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14. Allfowon (10)

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Chanlanhogad Bankai/Jungmugad Gapmoit was Wazobu 47 got a Buzenga Buzendada Citation "Why is it so dark? Is the funding in yet?" Seo Eun-young opened the door and laughed as she walked into the living room.

At this time, it was because one of my sons or husbands came home first and left all the lights on. Apparently, I told him I'd be late for my reunion today.

Seo Eun-young said, "I think I should call you two later. I turned on the lights across the living room.

“Surprise! Were you here, Jaewon? Seo Eun-young was able to find her son quietly leafed on the table.

By the way.

Something was wrong with my son's mood.

“Is something wrong?” So I carefully approached him, but he didn't answer.

“What happened at school?” But.

He still didn't say anything.

Son Jae-won did not go to school for three days after that day.

Just stuck in a room. I lay in bed with the curtains down and all the lights off. There were also concerns and concerns about Mother asking me to eat something, but it only made me feel bad because Hand Jae-won was sick.

After all, I was wandering around worrying about my son's visit without my father, mother, or anything.

Hand Jae-won was trembling.

It was not because I was afraid.


“It'll only take a moment. I... felt alive. `This time, it was only impulsive because Min Chae Young had been through something sad.

In the beginning, he was not that interested in other people.

No, I was completely indifferent.

And that cynical gaze was the same for him.

A person who is insensitive to being alive.

Being who lives because it just started.

Empathy, of course, was a body I could hardly find... ~.

But I'm pretty sure he had a different feeling last night.

There was very little guilt that he had learned.

The only thing that remains in that position is the joy that comes after defeating the stigmatized opponent, "Sinner."

No, it was a feeling of joy or accomplishment.

Since childhood.

Hand Jaewon always looked down on everything in the world.

It wasn't that I didn't understand, and sometimes I read a lot of people's thoughts and emotions.

At first, everyone thought it was just like that, but soon they knew it wasn't, and they had to be frustrated by the fact that they were the only ones with these "visions."

And at some point, that frustration turned into boredom and boredom about everything around him.

"You're a 'genius' and everything around you is just the same.

Everything started shining down on him.

The families were the ones who were able to correct the hand resources that could have gone wrong, even though they were at risk of becoming arrogant and self-righteous.

Thanks to a wise mother and a wise father, we were able to maintain at least the fundamental qualities that we should have as people.

However, the view of the world's history still hasn't changed as much, so whatever I did after that was a blunt reaction.

I was willing to touch anything.

So in the beginning, he didn't have to make an effort.

I had to wither by myself.

That's why, from time to time, Son Jae-won had the idea that 'let's go halfway.'

If anything looked too good, a lot of people would notice this way by themselves.

For the first time, pretending to be a smartass may be nice and silly, but I was getting tired of it when it was repeated. Because the gaze of those who met his expectations was bothersome, he had been instinctively learning how to get out of people's sight.

I've always kept my grades in the middle.

Even if I didn't have any friends, I could go to school without any noise.

It was all because of an effort not to be seen that way.


It was different this time.

'The accomplishment that I had forgotten has flowed through my fingertips.

Maybe we can do something about it.

The world may leave huge traces of "me," but they may not be exposed at all.

I heard that very strongly.

But that idea, on the other hand -- ever. There were many conflicts in them because they conflict with the teachings they had learned from their parents.


Turn on the lights in the room again, when you get out of bed.

Son Jae-won's eyes changed a lot without knowing where they were.

[Hanger < Mysterious Lawyer Found Again! > < Police, is it okay to stay like this? > < The deceased appears to have a prior history of murder. > < The discovery of the following attorneys. > < Is it a new kind of comedy by the killer, or is it a hero's play for justice? > [Footwear [The Black King has expressed great satisfaction with this' dream '.] Thousand Ma's son. I frowned slightly when I saw the message that came out of the' Electricity 82 '.

You son of a bitch. This again. "This time," a little sleep deprivation? For the Dark Lord, this universe is all a dream.

However, if we reverse this part, it means that all beings living in the universe are the "elements" that make up the dream of the Black King.

It also meant that if the Black King wanted, he could see the itinerary related to Bivas-Batt-Son Jaewon as a dream.

The Black King ridiculed the Heavenly Horse.

To him who mourns the death of his own son, who is unable to impose any sanctions. He digs out his heart to be guilty.

The Emperor knew that this was the intention of the Black King to shake himself, but it was too difficult to remove the fury that was rising from one side of his heart.

But I wanted to force it.

If you don't, all the plates that you've been designing will fall apart.

[The Black King says he's a disgraced father who abandoned his son to his enemies.] Baduk! Thousand horses have changed their teeth.

'Man (Kills), Man (s), Man (s) …… 2He has long been completely free from the Black King's dream by becoming' Hwang 'over and over again in transcendence.

The usual personalities and demons were almost halfway there.

Because the beings of the "night" know it well, they want to break the 'dream' somehow and put the whole universe back into chaos.

On the other hand, the existence of the "day" has been a watchman who keeps the Black King asleep and stops the "night."

[The Black King gives himself grief to a growling enemy.] [The Black King's "every time" event is now frightening.] “You need to get beat up a little more, right? [The Black King laughs and says," I feel like I'm a little tired now. "]“ Fuck you. The bastard who was beaten up by Giddags after being stupid. ”[The Black King recalls that things were tough back then.] [To the one who was his only enemy and rival, say:] [I feel the restraints loosening gradually.] [Horse (0 teeth) forcibly putting itself to sleep is gradually opening.] [Emptiness buried in itself is increasingly being assimilated into 'dreams'.] [He also said that your son, who has been in prison for the first time, is dead, and that he has the key to unlock the second lock, so it won't be long now.] I didn't say a word this time.

Unlike the 'last' round, King Chilhok knew that this message was a taunt from real relaxation, not a simple scam or threat.

Although the common beings who were read in the laws of time and space were not even aware of it, this was not the first time that the Black King attempted to wake up from his "dream."

Of course, every time. Daylight says, "This guy has been stopped time and time again, and space creation has continued.

She was realizing for herself that she was pushing her limits.

Every time I imposed sanctions on 'Dreams', my spiritual power continued to be consumed extremely and my time in the open air library was lengthening.

The beings of the "day" lost their power and their rage, and were almost as immersed in the law.

Metatron and Baal are still doing their job, but no one knows how much longer they can do it.

That's why I threw down the staff and built the tower.

He tightened the restraint of the Black King which was loosening, while he added extra weight while keeping Adasin and the demons in it.

There were also a lot of collateral effects from it.

When the thousand horses became 'sulfur' at the age of five, it was to force the human beings away from God's dominion and create a universe for them, so they fulfilled their purpose.

By making the heroes born in each universe, dimensions, and planets' invitations, we were able to eliminate the candidates who might have been born more, and the tower, as Yeongwoo had originally suspected, was like a prison.


In the tower's function, there was a point that Yeon-woo had not thought of.

“Black King, train the talent to conquer those damn seeds. `" Day' is now almost at the end of its lifespan, and soon it will completely collapse.

It was the intention of creating a creature that could rise up on its behalf and put the Black King to sleep again.

It was shortly after that that Bivatt-Son Jaewon became aware of his father's mission and wanted to take his place.

Although, after a small conflict between the rich and the rich, Thousand Horses turned around and Bivath-Son Jaewon eventually became Olfowon, standing in the way of the 77th floor, unlike his father.

Unlike Thousand Ma's personal feelings, Yeon-woo was the best fit for his intentions when he saw the tower's purpose.

One, the Black King noticed the intent of the thousand horses and found a way to prepare for the thousand horses after several raids.

We had to see what would happen after this.

Depending on how Yeon-woo stepped up, her gait would be completely different.

... What? That was just a moment ago, but I felt like I was having an epileptic dream.

“Olfoone… As part of the myth of Bivasvath, I realized that what he had seen was a memory of Bivasvath's childhood.

I didn't know why it suddenly came to me here.

Maybe the myth of the creature that was undergoing digestion erupted and compared it to the world of consciousness, triggering the identity of Allfoone.

The contents of it were also riddles.

I don't know how he lived for thousands of years and spent his childhood on Earth at a time similar to his own.

Obviously, in Kronos' myth, the Heavenly Horse has a nuance like the birth of Bivas-Bat-Son Jaewon when Earth was still before life was conceived.

"Hwang is a creature that transcends time and space. Maybe a thousand dollars has come to realize the ideals of the distant past. `But what was clear was that if we quickly fast-tracked the myth of Bivas-Bat-Son, we might be able to uncover the secrets behind everything he didn't know.

The relationship between the Heavenly Horse and the Black King.

The real purpose for which the tower was created.

Why the rich man is wrong.

Purpose of Vivas-Batt-Son Jaewon.

"even the conflict between the existence of day and night.


Maybe even a way to confront the Black King who somehow tried to restrain himself. I didn't know I could find that clue.

I had to discover all the secrets surrounding this world.

Above all.

The myth of Tibastvard wants to convey something to you.] I felt like Yeon-woo was talking to herself all the time.

[Quickly digest the myth of Vivasvat!] [Shinshiny, 'Olfoone' shines in splendor!]