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10. Olfowon (6)

I thought I heard a laugh like that somewhere.

Obviously, I didn't hear anything. I didn't hear a ringing. Just by looking at the message, Yeongwoo could feel that someone who was watching this place would have made such a laugh.

[All the gods who have watched over 77 will have no impact on the shocking outcome!] [All the demons who have watched over 77 will soon have a strong rosy effect on Bivat's soul!] Bimachildara feels strong ambition for the birth of a new absolute person.] [Kernunos still looks to your rear.] [All the gods of death salute the great achievements the king has made.] [All the demons of death adore this king. The chicken is a great myth.] numerous reactions poured in at a time.


Yeon-woo couldn't care less about that.

[All Tom's Faith rests with you!] Faith, which was only hard to handle, turned off Bivat completely and poured back and forth into the soul several times.

It was because Bivat was dying, and the Navel was larger than I had ever imagined.

[The mythical power of player, Vivasvat, and Hades' Sword of Ritual Sword are huge enough to be completely extinguished!] [Among the properties of the Wise Man's Stone (arrogance, 'appetite'), 'appetite' does not give up, but wants to toil and forcefully eat.] [The myth is vast.] [The myth is vast.] [Wise Man's Stone (arrogance - appetite) wants to suppress Bivasbat's myth of rebellion, revealing “arrogance." [Arrogance] [Grunts] [Arrogance] [Grunts] [Wise Man's Stone (arrogance - appetite - color) wishes to somehow recapture Bivasbat's myth through "lust".] The myth of Mebasbad is unyielding!] The mythology of killing all the constellations of the world, and having endured so many gods and demons alone, could never be absolute.

However, the Wise Man's Stone has somehow spurred a renegade twist on Bivasbat's myth.

Kukukuku! The stage trembles up and down.

It was another fight between milkweed and Bivat.


I caught a slight focus on Vivasvat's blurry eyes. I met Yeon Woo for a while.

For a moment, he seemed to be trying to say something. The sad, but immediately collapsing eyes are dangerous and lifelike. It is 229 different even though it is generous to pity Yeongwoo. & Opinion... Do not be supported by a ball fight 2069) Many scholars... By creating such sentences, Bivasvat circled in front of Yeongwoo's eyes. What the hell does he want to talk about?

But that look in your eyes didn't last long.

Fruit! The cracks that spread throughout the phaia-body were growing and the body crumbled to powder.

[Wise Man's Stone (his' appetite for food ') has been successfully suppressed by the myth of Vivasbat!] ["Arrogance" drains the manure. [Appetite becomes more ferocious.] [Colorful' spilling saliva.] [Diet Accelerates!] [The digestion has accelerated.] [System error.] [System error.] Cannot find a command holder while away.] [All systems are down.] [All existing operating systems have been deleted due to the loss of the command holder.] [Look for a time point.] [It has been found that the vast majority of the faith is directed toward one point.] timely operating system installed.] [You are the subject of the new operating system, the commandholder, and the incarnation.] [Congratulations!. A new all-fountain has been created!] The system will never disappear unless the tower is completely destroyed, even if its function is paralyzed or stopped.

Even when the incarnation disappeared, I had to find a replacement for it.

Yeonwoo was completely seated where the city's sea and central administration tried to replace Olfowon.

As long as he was in the tower, he had the same powerful power that Bivat had never lost.


It's really all over.

All the rolls that had been harassing him and his family all these years fell away.

Even the ones who hurt your brother.

The very thing that drove my father away.

There was no one left to suppress them.

The desiccation was still unfinished, so I felt terrible pain in my body that was changing time and time.

I also liked it.

The feeling of finally doing it, and finally finishing it.

Well Done. A word like that from Father Kronos weighed more heavily on Yeon-woo's chest.

Olfowon, that guy's last words are kind of embarrassing. But now I feel comfortable going back with Jungwoo, my daughter-in-law, and Cesha_: ~ __! However.

Kronos' words seem to have been cut off in the middle.

Charoch! Yeon-woo feels something strange is going on.

It was because I felt compelled to connect to his body, or his soul, as something invisible flew by.



My body became heavier.

The soul is firmly sealed.

It wasn't like my body was actually getting heavier or anything, but I felt like something invisible was being forced off my shoulders.

But on the contrary, the realm of perception, including vision, has expanded to an infinite extent that his worldview is hundreds of thousands of times…… no, it's hard to fathom.

Something was going wrong.

As the system became fully subordinated, not only did all the information in the tower spill out on him, but it allowed him to sense what was coming up to a huge 'something' beyond.

"Son, this is... Chronos' voice trembled.

“Yes. I don't think it's all over yet.” Yeon-woo nods gracefully as if she was guessing.

While catching Allfowon was the goal of this raid, I had a hunch that everything would not end so easily here.

Thousand Horse's son is dead and ready for the Dark Lord to rise.

It would be weird if something like that didn't happen.

The sea of poetry and the plan that Harmonia had planned ended like this.

Above all.

"The Black King. Ambitious' The first scenario_The quest was successfully completed I hadn't thought of yet.


Tighten, tighten! [A new matching quest has been created following the scenario quest (The Black King's Nightmare 1)!] [Scenario Quest/The Dark Lord's Ambitions] Explanation: The Black King, who was wounded greatly by the Emperor and fell into the deepest depths of the void by the traitor 'Day', is very pleased to draw the blood of the Heavenly Spirit on behalf of the two heirs Gaza.

But the greed of the Black King never ceases. It's because I saw him face to face, devastated by defeating the blood of the Gentiles, but that wasn't enough. That greed must end with plundering and looting everything that the Heavenly Horse possesses.

So from now on, grab more, grab more. And provide the Great Black King who is about to awaken from his slumber with plenty of entertainment.

Requirement: 1 Tower is built by Heavenly Horse. Embrace more insect systems to build a temple (horn\) in honor of the Black King.

2. Capture all that is left of the blood of the thousand horses, and seal the Black King's terror once again with the presence of the 98th floor.

3. Awaken more Dark Power.

Caution: This is a party quest. Please note that your reward will vary based on your Contribution Points.

Restricted Conditions: Black King's Self-Substantiation, Black King's Succession Time Restriction: - Reward: 1??? 2.??? Note: The successor to the Black King, 'Harmonia' is already fulfilling the quest vigorously.

[An equation to wake up the Black King (\\ peck) is happening.] [Burn to Wake the Black King () is happening.] [Contribution Points Difference with Harmonia!] [The dark temperament that eroded the Summer is enhanced even more!] [Dark is activated. [The erosion to the heavens begins.] [You have successfully eroded all 78 floors.] "As expected." Yeon-woo gripped her teeth as she watched the newly updated quest.

“Good job getting everyone out of the tower.

Ever since the beginning of Allfoone Raid and the attempt to take control of the tower by the Dark Lord 77, I've had a feelin 'and I've been kicking everybody out straight away.

I never thought the Black King would move so quickly.

No, to be precise, Harmonia was busy.

It was not only the fact that the black was activated, but also the fact that infiltration into 78 insects began.

Yeongwoo said, 'I thought I would know the number of Harmonia's prey.

“The tower is the weight that weighs down the Black King. This is why I can't wake up... Do you intend to turn this into the property of the Black King if you cannot destroy it or pluck it out? If Harmonia pulls more black light up through the 'external' public offering, and Yeon takes control of the system inside, gradually imprinting the black and going up.

So what if all the gods and demons in 98 are swallowed up? [The majority of the gods in 98 are terrified of the blackness that begins to devour!] [A small number of gods in 98 want to take action to watch out for the blackness!] [Every demon on the 98th floor has a strong hostility towards the blackness!] [Metatron, chief of the 'Malach', expressed strong concern about the rise of the 'Night (Nyx)'.] [Le Infernal 'account, Baal expressed great concern about the new conflicts between "Day (Eros)" and "Night (Nyx)".] It could have been a great disaster to call the beings of other systems related to' night 'and to turn off the creation of the universe that was about to be completed.

This could mean the end of the Apocalypse.

[The Black King is very satisfied with your existence, which is self-immolating among the two successors.] [It shows a lot of interest and redness in your performance that you saw in another 'dream'.] [I look forward to seeing you perform more in this' dream '] [I baptize more.] giving a lot of favors.] [The limit of acceptable blacks has increased dramatically!] At that moment.

Yeon-woo seemed to be an intangible substance that was connected to him, rather than forced to bind him.

Charlotte, Charlotte - it looks a lot like the chain wrapped around his arm, out of nowhere. Arms, legs, and all the way up to the neck, connected to the air like a tangled spider web.

[The Black King expects his self-immolation to be completed by the end.] looking at a message like that.

I lifted my head with a slightly stiff face.

[Player, Cha Yeon-woo looks up at his favourite body (8).] [King Chilhock is interested in what his alter ego is trying to say.] [Another heir, King Harmonia, is astonished at the sight of the Dark Lord.] [Player Cha Yeon-woo sent a message to Main Body. Candles.]