Second Life Ranker

11. Olfowon (7)

[Another heir, Harmonia, is in great shock!] [Another successor, Harmonia, is in a panic.] [Another successor, Harmonia, is in a state of anxiety.] [The focus for the soybean ritual is shattered!] [The Lamb for the Bundle Ceremony is Shaking!] bound together as the “heir to the Black King."

Harmonia realizes what the moat said and seems to be in shock. A ritual to open the Black King ( () It was so confusing that even Yeon-woo could feel it.

Not really.

Who in the world would dare to say such things to the Black King? Although many people did not know about the existence of the Black King, those who knew his name would never think of it.

The influence that the Black King had on all beings was enormous.

[All the gods on the 98th floor pop the flagship as they look at you, Cha Yeon-woo!] and those arrogant gods.

[In case all the demons on the 98th floor get all the attention from the player, Cha Yeon-woo!] Demons who are individualists.

[All the gods of death are silent.] [All the demons of death are quiet.] Even those who believe that Yeon-woo is a 'monarch'.

The response was not significantly different.

They all reacted violently together.

Bimazildara sends you his compliments!] [Chernunos' distinguishing between bravery and dragon is a must-have posture as a 'king' and I dress it up greatly!] Only Bimagildara and Chernunos who are not affiliated have different reactions.


Yeon-woo was still expressing herself, even though she sent such a message.

The gaze that poured from all over the space was still harmless, even with the great presence that made me strangle my head by simply staring.

But the funny thing is.

[The Black King looks at himself with calm eyes.] It was the Black King's response.

[The Black King is missing. [The Black King grips his tongue.]] [The Black King thinks this dream is very interesting.] The Black King was enjoying the situation. No, it's been said that this is fun.

When the gods are insulted by humans, they are angry as if their dignity had fallen to the ground.

If you are much superior to him, you can enjoy having fun with those things.

From his point of view, he's nothing but a swarm of bugs with no difference between God and man. Rather, it might be a joke to divide the sequence and discriminate between them.

Moreover, for the Black King, 'heir' and 'self-immolation' were always just pets who were good at listening to words, so they could see this reaction as cute.

... Son, I always feel, but you are my son. Chronos smiled and swallowed dry saliva.

You're just leaving. "I don't think it was like this when I was on Earth. I couldn't get over the thought of entering the tower and becoming more and more sharp over time.

But Kronos understood his youngest son. It must have been an endless struggle. If I saw a bit of a pile, I'd get eaten up pretty quick.

Moreover, at a time when the great king of the black was gradually waking up from his' dream 'and trying to restrain Yeouido. I had to be more alert.

When he reacquainted with the black chain that was restraining his body, he reaffirmed that he was not in a form that he could do and stared straight across the air.

It was not easy to send a prophecy (murmur) to an unknown being, even though it was successful once, and it was not so difficult after that.

It's just...

Just by casting a vow into the air, all the doctors he wanted to convey were sent to the Black King.

[Player Cha Yeon-woo sent a message to Main Body.] [Message: I have served faithfully as you have so far. You painted all the streams of this tower with your colors, and you got rid of the blood of the Heavenly Horse safely.] I can't believe you just said anything in the void.

How big is the Black King?

[Player Cha Yeon-woo sent a message to Main Body.] [Message: Allfowan's status will soon be fully bound to me, and now no one can stop me from climbing to the top.] [Player Cha Yeon-woo sent a message to Main Body.] Message: Even if Harmonia does something different in the middle, it's not going to be more important than me to wake you up from a dream.] Yeon-woo knew her values better than anyone else.

Who controls giants and dragons and is also the king of Olympus. It symbolizes death and struggle, and now he manipulates the "Gule" related to time and reigns as the tower's strongest.

The Dark Lord intends to designate the tower as his sanctuary to absorb all and wake up completely from the dream.

For him, compassion was essential.

[Player Cha Yeon-woo sent a message to Main Body.] [Message: So I think I'm qualified to make a deal.] The beeswallowed a dry saliva.

From now on, what he asked for was important.

That's why he's been climbing this tower over and over again.

There is still no message from the Dark Lord.

[Player Cha Yeon-woo sent a message to Main Body.] [Message: Return the spirit of friendship you have held to serve me. If that's the case, Uraman's gonna be a dog.] When I could, the message of the Black King, which I knew would show any reaction to saying no, hadn't come to mind for a long time.

M-son. Chronos had to look at his youngest son with great sadness.

How should I punish this little girl who had to live her life so hard without receiving their intentions, even with so many brothers?

This is something even a father can't do.

Kronos missed Leah even more when she wasn't here.

But even as my father looked at it, Yeon-woo was still waiting for the Black King's answer, unwavering.

[The desiccation is going very slowly. 39, 40… 429% …] [The red room 'status of the soul has increased greatly. Current status: zero guava bots).] Still experiencing slow desquamation.

The heavy long silence was broken.

[The Black King looks at himself interestingly as he carries a 'trade'.] [The Black King was troubled for a moment.] [The Black King himself never listens to this kind of request and tells himself, [Ask the Black King to show his true self.] 268 clenches his fist.

In fact, he also knew that it was unfair to the Black King to carry out a deal.

It's just a big bluff. He was nothing more than a doll that would be put away if the Black King decided to. Since then, there have been a great number of followers of the Black King, and all he had to do was choose the one he liked.

It's only up to him to return his soul and not give it back.

If you refuse..., "No. Let's not think `Yeon-woo gripped her teeth.

He said, 'There was nowhere to go from here. It wasn't time for another counterattack.

That's why.


Yeongwoo's knees were open without any stupidity.

Then I tightened my head.

“Please.” [All the gods on the 98th floor look at you, breathing heavily.] [All the demons on the 98th floor sigh deeply.] Pledge of allegiance and oysters.

If you give her back, I'll do anything to bring her back.

The iron-mill felt the chain that bound itself growing stronger.

It was originally the incarceration of the system.

Now it's becoming a connection to the Dark Lord.

[The Black King glares at his self-immolation.] [Except for the other origins of the Black King.]] At that moment, Yeon shook her head upward.

Eyes wet with disbelief.

Chronos was shocked, too.

A successive message came to mind from the Dark Lord.

[The Black King knows that no one has been as loyal as he has always been in his dreams.] [I also know that the Black King has never had a funnier 'dream' than his own self.] [Iron Black King thinks it is reasonable to listen to the origin of his self-immolation, and to give the left side of the throne to be revealed when he wakes up from his dream.] [The Black King says, but I can't grant you that wish.] “Why!” Yeon-woo cried out with a crooked face. Maybe it's the anger.

The entire summer trembled, including 77 worms. Making an egg, all of it.

[The Black King says that the soul is his most precious treasure. - What, a safe house? What the hell does that mean? [The Black King says he can no longer teach you.] [The Black King says to himself, "Welcome to another Origin."] Ba 'deuk! Yeon wakes up from her seat, sharpening her teeth.

What the hell.

What use is his soul to the Dark Lord? It was impossible to summon the lion, and it was clear that his soul, which he could not find even in front of the door of the Black King, had some important role.

However, I tried to buy his pleasure by fulfilling what the Dark Lord ordered me to do, faithfully fulfilling what I wanted. As I got closer, I did my best to receive his soul.


The Black King refused.

“If you won't give it to me.” Yeon-woo had no choice but to fight him.

“I have no choice but to fight you.” You tightly grasp the arrow-squeeze.

The pitch darkens deeply.

Even though the origin (minutes) of this darkness was in the Black King, it came from Yeon-woo immediately, so his temperament was forced to flow as he wished.

[The Black King is delighted to see his true self.] [I would like to retrieve the Black Jade that King Black gave to his identity.] At that moment, Squite trembles violently.

He was determined to take the nucleus that became the center of the finished squite and gradually regain his power.


[The fundamental nature of 'Dark Jade' has changed by an unknown power!] [The ownership of the 'Dark Jade' registered in the system is entirely attributed to Player Cha Yeon-woo!] At that time, the black sword triggered and I remembered the message that the ownership of the black jade registered in the system had been completely changed to Yeouido.

[The newly installed operating system is working!] [The comparison function that was infected has been normalized.] [The weakened operation has been normalized.] [The suspended judging function has been normalized.] [Due to normalization of central information processing unit, new elements have been introduced for information collection and interpretation.] [Network is activated between the server and the client and the system is fully restarted.] [The status of Allfoone is revealed!] Yeonwoo wanted to exclude all the interference of the Black King who was gradually imprisoning herself from the tower by reopening the system, using the identity of the Allfowan who had been confiscated from Bivasbat.

[Dark activity attempting to desiccate on the 79th floor has been aborted!] [The black king's self-immolation has a small elasticity to his talent.] [The Black King looks at himself with greedy eyes even more.] [I think King Chilhock would like to enjoy this dream more.] When Yeon Woo and the Black King were making a ruckus.



Thousand Horses walked through the open air library without a word and stopped at some point.

It was full of books, like all the other places, but there was a compartment that opened the eyes of the poison.

- Chon Jae-won (Bivasbat) took out the book at the front of the compartment and began to read slowly.

You hear only the sound of turning the bookshelf inside the library with deep silence.

Duggan 978 was a quote.