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Will there be ashes (@) Cool Hwon (4/Luzon Yung Gzon 4297 9Run08 What is the parent? Ordinary people would give several answers about it.

The coolest person, the one with wide back, the one with no words, the one who has a lot of shame but no stain...... However, Son Jae Won said about his father.


There was no other reason.

It was just that every time I saw my father, I thought it was always cool.

He was Superman with a wide back, pretending to be anything.

... Well, it was a weakening position in front of my mother.


That was so cool.

Is that why? Since childhood, Son Jaewon has been following behind his father, unlike normal children who follow behind his mother in Polapole.

“Phew! Yes. This house is full of men, and this mother is a real pain in the ass.” Ever since I was old enough to understand my mother and father's words, my mother's pinzan (?), but I had to get a Pinzan.

"Uh, uh, Mom. That's not it." Okay? ”“ That's not true. And he said, "Actually, it was more like a little jealousy of his son's naive response to Burr Yal Goodgeht's mother.


Son Jaewon grew up as an only child, full of the love of his parents.

Not to be special, it was an easy and common assumption in Korea, no, anywhere in the world. It was around the age of six that he realized that he was different from ordinary people.

Until then, he thought he was no different from his peers.

Though he was weak.

Still, I liked to play with my peers in the playground, and I preferred to run outside rather than study in a small room. I used to play late at a friend's house and get dinner, or before that, my mother caught me and came back.


Suddenly, Son Jae-won got tired of it.

No, the expression was childish.

Like a child becoming an adult in a day.

All of a sudden, everything just felt so pointless.

At the playground, I no longer climbed the jungle gym or played pinwheel, and I stopped playing outside and stuck in my room and looked at the book thoroughly.

He had just finished all the Korean language, but what he saw ranged from encyclopedias to parents' specialty books. While my friends were playing, they said they were busy coming home and threw them out.

Everything became chaotic, and I lost interest.

Of course, his parents had to look at him with worrying eyes.

He didn't care about that at all.

It's like I fell alone in this world. Suddenly, the laughter disappeared from my face and became as sturdy as a doll.

“The intelligence index is fairly high. Wesler's assessment puts him at the top 0.1 percent... whereas his emotional index is very low. Since I was a child, my senses seem to be piled up as my mental age rapidly develops.” Eventually, my parents came to the hospital with their child resources in their hearts.

“I can't find any other ideals, but it's hard to say you should keep going. I think you should develop a lot of fun to play with your child so that you and your mother can stimulate sensitivity. * But fortunately, when your child is with their parents, they always smile. The doctor added that.

Since then.

My parents tried to make a lot of time with their children.

While both of them were busy, they tried to break their time and get their children to smile again. Normally, parents would try to make their children study more when they heard that they were "gifted," but they didn't care about that at all.


Because of such efforts, Hand Jaewon was able to grow up to be a 'normal' child.

By the time I was a high school student.

Son Jae-won said, "I was a child who was no different from any other child of my age.

The only difference was that even though my parents and I were at a high age during puberty, there was no such thing as a harmonious family environment.

I like books, but I have a lot of laughs.

Although he could no longer say that he was good at studying, he was as honest as he was at expressing his emotions as he was when he made many friends and was a gifted child.

Therefore, the day was not much different than usual.

Everyday life, I eat a delicious breakfast prepared by my mother who got up early in the morning, and I borrow my dad's car from work to go to school.

I arrived much earlier than other classmates, but I didn't really care because it was always there.

He liked to read quietly in the morning class with no one.

It was originally a place for many children to roam around, but when they were alone, they were able to experience the strange pleasures of occupying the space by themselves.

“': 4: This?" But that day there was a classmate who arrived before that.

He's short and small.

A kid who was small and always had a shadow on his face and didn't get along well with his friends. Even though he was close to the outside in half, he was a much worse friend. It sounds like a bad family environment.

However, in the beginning, he had always hated caring about others from a young age, and he was also not very interested in his friend.

Regardless of the environment, what does he have to do with himself? I'm just sad that I can't enjoy a precious time like my own today.

“Hello?? Then, my friend and I met eye to eye. It seemed to be a reflexive turn in the early hours of popularity, rather than just being lost in the classroom where no one was... … When I met my hands, my face was shadier than usual, and I was furious, so I hurriedly returned to another place.

Thanks to this, Hand Jae-won had to go behind my back instead of saying hello.

“Wow. Even if you avoid it so blatantly, even for me, you're hurting yourself. The prodigal son grumbles while sitting in his seat in the far back corner. The friend who was there first only saw his back because he was in front of him.

"But isn't that... pretty? Some of them were sneaking around. Well, not as much as my mom." Son Jae-won put earphones on his ears while thinking things. Pretending to be wounded is just a light scarlet on its own. He who opened the book had long forgotten the idea of a friend who had come first.

Maybe that's why.

Son Jae-won didn't realize that his friend turned his head and looked at him secretly.

Min Chae-young.

I thought that was the name.

I didn't really want to know or anything.

Since then, every time I went to school, I had to meet him, so I couldn't help but remember him by myself.

If you can't remember the name tag on your chest like that, it's not stupid, it's just a lack of intelligence.

Son Jae-won had only middle-class grades in all of the schools, but he boasted of being judged as a young child.

I didn't have any friends to brag about it.


Sun Jae-won said, "Every morning I meet Min Jae-young, I'll be fine." Hello? 'I used to say or say goodbye.

At that time, Min Chae Young was always surprised and did not accept greetings such as turning his head or looking down.

"If you don't accept it, you just have to accept it. `As a Hand Resource_I felt like I was coming from someday. I continued to greet him with one determination to accept the greeting.

Min Chae Young also listened at first, but after one month, about two months or three months, he was able to reach the point where he could no longer just ignore it or accept it with his eyes.

But I still get to tell her, "Hello? I didn't even get a" hello. "

Even so, since it was an improvement of the elders, I thought she would be able to say hello someday.

Moreover, I thought that the first 'Ting Bin morning classroom` was stolen, but I could get used to it just by being gradually recognized as' the empty classroom '.

7: 00 a.m. No one goes to school.

Han Gi-man's sensitivity was the only one in the school filled with warmth between the two students.


Min Chae-young has now raised his head higher than the first time and glanced at the hand source focusing on reading.

I don't see you today. Wherever he went, Jaewon smiled as soon as he opened the classroom door. There was no Min Jae-young who knew it would be there. I was wondering if I went to the bathroom, but there was no sign of any warmth.

Min Chae Young first stole the classroom this morning (?) I tried to go to school before her somehow, but every time I failed, I had to smile.

"Well, you must have overslept today." In fact, it was very strange for Jae-young or a student to go to school before 7 in the morning.

So I could do that for a day or so. Hand Jaewon actually slept late, so he was always late a few times a month.

Son Jae-won thought that today was the day for Min Jae-young. On the other hand, I thought it was good. You'll be able to relax and enjoy yourself for a while.


“Still…: I was a little bored to be alone, but instead of opening the book, he glanced back and forth between the location of the private sector and the entrance of the classroom. I couldn't concentrate on reading at all.

In his morning life, Min Chae Young suddenly melted.

However, Min Chae Young did not go to school at all that day. He was unexcused.


It continued to be that day.

I didn't see him every morning, and I didn't even go to school.

So, I had to worry about myself as a hand source.

Even if the kids don't go to school, even if the bullies report school violence to the police. No matter how big the incident at the school was, he was not very interested, but somehow, it was just too difficult to get attention.

So I asked her where she was going, whether she was going with Min Chae Young or with friends sitting around her.

“Cha-young? I don't know.” Well, I guess I have some work to do at home. ”Every time I came back, all the answers were, 'I don't know.'

Everyone didn't know Min Jae-young's contact information or address, and there were even kids who didn't know her name.

A child with a pretty face, but too dark to get close to. That was all she had in her class.

And about a month later.

“Today, Cha Young transferred to a completely different school. That's all the teacher said.

He was not a very popular teacher because he did not have much affection for the students in the beginning, but this time he was also a handmaiden.


“I don't know. It's just personal.” The teacher replied very briefly. He seemed to know something else, but he never seemed to tell me.

There, Son Jae-won felt like he was fighting.

It can't be expressed in words, but it was intuitively a chill riding on my back.

But that's it.

"Well... I just had an idea. No wonder something happened." Son Jae-won forcibly removed the overwhelming anxiety. It was too strange for him to suddenly become interested in other people.

Every morning_face-to-face, but the conversation so far has not exceeded ten words. I couldn't even say I was close.

Simple class mate. That was it. No, I thought that was it. There was nothing to dig up. She won't be able to go back to school between transfers, and even if she does, it's all she's gonna be face-to-face in the morning.

So, Chon Jae Won just put all his thoughts on Min Chae Young in his head.

Until I heard a strange rumor.