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18. Eggs (1)

- What's this big, fat thing? - Tom.

_Wrap "“? What are you talking about? Metatron recalls a conversation he had with the Emperor one day.

A long, long time ago conversation that I barely remember now. It was a conversation that had yet taken place when the process of creation was not finished, surrounded by numerous myths.

Even then, the Black King woke up from his "dream," and Heavenly Horse managed to put him back to sleep, no different from the previous times.

However, Thousand Ma was otherwise exhausted. It was only fitting that every time the Black King tried to wake up, he was forced to sleep. Spirituality was consumed at a rapid rate.

On the other hand, even though the Black King was holed up in the air, he recovered his strength every time through deep sleep, and the difference in strength between the two creatures continued over time.

Metatron and Baal are the same. At the beginning of this' round, 'they were beginning to feel that they were reaching their limit.

Once, while escorting the Black King, they boasted such power and power that they put the whole universe under their feet, but now they are nothing but debris. The problem was that even the remnants were consumed_and there was only a tiny handful left.

Of course, I was able to unite Malach and Le Infernal forces because I still had the skills to face the leaders of the transcendents.

In fact, it was no longer strange when it collapsed.

Metatron had darkened his great creative wisdom, and Baal was beginning to see the dark forces that seemed to annihilate the universe.

So both Heavenly Horse and Day felt the same crisis.

It is dangerous in the next 'round'.

If the next 'Great Wheel' rolls over and the Black King wakes up there...... then maybe it will come to an end that has been forcibly delayed and fun.

It was such a crisis.

So I thought, "What should I do?"

He searched through the Library of the Shadows, and Metatron and Baal occasionally held a tea party to unravel the archangels and Demon Kings and erase all traces of the Dark Lord.

Then all of a sudden, Heavenly Horse came and took them to "Earth."

On a day when the Earth is far away, life becomes a blue star, and a celestial circle (Pleased). I knew the existence of 'Son Ji-ho' was the birthplace of being born.

At that time, it was a common planet that could still be seen anywhere easily.

You can leave the Thousand Horses here.

It was also a place of strong weight in other meanings for Metatron and Baal.

The sleeping traitor of the Black King (\ Subtract).

To be precise, it was the only gateway to the void surrounded by the Black King.

or the primitive Earth is the closest place to the Black King in the universe.

It was a place of affection for them.

However, there was now a large pillar embedded very deeply on the primitive Earth.

I thought that the columns that had been altered from the center of the planet to the core of the inner core were connected endlessly to the tip of the universe that was hard to detect with Metatron and Baal.

But they knew that the end was in the void. Even though they were forcibly restrained, in this round, Thousand Horses succeeded in rebuilding him by flying a female staff after all the fighting with the Black King.

The problem was - the woman's staff was not just her lover, it was her family and identity.

Last name (0). It was because the Celestial Dragon, who was closest to him, was the identity of the female staff.

And it was filled with the power of Emperor Heaven's proud face.

This was like blowing away the placenta while trying to hold it to its end.

Strangely enough, he couldn't see the point of being disappointed.

It's just a good look.


Metatron and Baal had no choice but to look at Heaven with a questionable face, wondering why they brought themselves here.

But "Tom" is so lame.

I don't know what you're talking about.

- Let's just talk about it. You guys can't hurt him anymore, can you? - The only remaining existence of the day is you two.

Uranos left his descendants behind, but no sign of a prodigy to rouse them properly.

-... there's nothing to argue with, so it's hard to say.

- You're welcome. What do you think? Metatron smiles bitterly, and Baal shoves cookies in his mouth, either stuffy or separate.

The rustling sound soothed his sudden mood.

He smiled and replied as if he knew their feelings well.

- We're making a new day.

_Hmm ““? - Can I ask what that means? - Literally, frankly, you're old-timers. Not many gods, not many demons, remember who you really were. Probably the ones who don't know what the hell black is.

- I have nothing to say.

- What's the big deal? The old-fashioned way of doing things is to step back at the right time when they're done.

- But isn't that a little dangerous? Thousand horses smiled and added back words.

- Do you know what they are? They're like, "No one's ever going to make it otherwise. They were smarter if their descendants were smarter, but there's no shortage. - You must have some kind of abduction.

- So, what do we do? - Let's build a tower and raise an heir to the day.

= = … - so that the blacks will never awaken. Developing the resources to replace us, to develop talent.

The explanation continued.

- It's very simple.

Inside, there are a number of beings that I left behind when I closed the book. Bridges, bridges...... and the King Bull is in there. And it's hard enough that they can't all get out.

- Shin Jin-cheol, as scary as I am - I will go all over the universe and cast off all gods and demons, even mercenaries and giants.

- Then the weight of the staff will get heavier, making it hard for the dark to wriggle.

- In the beginning_we will be able to free ourselves from the interference of divine beings and give the universe to its creatures intact.

- But, as I said at this point, if we build a system that will allow talented people from each universe, dimension and planet to come together on their own to cultivate, then we can prevent the creation of new beings that will take over the universe, and we can train talents against the darkness.

- And one of the dogs will definitely be able to replace "day."

Metatron and Baal haven't spoken in a while.

The offer that thousand horses threw was too big for them to even imagine.


They had lived such great years and accumulated such profound wisdom that they could see why the thousand horses had such long sayings.

If the Empress wishes, Metatron can force God and all the demons to fall into the womb without seeking Nabal's understanding.

But there's only one reason to take it out.

-... which means we're gonna have to go in and clear the traffic. Until you have a successor you like.

- You have a very flattering way of wrapping things up.

Metatron grins bitterly, and Baal puts all the cookies in his mouth.

Between the slightly crumpled bones, there was a lot of worry.

I mean, I'm going to eat all the leftover "scum" until it's gone.

After all, you want me to do my job indefinitely. They had to sigh on their own.


They didn't reject it.

It was because they could see what to do.

However, Baal didn't just say yes, but he patted me with a smart face.

- Then what about you? What's what? - You said we were the old generation, so you had to leave the new generation behind. Then it's with us. Aren't you? He suddenly lost his sight of what he had just understood.

And 'I smiled as if it were very natural. At that time, he seemed very happy.

- I have a son. He'll have my back.

And then.

Metatron and Baal led Malach and Reinfernal into the tower.

He played a role in soothing the gods and demons who followed him.

Of course, I hid my relationship with the Emperor thoroughly.

It was the fact that the Archangels and Demon Kings had no idea. If a secret leaks out, the order of the winter sky will be completely broken.

All they had to do was deceive (00).

They're the only ones keeping a secret. They touched disgruntled gods and demons and sometimes held the world called the "heavenly world," for example, if a society gained the power of venom, they would perform a subtle, elongated cleavage to draw power.

Put the Black King to sleep.

Waiting indefinitely for a future successor…… No one knew when that 'waiting' would end. No matter how hard I decided to stand, even though it was a stubborn god, I had no choice but to wait and wait for Metatron and Baal.

A lot has happened in the meantime.

His relationship with Son Jae-won Bivat, who always said he would be his prosperous successor, was somewhat wrong.

Those who had taken over as the heirs of the "day" had to be seen many times to be corrupted by the Black King's jokes or killed by the hand protégé - Vivasbat.

But I endured it.

I waited again.

I didn't want any reward.

It's just...

I just wanted peace and justice, that's all.

Grizzly… ~ ~ … The successor of [Daytime (Eros) 'is curious about the situation outside the tower in the area within the tower!] We can finally meet at the end of that wait.

Even though we don't have enough power right now, if we grow a little more, we can say that we are worthy of following them.

Shi 0\) and the offspring born of the ball (number) of quinales.

"Against the will of Uranos, the leader of the day.

And if you're from Earth where the Black King is buried, you're not qualified enough to overflow.

If there is a problem, the Black King is a point of the soul of Cha Jung-woo, the heir of the "day."

Metatron and Baal believed that Yeon could bring it soon.

He was also baptized in black, but he was the progeny of the "day."

And the power of the Divine Olfowan has crossed over.

I believed that the system of the tower itself would last long enough, even if I could not defeat the Dark Lord.

The successor they chose through the tower was Cha Jungwoo, but the reason they overcame the trials prepared by thousand horses was that they took the essence of 00).

Then, all the power of "day", including themselves, would be passed down to Cha Jungwoo's monument.

Then he can put the Black King back to sleep and lead the tower back to the world of light.


[According to Player Cha Yeon-woo's choice, all system functions are attributed to the Black King!] [Iron Black King and all who oppose him are in great shock!] AGE PUSSON "" Lang "Metatron opens his eyes to a sudden message.

So is Baal from afar. His gaze, which led the Demon Kings away from the vanguard and defeated the gods of the Taege, turned to this direction and turned back.

Of course, cheering for 'day' and it was shocking to hear that player Cha Yeon-woo had chosen 'night.'

I wonder if you know those frightening looks.

Yeonwoo 'was still motionless, looking straight at the place where the Black King was.

The chains around his limbs are now glowing completely black.