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3. Desquamation (\ no) (3)

"Day"? At that moment, Olfowon's movements stopped like a lie. I stopped the golden glow, which seemed to have been burning around him for a while.

And a low voice. But there was a deep echo.

Cho Jungwoo did not miss that point.

I didn't know why he had such a response, but I could sense that some part of what I just said stimulated something in his chest.

For the first time.

It's the first emotional flutter I've seen since I learned of the existence of Allfowon.

Of course, it wasn't Cha Jung-woo who would just miss it.

I don't know what day is, but I just kept quiet and figured it out. Do these guys hate you a little bit? You turn the dragon slayer upside down and drop it to the ground with your heels pressed against Olfowon.

At that moment, the rays of rays of rays surrounding the dragon slayer, or rays of rays shining on the sphere, spread along the ground for a long time.


Kukukuku! The long, almost glowing lights begin to rise up in unison. I turned the earth upside down roughly and twisted the barrier that was forming the world of light.

Enemies, blue, white, black.

quadrant (0977), the ease of color representing each in the four directions.

Okay, knock, knock, knock.

Sau (minus 09), the dragons in all four corners exhaled brightly.

The dragons all had siblings similar to the one who once had the name Mirena in their former lives.


Sulfur (#).

The biggest dragon raised its body at the foot of Cha Jungwoo, which is the center.

They were each shaped as if they had been extinct to the extreme.

Light Dragon (\ 0).

It was exactly as easy as having the head of nine dogs.

< Shoes Dragon Gin (. Loser) > The dragons who each possessed the power of Ahom Governors to protect Cha Jungwoo gave out different breaths. Though they are shaped like light, each one is spiritual.

It was the first power created by AhHome High Councillors whose channeling was opened through the wings of heaven... … Baek Cheongwoo was recognized as the 'day' of mourning.

Guarrrrrrrrrrr! Just like protecting Cho Jung-woo, except for the Tiger Tiger Tiger, the rest of the Dragon Clan started dragonfling according to the ritual of Chong-woo.

Obviously ~ …… the descendants of Phneuma and Curinale, if that's what you mean. Yeah, I see. Haha... Is that your choice? But even so. Baduk.

Surrounded by debt, I don't know exactly what it looks like.

It sounds like Allfowon's teeth are closing in on his rage.

For this long period of time, the tower has lasted, and the persuasion I've given you is nothing but a lie. This is an insult to me. Number-! The whole body of Olfowon is once again filled with glamour.

And just like that splendor, Olfowon was crying out loud. His calm voice disappeared everywhere.

This body! I will hate you! And cursed! Ghosts in the past that no longer even remember! Gods who regard creation as worms! Demons who treat mortals like a joke! Dragon! Giant! All of you who are transcendent and stubborn and do not even care about us | Greece...! Olfowon raised his head as high as he could.

You have cast this curse on me! Although this was his underworld, he could not see the blue sky, it was not what Allfowon was looking at anyway.


Over 77 insects, 78 floors, and 8: 90 and 98 floors of ceilings classified as' unclassified ( Chevo) ', and even the 99 insects of unchecked ( subtracted) were sitting on top insects.

Maybe not.

He must be sitting there alone right now, monitoring this place.

I used to be the most respected person in the world, and I thought I was behind it, but now I hate it the most.

Olfowon looked up at the sky and wept.

But despite this call.

The sky was only quiet.

I didn't even think of any messages.

I don't know what you're thinking! No, I don't wanna know! But know one thing! However, Olfowon yelled at the whale crotch as if he knew it would be so. I felt like this was the only way to unleash my ever-growing anger.

"When all these cursed things are over, I will find you! And we're going to tie it up somehow! Even if you don't open the door, I will! The resurrection of the“ day "was originally the goal of Olfowon.

“Day" is a place of intersection in a faction of order. We are invitees to the creation of the universe. However, when the tower was built and completely disconnected from the 'night`, the vein was almost disconnected.

There are Metatron and Baal, but they are the scum of the day. Moreover, since they had lost to Olfowon early, Olfowon did not intend to entrust it to them.

Instead, he tried to persuade the sleeping dignitaries.

There was a disagreement again, creating a force conflict.

Olfowon wanted to resurrect "Day." It was very simple. Not because they wanted to, but to prevent the existence of the 'Night' who saw an opportunity to pass the Black King over to Hoshitham.

The creation of the universe? "Day" and "night"? What the hell do you know? It's their job to do the swings! Why would a helpless creature only be swept away by mortals? Have you thought about that? The mortals are wounded, fallen, mourned, and dead, as you thought they were. Because of what you thought was your right, mortals repeat the third circle like livestock.

- I'll... I'll stop all of it. Make sure no one gets hurt.

In this world, you can't treat creatures lightly just because they're strong! It will be my mission to protect it.

However, even the high lords who thought that they would understand the most about the creation of the universe, "day" was no different from the usual stature.

Allfoone was desperate for it.

After establishing a venture to exclude man from the gods by dividing the heavens and the earth, I now blamed my father for turning to the bystander.

That's why.

Allfowon was not willing to take it anymore.

In the meantime, I still had a little bit of naivety on the side of my heart.

I sat on the 77th floor, interrupting the gods and demons who want to come down, and controlling the humans who want to go up. He was artificially maintaining the bottomless pit, but he thought that things would get better if we did this.

I didn't want to understand. Simply enduring it, he thought that order would settle naturally and the world of the transcendents would become their own world, and the world of mortals would become their own world.

Then you will be able to pass away without foolishness. I also had such a small wish.

But I can't do that anymore.

Let's move.

That's what Allfowon said.

Instead of just sitting here, I declared that I would ascend the chariot.

As such.

I will wipe out both gods and demons, and plunder the throne of Heaven, and directly defeat the existence of the Night.

So, to finish what you call cosmologists and whatnot, we gave the rest of the future back to the creatures and declared ourselves gone.

"If this body does not go to hell, who will go to hell with that horse, bang! Allfowon takes a hard shot.

At that moment, the world surrounding him stopped. No, all the spaces in the tower, including the 77th floor, were tightly tied to something invisible and had no dreams.

And Cha Jungwoo.

Shoe Dragon Progress.

The gods who built up their contributions.

And the demons that were watching.

No creed, no laws.

There were no exceptions.

[Player, Bivat reveals the full attack (\ 6)!] [Your status has been activated.] [System is down!] [All functions of the tower have been disabled.] [The effect will be forced to close.] [Blessing will be forced to end.] [Favor will be forced to end.] There has already been great confusion on the outside.

Instead of fighting hard, the gods will suddenly pause like a lie.

0 | Volume… ~? At that moment, the horror passed over their faces.

Holy Horse 1 Chunma Gunrimbo (% Red Kampung)! Than the Thousand Monarchs! Did Thousands appear in this situation? "……? No, this! He's got a different temper, Olfoone! Olfowon…! He was able to even light up the Great War? [All the gods who enter the 77th Fleet suffer mild malice!] [All the demons who stare at the 77th Flee scream!] The Thousand Horsemen's Forest.

The ultimate power that has allowed the Emperor to ascend to the position of the Emperor.

Everything exposed to the area was put on hold, and there was nothing to get out of it.

And every time I moved my steps, the restraints were greater, and Marnie, many of the gods and devils' societies were seamlessly hidden in the towers, all because of this damned power.

But Allfowon said, "You know how to replicate this? People who didn't know it until now had to scream.

Agony (Pomshu) and Agony (Pomshu). Olfowon abandoned his defensive attitude and showed an aggressive disposition, as if there was nothing more to be distorted, since he had taken out his hidden spleen.

According to his mind, the world of light was as lively and hot as fire.

It reminded me of the "cool fire" that was in the beginning.

Following the Thousand Horse Rainbow, the adra stone... Olpowon! Have you gone mad! "" Everything...! "Are you going to burn all these towers?" What the hell are you doing? "[All the gods in chapter 77 are protesting against Olfowon!] [All the demons watching chapter 77 are terrified! The gods want to go back to 98.] [Another overload has caused the movement to overload.1 [The movement of the filling system is paralyzed!]" Burn it, burn it, and return it to Salamu. "" Ignore those screams.

"Everything is recollection and vanity." Olfowon released the fire that had accumulated.

The blazing fire devoured everything in a heartbeat. And it burns. Light and heat drain the stage.

I didn't hear any screams in there. Even the seam air was burnt, so no sound was transmitted.

All the beings that were tied to the Thousand Horses' Forests were erased in one fell swoop.

[The majority of the gods on the 77th floor have been removed!] [Data restoration will not occur due to a malfunction in the cloud system.] [Survivors Scream!] [Survivors complain of pain!] [The sober gods try to flee again!] I kept remembering the message that the stage was' sealed up.

But here's the thing.

CheonMa Rim Bo 'Everyone. It was made up of seven steps.

[Continues with the 2nd "Thousand Armed Forces"!] [Be careful!. A new explosion will follow!] The Thousand Horsemen's Forest will follow!] [God's society, Mempas, has been annihilated! The Divine Society, Deva, has fallen!] [God's society, the "Bridge", has suffered devastating damage!] [The Divine Faction is in extreme chaos!] [The heavens are silent!] [All the demons who saw 77 insects are zinc!] [All the high lords on the 78th floor were penalized for forced termination of channeling!] [All the apostles and clergy on the 76th floor were confused by the penalty for forced termination of channeling!] [Due to God's subtitle, all law functions that were working as a new god have been suspended.] [The aftermath of the system crash will increase due to forced stopping.] [Tom's condition is' Confused '……] [Tom's condition is' Terrified '…] [Tom's condition is' Paralyzed '….] All the other gods in 77 were burned by the icy fire.

More damage has been done than in Lucifer's troubles in the past.

[Court layer, Vivasvat wants to go up to 78th floor!] will be followed by the fourth "Thousand Armed Forces"!] [Due to system downtime Central Administration cannot impose sanctions!] Olfowon tried to climb the "Hike (Hul18)" that had been postponed for thousands of years, with no regard to the devastation of his sanctuary. He was consuming all the cold fire he had for every insect he passed by and was about to burn the stage to the ground.


[Time's reel is running!] [Small roller 'has been forced to stop.] The Thousand Armed Forces has stopped.] [' Cooling Fire 'has stopped.] This? Instead of going up to 78 worms, Olfowon suddenly feels a sense of otherness grabbing his ankle.

The [Small Roller 'is rewritten.] I could see the world I had written as the Thousand Armed Forces, going back and forth.

[An unknown force has succeeded in hacking the system and attempting a forced boot.] [The total cloud system is restarted.] Mac Server (890: 56060)!]