Second Life Ranker

17. Olfowon (13)

In a message I never thought of.

Yeon opened her eyes wide and looked up at the sky.

Even though it was a world full of shadows, it seemed like the middle of the earth was trembling greatly.

And it opens wide.

Son, is that...? It looked exactly like the 'night` in Chronos' mythology.

In the center of the tower began the formation of a Wall Hall with the other side! The Hidden Stage, Mahea (Red), is very big!] [Try to reverse flow to each staircase of the tower by causing rough sea waves.] [The Mahai wants to erode the tower.] [The other gods try to invade along the way of the 'Mahai'!] Ah, Burr. G.

Ah, Burr. G. E. West.

Rich. Le. City.

Oh, Dun. Hah. Smell. Bird.

As the Black King gradually raised his body, the Sea of Mahi, which had been hiding only Tom's territory, began to move.

The place was naturally created when one of the original monarchs of the Circle came in curiously to the tower and was eventually killed, spilling its energy.

"Given that the Night honors the Black King and its origins... it may be quite natural for him to react simply by giving his will.

Numerous tentacles emerged from the hole. Those who blend together with countless archers and have no form. Despite the inconsistency of the incident, the ghosts of the reef were trying to sneak out, spreading their thoughts indiscriminately.

Shouting the names of the foolish fathers they seek.

Just the idea of waking him up somehow.

“To test me, to see what to do with them? Yeon-woo shrugged her teeth.

I didn't think I'd be in the best position right now.

He had a status as Allfoone that could control the overall system of the tower.

The Black King is under pressure from the Tower to disagree with his reputation and stature.

That said, unless his physician follows the Black King, there is no way he can wake up right now.

However, the problem was that most of the power of the Yeouido originated in the Dark Lord.

From death to three frames, he must have given it all down. It was like the Black King who was already wearing my necklace. It meant that he could recover the power from Yeongwoo as much as he wanted.

But the Black King didn't do it right away.

For some reason, he was still staring at it in the open air library, but he knew that this "dream" was like a scarlet.

So in the name of testing, you're going to force the Night to see how Yeon-woo reacts.

For example, for him, solidarity was nothing more than a fun play.


His jokes were a disaster to some.

[All the gods on the 98th floor are appalled!] [All the demons on the 98th floor are screaming for death!] Of course, as gods and demons, I was appalled.

They were afraid that the Dark Lord and the Black King would rise to the throne just a little by a little.

Here, even the members of the Black King appear in rows. The other gods had no choice but to invoke fear on their own because they were targets of unknown (% 0) and ignorance < ).

Moreover, given that we had just had a war with Allfowon, and that we were all cheering for each other to be the only ones... … the chaos was no different.

[Few Gods Attempt Escape on 98th Floor!] [The Watering God looks at you with a trembling heart!] [Many demons urgently want to discuss a solution!] [Very few demons find a way to take advantage of this opportunity!] [Some gods and demons who are not affiliated are aware of the prospect.] Some gods are captivated by the doubt that maybe this is the end of the book.] [Some of the demons described in the book of Revelation say, 'It is not yet time to come.'] It's inspiring to see Bimarzilla in the coming war. We look forward to hearing from you.] [Kernunos wonders about the new transformation of the tower.] [A message has arrived from Metatron.] [Message: Just now, a part of Enoch that we had changed. It means that the Revelation (Night ) came down. Kronos... Is it true you've been admiring the old myths of the Divine Monarch?] [A message has arrived from Metatron.] [Message: If that's true, then I think you know it now. where your father came from, where your mother came from. Poetry and ball, both of which you are born with.] [From Metatron 'Message has arrived.] [Message: So let me ask you. Where would you put your doctor? Where would you like to place your identity? Is it the Night? Or "day"?] A message has arrived from Maal.] [Message: Cookies you ate at the tea party. That's the recipe your grandfather used to leave you.] I don't know anything else, but I want you to know that much. Baal seemed to say so, even if no other message came.

Metatron, the scribe of Malach, awaits your answer.] The account of Le Infernal ', Baal, is expecting your answer.]' Day 'and' Night '.

The war that began at the beginning of the creation of the universe has continued for many years.


Metatron and Baal, who were colleagues of Heaven, are in the heavenly realm, and in the position of coordinating gods and demons... Maybe that's what they wanted 2 'But that thought did not last long.

Following the call of the Dark King, the gods of the other realms tried to make an appearance. Along with the rest of them, the older ones forcibly crumple themselves into the Wall Hall.

Of course, since then, exotic classes and the prowess of the Honsefalsin have also been detected.

[The head of Malach, Metatron, is eager to answer you quickly! On Le Infernal's account, Baal answers your questions!] Son. At that time, Chronos whispered to Yeon-woo in small tones.

"I don't know when I said that, but do you remember? He was determined to do something, but smiled a little.

I am not like the thousand horses who abandoned their sons. I don't know what kind of ideals he had in store for Bivat, but I will support whatever choice you make. Don't even think about your grandfather. Just do what you can right now. Suddenly, Yeon-woo felt relieved that she was in a hurry and nervous state.

I'm not the only one standing here. The fact alone gives me a little bit of time on my mind.

When I first climbed the tower, I was alone, so I had to be nervous and look at everything sharply, but now I'm not.


So, even more so, she was able to be confident in her choices.

“Father, I won't give up on Jungwoo either. Once upon a time... shouldn't we go back to our childhood enemies together?” Yes. Let's hear it. Listen to Kronos laugh.

[The Dark Lord's Self-Substantiation has decided!] Yeon wanted to answer Metatron and Baal's questions. He then said to the 98 gods and demons staring at him in confusion.

[Shinshin, "Olfoone" worked.] [Perform a command on the system according to the given command. [98th floor, all the settings given to the celestial coffin will be released.]] [Seal Removed!] [Money will be released!] [The monofilament is gone.] [The Celestial Barrel (& 3 Days) will collapse! [The Celestial System and_Summer are connected.] from then on.

The tower met a new turning point.

[Many gods are confused by the sudden disappearance of a single layer.] [A few gods stare fearfully at the dark stream.] [The vast majority of demons stand firm to see the existence of the night.] [Very few demons react and disagree.] Despite God and demons' longing for the barrel to disappear.

They're not moving right now.

For a long time, there was some sudden freedom because Allpowon was blocked by the wall, but it was because it was darker and more vigilant to the gods of other systems.

There were also those who were unable to adapt to the bar in other directions.

But their wandering did not last long.

[I declare that I will start a war with all the archangels and angels under Metatron, the scribe of Malach!]] [Michael takes the lead on Metatron's orders.] [Raphael mutters, "I don't like the tower, but we still can't see society collapse."] [Uriel recommends that I show you the light of justice.] According to Metatron's instructions, Malach has begun to take action.

In pursuit of absolute lines and balance, many gods' gaze swept towards Malach's movements that had never been preached before.

It wasn't just that.

On Le Inneurnal's account, Baal took a piece of Cookie and stepped into the front line without a word!] [If Bazaar is a Rainbow Devil, he doesn't want to be involved in this.] [Marvas laughs if he doesn't want to know about the other side.] [The 'Dong-man Army' who left has joined Le Infernal.] [Agares laughs in a frenzied voice.] [Agares' message will be published throughout the tower.] Take it off: the soul! The souls of Cha Yeon-woo and Cha Jong-woo are mine! So don't covet anyone! Dark! I'll take what's mine from you!] [Agares' message will be published throughout the tower.] Take it off: So turn it off………! [Agares' message has been suspended due to the vote of the archangels and Demon Kings on the battlefield.] [Agarez] [Agarez blames me for what I'm saying.] [Amagen is open!] Le Infernal was also involved.

Metatron and Baal. As soon as the supreme authority, the mediator of the heavenly realm and even the obscure, moved, the public had to sharply tilt to one side.


The last war to come from Enoch came to an end.

["The Day (Eros)" wants to expose the debt that has been buried for a long time!] It was okay to think of it as a replica of an old myth (poppet) as long as almost all the remembering beings were gone as the tower was erected.

[The day (eros) 'and the night (Knox)' collide!] Kukukuku-knock-knock-knock-knock-knock, there are gods and demons in the light that stomp away at the floorboards, blocking the entry of the other gods.

[The Black King is reluctant to attend a new event.] [The Black King is eager to see what entertainment his self-immolation will bring again.] and.

In a world of wobbly towers.

['Day (eros)' awaits player Cha Yeon-woo's answer.] [Player Cha Yeon-woo gave an answer.] [Player Cha Yeon-woo's answer sheet is' Night (Knox) '.]