Second Life Ranker

19. Egg (2)

[The head of Malach, Metatron, is in shock and wants to know what you think! On Le Infernal's account, Baal looks at you with his face soaked in shock!] [The Black King wonders what his self-immolation is thinking.] It must be a shock for Yeon-woo to suddenly make such a choice as' day '.

It may be considered an unexpected prospect for those who know that Yeon-woo's purpose is always to reclaim their brother's soul.


As a united front, it was a choice I made to stay true to my purpose.

Throughout the collision between day and night, he quickly sniffed out the remaining myths of Hand Jae-won Bivasbat.

I could not achieve complete digestion, but I did see a rough 'plot`.

Thanks to you.

From the creation of the universe to the creation of the tower, Yeongwoo was able to learn all the secrets hidden in the veil.

[You have successfully digested the myth of player Vivasvat by 60.2%!] The Dark Lord appeared to awaken several times, and the Heavenly Horse and the Day continued to endure it, eventually building the tower as part of the cultivation of the rest of the successors.

The fact that the original Son Jae-won Bivasvat was voted the successor, and he also admired Thousand Mars, and then had a misguided relationship with the "day" during which he shared disagreements with them.

And because of that, the ceiling of the ceiling is formed in the tower, and the ceiling and the stream are completely separated, and in the center, Hand Jae-won Bivasvat has long been called "Olfoone."

Hand Jae-won Bivasvat. He's been desperate to keep the Black King from waking up in his own way.

From the beginning, King Black removed the blades that could be his descendants or apostles, tried to deflect and transcend them, and even those who could come into contact with other systems were forcibly detained.

It was also a mission (# Shoe) for him.

For others, it was like a bomb.

Eventually, there was a fire built and piled up here, and a person like Yeon-woo was born.

'There is nothing I can do'. It was the first time I learned of the existence of the Black King, and I concluded what I should do with him at the end of the old palace. "So I confronted the 'day'.

He can't win. Instead, we have to find another way. "They and I thought we could find the answer in the barrel, but we were in different ways. I said," Let the Black King continue to dream. "So you can dream deeply. If necessary. Nevertheless, instead of. I was going to become young and carry on all that karma." Some of the thoughts left by Hand Jae-won Bivasvat were deeply hopeless.

The despair that it may be difficult to oppose the Dark Lord. And fear.

And it was crying, too.

He was born as a child of Heaven, but he was born as a creature in the first place and had a stronger identity as a "human."

I was deeply dissatisfied with the gods who treated such men like livestock.

And that complaint has grown even bigger and deeper since it entered the tower.

When I met the darkness that even the gods couldn't do anything about it, I couldn't stand the anger.

If there is a giant being that no creature can do, it means that there is a destiny for the creature.

So what does the free will need and what does the future plan do?

Even if you do something, even if someone in a low position coughs, it will all be a worthless illusion.

So, Son Jae-won and Bivasbat decided to stand up.

Only by myself.

- If you see Buddha, kill Buddha, and if you see Master, kill Master.

- If I don't go to hell, who will? Like he always used to say, he decided to put a yoke on himself.

You don't have to know about the other creatures.

All they have to do is walk my path without worrying. If you don't know the truth, even if you finger yourself, you're on your own. I thought so.

So Son Jae-won - Bivasvat has been Allfowon ever since.

I tried to balance the tower somehow, stopping gods and demons, and covering the creatures.

Maintaining the phenomenon.

Allowing everything to roll in place prevented the 'dream' of the Dark Lord from reacting violently in the first place.

Maybe even a great hero, but it was hardship (the body\ 8) that no one noticed but the earthquake and the blame.

It ended in failure.

In the face of the great despair of the Dark Lord, he too was easily washed away.

Either 179 Dunt... … or those who were left behind by Son Jae-won Bivat at the end of the barren apocalypse with a half-footed hoof 069/lot of them might be the living will of his life.

[We are reassembling the script of the digested myths. There are sections that have been concealed.] [A part of the Revelation I've never seen before!] [Begin interpretation of the Revelation.] [Failed.] [Failed.] [Successful.] [I got a page of Revelation.] [I got three pages of Revelation.] So.

Yeon-woo concluded.

“I have to break all these clumsy chains. `No more victims such as yourself, your brother, and Son Jae-won Bivat should come forward.

Even if we can't break the chains completely, we can't keep the Black King silent forever.

At least not because it's recurring.


Yeon-woo intended to be bruised this time.

However, in a completely different way than the failed Hand Raw - Vivatt.

- If this body doesn't go to hell, who will.

In the beginning, Yeon-woo did not become an extraordinary hero like Son Jae-won Bivat.

Sacrificing yourself for a bunch of people you don't know? If he had been like that in the first place, he wouldn't have climbed the tower to avenge his brother.

There was only one thing he wanted.

To get my brother back.


Spending your life as a tool for that goal…… was not a waste at all.

Also, there was only one way to use only myself.

Only Kronos guesses that his son is a d-fool.

Tsurlock!] Yeon felt the Dark Lord's gaze, and confronted him somewhere.

In the meantime, the restraint of the Black King was getting stronger. The chains tied around the hands and feet became thicker and the eroded blacks to the 77th floor became more accommodating. From beyond, the presence of the Black King gradually grew.

The nature of the desiccation was gradually transforming towards you by choosing "The Night."

[A new foreign object intervened during desquamation. New improvements to transformation are added.] [The desiccation rate is significantly slower. 44, 45% ….] [The soul was in 'spiritual state' changed. Current Status: Paint Lot).] This also means that there is no way out of the Black King gradually.

“On the contrary, it also means that I'm good at bending from the inside." Yeon-woo takes her hand to a chain connected in black and grabs it tight.

[Black King looks at what his self-immolation will do.] Yeon-woo twists one lip as she still looks at him. Then he starts pulling the chain he was holding inward.

[The Black King laughs as he does not know what his self-immolation is.] Emptiness, it can never be seen as the power of the Black King to embrace his power.

Of course, it was only getting tighter, but the end of the chain was not dreaming with no reaction.

But the moment Yeon-woo called someone's name, the story changed.

['Summon Lion' has been activated.] [Who would you like to summon?] “Late king.” Paintings! At that moment, the faults of the late king emerged as the black blossomed behind her.

I've been waiting for you to call me, baby! He was the fault of King Mihu who had absorbed condensation from Mt. Five. He is not alone, smiling cynically with long flows of white hair.

The bluish, blue-ish, blue-glowing giant stands behind you.

Last name.

At one time, it was a thousand horses, and it was an identity of a woman's staff.

The source code underlying the system (5.: ː: On 60: 18) And there is no regret in that choice. "Since Cheongryong Castle assumed the idea of Yeon-woo praying for the incarnation of the system, it asked for confirmation to execute the strict battle order.

"Nothing!” Nothing? "No, hurry up!” After confirming that Yeongwoo's choice is not shaken at all, I nodded, closing my eyes quietly.

"Good. If you've made that choice, the new operating system, all I have to do is focus on the command. Finally, the giant dragon smashed into Yeong-woo like when it was there.

No, precisely melted towards the chain connecting the pond and the void. Everything that remained in the place where the light had gone was all pieces of the female staff. Made of Shin Jin-chul.

They were traces of the Blue Dragon Castle disappearing, and they were also key components of the tower.

[A top-rated order has been issued.] [Perform the command.] [Perform the Ordinance.] [All the features of the system have been focused on Shin Jin-cheol!] [The Black King slowly realizes what his alter ego is trying to accomplish, and gently pours out elasticity.] Yeon-woo grins her teeth, still smiling confidently.

The more I thought I could smile like that, the more I was able to sense the presence of the Black King as the chain continued to pile up.

[Channeling with the Black King has been created!] [Termination (Year ) was created.] [Outgoing is in good condition.] [Received OK.] [It became possible to be more clearly aware of the Black King.] [A hotline has been opened where you can exchange physicians directly with the King of the Black.] [Successfully partially detected the Dark Lord's body!] And thanks to that, we have succeeded in finding the true identity of the Dark Lord.

This made me confident.

“The Black King can no longer cut me off." As long as all of the tower's systems are focused on the Dark Lord's resolve, he has to take on the alliance as much as he has to.

Yeon-woo could be the tower now, itself.

It was like Yeouido himself had been redeemed so that the King of the Blacks could not be comforted.

[Power, the Sword of Hades, takes ferocious teeth!] [Wise Man's Stone (arrogance 'appetite') stirs things up.] [The amount of myth is too great.] [The amount of myth is too great.] [The temper of 'arrogance'...] [The temper of "appetite"...] [The nature of 'color lust' …….] Yeon-woo, there was no way he could defeat the Black King.

As long as his power originally originated from the Dark Lord, he cannot resist the mainstream.

However, it also meant that it could be accepted into the mainstream as much as possible.

And now the Black King is preparing to wake up from his dream, not fully awake. Even when I woke up, it took me a long time to get out of the frame.

It's not a perfectly doctored self, it's a bunch of ideas and concepts.

Now that the Black King knew that, he had a ritual to awaken himself from the dream by placing two successors.

Yeon-woo was aiming for this.

He was the Dark Lord himself now.

It also meant that it could become the body's self at any time! [Fairy Tale with the Body (1680 Happens!] just like the two Bierras did to the Mother Earth.

Become his own self, too. Stick together.