Second Life Ranker

2. Desertion (\ no) (2)

“Not funny.” Bimada mutters to herself, walking slowly.

He's past his seat. Many of the gods' strings have fallen, giving way to tantrums and bloodshed, but he is not flattered at all. Everyone hides in plain sight, trying not to get in his way.

“This body.” That's it.

“Who is there to warm me up?” I made Bimachildara even more impatient.

Ever since I got stuck in the tower, I have no idea how long it's been.

He kept forgetting that he was King of the Assyrian himself, and he kept repeating himself all the time.

To one day escape the constraints of this tower and throw the Challenge back at the Emperor.

In fact, unlike other gods and demons who held a grudge against the Heavenly Demon, they regarded it as a curse, they did not care much about it.

No, rather, he loved being stuck in a tower.

It's no different than a pulmonary training tube. Where else can we train without the interference of the outsiders? Moreover, there was no reason to be bored because there were few things worth considering. Of course, those who were forced to fight may think differently, but that's something you know.

He had lived only for the struggle, where he felt joy, and sought purpose and direction in life. And I used to think that winning at the end of a hard form was worth it.

So, his commitment to one day curl up a thousand horses helped to keep him moving.

But when did it start? It began to sink, losing its power.

The thousand horses who knew that they would appear in front of them someday did not think to show themselves to the kingdom of heaven with the words "I fell asleep."

The heaven, which he thought was his stage, ceased to be a conflict between Malach and Le Infernal from time to time.

No matter how many flying gods and demons he could fear, the war he wanted no longer happened.

It made Bimarzilla burst into tears.

God and Satan are like oil and water that can never be compatible, and the kingdom of heaven is so small because there are only one of them. It's not a good shape to be repressed by someone, so we wanted to fight each other hard as Bimarzilla, but they were getting used to the heavenly life while throwing away such pride. All I have left is my pride and my bragging in front of the creatures.

All of this seemed the same to Bimarzilla.

A chicken stuck in a chicken coop.

A pig and livestock trapped in a narrow cage who don't know when it will be disposed of.

That's the only thing that happens.

However, I wanted to see if I could start a fire, but I had to put my sword down after seeing the pathetic swings that could not resist.

It was not worth the effort, and it was like an insult to nothing (grass) he had built by swinging a sword at them.

So Bimachilda put the knife behind him.

When you pick up a knife in a cage full of ugly livestock, it's all just pointless trimming.

It was because I thought it was better not to start with such nonsense.

So, I turned my back on Bimarzilla and didn't care about it at all.

Unexpected retirement. Since then, the weight of Bimagildara's name has faded slightly from the gods and demons.

Then one day.

It was so coincidental that he saw the summer. Since I could not bear the uselessness and thought of killing time, I did not have much expectations. Even after being tired of repeating everyday life, it was a car with the thought that "suicide" would be lower than living in vain.

Then, I saw Yeon-woo.

The one who insisted on avenging his dead twin brother and running around like a thunder-naked man.

In fact, I didn't notice any stories. None of the creatures that enter the tower had a credible personal history.


Yeon-woo was shining, among other things.

His life and well-being are just tools to achieve his goals.

Sometimes I trade with the transcendents, and I store up my strength as a moderate coercion.

I watched as I did things that no creature had ever done in a row.

After alternating the "struggle," the process of winning resulted in the beating of his frozen heart.

Yeah, it is.

That's it.

That's what I forgot, what I drew. That's what I thought of Bimarzilla.

So I watched Yeon-woo do nothing.

After gaining strong inspiration there, I woke up for the first time in thousands of years. I grabbed the sword and stepped outside. And I gave up everything that surrounded me, thinking I was going to start over again like Yeon-woo. I no longer needed the Devil's status as a member of the Fraternity.

- I am Bimarzilla, the great king of Asura. What in the world could stand in my way?

The gods who remembered Bimachildara's 'name were in a hurry to hide. All the demons who thought he would be weakened and rushed for fame were dead. When hundreds of transcendents were slaughtered with daggers, the heavens had to fall again.

Bimarzilla was not a sword all along. Even though they had been released from their hands, they were always sharpening their swords in their hearts.

He told all the nations that Bimagilda was still alive, wandering around the heavenly world through the practice of the Bladers. I woke up one by one.

And I was hungry. Just as a beast wakes up from a long sleep and roams the meadow to soothe his empty stomach, he seeks out a presence to silence these wild senses.


Someone who could do that was trying to show up here.

The seat where the chimp stops.

The air is wide open in front of it, and a powerful spiritual storm comes out. Even that is a sharp enough substance to allow strength to penetrate into the hand of the sword. The target seems to have achieved more than what it had hoped for.

So when it's fully exposed,

“My name is Bimarzilla.” Bimarzilla moves.

“I have prayed earnestly for you to come here.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrr-Kuku! I didn't need Yeon-woo's answer.

All he wanted was to release Lee Hee Yeol, this desire, this joy.


Intermediate, not transcendent, not mortal.

This form of desquamation was a kind of transition in which the soul slowly took its shape as it matured completely. When I hit it with a flower, it was a bud that slowly bloomed.

It is sometimes called an opposition to gods and demons.

It also had to be divided by a thousand, depending on what kind of work the deprivated object was doing.

Of course I do.

Cha Jungwoo's numerous works and achievements were not much to compare with in heaven.

Kukukuku-Chajeongwoo runs. As the spirit grows, the marriageable force is rushing through the body. Another sensation was telling me that I had pioneered a much higher hardship than I had ever achieved in my life! Guaoang! Cha Jong-woo's sword splashed against Olfowon's hand. Explosive force surges to all directions.

I think I know what you're trying to do, but it's just nonsense. Olfowon pushed Cho Jung-woo away with a stiff voice. Dozens of rays blasted from your fingertips rush in to imprison Cho Jungwoo.

Chae Jungwoo raises the dragon slayer that Henova made for him one day. I hit all the rays, forcing them to kill the ground. The crumbling of the walls swept the dust away.

"After all, your transcendence is half-assed. Pause! Olfowon appeared without a sound right behind Cha Jung-woo. It ran with magic like Teleport and Blink. Just a movement closer to 'folding' the space. It was one of the representative skills representing Olfowon.

You won't be qualified enough Wow! At the same time, Olfowon's palm slammed towards Cha Jungwoo's back like lightning. Suddenly, an illusion seemed to have expanded dozens of times as his hands swept through the golden debt cluster.

< Section (* Chuti) >! [Error! No more transcendence.] [An error occurred! No more transcendence.] are not qualified to go beyond. Once you've met all the eligibility requirements, try again.] [Transcension has stopped!] Deity is the purification of the soul.\) However, even though Cha Jungwoo's monument was qualified, the most important condition was that the soul was lost. Of course, I had no choice but to complete the transcendence. Allfowon pointed out this.


Hence! Chae Jungwoo quickly pulls on the dragon slayer as he turns to the other side, using his keen senses. And I used Brute Force > to unlock all the Memorize Sea Dungeons.

What should I do? There were many powerful and divine magic that he had never learned in his life. Among the lives I had repeated in the clock, there were few things I had lived as a wizard or a priest. And of course, as long as it had all the characteristics, it was inevitable to build a high hardship on its own.

But they were merely disposable to offset the impact wave of the section.

Instead, Chae Woo was able to withdraw his body as far back as possible and buy enough time to pull out the electricity.

"I'm sorry, but I still like it. This is the kind of time you can smile together, you and your brother. The Wings of Light I'm doing the worst thing on Earth right now, and I don't know what you're qualified to do. What an inspiration! With a pair of wings that he had long completed behind his back, he maximized his magical power and power, and he compressed them to the extreme at the tip of the blade and then exploded.

Go ahead. A group of white lights with a completely different color than that of Olfowon crossed the Golden Mine Wall ( Pope).

Olfowon redeveloped the foothills, dodged the attack, appeared in Cha Jungwoo's blind spot and exploded the loggers.

A strenuous blow that even the confused personalities cannot easily cope with. Allfowon was going to use this to defeat Cho Jungwoo. I didn't mean to kill him. I just feel sorry for the kid who lost his soul because of the Cursed Destiny's Wheel. However, I will put you behind bars as long as you have been deprived.


Cha 'ang! Cha Jung Woo twisted his body to the side as if he knew.

So will you please take your hands off my rich man? Something is strange.

Allfowon suddenly felt that way.

Despite the apparent cessation of transcendence, the power surrounding Cho Jungwoo continued to be exponentially amplified. It was never an easy thing for him to do just now. The power that could have led to such devastation...? "No way? At that moment, Allfowon noticed a strange spike.

Now you understand? Old man, you're too late for news. The world is an early adopter nowadays, because it's so outdated. Chase! Cho Jungwoo burst another wave of light as he struggled. The light shafts were divided into dozens, each containing a different characteristic. No, he had the power.

While Allfoone took away the_rays of light everyday while surrounding the golden light, he opened wide and looked up at 78 insects, not 77 insects.

In recent years, there have been several links between the gods of high altitude and concept that have been extremely active to expel him…… all headed towards Cha Jungwoo.

The Tehrator is in good hands!] [Blessed be the Pieces of Unce-Kamble!] Debris from Tezanos favors you!] What is this...? Now, those who remember the old masters of Ajudmun were empowering Cha Jungwoo just as the timid years, but even the ego, faded, and the conveniences of only existence empowered the Apostle.

A blessing from countless beings! It was as if saloon had captured the god of death and demons in my flesh long ago.

It was resembling thousands of gods and demons, just as it had embraced the power of all at once.

What was different was that the beings that Cha Jungwoo is capturing now as vessels are more rigid beings, unlike ordinary personalities.

Of course, Allfowon's voice trembled slightly.

"Surprised?" Cho Jong-woo died making fun of Olfowon like that.

I had to. So did I. The dragon slayer once again glowed in many colors as it flooded the waves of light. A shivering sword that seems to explode soon sounds like a dragon's cry.

How can so many people help me? Am I the rightful successor of the Day? " ______!