Second Life Ranker

4. Desertion (\ no) (4)

“Puhaha!” where Yeon-woo left.

I burst into laughter as the world of Bimachilda died.

Everything around him was ruined. There was nothing dazed left. The space was cracked and sprawled like a mythic East Park over the black soot that spread around it.

The error message was also constantly overlapping and coming to mind.

[An error occurred.] [An error occurred.] [Unknown shock has paralyzed the entire system!] [The extent of the corruption of the original data is severe!] [No data found for recovery!] Perhaps the Central Administration will need a considerable amount of time to correct and recover all those error messages.

Perhaps the damage was too severe and the restoration of the original was impossible.

These results are all in one piece.

A single conflict between Yeongwoo and Bimarzilla led to this crazy result.

If there were any gods or demons who liked to watch the summer, they might all be in shock.

Of course, now all of them have 77 eyes fixed, and they won't even bother coming this way.

But the people who didn't really care about Yeongwoo or Bimarzilla and all that stuff around them.

If only I had more time, I would have been slicing swords all night.

- …… the Thousand Horsemen's Forest? I didn't do it in mythology. Here? I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to postpone the fight. I'm in a hurry.

Yeongwoo said that as she casually recalled the attack of the flying Bimachildara as soon as she came out of the portal.

Of course, it was not a favour to send such a sweet breeze named Bimarzilda.

It was Yeon-woo who stopped caring about the world in the first place and brought him here. No, to be precise, it was a curiosity about the lotus.

Then I could never let him go until I got rid of this curiosity completely.

Just waiting for Yeon-woo to grow up to compete equally with herself, it was like he showed superhuman patience that had never been seen before.

Even if Yeon-woo wasn't the time at all, even though it wasn't the time at all to care about such things, she wanted to stick to the end.

If he still couldn't concentrate on the battle, he was willing to get rid of the obstacles first.

Like this.

"I could have held hands with Allfowon and cut off the hump. `Hmph.

'It has been the driving force that has kept Yeon-woo growing since she gained the status of the struggle, but now she is referring to twin sisters with weaknesses.

And the twigs around him, all of them.

'Anyone who wields a sword (Po ) needs a sense of coldness to break things that might be weaknesses. "Cold iron.

It means coldness and blood.

However, there was no weakness to his' family ', even though the lotus that Bimarzilla had seen seemed cold.

The problem is that you don't realize it's a problem at all.

That's why Bimarzilla was the key to becoming a sword on his behalf.

If I could just get rid of all the weaknesses and get all the anger and the grudges.

We'll see a real battle then.

Maybe I don't know, but it's not a problem flying a flight of stairs or two.

I had no idea when I was going to have such a fight after the kingdom opened, so I had no choice but to draw even more flavor.


“Now 'there's no need for that. Woof, woof! The novelty that symbolizes bimachildara,' tribute (red fur) ', was shaking greatly.

A sword as self-immolative as the one he fought with during his ascension to the King of the Flesh (Zero).

The blade was filled with many big and small wounds, as if reflecting such a long time. Some days, even my teeth were missing.

In the meantime, however, I have no intention of repairing or repairing the tribute called Bimachilda. It was because he thought all the traces left of this were traces of a path he had walked and a proof of a myth.

However, the two most disturbing traces of bimarzilla were the guns.

One was a cerebral scar (uprooted) that crossed the center of the black face, where Indra, Deva's protagonist, had remained in battle with her daughter.

The other was the scar ( peck) left around the handle, which was broken by the female staff when the thousand horses fought against the bridge.

And now.

There was another one.

One on the right, soot left with a big crack. & Burns.

It was in collision with the storm.

As soon as I saw this, I could intuitively realize that it was bizarre.

Just a little farther. If we wait a little longer, we'll have more fruit.

The fire that left this scar has now begun to die, and will soon be active. At that moment, you'll feel a greater joy if you confront them.

So, I did not hold onto the rear of the moving pond to catch the all-fou one called Bimazilda. Rather, I expected a good firewood called Allfowon to ignite the flame of Yeongwoo.

And until then, he was going to wait right here.

“AgeAge, Barazes... Barazese, Moji Sabaha..." One day, someone named Bimagilda left her like a will, and now she stared at the sky, preparing the passage behind her half-night vision, which had become her habit of speaking.

The world of light is... drenched in red debt.

xxxxx Axis 9797.

'This ~ ~ Gun In Cha Chung Woo was too quiet to make a cold decision about the situation for a while.

The memory was clear until Olfowon lit up the Thousand Armed Forces. The world of light, which was immediately filled with 77 insects, remained hazy even as it turned into a strange flame.

But then it was a problem.

Cho Jungwoo, who was under the protection of the 'High Representatives', was too strong to handle in any way.

The second and third steps continued to be a catastrophe that consumed everything.

It reminded me of the horror that occurs when the universe enters destruction in a myth.

Moreover, the subsequent thunderstorms (chaos 70/) scattered what remained and wiped out everything that had been messed up by the coward (8), not knowing where the pulp had been.

Numerous gods in the sky crashed and disappeared. In the meantime, Cho Jungwoo gathered the blessings of Godae and somehow endured Burda, and, of course, was lacking to such an extent in front of the fire that consumed countless gods.

So, Cha Jungwoo was preparing for 'death.' One more death without a soul won't work anymore, but it was also cheerful that he pissed off the inner All-Fowon. It was the first time he had seen Allfowon shake like that.

“It was only a matter of time before I left it to my brother and father.... It's a shame I can't look back, but I thought I was done. `Anyway.

Cho Jungwoo realized that he was still alive.

Although the dragon slayer, which used to be an amplifier of magic and mysticism, was in an instant, cruel crack.

In front of him stood Laflax, the Vampire Lord, and Earl Ferentis, who was even more miserable. They were all covered in blood, and they were barely holding on to the broken system as they blew through rough labyrinth.

Are you okay, baby? "And Lana stroked Cha Jungwoo's head with her eyes.

He was a teacher, like Galilee and Abraham.

A person who once made me feel the love of my mother.

The way I looked at him, I was worried.

And Chae Jungwoo later realized that Lana's body was shaking dangerously like it was going to break soon.

Then I realized. All Fowon's oppression and the whirlpool of swords, all he could have survived was Lana taking all the damage.

S ____:! "Thank goodness. I was going to ask him what to do, but he had to hang up on me.

Lana's gaze was so warm.

That look.

You were in the bottle, and you said, "Have you had breakfast? 'It was so similar to that of Mother who was worried.

I didn't protect you before, but I'm glad I can protect you now. It was so nice to be here with you for a little while...! "Lana tried to disappear with a blurry smile.

Cho Jungwoo quickly approached me in a reflexive fashion. I just wanted to see if I could hold her like this. But his hand passes through Lana empty-handed, and Lana breaks free from laughter during the day. It was gone.

I can't.

I'm going to yell at you that you shouldn't go like this again.

This is the third horde of horsemen!] D-Wing! With the sound of a pandemic ringing loudly, a new weight amplification again multiplied across the stage. Not only did I stay at this stage, but I had to feel the crumbling pain of my body cooling off the overwhelming pressure that I thought the appendix itself would collapse.

But even more than that, his anger pulls him back.

Cho Jong-woo's gaze directed up by itself.

Olfoone. He's slowly climbing the stairs leading up to the sky.

[Player, Vivasvat wants to go up to 78 floors!] must be stopped.

That was all I could think about in Cha Jungwoo's head. Although all channels with beings called "day" were disconnected, I now had no interest in such things.

I had to avenge my teacher somehow. I had to drag Olfowon up to the sky somehow and down to this earth.

But...... what can be done with a broken skull like this? When all hands and feet are tied together because of the thousand rainforests, is there anything left to call a counterattack? "What a pain! 'That's what came to mind in those moments was a trait of his.

Cho Jungwoo opened up all his senses.

Though the soul and body are bound by a monarchy, you cannot even bind the system of consciousness! [The 'Full Pain' attribute is activated!] [The cognitive area has been extensively expanded. It has become possible to navigate beyond the appendix. Sense is searching for something. Sense is searching for something.] [Among the several disconnected channels, a relatively faint line was found.] [Attempt to contact the wire.] [Failed.] [Attempt to contact the wire.] [Failed.] [Due to the characteristic 'full pain', the short line has been forced into contact. We want to restore the remaining disconnected lines.] [Current recovery rate: 1, 2, 3…… 67… ㅋ 89%.] [Some of your lost channels have been recovered.] [The horse has recovered.] [Some communication with the assumed high officials has been restored.] [Connection is unstable!] [Replace unstable areas with cognitive information by the attribute 'full pain'.

The level of existing information gained will increase by more than two levels.] [You have gained access to some of Akasha's records!] [Plea. Daytime Aggression 'reveals its function!] It was not a complete recovery, but it was enough.

Just once.

I only wanted to tie up Allfowon's feet once.

[The Emperor is interested in you.] "Sorry." So, Cha Jungwoo apologizes to the dangerously toasty dragonslayer, then raises his sword up again. No, I was tied up, so I wanted to hit him.

The chakra! The dragon slayer breaks free of pressure. The shattered pieces sparkle beautifully and line a trail of indescribable tracks in between.

No light, no sound. It was just a drawing in my mind, but the real space was floating.

The atmosphere split, and I got caught up in what's beyond. What Cho Jong-woo tried to kill was Olfowon's toe.

Snake-and with the sound of papercutting, a part of the light that was forming the all-fou circle cuts out.

Heart Blade (\ @).

He raised his sword in his heart to show off how to slaughter his enemies.

Of course, it wasn't perfect, but it was just a small cut of the debt that surrounded Olfowon.

What in the world…… -? Thanks to this, I could see the real face of Allfowon that was beyond Cha Jungwoo was wet with shock.

The third horde of 'Wealthy Men` has failed because of an unknown obstacle!] I was able to follow the steps of Allfowon who was trying to climb.

[Time's reel is running!] could buy Yeon Woo time to arrive.

Well Done. Along with a strong but warm compliment from my brother.

& The world was reversed

Subtract server is done!] Kukuking! It sounds like the cogs that make up the world are spinning backwards. At the same time, all the spaces surrounding them were turned upside down.

All the phenomena that had unfolded have been rewritten. With the absence of a thousand rainforests, Olfowon fell back to where Cha Jung-woo was, the fire of the cool stage returned to its place, the broken personalities were restored, and the staircase was in its original condition.

The wounded Dead Giants and Laplace back were also standing next to Cho Jungwoo, looking intact.

The extinct Lanana returned to her original state and stroked him.

0}.: 4:! In front of that ridiculous miracle.

Chae Jungwoo's eyes were shaking and he was amazed.

My brother.

The lotus stood in front of him with its wide back.

“Are you okay?" [All deleted data has been restored!] “That's enough of that.” Yeon didn't even listen to Cho Jungwoo's answer, and immediately flew to the place where Olfowon was.

Pod! Cha Jeong-woo stared at the blurry remnants of his vision. Then he smiled and said.

"Lana." "Yes, we won." Chu? Cha Jungwoo's voice, which asserts the outcome, had a strange certainty [The Empress was silent.] [Thousand Horses Watching You Without Words] What the hell are you... -? Allfowon pushed the attack that suddenly came upon him, shouting in an unbelievable voice.

Cha Jeongwoo's injury (I just took care of), who cut the clothesline again, was a problem.

Moreover, the manipulation (subtraction\ 1) of the honeycomb that had turned the 'phenomenon' back to nothingness was a bigger problem.

It was quick to realize that Yeon-woo was able to have a royal personality and freely handle the reel of time.

However, it was impossible to 'ignore' the traces of myself.

Allfoone. He was the embodiment of the system that governs and controls everything that happens in the tower.

It was the user 0860 who conquered the faith of all those who were bound to it and confirmed the phenomenon and outcome.

But ignore his intentions, and the system overturns the decision? That means only one thing.


Excludes the system, rather than a mosquito.


“" What a feather. ”Until then, Olfowon had no idea.

“You're pulling out your bowl.” It's not just a virus, it's looking all over management.

[Viewer # # # has changed their name to Public!] [All names that were recorded as private in the 'Hall of Fame' of Appeal have been made public! [1st Floor # # # - Cha Yeon-woo] [1st Floor # # - Cha Yeon-woo] [1st Floor # # - Cha Yeon-woo] [76th Floor # # - Cha Yeon-woo] Jeon finally realized what Yeon-woo was after.

As an incarnation of the system, he was able to maintain the status of Allfoone (& 1 | 10 ° 206) because it undermined the faith of all living beings in the tower.

They were all transcendents, including altruistic and conceptual, and even when the players came at them, they did not get involved with him because he had as much total power as they had achieved.


What if we could hijack some of the faith that is being poured out on him here? [Scores for Viewer ChaYeon-woo will be added to the Hall of Fame!] [Moisturizing! You have successfully achieved a new unbreakable record!] [Time to rank 1st! In the meantime, there is no better way to steal faith than by stripping you of the number one spot in Corruption.

That's it.

The faithful ships headed to Allfowon were twisted and many were beaten by Yeonwoo.

They all turned out to be light (a little ) and drowned the lotus in debt.

And the group of lights that had surrounded Allfowon that much had lost its power ": Bill [An unknown power is possessed by Ebuzzer Cha-yeon-woo!] [Ghost Activated!] that we have postponed and postponed.

Yeongwoo's detachment 0\ 찮) began.