Second Life Ranker

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[A message has arrived from Abuser Cha Yeon-woo.] It was around Baroque that a message arrived from Metatron and Baal looking down at the oyster.

[Message: bounce.] It was a very simple message.

From that alone, Metatron and Baal immediately realized what Yeon-woo was after.

Even though they had never made a big deal of it, the two of them watched each other closely and knew more than anyone who knew his personality.

Naturally, Yeon-woo was not easily reliable because she was never "friendly."

It was because he had a wide heart for those who accepted him as their own, but otherwise he could always use it and leave it behind.

I wonder if Shannon's old songs would ever bring bitter laughter to two people.

So you should be thankful for the message.

This can't be a trap or anything, right? However, Baal also had a very brief thought, "Could this be the plot of the swallowing of the day?"

Iron Com! Suddenly, with the sound of something wrapping around his wrist breaking, I couldn't believe the thunderstorm within my body.

This, this...! Shin Yu-tae @)!. The Divine Spirit returns! Bar! Haecha Dunne] Scale Flickr, but Seal. Written by Mas7 ° Spirits. I Dae Chin: Chan <UNK> Hran * system is the same as: Only ·. Every, pressure is restrained.: > No 9 and 288: At any time.

. < You; Gooddon Causal Rate •: |. It used to be! Finally; this system! [All restraints that were imposed on those who entered the tower have been released.] [Restraint has been released.] [Restraint has been released.] [Successfully disabled.] [All backup data recorded in the system's cloud has been deleted.] [Record for player will be lost.] [The record of the gods will be destroyed.] [The records of the Devil will be destroyed.] [Record for manager will be lost.] [Ranking system will be depleted.] [The Hall of Fame will be deleted.] [The celestial system is gone!] Sudden freedom.

I heard he wants to defeat Bivat and take over. And as soon as I had the freedom to take down 1,000 horses and get it back, all the gods and demons were happy.

because they no longer had to be held captive in this narrow world, like they were in a pigsty.

But give me a kiss.

[Stairs crumbling!] [Stage is Enclosed!] [Tower Falls!] [Warning! The tower is collapsing.

All of the functions of the system are concentrated in the formation of elongated steel. Everyone in the tower should be careful not to get carried away by shock.] [Warning! Everyone who is still in the tower, please evacuate immediately!] [list! The tower is collapsing faster! Failure to evacuate could result in harm! [Knock on door] [Knox]] [The Wall Hall is getting bigger.] [The connection with the view is made more closely.] [Prepare the Black King to wake up from his dream.]] [The promised end is coming.] Le 'quier, who sank beneath the tower, prepares to come to mind!] [Knox] 'accelerates the tower's cloaking speed.] Kukukuku-ku! The inexplicable message stiffens both the Devil and Sin's face.

The tower is shaking violently.

You howl like a madness and act like it's about to spill over their heads.

And…… you see the pieces falling down. Like a broken window, the cracks spread through the world and started pouring out one by one.

It has brought new shocks.


The tower that I thought would last forever... It was so shocking that the female staff collapsed that they all panicked for a moment.

What are you doing? Run, you bastards! The moment when Baal put his magical strength into the grim reap.

Open Woman Rrrrgh, Rrrrgh! Cha Yeon-woo! How come there's nothing right about what he's done? The gods and demons slowly regained their senses and began to wander off.

Some showed that they were bored by the flatlands that always happen when the lotus rains passed by, but the behavior was the same as the different reactions.

Malach and Le Infernal stood at the forefront and tried to stop the night.

An archangel with a faction like an army began to tear apart the pieces of the world that were pouring out of their squads.

The Demon Kings were swiftly moving around, each trying to make their way to the outside by pushing their way as hard as they could.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Deal. Go. W.

Degrees. Ha.Thing. Guys.

Vessel. Okay, Bo. Woman.

Turn it off. Period.

Woo. Lee. Fig. D. liver.

The gods of the other world saw such gods and demons, and pushed themselves even more forcefully to enlarge the size of the hole. He wanted to pursue the gods and demons to force the expansion of the Night's Realm.

[The territory of Balm (Knox) 'is expanding at a rapid rate!] However, unlike the gods of the other system, which were speeding up along the path opened by the Dark Lord, the gods and demons in the heavens were forced to escape very slowly.

It was because he had long been trapped in the tower and many of his powers had also been lost.

No, even if you leave it like that.

It was never easy for them to face the "Night" under the blessing of the Dark Lord.

Right then.

As you watch the world crumble, Mimadila bursts into laughter!] [Kernus realizes a new era is coming and is slowly getting up!] In the heavenly world, there are two beings that give considerable heterogeneity and weight.

Bimachila says_It's very funny and makes a sword!] [Ernunos nearly hands to the sky!] He raised his sword, Bimagilda, waiting for the moat to come, looking at 77 worms, and he waved it wide.

Kernunos quietly closed his eyes and memorized his own adage as few people now remember.

[The power was fierce!] [Strong shock continues.] [Strong shock continues.] [The road to the outside has been opened!] A huge notch (hew ) is carved along the sky, and as it expands in your breath, the escape route to the outside is wide open.

"Dear servants of God who are to come, let us open the way. What are you doing! The gods will beat you to a pulp! The gods and demons of heaven flew away with universally extended swords.

So, according to Metatron and Baal's India, a fugitive began.

[The exodus begins!] And for many years, the world and the world at the center of the dimension collapsed.

“Get in, the tower's coming down...!” “What the hell is going on?" The collapse of the tower also shocked the area outside the tower.

It was a car that was forcibly ejected from a smartphone or a tower and worried about strange things happening around the clock.

This time, you can see the top of the tower, which has not yet been filled with black, crumbling.

I can't believe the towers that always seemed to stand still would collapse.

The mythical world that imprisoned gods and demons and brought together heroes from all over the world to compete.

Even though they were seeing it with their own eyes, I wonder if they were dreaming.

“Wait." Then.

“Something's not right.” “That's not a collapse... …" "The tower." Four "? 'The snowy ones found something strange, rather than escaping the heavenly group.

Fragments from the top of the tower, which I thought would collapse, began to cover the dark surface.

The glorious golden tower is forced to cover itself with blackness as it attempts to expand. The golden and dark-coloured spheres (%\) were being formed that were complicated with each other.

From there.

“Brother, what are you trying to do...?" At first, Cha Jungwoo's monument felt that the shape of the 'egg' slowly took shape.

Players, gods, demons, and even managers were all alone out there in the yard. I couldn't understand what he was trying to do.

Suddenly, an ominous thought passed through my mind.

A fragment of the Dark Tower about to leak out of the No way? is surely an attempt to prevent the coming of the Black King.

That way, however, we won't be able to fight each other. If he tries to get out together, the Dark Tower won't hold its shape.

That means he's staying there, too! You crazy bastard! Cho Jungwoo then read Yeon-woo's intentions completely and made a mockery. There was no respect for my brother. What the hell is he thinking? If you want to do something crazy like that, you have to keep it alongside you. What if you leave it alone...! Cho Jong-woo tried to run towards the tower. Anantara stopped him urgently.

“What are you trying to do?" Anantara, get out of my way. Please! "“ You're not going there, are you? ”There's my brother and father! " What are you talking about! It's so dangerous, what are you going to do...! ”Anantara wetted her head wide as if she could never send it.

Rrrrgh! Suddenly, the earth shakes violently. Cho Jong-woo and Ananta stare at you for a lot of energy.

Above the surface of the dark, where pieces of the tower have not yet been covered, you can see the gods and demons struggling to escape the group.

Many gods and demons filled the area outside the tower quickly, but the players were strangely under no duress because of the ominous aura of darkness.

No, leaving it like that, the number of gods and demons seemed to have decreased considerably compared to before. Most of the intermediate and lower classes died and were filled with only the higher ones.

Since many died in the war against Vivasbat and many died stopping the invasion of other gods, the number of the heavens has already fallen below four places.

The problem was chasing after them, and the other gods were also trying to stick together.

Eat. Hey. Hey.

Three. Turn it on. Hey. Hey.

Dream. E. Hahn. Go. Gww.

[Knox] 'has appeared!] Chae Jungwoo grips the dragonslayer tightly without even knowing it.

instinctively began to scare the backbone.

[Night (Knox), Day (Eros) 'Successor Detected.] [The Night (Knox) wants to wipe out the group of old traitors, the Day (Eros), and bring the world back to eternal chaos.] [Night (Knox) has decided to kill the successor of' Day (Eros) '!] At that time, one of the other gods, who had chased the gods and demons of heaven, found Cho Jong-woo and flew towards him in a flash.