Second Life Ranker

9. Allfoone (5)

“How...?” Now that the hexadecirrhosis is gone, it has flowed out.

Watching the unbelieving one's eyes burst without even knowing it.

“Didn't you know? Originally, operators couldn't defeat nuclear power." [System functions were paralyzed by an unknown force!] [Another unknown force has hacked the central information processing unit, creating a huge disruption to command decryption!] [System will crash!] The first is the transfer.

The second was the sound sword.

Transfers are the process of fitting 'me' to the framework of the world, so the squeeze fits into the world called a system and becomes a Trojan Horse-like virus.

The black sword is' forcibly adjusting the world's framework based on me, so I will be in charge of the hacker role of forcibly hacking the system.

and squeezing this process in and cutting it all off.

As such.

[9 Steps of Firewall Disabled!] [9 Steps of Vaccine Cancelled!] [All defenses are gone.] [The operating system has been suspended.] [All command functions that were injected into the system have been lost!] making the newest 'All-Fo-One' disappear like the system's operative.

This was perhaps a blessing from Soho Geumcheon - someone who had wanted to give the creatures forced to enter the tower an opportunity to find a new bow.

I don't know what Soho Jin Cheon was thinking. But it was clear that he, one of the first Trinity Wonders to open the tower, had a good reason to leave this technology behind.

So Yeon-woo acquired it and cut off all the systems.

[Player, Bivat has lost the new “All Fo One"!] We can finally have a proper fight with Allfowon.

No, I got the upper hand.

[All the gods who were watching the 77th floor were devastated!] All the demons who were watching the 77th floor scream at the collapse of the myth of Allfowan!] [All the Gods of Death salute you greatly!] [All the demons of death rejoice at the king's march!] [I nod satisfactorily as if Bimarzilla knew it. [Sirens wailing] [Sirens wailing] [Sirens wailing]] [The head of Malach, Metatron, is leading the movement to calm the mind of the 98th floor. On Le Infernal, Baal watches over someone.] [Player's Faith toward Vivasvat will be transferred to Player, Cha Yeon-woo!] [Holy...] [Myth...] [Increased spirituality when I was only #) '. Current status: red room 00 hole).] [Your spirit has exceeded the acceptable number of Faith!] [Slow desquamation.

31, 32 359% sigh] [The desiccation rate is still slowing. It's followed by a lot of pain.] [Loss of consciousness can result in significant loss of herniation. We recommend that you evacuate to a safe place to finish the desiccation!] All the faith that was headed for Bivat started to steam.

Thanks to this, I could feel that Yeon-woo's desiccation speed was significantly slower than before.

It was because the body and demons began to shake because the myth of the 'invincible` was broken and the system that was unlikely to be able to resist was disabled for the first time.

All these years, those who are bound to the tower have always thought of Olfowon as a 'wall', regardless of challenger, transcendent, or anyone else.

He's the most powerful man in the tower, and no one's ever been part of it.

Such beliefs and perceptions also added faith to Olfowon, who is favored by intelligent or systems, making it an insurmountable and impregnable ironclad.

But now, that question became clear for the first time, and made me doubt that it might not be invincible and unbeatable.

As the faith disappeared, the faith toward Olfowon collapsed rapidly.

As a result, the light that was aiming around him gradually dissipated.

On the contrary, it bloomed brightly around Yeongwoo.

It was because God and demons had come to claim fellowship as the new absolute.

Thanks to this, I had to accept it to increase my faith and slow my detachment. There is a seventh awakening to match it, but it was never smaller if it was more painful.


[The Black King is greatly pleased with the propaganda of his self-immolation.] The Dark Lord's faith (num.6/) became so thick that only the amount of black that could be used as a self-immolation continued to grow.

And for what it's worth,

Yeon-woo was never going to miss a win that started once.

[1,000 Eyes on 77 Floors with Sad Eyes.] Gurrrrrrrrrrrrr! Yeon catches Bivat's neck and attempts a vertical descent.

He turned his back on himself to get out somehow, but it wasn't enough to turn off Yeon-woo's left hand that was already struggling.

Kuang! As a large crater forms, cracks spread throughout the world of debt.

It's like dropping a window on the ground. Fragmented spaces protrude from the ground, emptying Bivat and the lily on top of him in various directions. Tens of millions of awards were created simultaneously.

And the greater the power of Yeongwoo to crush Allfowon, the greater the pressure of pressurizing the atmosphere, the more violent the shadow that revolves around him, and the world of light begins to explode.

When I reached the critical point, many of the awards poured down simultaneously.

[The sanctuary, the world of light, has been forcibly cancelled due to heavy shocks!] [77th floor, the coffin of light reveals itself intact!] The stage revealed by the collapse of the sanctuary had a beautiful open backdrop of green hills, under bright sunlight.

As you can see, it's never been revealed.

“I" “I:“! "Vivasvat shudders. The crooked face seemed to want to shout something.

Cylindrical, unfair, The face of wanting to do it.

At first, Yeon-woo was the same face that she saw after her sister went missing and her mother died.


“I can't lose! I have to ask!” Vivasvat forcefully runs away from Yeon-woo. Even if the status quo is gone, there is still the power of nature. From the Thousand Armed Forces to the algebra, he poured out his light with a series of moves in sequence.

Though not as far as the brightness #, the dazzling brightness still flashed and drove around him.

However, Gwanghui was not as intimidating as before. It didn't have shadows and blackness surrounding it, but it got eaten away.

[Concentration of Shadow becomes dark. [Darkness eclipses the light!] As if riding on a straw, the black pursues Gwanghui and imprisons Bivasbat.

At the same time, the dome slowly flooded the stage and covered the bright sky of the stage.

[77 worms are completely covered in black.] [The virtual world is implemented.] [Time Sanctuary will be built.] [The Land of Destiny (Rockfu) has been Declared! [choking] [choking]] [Time warps.] [The Black King's disappearance flows as he looks at the newly formed land of the new identity.] [Now, from insects to 77 insects, all black have eaten up. [The Summer has been darkened!] Oversized! Khuneung, Khuneung and Kur-young swoop their Hoshitham flying lights to the side, closing the gap between them and Bivat, wielding squites. Both Dragon Heart and Wise Man's Stone consumed magical power, but it was rapidly populated by countless religious spills at a time.

So there was no problem in moving at all.

The lightning bolt has fallen. The flame flows sideways in the form of a photovoltaic shield, but Madakronos activates the transfer to quickly seal Bivastat's movements. And in between, the pitch-blade was triggered, sharply slicing through his flank.

Vivasvat looks like a shipwreck floating alone above a watchtower. A shipwreck that seems to be in danger of sinking as the storm continues to rage.

Everything he boasted about was gone.

The system's disdain, the faith it's always filled with. His sanctuary was now taken by Yeon-woo and passed all the laws to this side.


[The first Foreign Legion is about to unfold!] [Activation aborted due to reel of time!] [Power, Immortality, has lost all effect while losing status!] [Power, the 'algebra' has failed!] even the powers he boasted about.

“You have to ask your father! Why did you create this world? Why did you create the hell roller!" Solitary officer (Quehohug).

Where are the words that can point to him that well?

To him who lost everything.

Only despair and despair remained.

[77 floors full of Cha Yeon-woo's statues, player!] Fruit! Then Squite cuts through the light and sticks it in Bivat's right chest.

[Death 'forces player, Vivatt to fight!] [All kinds of curses related to footnotes are poured out.] [The' Soldier (6) 'is implemented.] [' Viper 'will be implemented.] [Asa08)' is implemented.] [Galsa (Beech) 'is implemented.] [Detectives will be implemented.] [Player, Bivat's Myth is Broken and Flowing! [Puff] Blood splits above the cracked chest. However, much more than that, an excellent amount of bowmen poured down.

It was a myth that had been building Vivasvat. Achievements that I have built up in my life as an absolute person.

Squite's days of restoration are sharp and cut not only in the body but also in the soul. Of course, even the myth, which constitutes the spirit, "Branches" were forced to go out.

News The power that Chronos gained while barely overcoming Guia's curse, "The Man of the Cow (Dalai).

This pierced Bivasbat's soul, plus all kinds of death curses, sickening, poisoning, riding on his neck, and injecting heat to make his body completely collapse.

[Thousand Horses turned their heads to the side, unable to watch the fight properly.] “I" "Jen -young hurls the squeeze quickly, pushing Vivasvat to the end.

The left arm is cut off, bouncing upward, and the right leg is cut off below the knee. You have a deep wound on your side, and your shoulder flesh is heavily dislocated.

Every time I did that, my blood was filled with myths.


It was crumbling.

“I" ":" {"[thousand horses close their eyes] Then squeeze from the right shoulder to the left flank, sliding along a long line.

Blood and typography splattered larger than ever before above the broken heart. His body collapses behind him. The eyes that lost focus were staring at the sky in a daze.

“Door!” [Thousand Horses Cover Their Ears With Both Hands .1That's how Vivasvat 'fell, and the archangel who called so far had not yet appeared.

The message related to the Heavenly Horse appeared invisible to him, too, in the retina of Yeongwoo.

I don't know why, but I'm sure Thousand Horses won't interfere.

Yeon stretched out her left hand wide. Teeth that appear to glow more greedily than ever before as they form.

“Swallow." Fruit! Teeth stick to Vivasvat's broken heart as it is.

[Power, Hades' Sword, attempts a ritual for the player, Bivat!] [A thousand horses sat down and wept.] [The King of the Black makes a big laugh at the victory of the Great War.]