Second Life Ranker

1. Desquamation (\) (1)

Cough, cough, cough! When the battle between Allfoone and the gods reached its limit, 77 floors rocked.

There was an anomaly in the lower stairwell, also known as the Summer.

“Well, what is that?” Aah! What the heck! "“ The shadows are all being sucked up…! "” For the majority of players who did not have the thumbs up to 77 insects, Allfoone Raid was a beacon for a new era of change, but in fact it was not causing much impact.

Everyone knew that the order in the tower would change greatly, whether Allfoone Raid succeeded or failed.

According to this, rankers might be busy banging the slate in their heads about where to stand.

The only thing that made up the absolute majority was the perception that 'the upper hand will change greatly`.

For them, 77 floors were a world as far away as the heavenly world, and that was all they thought was changed.

He would have done so, because the majority of the players eventually had no significant change except for minor inconvenience, even when he destroyed all eight of the existing clans and established his own existence.

There was always conflict in the world of the tower, and there was too much for each of us to care about the things that came out of it.


It was different this time.

From the first floor to the 76th floor. The attackers who were focusing on attacking the stairs, the apostles who were focusing on their training, the priests who were carrying out God's revelations separately, the monks who were dreaming of new Artiya and burning their ambitions, and no one else had to do anything, all stopped and died.

The shadow that they had been clenching along the ground they were selling began to rise from the main body.

It was a sight that shocked those who saw it.

No matter how many miraculous demons and shamans lived next to them, 'common sense' that shadows always followed their owners, but those shadows were trying to separate themselves from the bodybuilders... '' {Especially shadows, 'each one struggling not to fall from the body,' wrapping their hands around their heads and complaining of pain. '

But it did not resist the enormous workforce that only applies to them.

The long shadow flew up into the sky at a fierce speed, riding in space.

No, precisely 'sucked' into it.

The shadows of the players, as well as the shadows of the components that were on the stage, were all mixed in. The high standing shadow of cliffs, the shadow of giants, rocks, grass, worms, and even tiny grains of sand all clumped tightly into the sky.

A phenomenon that can only be frightened.

I stopped what everyone was doing and stared at the sky dazed. From time to time, I no longer scream or panic. He opened his mouth and just had a shaky look in his eyes.

It was not only because it violated common sense that they knew, but also because it was against the law of the world for the wizards and apostles who were studying and coordinating it.

Everyone had to feel a strange feeling of tickling on one side of their heart.


A group of shadows that had been firmly formed in a spherical shape in each sky gradually spread out along the sky. You blocked the stage from the light. The day was darkened, and the night was eclipsed by the moon and the starlight.

And the sun and the moon disappearing little by little into the unseen beasts, completely covered in dome.

Equation (80) has been found.

At that moment, players felt a strange feeling that was spreading across their breasts to their backs. Suddenly, it gave me goose bumps. And when it hit its head, everyone had to scream silently.

A stage that pays no debts.

The stage eroded into shadows, no, black, stimulated primal terror that any living creature would have to have.

From 1 to 76. All parts of the river will be eroded in the dome.


[The Black King looks at the stage.] over the heads of all players.

A message came to mind that contained unknown content.

[The exquisite Viewer, # # # 's Spirit and Body is Reconstructed!] When Yeon Woo opened her eyes again.

“Hello!" “Heehee! Finally! I was too late for that." “Thank God. But it's too noisy out there now.” The masters sigh in relief and gather around the kith.

When the return of Yeouido was later than expected, he sighed for relief.

“The white man stares at the bear squad with a look that only Henova would not be interested in.

“I'm sorry.” Yeon bows her head without making any excuses. I had to go through some unexpected things in Kronos' mythology, but it was too late.

When the deadline was urgent, things could get messy if the scheduled time slowed down a little.

Fortunately, unlike myself as a shepherd boy, other masters had already finished all my work.

There were 'detected ^ artifacts that contained powerful substrates everywhere.

New things (camos) to marvel at if you give them to the world. Of course, it was designated as new. It was determined to be system grade 5 or 8 .

But these are all just parts.

These weren't what Yeon-woo was looking for.

“More…?“ Look up, "Henova says in a fat voice, as if she knew what Yeon-woo was trying to say.

Yeongwoo's gaze naturally turned up.


Void! The broken pieces of the sword draw a vortex.

Yeon-woo was able to figure out what it was.

[Fragmented myths of Kronos ask you to look out for them!] Fragments of a broken beagrid. As Kronos' myth collapses once, so does Vigrid. But Vigrid was clearly dead, but still boasting enormous power.

No, his temper was clearly different enough to say he was completely different.

Obviously the substrate was the same. Before, however, if I had a tendency to feel violent or sharp, and I did not know where it was going, I could now see a large river that has been refined and flowed strongly.

The mythology of Chronos was redefined, and as the reel of time and death was restored, the mythology became intact.

Yeon-woo was naturally close to you. And along the invisible link, we conferred a decree (heresy) while trying to sensitize (&/8).

“Be prepared." What Kronos had yet to recover from the myth of his resurrection was the lack of one last piece. The sculpture was a new definition (knee) that could express the concept of redefined Kronos, and she wanted to define the new definition by naming it here using a new command.

[Meaning granted.] [Definitions have been defined.] Migrid reveals the hidden truth!] Whoa! Beagrid's pieces quickly begin to merge.

Charles, the vision-pieces start to find their place without too much confusion. However, the order was completely different from before. The completed form was different.

[Real name, Harpe reveals himself!] Some became harpés in daylight form.

[Jinjeong, Crab Bull 'reveals himself!] [The real name,' Durendal 'reveals itself!] In the form of a spear became Bullgue, and some became Longswordsmen, Calibans, foot soldiers, and Mystine.

Thousands of swords were made to dance around the swamp of lotus.

[I look at the myth of Harpe, Perseus.]] [Crab Bolg's Myth, 'Kuulin' looks at you.] [The myth of Durendal, 'Roland' looks up to you.] [The myths of broken Kronos stare at you in unison!] Each and every one of them was the true body of Beagrid, pieces of business that Kronos had built through his previous life on Earth.

They all had an intact self. Although the shape was a sword, Kronos' vision above it appeared as if he had been taken from previous lives (0 shots). They looked at their youngest and only heir alike.


I whispered in my mouth.

Hurry up and take over the business they've built.

You told me to be a true god.

So that the glory may be extinguished throughout the world! “Here it is." Henova comes forward, keeping an eye on the situation.

The Jade Blossom Derivative. Yeon-woo took out the black jade that was in her arms and put it inside her. Lack. It sounded like it was one.

“Join forces," Jiaying! [Lockdown initiated!] [Dark Jade releases its power and connects it with the myths of Kronos in pieces!] [Combination Starts!] A number of swords spill back into pieces and merge around the Dark Jade. It was so natural that there was no confusion. And there was also a mix of master-made novelties. He was responsible for helping each myth with independence to have an organic shape, so that they did not collide with each other.

As such.

Sculptures and parts were so massive that they were intertwined that they covered the sanctuary.

[The real name, 'Squite' appears!] Migrid is now complete.] [You have enhanced your trade.] [You have enhanced your trade.] [All businesses come together to form a giant myth.] ['Beagrid` has been permanently renamed to 'Squite'.] [The myth of Squite, "Kronos" stares at you.] [Kronos` eagerness to call out his name.] “Here, come.” With the last_commandment, it quickly got sucked into Yeouido's hands, turning its handle this way as if it had waited straight. It was too big for Yeongwoo to use, but it was small when it was caught.

Together (Bm-)! Huaaaa! The power that Kronos boasted in his prime was pouring into all parts of Yeon Woo's body. The cognitive realm expanded and the worldview enhanced. Yeon-woo was herself, but she was mixing up her new strength, not herself.

[The reel of time has made you the watchmaker!] [The clock is ticking.] [The minute hand returns.] [The second hand will return.] [The great leaf of death works together and strengthens your status! [Emperor Jeong's (Cannon Blade)_08s) is intact!] When the reel of time and the reel of death are engaged together to complete the operation.

Kronos was able to open his eyes completely.

Rush! Above the snow of Yeongwoo, the black eye glows to prove that the union is complete.

The voice of Chronos echoed in the head of Yeon Woo, "Son." It contained a powerful echo. It was as if hundreds of Kronos' sons spoke at the same time.

“Nez I'll talk to you later about the plate in my myth." Does Chronos know the urgency? "Beyond this area, it sensed the power of Cha Jungwoo, who tried to force desertion of 77 insects. I don't know how you're going to handle this all by yourself. Even though he enjoyed the resurrection, he was still full of worries about his son.

Let's go save your brother first. Yeon opened up the void to 77 insects with a beagrid, or squeeze, in her hand without much answer.