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16. Allfowon (12)

Eye drops only in the ventricular hallway that looks vaguely vague. Someday Jun 6 Gu 8 will save Young-4 (# 707 and I've never seen him before. "What the hell is that? What a tribute! What god would sacrifice one of his own?” The tribute I was going to use came as a shock to the hand source.

In his common sense, "God" was the role of listening to the voices of the believers who follow him and gathering them together to present new ideals before controlling the mystery and performing miracles.

Although the Messiah (68935), such as Jesus, who came down to save the world in captivity and the world in captivity, could not have been forgiven for the sins of mankind, it had to be weighed at least if he received faith and faith.

That's why Son Jae-won acted as a faceless hero in Korea for a very short time.

There was a new stimulus in life that felt free.

I couldn't bear being angry when socially responsible creatures didn't fulfill their duties, and when I saw a form of abuse of power without receiving such a first price.

By the way.

It says, 'There were worse.

I didn't know about Son Jae Won's tribute. However, I knew how much she laughed and how bright she was during the last month living with these families.

She was the first of Gel's children to come up and talk to Hand Jae-won with the look of daylight.

Above all.

I was just twelve years old when I wrote it.

A child who needs more attention from parents and siblings. It meant I had to live with my friends without worries.


“I couldn't help but notice that Gel was shaking like a baby bird, holding his mother's crotch.

“0lHap" The nobles of thinness 0l:: That's the way it's been defined. ”As soon as I heard that, Son Jae-won changed it.

In the end, we realized that the world is not so different from Earth.

Should I blow it up...? "Son Jae-won was immersed in such concerns for a short time.

From now on, the rising pains were the same feelings that Min Chae Young had when he committed suicide.

Unlike at that time, I never turned my back on my emotions.

He actually had some concerns a long time ago about whether to kill the nobleman of the castle. I watched the nobles feed the Gel family and the villagers like animals. The horse was a joke, more than a slave.

Private property, just like that.

However, Chon Jae-won did not act rashly. He was only a stranger here, and he had no idea what harm would come to them after helping them.

'In the end, this is not a fundamental plan. "So, Son Jae-won decided to change his mind.

By yourself.

“You're... going? Instead?” “Yes. You've been hiding me despite the nobles, dividing the food between us. So I'll help you this time." But you're our guest. Do not hurt the customer. That's the doctrine. ”The doctrine. The word of the gods they serve... The man who was not like God was acting like one.

In the beginning, Hand Jaewon didn't even say 'I want to run away to the Gel family.' They feared leaving their hometown, and ridiculously put their faith in the god who was going to take their daughter.

The living environment must have done this to him. That's why, instead of persuading him to do anything else, Son Jae-won said he would become a tribute instead.

Gel refuses, but eventually drops his head after persuading the hand source.

“I'm sorry... It's just you," said Son Jae-won, quietly nodding.

I wanted to smile, but I couldn't smile well without my parents.

The tribute process was more complicated and simple than I thought.

Following the precinct of the sanctuary (the horned beams) where God was about to descend, various rituals of sacrifice were unfolded, which had no idea the meaning.

Throughout the animalistic shaman's good, noble-looking fellows have been sniffing around one corner and watching it.

By the time the sun went down, they were all gone. Up until just now, there were so many people, only Hand Jaewon remained at the crowded altar. Restrained from escaping.

I wonder how long it's been.



Is that the god? "From the depths of the forest, a gatherer-sized monster walks this way with the earth crumbling. It boasted a few metres in size, covering its entire body with crust, looking this way, it was flapping its tongue without a second glance.

It's just a monster, right? "In this era, it is usually difficult to interpret and wrap it as a god, but it was a very foreign image to make it simply, awe."

"But did you get hurt?" Son Jae-won peeks at the monster and notices that his hind legs continue to rot every time he moves. I acted like nothing else, but I felt uncomfortable moving my body.

"If I'm good at this... I might be able to end it easily. `About the time when the eyes of Hand Jaewon sank deep.

When he arrived in front of the altar, he glanced at the large eyes as if he were exploring the handiwork.

This... tribute... will give you a broken spatula. Material: : But don't you have faith? Walk like this.:. That's the first time you've said "": chk ""? "I was surprised to see how little Hand Jaewon did inside.

Apparently, a monster that looks like it could just eat or crave a doctor's attention. Moreover, I don't know what method I used, but I did not like the feeling of a dull voice in my head.

But he wasn't as surprised as he could possibly be. For some reason, I instinctively felt that it would never be possible to have a nuance that seemed to make sense of his words.

I can't help it... Even if it's not enough, I have to eat it... somehow... "CheonMa? `I think it was the culprit who hurt him……. However, Hand Jae Won didn't listen to him anymore. He came at me with his arms wide open.

^ Now ""! 'At that moment, Chon Jae-won pulled the device in his hand. Then the gunpowder buried around the altar explodes and envelops the fiery pillar monster.

Rrrrgh! When I announced my intention to become a tribute instead of a handmaiden. The Seed Brothers and Sisters used to sneak up on each other and ask if they could help.

Here are a few requests from Son Jae-won. Although the materials were not easy to obtain, they were not impossible to obtain.

Moreover, it was only a matter of time before Hand Jaewon stayed in this world, so he also enhanced the power of gunpowder based on the unusual physical phenomena he saw here.

There were also a lot of other devices that were kept secret. A trap with a spear in it is revealed as the ground crumbles, and a bent log falls from the sky.

Several traps work in complex ways, beating the creature to a pulp. The good thing about setting up several of these traps was that even though it was a sanctuary, there was a monster's nest.

Chon Jae-won quickly retreated from the altar by unwinding the frame. To catch the Frenzied Monster, we needed to lead him to another trap.

He was confident. I was confident that I would be able to catch the one who was just called God.

I've already come back from a badly wounded midfielder. If the hunt fails, I feel ashamed of myself.

Khh, khh! He said, "It was either painful or he was struggling. Luckily, some of the traps forcibly pierced the wound he was hiding and caused a large amount of bleeding. Beans and monsters roar through the earth as they struggle with pain.

Then the creature turns its furious eyes and finds the location of the hand source.

And then...

~ “. “. What? 'Contrary to what you might have expected, the monster suddenly raises its head high.

Son Jae-won suddenly felt like he was going crazy, but he ran hard to get out of the monster's sight with an unknown anxiety.

At that moment, the creature vomits out of its mouth.

Whoa! I didn't hear the sound that I thought was going to ring. I didn't even know it was gone. However, all I can feel is a white flash filled with breathless heat and nothing.

He quickly covers his eyes with his hands, placing the floor, and raises his head about the time the blizzard hit all over his head.

And what I saw.

^ What: ""! It was completely destroyed and was only a holy place.

Until just now, the dense forest became a field full of black shade. There were no rocks or trees left.

I was worried that all the sighted areas were pushed to the town where Gel was.

But I'm also worried about that for a second.

Dare ~ … ~ for me...! Human-fucking-Humans... I won't forgive you...! "Son Jae-won had to run again.

It was because the creature leaned back and vomited a much more intense breath, the same as before. Moreover, whatever harmony was used, the remaining fireworks began to burn again.

Hand Jaewon had to run again and again. The creature draws its breath as little as possible to try to catch him, and every time, Hand Jae Won tries to counterattack while avoiding a surprise attack.

Luckily, part of the trap was breathless, and Son Jae Won slowly lured him there.

I'll kill you...! "However, if there is a problem, I am not tired at all, unlike what I expected.

Rather, the more damage he accumulated, the more frenzied he became, chasing after Hand Resources like a villain. Thanks to him, I was tired first.

“This will get us out of here. Eventually, he breathes out of nowhere to run, and the creature suddenly approaches him.

The moment I tried to nervously swallow the raw materials of my hands while filming the black smoke and the white vapors.

“I know you're in there. Why don't you come out now, Father?” Chon Jae-won stared into the air and screamed.

“If you don't come out, I'll tell her everything!” Scared to the end of the sentence, the trajectory of the bitter debt suddenly fell from heaven to golden light and passed through the monster.

Kho-oh - The crust that had not been lifted up despite the many traps was covered in blood, being crushed.

The creature complains of pain, but is firmly fixed to something and unable to move.

Above him was a father staring down at his son, shaking his arms.

“Slowly exploding. How did you get hit by a cocksucker like this?” I can't believe you just stood there and pressed a monster that size. The relaxed look was cool, but I didn't think I'd be able to put in the raw materials. I made an impression without any such teasing.

“Are you out of your mind, Father? Pushing your son into these walls and just watching a monster die?” “It's fun.” That's what I'm talking about...! "But the thousand horses only snore.

“Funny, isn't it? CheonMa, CheonMa...! At that time, the monster shook his father aside and struggled.

“Shut up, bird.” Light! The Thousand Horses stomp their feet, weakening the beast's resistance. "The huge barrel was smashed into pieces.

“Am I your friend? How dare you interrupt?" As I watched the scene, Son Jae-won's appetite flowed backwards. I had succeeded in summoning my father, but it was because he was stronger than he thought.

Thanks to him, he was forced to look back on the past day whether he had rotted in his father.

The Pas-dead monster crumbles like sand. The pieces whirl and are drawn to the yellow stick that my father was holding in his right hand.

- Writing was engraved on a stick with a group of 11900 bright debtors.

That look.

I'm so excited.

It's full of dignity.

Awe, that's what it is.

Son Jae-won thought that his father was much more of a "God" than that wretched monster - who claimed to be a "God."

No, maybe it was God himself.


My father looked back at me with a playful smile. It's like he knows everything about his son.

"God? Hey. Shame on you, this father is so much higher than that.” I... read your mind? "In a situation I never thought of.

Son Jae-won was born and for the first time, he had to feel frightened.

[He looks at himself with a struggle to find out how long he'll be watching the boring story.] The Tibetan myth digestion is temporarily interrupted.] Yeonwoo had to stop reading the myth of Vivas-Bat-Son Jaewon.

Even though it's still early.

Despite what he had seen for a moment, the Black King was still trying to figure out exactly what Yeon Woo was up to.

It's like, can you stop yourself that much?

[The Black King wants to test how his self-immolation can go against him.] [Knox] 'Coming down!] The recollection of Vivastat had to end there.