Second Life Ranker

6. Allfoone (2)

Above ground level above the towers.

Harmonia gazes down at the rounded 'egg' beneath her feet with an oblivious look. A face with no emotion. It was as beautiful as a sculpture, and it seemed as if it didn't exist in the book of Weird.

Making “eggs."

And so, when she had eaten the woman's staff, tied it to that deep void, and woke the Black King who was asleep in the abyss, she had come to a moment that she did not long for.

She doesn't look happy at all.

All we have to do is look at the ominous shadow that follows the surface of the egg, or the black pig that slowly turns black.

“Oh Hyo Hyo Hyo. Usually, he hugs a big bear and smiles. Where does all that look go, and what's with that cold look on your face?” Right then, you hear a strange laugh behind you. When Harmonia was planning this, she heard it without a moment to stand up, and now she's used to it.

At the turn of the head, Evilke stands with his glasses fixed. His gaze was firmly fixed on the 'egg'.

“How did you get out?” Harmonia narrows her eyes.

Admin is attributed to tower. Depending on the system and representing its will It's a kind of processing device.

Of course, it was never possible to leave the tower. So even if the data is completely erased or preserved, there will be no memory devices, so it will be inactive. That's why managers were always able to live only in the tower.

And now you're out here doing this? This can't be happening.

“I'm out of a management position. Oh Hyo Hyo!” Everke smiles joyfully again with a sound of nothing.

“The original leader had to read the timing well and come down and communicate with the staff,” Harmonia did not insist on how it was possible. Being the first manager, being the oldest in the tower. It was long overdue to uncover his identity or origins.

There were many suspicious things, but Harmonia joined him for only one reason.

It was because the interests were mutual.

Everke hated the tower more than anyone else in the world.

So now...? "The Bureau is a mess. I actually just left my resignation on my desk.” You must be distracted by the 77 invasions in the sky and the ghetto or the kite. I could almost see what would happen if the head of the administration fell.

Everke said it was a prank, but in fact, it must have been all about the calculations.

“Oh Hyo Hyo! Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm too stubborn for those who have agreed to share my will. We've also left some hints related to external memory, so those of you who solved them will have a backup.” Simply put, it meant that only the skilled followers would be chosen.

In fact, the Bureau of Administration is decisive. The system won't work as well, so it'll be damaged. Since the incarnate Allfoone was robbed of faith and paralyzed, and even the honeycomb tried to hack, we should assume he's paralyzed.

“The gods will be more agitated. It seemed clear to me that `Harmonia' was happening in the kingdom of heaven.

The Bureau is being fed up, and the Summer is being eroded in black. Allfoone and Yeouido are overlapping each other, yet they are like the heavenly realm.

We have to watch the Black King slowly awaken while he was sunk by the tower? Besides, you can't run while you're watching the tower slowly being eaten by him? Of course, you must be terrified.

Those who have regarded death as having nothing to do with themselves. What it felt like to have only worms in the summer, if only they knew it was so close to their door.

And that fear and fear will be good stimulants to make the Dark Lord's base smoother.

And then I'll be late with the dream.

This whole world is falling into the Black King's dream.

“However, if there's one thing I'm sorry about, it's that I couldn't throw more followers into 'eggs', Cha Yeon-woo... Oh, it's a little strange to see the name come out right. Anyway, I don't know what Cha Yeon-woo is drawing.” Igle's eyes flashed beyond the glasses of the one-eyed eye, and from the tutorial until now, there were many surprising things that had happened to the lotus, so I was looking forward to how I would look now.

If only he could get rid of that damn tower. It was good for Harmonia to win, and for her to turn the tide.

“Still, we can't just throw a punch like this.” Evilke looks up for a moment and sees 98 floors that aren't visible from here.

Unlike the Summer, that place still has no shadows, so I'm still enjoying the light.

It was shaking dangerously, not knowing when it was going to go off.

Maybe that's where Zeus keeps his end of the bargain.

Harmonia no longer gazes towards Ibleke. The common goal for both of them is almost here, so it was time for each of us to play privately. As long as Everke has someone else in her possession, it's not her concern.

However, if there is a catch.

“Abraham… ~ …? She shuts her eyes quietly, thinking of the name of someone she can no longer see.

In a moment, she wanted to get wet in a pool of black debts, but when the polymorph was broken, she revealed a huge piece of paper that covered the entire outer part of the tower and still remained! Harmonia began what she needed to do, with an enormous roar that spread beyond the tower.

From now on.

It was time to begin the hatching ceremony.

[Unknown force attempts to gain control of system!] shattered.

[Some penetration into the control device.] is infected with the Swarm Bridge function.] [Operation has been compromised.] [Judgment has been suspended.] to retaliate.

[The slang has been disabled!] [Due to the disabling of the central data processing unit, information collection and interpretation will take a significant amount of time.] [There is a temporary network delay between the drifter and the client.] No more restoration.

[Due to the paralysis of system function, the power of 'Immortality (: 80)' will be lost!] Mmm...! Olfowon's voice was distant.

This is embarrassing.

But Yeon-woo knew it was a groan. Your left arm was just chopped off by a lightning rod. Even in Allfowon, it would be even weirder if it didn't hurt as long as it didn't completely block my senses.

But he was clearly in a bigger panic than that. It was clear that the signature skills that needed to be done automatically were not working properly.

[On behalf of power, 'Immortal', a child skill, 'Regeneration', will be triggered.] [An unknown power partially halts the skill, 'Regeneration`. Poison spills out.] [Skill, 'Debt Poison' is triggering!] [Death is being implanted.] Olfowan's severed arm is no longer covered in light, and instead, a black shadow clings to it and attempts to penetrate the interior.

“It's not going to work. I didn't go through all that trouble to stop your stupid signature skills.” Y-you 've been doing a lot of research on me. “I take that as a compliment.” Yeon-woo smiled cynically.

Ever since I decided to go to Allfoone Raid.

And since I found out Kronos was defeated by him and left a note telling him to jump over him,

Yeongwoo completed the Sword, but on the one hand, she studied how to catch all of them.

Luckily, I had a lot of data on him.

The information that my brother saw in the simulation on the clock, the experiences that my father had, and the things Yeon-woo learned fighting him in the open air library.

Based on this, we have created a variety of attackers.

Try to hack the system with a sonic sword and disrupt its power many times.

Gain Faith by Disclosure.

You complete the squite, forcing it to damage the spirit.

That's why they forcibly implanted death with debt poisoning.

No matter how much faith was stolen from this side, there was always a limit. It was because Olfowon's footprints on the tower were large and his own mythology was enormous, and his physical abilities needed to be somewhat degraded.

The Immortality and Death will consume the life of the Hoshitam, so it will be a painful blow.


"Still strong. `I was slightly anxious, unlike the relaxed smile on the outside of Yeon-woo.

I could definitely reach the same level as Jeolfo One using a number of different numbers. Olfowon's status was shaken as much as I could.

It seemed like no one had accomplished anything in the history of the long tower, but this was the problem.

Tight switch.

It is not an overwhelming victory.

'You should call him the Son of Heavenly Horse. It's not easy.' Olfowon was already strong enough by himself, even if he wasn't a god. The martial arts skills that were thought to be heavenly bodies were also great, and the brick and mortar forests were very intimidating. It wasn't so long that I was able to hold the 1st rank firmly.

At this point, I had no choice but to completely shut down the tower of Allfowon.

Besides, the problem is,

[The scenario quest (The Black King's Nightmare 1) is running smoothly!] [I am satisfied with the surrogacy of the black king.] [Thousand Horses Freely Buy a Representative War.] The Black King and the Thousand Horses had no idea what they were thinking.

Even if I didn't care, it wasn't easy.

The King of Black and his son, who are trying to wake up from a dream by encouraging him, are at risk of dying, but they don't make any indication.

Both were too burdensome for him.

Besides, you have no idea what Harmonia or Everke is thinking.


A new hand was needed to break this tension switch and completely turn the plate this way.

'I knew...... I needed a Taegeung Hye Band-Aid. Didn't the king say anything about a sister?

Only with the Sword will we have a way to deal with Olfowon, and only when the Taeghye Antigua Sword is complete will we be able to break the system completely.

< Assign087)) > was a 'problem.

"But I can't learn to transfer in my condition." Just as the one-horned tribe was born with the characteristic of the delayed sun or failed to master the musical sword.

As Yeouido built a new characteristic called the spirit, the transfer became impossible to learn.

It was kind of a dilemma.

"I thought I'd find a new way if the desertion had been done sooner…… '[The desertion is happening. 24, 25…_269% …] Maybe there are too many religious beliefs that are undermining it. The desquamation was too slow. Depending on that, the 7th Awakening is also significantly slower.

Then, there was only one way left.

^ However, the eyes of Yeon-woo sank deep.

“Dammit! I can't believe I'm so squeezed...!" ”The pant turns its teeth as I look at the dark watering tower. His helpless appearance is merely pathetic.

Moreover, he had a distressed part of his heart.

That Yeon-woo has not yet mastered the Taegeung Hye anti-sword.

According to the King, we won't be able to completely destroy Allfoone and the system without it...! Then.

Edora, a sister who was silently looking at the tower next to her, opens her mouth in a blazing voice.

“No. There is one way I can help.” “What?” “Help me become your brother.” “What are you talking about!” The pant jumped without my knowledge.

to be part of the family of Yeon Woo.

It meant only one thing.

I will die and return to the shadow of Yeon Woo.

“Think calmly. If you don't know the transfer... No, the only way your brother can do it is if you don't.” C7