Second Life Ranker

7. Allfowon (3)

“And if I'm gone, the 10th floor ranking goes to my brother. Then you'll have more faith.” It was a phrase that was translated.

Currently, there was the only staircase where Yeongwoo did not rank first in the summer.

10th floor.

Edora took the throne in the white world, where she had a trial of following the door.

It was a result of using Hye-An.

Edora says that we should dedicate it to Yeouido and unify all rankings in the Summer.

It's a very small difference in the yard that already holds the consolidated ranking, but that might have a big impact on the market.

Not only that.

If Edora can be attributed to the shadow of a kite, it is possible to pass all of the data that is transferred to the kite evenly.

Starting with the euphemism that forms the foundation of the transfer, I didn't know if Yeon-woo would be able to complete the Taekhye Anti Blade if she could get everything that Edora had organized.

No, even if Yeon-woo can't open it herself, if Edora is under the influence, we can still force her to listen.

“Even if you die, you can appear next to your brother as a lion summon. I don't have anything. Edora said," I looked at the pant with a firm determination.

“Hory Mara." The Pants cut short as if they weren't worth thinking about.

His face was more serious than ever.

“You want me to sacrifice my own brother? Did you get shot in the head?" “Judge calmly. Before you were my blood, you were the king of your clan.": "Hell” “No to have my father's vengeance. I am your blood before I am king of my clan. What clan do you run when you can't even protect your own family? If you're gonna talk some sense into this sacrifice for the greater good, I'll ask the old man to lock you up until this is all over.” "By the way, 'I usually pretend to be smart by myself, but when I meet you like this, I miss you.” The pant' gave Edora quite a fright. I don't want to hear it anymore.

Edora bites her lower lip.

I don't know how I want to die because of her. However, it seemed that there was only one way to help Yeon-woo right away.

'When Edora's thoughts deepened, if she could engrave it in there once.

“Yo-yo just needs to be able to carve information about the transfer into that weird egg?” I heard a louder voice from behind (the two brothers and sisters).

I used to love it, but I can't do that anymore.

Pandit and Edora turn to reflexively.


Knoxton stands blunt on his face.

[Time's reel winds indefinitely!] External time has slowed, and the world of thinking has sped up.

Watching Allfoone prepare for a new attack. Yeonwoo sought new tactics with Kronos.

"You're not talking about eating your daughter-in-law's baby, are you? Kronos' voice echoes in Yeon Woo's head.

"Father." "Why?" You're finally senile. " This bastard has nothing to say to his father! " If you are dazed, you don't have Haecil to say such things. "Of course, it wasn't because I said Yeon-woo that I hadn't considered Edora's authorisation.

Belonging to the shadow means subjecting the soul to everything it possesses.

That is, there is a way to combine the positive and negative swords.

But as soon as I came to think of it, I immediately discarded it.

"I don't want to see any more sacrifices." I've only just met my father and brother who were sacrificed.

I didn't want to go through another pain.

It was because I was powerless at the time, but I still felt like I could not wake up if I did.

"Well, you were a bit of a weirdo with a mental glass." Chronos smiled. At the same time, I was relieved.

Normally, after this much power, everyone, whether God or the Devil, would gradually become an emotionally deprived monster. Most of the lords did, and so did Kronos in the time of the new king. He had forgotten all his childhood resolutions and had become a machine that coveted only power.

However, Yeon still did not lose her mind as a human being.

Even if it's a tiny difference of heart.

Kronos was so lovable and responsible for such a son.

You still haven't thought of a way to deal with your nasty personality. What do you mean, how? "Naughty character." Yeon-woo wanted to see how her image was embedded in her surrogate father, but she was serious and bold.

“I'm your father." "Come out and believe in my myth." "Chronos was able to read Yeon-woo's thoughts in a heartbeat.

He has accomplished countless heroes in his lifetime on Earth for nearly ten thousand years.

So the foundation was solid.

If he had mastered the transfer, he would not have qualified.

If you cannot learn it, you can let your father learn it for you.

Above all.

Yeon-woo had a union in mind.

If so, his penis and his father's transfer will be interlocked and he will be able to pull out the Tae-sang Hye anti-sword completely.

But 'shameless' seems a completely different realm from what I had in mind. However, Chronos is a bit of a mess. That didn't mean I didn't want to learn the one-horned vision of shamanism. But I knew it would never be easy to learn.

That was an entirely different territory. The one-horned tribe was not once classified as' Jigojong (Ju Hmph). '

In fact, he was unable to convert the shaman, so it seemed strange to him that he was now creating Yeon Woo.

I have no knowledge of it. But it must be hard to learn the highest level of rebellion in such a short time... "How am I supposed to learn something that even your teacher couldn't complete in a short time?" Besides, it's different in nature and character. That's what Kronos was saying.


'No, I will` Yeon insisted.

Hmm? Huh! I don't know how much you normally admire and admire this father, but if it were that easy, this father would have learned to be a free man...! Ram is me, have you already forgotten? You, really? I have created a beauty. " __ ~ __ ~! Chronos smiles without knowing it.

I don't even know what he did to his body! But in a certain way, it was also a natural thing to say.

Yeon-woo already has a deep understanding of the Tongue Sword enough to have the Spirit of the Letter in her new soul. Then, it was possible to manufacture a squite using this method.

I smiled and immediately asked with a serious tone, whether I should say "I adopted myself") or "I did" 0) 7).

But even if you gave me the traits of a clan of daughters, expressing them would be a completely different story. "Even if you have a foundation for transferring, you don't have to do it all. Then? " A sum of (-huh) days would not be okay, would it? "Hmm! It's worth a try." Maybe we can do it just once, instead of releasing the transfer in succession. He also has an epiphany that has accumulated through many previous lives.

"But how do you intend to pass it on to me? " I have something in mind. "Hmm? According to Yeon-woo, Chronos laughed as if he had no idea.

- If you're gonna stay a loser, just stay a loser. But if you want to remain a teacher's apprentice, stand up.

Knockton suddenly received a letter while living a helpless life with the Ice King and Twice.

Letters with no sender, no recipient.

It was sitting next to my head, wondering who left it.

Thought it would be easier to cut yourself if the opponent had just decided.

Knockton sees it and realizes at once who left him the message.

It was brown cow.

I don't understand.

He thinks he's a pathetic enemy, even if he kills him right now.

He must have taken a precious teacher. Why would he do this?


Knockton did not question that.

I just got up from my seat.

And it moved.

Like I have to.

Ice King and Twice couldn't figure out why he was acting like he was going to die so suddenly, but they cheered for him because he had to.

Knockton has the sword.

I put it back in the sword.


I took a direct step after hearing the Ice King say Allfoone Raid had begun in Triple 7.

That's how I got there.

“Grandpa, I think we..." ”Well, yeah. Looks like you've found a place to lie down.” The king of Bing and Twice, who followed behind Knockton in Polapole, had to rely on the fierce gaze of the one-horned tribes pouring this way.

Even if they fit in high rankers, they were scared.

Especially the new king, Pant, who insisted on killing them right away.

“What brings you here? Do you want to be a pig so badly?” But do it or not.

Knockton looks at Edora with a still eye, feeling alive.

“I was once trained by my teacher to learn the Taegyeo anti-Goji sword, so I know the approximate phrase or operating method. But it was before Hye-in was complete, so the transfer was not yet established. On the other hand, the heart 678 is yours alone. Otherwise, a big fan screamed and jumped between the two of you.

“How dare you talk back to me like that! If I have a teacher's luck again, I'll bark“: {”“ Oppa ”“ Yes. Edora, isn't your heart racing? Hurry up and value him… ”“ Shut up ”“::: Huh? `“I can't understand what you're saying. So keep your mouth shut, and Edora's harsh words will have to be silenced. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't say anything when I looked at Edora's face frozen cold.

Edora stares at Knoxton, however, without even giving you a look.

“So what do you want to say?” That heart, tell me. ”And after that?” “I told you. I'm gonna carve it in there.” “That would be possible...!” “Possible. I'm going to carve a conscience into the blade. I'm not a ghost, nor am I a solar retard, so I won't be able to get my heart's content. So if I leave it to you, it won't hurt a bit." As Edora became a spiritual spirit, open her eyes and look closely at Knoxton. Every time I asked whether it was false or not, the answer came back.

Can you communicate? -True.

Can't we use it in a really private way? - True.

Is there no other public? -None.

Why did you come here for nothing? -Unknown.

Knockton is clear that there is no deception in what he says. We still don't know why he showed up here, but we had to use him if it helped.

“Fine. I'll do it. However, if you do something stupid to your brother...!” “You're hated by so many people anyway, and you really want to die after doing that?” Knockton smiles bitterly, already looking at the elders and tribesmen surrounding him.

At that moment, Edora shuts her mouth.