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13Th. Olfowon (9)

Obviously, the runes have been killed (# 87078 [2272 killed 999 degrees by 4 97 @) “Is that right?” “That's right. I heard your mom saw it too...... It was a cop there, and there was a lot of noise in the ambulance.” Son Jaewon doesn't always listen to anyone but his parents. Even if I heard it, I only heard it with one ear and spilled it with the other.

So even if their classmates came together to talk about something, I often heard it.

No matter how I listened, I could only look at the light scarlet like 'there's a star,' and forget.

But strangely.

At that time, the conversation of the classmates sounded too clear.

“That's too bad. Even if it is, it's suicide...” “We got the wrong parents.” Suicide.

The moment I heard that.

Sun Jaewon had to taste a strange phenomenon that sounded like he couldn't hear any noisy surroundings.

Only, I kept hearing the words of two girls who were far away.

Like a whisper next to a whisper.

Very, very nice.

“Actually, I'm saying now, but to be honest, the dog... did. No horses. You can't talk to anyone. You've been blushing, haven't you? Who would like that in the shade? And at the end of the day, the neighborhood gets noisy. My mom also said the house price is low... ……" Even the conversation that sounded so well could not be heard at some point.

Just the light laughter in the words and the_tone only kept on illuminating.

I have a funny way of saying I'm going to die.

Nuance seems to think so.

There's a joke everywhere.



Bottom line.

I just irritated them all.

Kwang! Chon Jae-won woke up from his desk heavily, and at that moment, the gaze of all the classmates turned towards him, and he wouldn't react like this, but they all reacted in a panic.

Moreover, Chon Jae-won, who was as quiet as Min Chae-young, suddenly has a crazy reaction, so I have to look at him with strange eyes.

However, Chon Jae-won ignored the various gazes that were looking at him and just abandoned him after leaving the classroom.

Other students looked at him eagerly, but soon returned to their conversations like when.


There were no topics related to Min Chae Young.

Son Jaewon didn't even know why he suddenly reacted.

I just felt something stiff and pushed up from my heart even when I wasn't aware of it, and when I woke up, I realized later that I was hitting my desk and got up and left the classroom.

It was a 'feeling' that was always low as a hand source that wanted to think and judge rationally.


Son Jaewon didn't try to force that feeling.

Now I just let myself swing there.

When I look at it calmly, I feel like I have to move this impulsively now, even though I feel strangely strange about myself.

It was on the first floor of the office where Hand Jaewon stepped.

“Cha-young's home address? Why do you want to know that?" The homeroom teacher looked up and down with a face to look at all the strange ones.

It was never about the obligation or mission of a teacher to protect her students who had made the extreme choice to commit suicide for reasons they did not know, from those who simply wanted to approach her with curiosity.

It was just a bother.

If there is something that you do not understand, you may want to be wary that Hand Jaewon will create a commotion with it.

Failure to take proper precautions with regard to smart or unfavorable home environments of students could have been a way of baking a bush in judges listening to Zilta everywhere.

“Go back, I can't teach you.” Therefore, the class tried to expel the hand source by excusing the student's personal information as a secret that should not be leaked.

No, I also had an outright look in my eyes for doubting him. Maybe you had something to do with this.

Because of this, Hand Jae-won was squeezed up even more.

I originally knew that the lecture was a very poor quality human being, but I didn't expect it to be this bad.

But when I get angry or flocked here, I almost feel like I'm the only one being fooled.

Chon Jae-won knew he had to be colder the more times like this, and he knew very well how to solve these things easily.

“Teacher, did you receive your hometown on Athletic Day from your foster mother?” Grave tone.

However, the other teachers in the office were large enough to hear.

Of course, the room was forced to frown with a reflection on its face.

“What are you talking about?" ₩ 3,100 million. I can even remember the conversation. Problem with the test... Cha-young asked you to give me your home address, right? Wait a minute. The list must be somewhere here... "” Looking at the cowardly chatter, Hand Jaewon gives a bloody smile.

It was a problem for idiots who knew if they were going to eat poop or not everywhere.

“There you are.” Son Jae-won makes his way straight to the address that his classroom taught him.

There was a difference between the address listed on the student list and the actual address, whether it was a cover transfer or not. After a long bus ride up the hill at the stop, it was the main apartment. I think it's been at least a few decades.

I only saw this place as a hand source at 17/, but I was quite surprised inside because I had never seen this place before, but it didn't show much.

No, I didn't want to.

Except for the yellow polish line in one corner and the white line on the bottom of the asphalt.

Son Jae-won had to stand in front of him for a long time.

Since about an hour ago.

Son Jae-won swirled around the Prince's Complex. And as I looked at the place where the local women were gathering, I listened to their conversation little by little.

I was careful not to reveal any suspicious colors as it seemed to be investigating.

Luckily, there was a suicide last night, and the neighborhood was pretty hectic.

In the process, it was not too difficult to notice some fragmented facts.

And then.

Son Jae-won entered the nearby playground and sat down on the swing.

Complex thoughts swirled around in my head.

- A man named Abi came in drunk on a far-fetched day... -

- I heard you weren't even a father. - My mom got Doug married and ran off with my daughter because he was too drunk.

- She had a pretty face, but she'd rather hang on and run. He said he might have done something.

- Only the dead ones. Chase them! There were many other words.

Most of the words were about Min Chae-young.

Poor thing.

Or beat-up.

That's why he couldn't think of anything.

It was because many scenes kept crossing my eyes the whole time I was sitting down.

I've been coming to school for a long time before seven o'clock. He couldn't even look himself in the eye. When I greeted him, I quickly turned my head to the side, and when I crossed the hamburger to eat with him when I was hungry, I also remembered how I ate metallurgical.

While I was reading the book, I also knew that I was sneaking around, but I had no choice but to think about it.

Furthermore, what drove Hand Resources crazy was that each and every one of them came to mind clearly.

What didn't come to mind before is why it's so clear now, just like yesterday.

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I had a memory so great that I could never compare it to ordinary people, but I've never been more cursed by that talent.


... If only I had found Cha-young back then. "When Min Chae-young didn't go to school. It was that she could have saved her life if she had followed her gut instincts instead of ignoring her strange instincts.

If the story of the people in the neighborhood's cubicle is true, then it was the most difficult time for the people.

At that time, Min Chae Young was desperate for someone to help him.


For her there was nowhere to run, the school might have been the only place to be relieved.

But when you don't have a sanctuary like that, you can't express your dark feelings in words.

When “Ha” Hand Jaewon raised his head again. The sun was setting and the son-in-law was getting dimmer.

Maybe that's why it was so cold.

However, the heart of Hand Jae-won was also freezing cold.

'They're all crazy.

At the end of many complex ideas, the conclusion was that

This world is crazy.

Seventeen. A young woman of only left age killed herself in the struggle against domestic violence.

However, this world has been mocked or ridiculed rather than angry or sympathized with it.

When she needed help, if only the locals had looked into the house.

If only the homeroom teacher had been paying a little attention when she kept absent.

I wish my classmates had cared a little.

Hand Jaewon, if only you had valued your life with her as you thought it was normal.


Everyone was a suspect.

It was so ugly and disgusting, it seemed like it would be backwards.

But we couldn't hold them all accountable.

The locals were just as indifferent as ever.

The homeroom teacher just didn't want to avoid annoying work.

My friends didn't think of Min Chae Young as a friend.

Jaewon, he just thought everyday was too natural.

It was funny to hold someone accountable.


Nevertheless, there were some things that were never forgiven.

“There's a lot of wind.” mumbling so little.

When he went to school, he said that it was Mother's Day and pulled up Polati's clothing collar which he forced him to wear.

From the mouth to under the eyes, the face was deeply covered.

Dark dawn.

All the lights that were going out were just flashing down the street, and a middle-aged woman stumbled across the street drunk, “Oh, man. I'm the reason she's dead! Why are you picking on me when he's doing his own fucking show? You're not my last daughter, you don't have a mother, and if I raised you well, you wouldn't be a prize in this country!” How many times have you been in and out of the police station in the last few days?

I had to be detained for almost a day now.

Although there were no charges or evidence found in the investigation, he was released safely, but he was only framed because of the girl who had lost her grace.

So I was feeling a little relaxed and drunk for a while. The police say you're an alcoholic and need medical attention, but the fools just don't know what to think.

The whole world is crazy. There is no one who recognizes me. While I was walking with such frustrated thoughts, something came over my face.

Ugh... Huh? What the fuck, man? Why are you standing in my way? You're ignoring me too...! "” “Min, Chae Young's father, Go Hyun. Right?” The middle-aged man looks at the man standing behind the streetlight, and takes a breath of wind without his knowledge.

Even though I can't see my face because I'm stumped.

It was because the fierce eyes suddenly felt flashy looking this way.

When my dead child was young, it reminded me of the tiger I saw from afar when I went to the zoo because I couldn't beat my mother's temperament.

“You, Bill du." ": {” "That's right. He says,” With a fucking voice.

At that moment, the middle-aged consciousness shifts downward without a single blow.

And I never woke up again.

[The Black King likes this "dream."]