Second Life Ranker

15. Allfowon (11)

Nose (8 trillion or more)

Jeong Je-gwang from the grave, where the two nines came from. ”It was about three months after he decided to do it, that his respected father asked a strange question to Son Jae-won.

Son Jae-won went straight home after school as usual, sitting around with his parents, eating fruit, and chatting like that.

Just as news appeared on television. The headlines have been all over the country recently and have been related to "heroes."

The number of criminals who were killed had already exceeded twenty people, including a child sexual assailant who had been convicted of not having enough evidence, a child sexual assailant who had discharged wastewater and turned a village into a place of cancer, but who had been set free by applying for jewelry, a factory where they were suspected of killing teachers, and a congressman who had been granted immunity.

In three or four days, one person was dying.

As a child protégé, I was able to act as if I had nothing to do with myself, thanks to my habit of acting since I was a child.

My mom and dad weren't focusing on the news, they were just talking about what happened at work today.

Then all of a sudden, my father suddenly looked at the source of the hand and asked me that question.

Just like any immature father who likes to mess with his son. It doesn't seem like much, very playful.

However, Chon Jae-won felt like his back was standing on a spike.

“Wh-what are you talking about, Dad?” As opposed to being surprised, Son Jae Won smiled. What kind of joke is that?

“Really?” But the eyes that appeared over the returning father's laugh were very deep.

In the end, Chon Jae Won didn't say anything.

Suddenly, the tumultuous atmosphere subsided quietly, and Mother didn't blink at the fruit, but squealed and bent his back with her palms.

“What the hell is he talking about! Enough with the jokes! To the one who needs to study!" Ahhhh! "Aah! I'm sick, wife!” Until just now, my father was the only one left who pressured the hand source with his eyes.

“I said I was sick. Burn!? Ow!“ Oh, it really hurts! Seo Eun-young went to Seo Eun-young, who was really nice and gentle in the past: "" {”That Seo Eun-young, because you made her like this?” Mother 'did not rest as though it was not enough, and bent Father's back. My father had to run a few times in his place.


His eyes were shaking without rest.

"What the hell is he doing? 'That morning. Chon Jae-won didn't go to school. He hid in the alleyway of his apartment, pressing on his hood, waiting only for his father to come to work.

After his clever father's words yesterday, Son Jae-won couldn't sleep well overnight.

In the meantime, I have been proud to move thoroughly and not leave anything behind.

There were literally tens of thousands of police, prosecutors, profilers, chattering, but they couldn't even capture the shadow of the so-called "hero."

The media put it there and described it as a hide-and-seek. And Chon Jae-won thought it was a pretty good match.

Avoiding the eyes of society and the public, when you go thoroughly, you move around hiding because this would leave a huge trace of your life in society without harming your family.

Some people think of it as the typical psychopathic act of thinking of themselves as heroes in social circles.

Son Jae-won was like that.

He could always feel the joy of being a hero, the joy of being alive.

And when I saw an interview that pleased those who had been injured by the past victims and received no compensation, I also felt another feeling.

Moreover, many public opinion points to him as an apostle of justice who solves criminals whose laws have not been properly judged.

He also thought that he was cold and drunk on 'popularity'. Of course, I didn't blur my judgment.

However, I was afraid of my father because I had received such doubts while confident that I was living in a life that I had so thoroughly distinguished between reality and reality.

But on the other hand, they were also thinking that.

What could he possibly be? In fact, he knew very little about his father.

I just know that you are cheerful and kind, and you are very busy and homely.

What exactly does my father do, where he is when he goes out of work, and where does he come from, such as the sharp insights he sometimes throws? I didn't know anything at all.

It was an archetype for my son who was indifferent to his father's work.

Son Jaewon was going to reveal the identity of the father who had remained a mystery.

And I was also trying to figure out how my father knew about what he was doing and how he was doing it.

“He's leaving." Then Son Jae-won could see his father finally coming out of the front porch of the apartment.

He hides his body inside the alley, pushing the hood back deeply in order to be seen by his father.

By the way.

ㅇ You smile and start walking in the opposite direction from where the child resources are.

It doesn't have a car, so you'll need public transportation to go somewhere.

The problem was that there were no subway stations or bus stations in that direction.

Do you think he's gonna take a cab? Sun Jaewon began to light up his father's back with a reasonable distance apart.

And momentarily, he followed his father through a dead end in a spiky alley. There was no father anywhere.

“Where did he go...?" Hand Jaewon was only confused.

Son Jae-won chased after his father whenever he had a chance. At that time, my father went out to the front door with a smile during the day, and disappeared from the same dead alley. Where my father went, Hand Jaewon couldn't even find a trace of it.

"Here, my father is testing me. `And later, Son Jae-won realized that this was his father's joke. Before he came to work, the smile he always made was a kind of sign that meant the beginning of a joke. In other words, this was a hide-and-seek.

So, Son Jae-won decided to dig up his father's back even worse. It was discovered that they were already chasing you, but there was a misunderstanding.

However, every time I met him, it was the same dead alley as before.

I'm constantly building up that frustration. He was able to find the singularity later.

'Wait. There's always some weird ash on this wall, right? What does this have to do with anything?` The ashes are piled up like a pile of leafy leaves. For a while, I thought it was nothing, I just ignored it, but later I heard the thought that it might contain some other secret.

So Hand Jaewon touched the ashes on his waist.

^ '"l 'l. Huh? I feel my vision spinning and losing my mind completely.

@ $& ^ % Wicks &, ""? Noisy.

I'm dizzy.

Chon Jae-won opened his eyes forcefully, barely pressing his insides as if he was very drunk.

And what I saw.

They were foreigners who looked at themselves with strange eyes.

I kept talking about whether they were a large family or six children who resembled the Silver Couple.

“What the hell are you saying...?" Son Jae-won didn't know what they were talking about. I had never told my family, but I had studied something that I would be interested in, so I could speak nine languages roughly.

I used to have a lot of other things on my plate. Not only did they understand what the foreign nationals were saying, they didn't even know where the language was.

In addition, natural red hair and green-eyed eyes, which are hard to think of as dyeing, did not look like earthlings, so it made me feel intelligent anxiety.

Above all.

They smelled terrible. I felt like I hadn't seeded properly for days, my face was full of chives, wrinkles, and my dark mushrooms were shriveled up.

While raising his upper body, he wanted to know where he was.

I didn't know if they accidentally saved themselves or were kidnapped in an alleyway, but I still don't know what happened first.


Son Jae-won had to be greatly embarrassed since he had been alive.

“What the...?” The place where he was lying was like a stable or a pigsty. It was never a home.

The place that was seen through a window with no glass was a sky full of blood.

"I… came to a place other than Earth: a strange foreigner by hand (?) It was a month ago that I was saved by my family.

He concluded so.

"Shit! It's not an amphitheater, all of a sudden, what is this world?" `It was an incredible thing for him. I was just trying to catch up with my dad, but suddenly I fell into a strange, speechless place.

However, I was forced to accept that this is a completely different place from Earth by learning this language and customs with the help of the uncle and his family who named 'gel.'

Everything here was different from the modern world.

Nobles exist, kings rule the land. Identity society is like a medieval past. Simply by looking at this, I might have thought I had fallen into the past.

But there was a big difference from the Earth.

There was a God.

Not just the realm of faith, but the existence of God! Wake up. @ 608.

The existence of controlling all mysteries and performing miraculous signs shows dignity and accepts tribute at all appointed times.

Protect the land where Humans live, bless crops so that no harm can befall them, and bless civilizations to flourish? Even though I couldn't convince the hand source how God's creatures could demand a price and scheme for such things.

Soon, we could think that it would be common sense in the world.

Maybe they're talking about a mutant with abnormal powers.

What he really wanted to know was what he was doing and what he was trying to show himself.

“I'm sure. My father's the reason I'm here. He must have done this to show me something. But what the hell are you thinking? Son Jae-won had already thought of his father as something other than common sense.

Perhaps the existence of "God", as they say here, could be the Father. Or something to do with it.

So he tried to find out about the gods through Gel and his family.

“No. It's blasphemous. The existence of God is not something sacred that should be put in your mouth carelessly. If we do, God will punish us for our faith.” Gel, trembling in fear of lightning falling from the sky, forced his mouth to shut.

"How long have the gods been so tenacious that they all react like this?" It seemed forbidden to talk about God Himself, so I had to wait for the fourth 788, which is that God collects tribute directly as a handmaiden.

Then Hand Jaewon had to listen to the shocking words.

"What? This tribute?" ”When the family of the Potato Gel wept, they asked why they wanted to do it, and they listened to the answer.

At that moment, Chon Jae-won remembered the ancient ritual of sacrifice that was very simple, among the world history he had learned at school.

Artificial Humanity (Tokyo\ Tentacles).

Apparently, the world was even crazier than she thought.