Second Life Ranker

8. Allfoone (4)

While Edora's explanation continues.

Knockton's face changed strangely around the clock.

Surprised but at the same time understood, he seemed to have realized something.

Knoxton had once trained Taegeuk Hye's dagger under the Emperor, and he never hesitated to train his sword, even though it had become a doom.

In fact, when they were dealing with the King, they tried to show their deprivation and transcendence. Even though the King had forced it to end, he could still try whenever he wanted.

Then he grabbed the sword that he had let go of and was gaining a new heart from Edora.

Maybe that's why.

Knockton's face was shrouded in a sense of obligation to deliver his heart to Yeongwoo, but he seemed to forget all of that from time to time.

Edora's heart was so great for him, it was a strange world (in Webborne).

I was proud to have seen the end of nothing, but I felt like I had seen a new universe that I had never thought of.


How narrow and small he stands.

I had a profound sense of how well fog I was.

That's why Knoxton closed his eyes and quietly recounted something.

Organizing and organizing, he expanded his worldview to a staggering extent compared to his previous gains.

Edora did not open her eyes for a long time after finishing her explanation.

In a moment, the light flashes (dancing ) over your eyes.

The slightly dried smile on his mouth was somewhat relaxed, unlike before.

“Transfers are a process of reinterpretting me to the framework that powers the world and becoming a part of it…., which is why we need a euphemism to see the back of the world. Is it true?" It's very contrary to the black sword, which releases its will externally and forces it to manipulate the world.

Knockton puts that on his back.

Edora tries to say something here, but Knoxton closes his hand and stops her from saying so.

“No. I won't listen after this.

So I think I'm just going to have to clean up now. ”Knockton was the symbol for the transfer to Yeongwoo, interpreting the transfer around the blade." That way he'll be a lot easier to accept.

“One thing's for sure, though." And Knoxton took his hand to the sword. At that moment, the tribesmen are nervous, staring at him. It was because the air that was flowing along them changed disparately.

The smith reads that there is no murder in it, so step back and act accordingly. The tribesmen took a few steps back to create a vacancy for Knockton, even though they hated each other.

“It's not right for me or my youngest priest to live life on his own terms.” Knockton mutters as he draws his sword slowly.

Shhh! The sword shines brightly in the sun. Obviously, I haven't managed it properly for more than a few years, but even though it was sunny on occasion, it seemed like it was shining like new.

“Weight (\ tool) ……” The pant mutters small, looking at it.

A weightless sword. It was a parting gift from Nocton, who declared his intention to leave the King one day.

Pant knew 'how many craftsmen he worked through the night to make it, and how much effort he put into framing it.

Knockton takes a heavy sword like that and sets his foot forward.

There were no preliminary movements, no signs.

The moment you drop your weightless sword from top to bottom, you feel like the world is slipping away.

From there.

“I think the majority of the female Tribes saw something, and laughed their heads off where there was no sign of it.

Edora opened her eyes wide as she was still opening her eyes.

The pant was silent.

And the smith mutters in a faint voice.

“If the son of a bitch returns and divides the sword, the only thing that can take it has been passed on to Yeongwoo.

Nothing is headed for Knoxton.

The smith could not erase the bitterness of seeing the traces of the godless that remained everywhere.

Heart Blade (Corruption).

It was right there that anyone who wanted to pull the sword was unmanned.

When is the thought coming...! Chronos suddenly sensed something strongly attacking this place, not just Olfowon and his men tightly.

It was because the incoming strikes were so sharp that they cut off the sections of space and space, even if they were placed on the ship, they had a strong intuition that the soul would be cut off as it was.

Moreover, given that the place they are in is a sanctuary where light and dark are devouring each other.

Ignoring this attack was never negligible.

Even Kronos could recover the God-king and resurrect during its heyday.

This looks a lot like the dagger the King saw before he transcended.

But strangely, there was no murder at all, so I thought something was wrong.

I could see that my late connected son's consciousness did not shake any other way.

That's what Yeon-woo was prepared for! What is this...? Whereas Allfowon, who didn't know anything about it at all, had to give a frightening voice.

Now it was based on its own disposition, but the work of the King was gone.

I had no choice but to be embarrassed.

Kuaak! Instead of Yeonwoo and Olfowon trying to overwhelm each other, a single stalk is drawn to the side above the passage.

A giant notch across the realm of light and dome and twisted in the middle (Vychammer).

From heaven to earth, I never dreamed that I would try to erase the rest of the light and the dome deeply embedded in the blackened space that remained in the very way.

It was already a phenomenon.

The evidence that even the laws of the world are so intense that they leave a strong will in the world.

There's a lot of convictions.

Hee...! Allfowon sighed as if to see the Second Coming of the King.

Chronos was resilient.

^ ^ ~ 444 > 'I came` '~' Yeon-woo nodded as if she knew it would be so.

“Nice of you to leave it to him.

I thought there was half a chance. `In his lifetime, Knockton had admittedly excelled at handling swords, and he said he was similar to himself. It meant that among the three disciples, the depth of martial arts was different.

Yeonwoo agreed to this point and wanted to be transferred through Knockton. He would be able to clearly orbit the difference between a sword and a transfer, and then reinterpret it to inform himself in a more recognizable form. Of course, he did not intend to get close again, as he was the one who made the King disappear.

However, after some time had passed, I was able to accept the king's will, so I just wanted to give him a new opportunity.

To escape from the constant mental trauma of the idea of "fake," to find himself 'real,' and to become completely independent.

Luckily, Knockton was able to stand up again and grab the sword, because it was his will.

No, actually, the hand may have been holding the sword, but it was still holding the sword on one side of my mind.

“Father." What's the matter? You can see this much: Hong. You underestimate this father. Of course. Kronos smiles coldly.

You can mimic it. "Even if Kronos doesn't know 'the shaman,' he has already mastered the basic concept of the myth of a hero for many years.

Moreover, Knoxton's blade scar made a strong impression on the unseen Arabic Boa challenge rate.

And if anyone could read minds, it was a tall, open world view.

It was not just the depth of the transfer, but also the essence of everything in Knoxton.

So Chronos was able to interpret it as quickly as I could, based on his deep understanding.

Whoa! Based on this, I was able to quickly complete all of the basic steps required for the transfer.

Of course, it wasn't a perfect assignment.

No matter how much Knockton passes on information, it can only be distorted, and Kronos will hear it distorted somewhat from his point of view.

In the beginning, Yeon-woo also knew that, so she did not want any transfer. All he wants is one. It was a 'sum of days'.


Squite was able to create a phenomenon unlike anything it had ever seen.

[Squite Implements Unknown Power!] About Squite, the wind rotates rapidly as it draws clockwise. When Chronos changed the mindset of the line to the framework of the world, the law began to rotate around him on its own.

And the winds that began to rotate became sheep (8) to ascend into the sky.

It slowly settles down by rotating in the reverse direction of the black color that the mildew has been implementing.

On the contrary, the spinning air currents and air currents did not interfere with each other, but rather accelerated by engaging like cogs.

Hoho. The greater the will to emit, the more power it multiplies...! It was as if the sheep were biting each other's tails and looking at the spinning taegeuk.

The whole world was shaking with him.

[Unknown force trying to escape system constraint!] RECORDED! The system is pouring out a tremendous amount of information that cannot be reconciled. There's a fracture.] [list! More and more, calculating vast amounts of information. There is a concern that the system will crash.] [Warning! An unknown force is affecting the system as a whole!] [Control Unit Stopped!] At the center, I realized that this is the real Taegeuk Hye-gu sword.

All of a sudden, Olfowon's insubordination doesn't seem to be engulfed in a vast stream of force.

Fruit Fruit! [All functions that were constructed on the 77 floor will be paralyzed.] [The stage will collapse.] The world that was full of light and shyness was shattered. Mixing white and black paint, the whole stage was deflecting and sinking into the dusk.

The system was disrupted, and all information processing functions such as comparisons, computations, and judgments ceased due to the rapid movement of Allfoone.

Ticktock, ticktock! I don't know about the noise. The figure of Allfo One covered in lighting seems to be shattered in no time.

He yells something.

You still can't hear it, but your face is frozen in shock, revealing under the light that breaks your liver.

It was ridiculous to say that.

Yeongwoo whirled as if her body had shattered in an instant, but she was able to withstand the two rotational axes of force rotating in the reverse direction instead.

This is Taegeung Hye's dagger.

The two opposing forces that are trying to change the world's logic are & 0 to go back into engagement.

It is a blessing (horn) because it is mixed with conscience.

It reminds me of the egg born by a giant who used to be the basic ingredient in the creation of the universe (\ @).

And it is the sword that spreads it out.

Leaving the completion of the power that Master tried so hard to achieve one day in Yeongwoo's eyes.

Along the intersection of the yin and yang, squeeze hard.

At the same time, the enormous amount of magical power that had been piled up on the Wise Man's Stone and Dragon Heart fled there.

It sounded like it was coming from somewhere.

Sounds like all the facts of forcibly restraining existence are shattered.

And in fact, all the data that was composing the player Allfoone, all the functions associated with the system, were forcibly disconnected.

[System error!] [System error!] [No cause found.] [No cause found.] [All the pieces of disk that were connected to the data have been corrupted for an unknown reason.] [Source data not found.] It did not fully implement the transfer, although it was only a single strike, the effect was certain.

All the elements that constituted the existence of "Allfoone" will be broken in an instant, and all the blessings and effects received from the system will be cancelled.

And what's left of it.

It's not Allfowon, it's Bivat.

The light disappeared completely like a candle that had been extinguished by the wind.

I saw eyes filled with disbelief and fear.

Yeonwoo seemed to collapse at once due to a sudden crushing dizziness. However, with superhuman patience, Yongwoo suddenly reached Bivasbat's front. Since it was so fast, she made it sound like the final type.

Allfoone, no, Bivasvat, tried to pull back.

Before that, Yeon-woo's left hand grabs his neck.

"Finally.” Yeon-woo's mouth went up cynically.