Second Life Ranker

5. Allfoone (1)

[Massive amounts of Faith are gathered through unknown paths!] [Massive amounts of Faith are gathered through unknown paths!] [Faith is rising at a steep pace!] [Attention! An increase in the number of Faith that is too steep can bring a tremendous amount to his soul! Artificial control is required for seamless control!] [Attention! Your soul is currently overwhelmed with overwhelming amounts of faith! I'm afraid his soul will collapse!] [Attention has been escalated to Recommendation!] [The 'Advisory' phase has been upgraded to the 'Warning' phase!] [WARNING] Step 'has been upgraded to' PAYMENT ALERT (Courtyard defacement) '!] [Your spirit has exceeded the acceptable number of Faith! [Exhaustion is now underway. 3,44Aaaa 6%:: ⁄] [Holy [3rd] is happening again.] [Myth 0038] becomes stronger.] [The limit of the soul that was in the Completed (% year) has been lifted and increased. Current Status: Blooming (Lan76).] [Faith limit capacity has increased dramatically!] [Re-accept exceeded Faith.

88, 899% …… 99.89% ~ …… 102.19] [The spirit has far exceeded its acceptable level of faith!] [Desecration is rapid.

12, 13… ~ 169% ……] [Holy Spirit……] [Myth….] [The spiritual anomaly that was' flowering 'has been won. Current Status: Encourage\ Subtract).] [Your spirit has exceeded its acceptable level of faith!] [Desecration is rapid.

l9 20 "" 22% "":_] “Fast 'is not the same as the message.

It was going so slowly that I remembered that Yeongwoo's desertion was turtle walking.

Yun Yuan raised her soul to the highest level of mortality.

There are two statutes to be strengthened.

It was because the amount of business that would turn into a myth was also enormous.

All of it had to take that much time to fully sublimate.

Besides_there were other religions taken from Olfowon here.

It boasted an enormous amount that, despite some ', far exceeded the limit acceptable to the soul.

Despite the continued expansion of the bowl, the spirit is rapidly changing as a spirit (supreme). It was enormous enough to fill it up quickly and stay there.

We've been working with Kronos, who recovered the power of the God-king, so we can barely hold out.

It was like the soul of Yeongwoo had already been overwhelmed.

Right then.

New changes have been added.

[Pressure on the spiritual level of faith is mounting!] [Warning! Your soul is in danger.] Register! Soul Shakes.] [Soul is firmly supported by the wrath of the god king.] [Weighted pressure on the soul flows through the body. The weight of the body suddenly castrated, indicating the onset of an incision.] [The Dragon Argument Rejects!] [The Master's Argument Rejects!] [God's wrath revolts!] [Giant's Argument Rejects!] swarm arguments are tightly connected to each other, giving off pressure and weight.] [out of tolerance.] circuitry connected between the pairs of arguments becomes even thicker.] [circuitry becomes robust.] [The circuitry expands.] The body that had the nonsense characteristic "Giant Dragon" was changed.

Swarms of Arguments Raise Threshold at once!] [7th Awakening begins!] A new awakening after desiccation.

Thanks to Guarddock, the body was changing at a moment's notice as we hurriedly chased down Yeongpowon.

The terrible pain that was inflicted there was immense, but his eyes did not falter. It's as if all I care about right now is getting rid of Allfowon.

Cough, cough, cough! Every time I swing the fruit-squite, the black and red lightning flashed, cutting, shattering, crushing, and spilling the golden radiance that Allfowon created.

None of the people who have dealt with Olfowon have been able to drive Olfowon away like this alone.

It was because no one in the tower could escape the system's restraints.

I could never escape the palm of Olfowon's hand, even if I could gain some strength and power.

Even the invincible had surpassed him long ago, but in the end, he did not surpass the status of 'Olfowon.'


Yeon-woo was different.

[The target is not exposed to the system.] [Command not working.] Ridiculous! It was because Olfowon was already building a nonsense position to the extent that he was able to endure mild malignancy for the first time.

Maintaining the status of the Viewer, half escape the system's restraints, while the other half prevail in a committed state.

[An unknown force is constantly attempting to hack into the central information processing unit!] “No, why not?” Yeon smiles coldly as she slams the section head of Olfowon aside.

“Some of the hegs [have already been taken over.] [Warning! Defend yourself.] [List! Defend yourself.] Take command! More mystical storms swept along the stream, and the black shadow wafted ominously, and the red flame over it dimensioned several times and erased its golden color.


Fat! The blow from the kite, at last [Lightning has partially severed the Faith Line!] [The statue, Allfoone, that was composing the player, Bivasvat, is shaken briefly.] [Show yourself!] for the first time in thousands of years, surrounding Olfowon.

A considerable amount of faith was taken over by Yeongwoo, making it much brighter, and it was a result of being partly severed from the line of faith.

And her face appeared to be very familiar to Yeon-woo.

The same face as Knoxton.

But the look on his face was much more colorful than I expected.





He said, "" Blue. "“ You too, after all. ”Looking at him like that.

“It was a man.” Yeon-woo pushes him as hard as she can to speak a cold word.

Kurr-Olfowon blocks Squite with his right hand, while pulling the light back up with his other hand and covering his whole body.

However, Yeon-woo had already gotten rid of all the wonders and wonders that she had with Allfowon.

No, I laughed at Allfowon for as long as I could.

It was because he realized that he had lived in a blanket of light to hide these faces from the outside.

He was no different from himself.


Just as Yeonwoo covered her face to hide her identity, Olfowon wanted to hide himself from the world. To him, lighting served as a mask.

If there's a difference, he was trying to hide deeper.

Even when I was talking to him, he insisted that he was not a direct Yooseong, but that he was a rebel or a rebel.

“I've always felt...... but you're too similar to me. Yeon cooks so small that she maximizes the output of the forged sword.

Heathen Noise! But Olfowon grunts and puts on a chord position with both hands. A gradually fading beam of light suddenly flared into the sky, creating a massive pillar of light.

It was filled with a cool fire. A tremendous amount of light and heat mingles with the storm, drawing a faint picture of the breach.


[The first "Thousand Armed Forces" will unfold!] [Watch out for impact!] He tried to enlighten the Thousand Horsemen once more.

However, unlike before, the target was going to put all the pressure that had been building up the whole mildew stage into the space surrounding him like a charm and abandon his existence.

At the same time.

[The system is attempting to force ejection by bugging the target!] [Your firewall has been upgraded to the highest level, Step 9. Stop and block all functions related to the ereguller.] [The vaccine was upgraded to the 9 highest stage. You want to identify, extinguish and delete Ireguller as a virus.] [An unknown force is trying to bypass the firewall!] [Unknown Power Resists Vaccine Violently!] But 'I pushed her roughly as if she wouldn't even lose. It squeezes a gap in the system and attempts to disable it. This was only part of the process.

[The Pneumatic Sky is live!]] [Another 'Fast Rewinding of Fixed Time'!] encountered a server.] [Activation of the 'Thousand Armed Forces` has been cancelled! [Allfowon] - Somehow, he tried to restrain the Hundred Kingdoms of Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo forced it into something that had never been done, and she slipped out of it, and then she attacked again.

I repeated the interlock of golden radiance and dark-red iridescence.

Kukukuku...! The battle between the two people covering the stage is a tension that is not pushed against each other.

"Red Red Red! As expected, he is our master! I think you're too good to follow me around when you're dead!" Ralph jumped from his seat while looking at the shadow that covered the world of light.

Too much fun to die for. He recovered from the cancellation of the Thousand Armed Forces and was extremely excited to see a battle that might never happen again.

I've been trembling at the sight of the Vampire Monarch or Earl Ferentz.

And the lions.

Even the Dead Giants.

And disco pluto.

And Olympus.

All the factions stopped fighting, staring at Yeongwoo and Olfowon. I was dazzled by the shadow of the light.

Even the gods who had barely survived their death on the outskirts of the world of light stared at Yeongwoo with a dazed gaze.

There were no exceptions to the gods who wanted to be one and only.

& Respect.

I had the same feeling in their minds, but...

Cha Jungwooman was different.

His complexion was too stiff.

The person who was most pleased with the appearance of his brother is this reaction.

What happened? Only Lana carefully read Cho's gaze.

Lana, this...! Cho Jungwoo wants to say something in an urgent tone.

[The system key (22) has been given the highest management rating due to an unknown force.] [As a super administrator, everyone on the 77th floor has been forcibly expelled!] Suddenly, an urgent message appears over the retina, and they are all flooded by a swarm of light.

And where Cho Jong-woo and others appeared was outside the tower, not in any other way.

Oh, what is this…? ”“ What is it? What's going on with you guys? ”Cho Jong-woo and all the members of Artija in 77 were on the throne.

The stragglers outside the tower were surprised at what was happening.

[76_All players have been forcibly removed.] [75 floors, all players have been forcibly removed.] [] All players entered the field have been forcibly dismissed.] But when I realized that all the players who were active in the tower had been released, the chaos grew larger.

[All the gods who have been expelled from 98 will protest violently against the Central Administration!] [All the demons who were watching 77 floors are asking the Central Administration about screen blackouts!] [Central Administration has announced that they are investigating the incident and its cause!] [Metatron, the chief scribe of Malach, is silent. On Le Infernal's account, Baal is silent.] The message that the gods and demons were cast out. Even the central administration was challenged for no reason, and Metatron and Baal remained silent.

“.444: What?" “So now there's no one in that tower?” With fearful and wet gaze, many players looked at the tower that was still standing high.

Something...... was about to happen.

Right then.

“The shadow is coming down!" "The whole floor of 77th floor is submerged!” The shadow sliding out of 77th floor sliding down the surface of the tower. Just as the shipyard fell into the bucket, the bottom of the tower, referred to as the stream, was all being submerged in the shadow.

What- … -! "Lana doesn't know why, so her voice trembles well.

Cho Jungwoo suddenly ate the entire stream, then thought as he watched the shadows trimmed into a round shape.

Margie, that's... [The Black King smiles and looks at the world.] [Thousands see the world without words.]... look like an egg. "