welcoming (# 88).

[The mythical master, Kronos, has been restored.] [Resurrects!] [Another line of new mythology is added to 'Chronos': self-resurrection (rub # shoot)] [Viewer, # # # opens your eyes!]