Second Life Ranker

21.Egg (4)

Cho Jungwoo quickly raised the dragon slayer up against him.

At that moment.

The successor of the ['Day (Eros)' reveals a brilliant light!] With a flock of glittering debtors, the White Scarecrow (Horn ) is born on the blade of the Dragon Slayer. His original signature skill, the ancient gods spiritually linked to the Wave of Light, is burning more brightly.

Cha Jungwoo heavily swings the dragon slayer into the air. Then, with a tremendous heat of friction that seemed to burn through space, the white western lights filled the world.

It was like the sun was setting on the world that had been covered in black all this time.

Grrrrrrrrr, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

No, not covered, but dug very deeply into it and burned everything it pulled.

Khh. Ah. Oh, I see.

Ah, dig. Ah, dig.

Whoops! The god of the other side is a self-made salt (liquor) that lives for a long time without a certain shape.

Usually, these salts are hard-working and firmly stacked industries that have become a barrier and are protected from outside intrusions, but the problem was that they tend to become 'helpless' in the face of devastating force at once.

As long as the energy contained in it was temperamental to the wall (* 9) and the perm ( teeth), the damage had to be greater.

Already Cha Jungwoo's monument, based on his divine power connected through the barrel, changed all of his horsepower properties to be the closest to "day."

Of course, as a god of another world, I had to make a fatal tile. By the time he struggled and was forced to hit the ground, his body had shattered more than six inches.

Ah, ah. W-wah.

Gorgeous! He had to be a firewood to burn a white flame for a long time after he was buried in the earth.

Yippee! ”Meanwhile, the players witnessed it firsthand and all the gods and demons in the heavens couldn't help but be astonished.

Although they are classified as subordinates in 'Night', they have lived a long time longer than the beings in the heavenly system. It's a surprise that we got rid of such a thing.

At that moment, Seogwang surrounding Cho Jungwoo was shining more brightly than ever before. No, it was more appropriate to describe it as a light source (Foam ) or an aura.

A light that is much more glorious and beautiful than Vivasvat alone, and that inspires awe in the eyes of the beholder.

However, Cho Jungwoo had just consumed considerable mysticism from the previous blow, or his complexion had changed slightly.

Vessel. Here you go.

Vessel. Come on, wife. However.

At that moment, the other gods, who noticed this situation, rushed in a line. Some of them were unyielding like other gods of the other world.

Hornsefalsin. One of them was a strange mortal creature covered in green flames, a dancing green flame.

[Advisors advise you to evade immediately!] Honsefalsin are hard to guarantee their battles, even if they are realized by their own masters. Especially the dancing green flame was also high in the 'dream' because it was known as the red flame by the side so that the Black King could rest.

I want to swallow the players, including Cho Jungwoo, while the part that I think is Agari is being chopped up.

"Cute and Cute Bunny Punch-!" Just next to the star's eye, a crooked mid-line voice with a faint roar, and a huge rabbit monster appeared and smacked him on the side of the dancing green flame.

Kwaaaa! The dancing green flames beat the shock, so the other gods who were stuck to the grain flew like clumps because they were so big.

Thanks to this, all the gods of the wheeled threshing system became victims of the green flame, vomiting in agonizing screams, while Laplace, who transformed into a body, backfired at the green flame, running in bunny steps, unlike a massive size.

"Lovely, Bunny Tackle-!" Overshining! As the forge earth (bat) in front of Laplace became a field, the dancing green flame rose again.


G. State. Turn it off. G. Ta. Upstairs. Go.

Again, the green flame, where the placenta flew, was quickly shaped in the air, and he swelled larger than ever before and roared.

A sense of liveliness erupted along the atmosphere.

Every creature was either dozing off or dying, but Laplace opened his red eyes and said, 'Red!' I shouted loudly.

"I'm sorry, but the sovereign prince you speak of is long dead. And that business was mine! No one's coming here!" With the horse, Laplace rushed into the flame of the green, which he danced again, and twisted his fist.

The Cold Strike that the Archdiocese boasted of in his lifetime. In his own words, it was evidence that he had inherited the authenticity of the supreme monarch.

[Family Laplace is borrowing some of the Myth of the Owner Cha Yeon!] [Borrowing Myth: Arctic Monarch] Yeouido fought with the Arctic Monarch as he encountered the "Night" in the myth of Kronos. At that time, the myth that was taken by defeating him was being applied to Laplace.

Of course, Laplace, conceived from the idea left by the monarch of the polar sphere, has no choice but to increase its power. A cold flame, filled with two fists, reigned supreme over the green flame.

When the green flame dances with Laplace.

A shadow suddenly rises around Cho Jungwoo, and the members of Yeon-woo join together.

Conquest, war, famine, and death represented Ghost Shannon and Rebecca to defend Chachoengwoo, and as the space opened widely above his head, a side inferno site appeared to broaden the enchanted barrier.

In addition, the dead giants appeared, stood guard, and the lions appeared and flew up into the sky.

Disc Fluto and other factions also had a faction as they emerged.

You… 9Cha Jungwoo tried to ask them how Yeon did it and only they crossed over, but they had no chance.

It was because I could see that the giant eye was looking over the Wall Hall, where the other gods and the other gods appeared in succession.

At the moment of exposure, everyone had to feel instinctively clever.

Residents of the border.

He is the head of Honcefalsin, and the real leader of "The Night" reveals himself.

Ah, Burr. G. Go. System. God. Places.

Vessel. Come on, go. 있. Places.

You. Hee. D. e. Crab.

Gun. Horse..

E. Lee. Lee. Ra.

'Boundary Residents' condemn all exposed beings! [Knock on door] [Knock on door]] Suddenly, the black azirang settles over the heads of everyone exposed to that gaze.

In their souls, several commandments (sects) were being firmly twisted in succession.


Slow down.





“Ahh…!" ” Oh, no...! Since then... |!" Players, including rankers, have been dying or dozing off since they were already exposed.

And the gods and demons of the heaven, who used to be transcendent, were not so different. At first, I resisted to some extent, but the rope died or was completely bound to the following commandment, and Izzie faded away.

Then, the final curse came to self-denial (62 million shares), and the myth that had been piled up until now was dissolved.

The way so many gods and demons were burning and falling down, literally reminded me of the meteor army embroidering the "night sky."

The stars... were pouring down.

However, it was Chongwoo who was really targeting the residents of the Shoal Dynasty. Still "being blessed by the day.

He was filled with the idea of killing all the traitors who had dared put his father to sleep.

Lee Dae Ro. Risk. "Whether the threat posed by the inhabitants of the bankruptcy boundary was insufferable, the Inferno site was fading.

Spaces in other areas of the tower have crumbled. The distortion that had occurred everywhere, as well as the body and soul of countless beings, pushed the world itself to ruin.


[Agarez is coming!] As black lightning fell from the sky, Agares appeared in front of Cho Jungwoo, growling to the residents on the border.

Don't lay a hand on me! Margie hurled like a storm, and even though she was about to 'break up', she firmly supported the magical barrier of wealth that had been endangered.

Tetaron is coming!] [Paal is coming!] And subsequently, Metatron and his horde of archangels stood up to protect Chachoengwoo as Baal and the Demon King appeared.

heir, listen. You are the fruit we have been waiting for for for for thousands of years. But now is not the time, since it is not yet written. Retreat! "Metatron and Baal widen their white and black wings, removing all the curses from their borders and shouting as they look at Chongwoo.

Since Cho Jungwoo sensed that the scent of the high lords guarding him was also coming from two people, he could see that they were also "daytime" beings.

There's your brother! No matter what you say, you cannot leave. ":" {"Do you still not know what your brother meant before it was our will?" ______! Cha Jungwoo's face was stiff.

What the hell...? Your brother has asked us to protect you.

It was to somehow protect the afterlife of the day while he was stalling. And we have decided to keep our successor alive at all costs, and to put the fate of the day, the future…… of you. Metatron solemnly told Cha Jong-woo. I don't think there's a way out of this.

Of course, Cho Jungwoo's refusal was inevitable.

For those who do not know the secrets of day and night, he only farted when he told them to ask God for the future, and he was angry when he told them to leave the alliance that was worth sacrificing for him for a lifetime.

But he didn't have long. Unexpectedly, he will be stunned by the shock on his hindquarters.

Anantara looked at Cha Jing Woo's fainting face with a bitter face, and immediately she looked at Metatron and Baal, fixing her face.

“We... where do we go now?” Follow Agares. There is an old bowl prepared by the people who used to light up the "day." At that time, Agarez turned his back on this side rather than still staring at the border dwellers.

Anantara was a grumpy face because she knew that Agarass had long been obsessed with Cha Jungwoo, but now she couldn't help but nod.

"Inspiration." Agares called Baal with a singular expression.

What's the matter? Survive. One way or another, until this body takes its place completely. I have no intention of sitting in a chair! Red! Sweetheart, if you want to sit here, it's a million years old. Agares was indifferent to Baal and his teasing, but all the other Demon Kings seemed familiar to him.

Then Agarez shut up and looked at Baal for as long as he could, and finally moved toward Anatta and the like.

Let's Go. So, between Agarose and the Dong-man army, Anantara, who was carrying Cha Jungwoo, and Galilee, who was holding Sesha in her arms, followed straightaway.

Dis Fluto defends the rear, and the dead giants stand to the left and to the right to defeat the other gods. In the sky, two lions sprinkled a brace to prepare for the air war.

The survivors and Olympos of the militia, who were protected by the kith and kith families, were mixed up in it. The one-horned tribe was among them one day.

The various effects around those who tried to escape were widespread, and the outdoor areas were sealed off at a rapid rate.

Baal looks after those who escape like that for a long time, and grabs his fist again.

"You're the one who didn't listen to him, so you're full of crap. However, he seemed a little bitter, unlike his tone.


It seemed to Metatron as well.

Don't you regret it? Regret? Regret what? A decision to come here late at night with me. The myths you've accumulated are still very high, and the results you've achieved are substantial. Isn't it a pity to let go? Too bad. I'm glad I can finally stand up. I've been a little tired, actually. Baal took out a bag of cookies that had been left in his back pocket and shoved them in his mouth.

Waaah. The debris poured out of my mouth, but the party turned and was clearer than ever.

He's right. Old times are like old times.Leave the new generation to the swings. It's not our responsibility to think we're the only ones who can do it. It's just old age. I agree. even though the day is down for a little while and the night is coming, the sun is coming up again. Metatron smiles and nods.

Right then.

Oh, Rick. S.

Shah. Foot. Lee. Oh. S.

The residents of the border continued to defeat the archangels and Demon Kings who were obscuring their sight, and stared at the two beings who were only interfering with their activities, both now and then, with their eyes wide open.

Vessel. All right, guys.

A traitor.... I'm not wrong, but the fools who follow the fools only tell you how empty their minds are. "Metatron, unlike his usual routine, tossed his arsonist, Hillan, to the vigilante.

And that's it.

Guar-! [The day (eros) 'and the night (Knox)' collide again!] [Amagen in Progress!] "Day," which is made up of archangels and Demon Kings, rose to the sky.

It's a jumble of light and dark, and then it repeats itself over and over again, and then the world collapses.

Everything went dark (\ 0).