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[Escape in progress!] 'Night (Knox)' has made you the masters. Interference continues.] in the control of countless extracurriculars in other systems.

Agarez and the Dongmare army forcefully opened up the road. In the meantime, some of the Demon Kings are dying, but none of the party even thinks to help you. Not even Against her eyes.

Now you're going to help someone, and if you don't do something right now, it's dangerous enough that the whole group won't be able to get away with it.

"But where are we going?” Anantara looks at the devastating hordes of light carrying Cha Jungwoo, biting her lower lip and asking Agares.

Agarez replied indifferently, alternating Cho Jungwoo who slept with her.

The Ark (# Up). "The Ark? What the...! It's a legacy left by the ghost of" The Low. "I heard you have a last descendant... Find out more later. I can't concentrate on opening the bow right now. When the answer came back so cold, Anantara could no longer ask questions, but had to shut up the soup.

I would have put a word in that stupid attitude if I were you.

Now, however, the frozen appearance was to hide the overwhelming emotions.

Right then.

Let us help, too! King, King! Suddenly, I heard a loud voice from the sky.

The group's gaze spills straight up.

[The Demon Society, Niflheim, is coming!] The creatures that appeared with the Black Lightning were the demons of Niflheim, a large society that few knew about in the lower reaches.

Especially the majesty of Penhir, Jormungan and Hell, who are in charge of their leadership roles, was so great that it almost covered the battlefield.

…… as long as Fenrir and Hel stare at each other as if they were greeted like puppies.

That person over there, Cha Jung-woo...! My Yeon-woo was wandering around so desperately...! They look exactly the same! And three and Cesha! Everyone who's ever been on the screen is here! This hel might die because she's so happy today. Enough of this nonsense! Agares, I thought you said there was an ark. Where? Jormungan frowns, looking at his brother and sister who are still unconscious, and looks back at Agares in an urgent tone, as if it were an anomaly.

Sinai Indeed……:, Is it the Sanctuary (Jo Phu) where the ark of the covenant was buried? I see. Jormungan nods and looks back at the demons under his command.

He had always stood by the position of ruling the demons on behalf of two men, usually missing a screw or two.

Orders from Father, Loki. Today is the first day our society declares we are in the world, so run! At the end of the sentence, the demons of Niflheim rush in unison.

If Le Infernal was defeated and the bridge felt sharp, they usually boasted a fierce temper. A flesh like a beast that cannot be tamed.

And so, once again, a vortex of war is spreading.

Kukukuku! The earth they passed by shook violently. And as the outer part of the tower crumbles down, you see something massive floating up in the sky, a continent that has been hidden beneath the tower all along.

[Space is sinking!] [Coordinates will be deleted!] [I think of the Promised Land!] Le 'Thuis.

The 'flesh-eating' of the Black King, who was only a fool, before being plunged into the void.

The body of the Dark King is searching for the soul and spirit.

'Night (Knox)' is full of water!] "Ugh, ahhhh! I can't just be buried in the dark... Many societies have different responses, such as attempting to flee or fight" The Night. "

But usually the fate that met them was the same.

Dead, collapsed.

Or late.

Hunted by the god of another world pouring out endlessly, and drowned in the pitch-dark underneath.

The salt that makes up the black king, itself. In other words, it means "dream." Falling into darkness means being completely engulfed in 'dreams,' so it was okay to consider the loss of identity.

It was as fearsome as the Eternal Falls or the Ocean.


Only thing that frightened them the most was the appearance of Le 'Rue.

Le Luo is just a cell of the Black King, but that's a trait that can never be formed in this universe.

It was possible to simply return them to the primitive material just because they had a temper that rejected all the physical laws, or more.

"One way or another, we have to stop that!" And as the nickname "Promised Land," it also meant that the time for the Black King to open his eyes was imminent.

Le 'Rue will soon prepare flesh through self-expansion, and the Black King who awakened from the void will sit on it.

That is why the common gods and demons, who had the opportunity to see the book of Revelation for a little while, were all filled with fear.

Twist, twist, twist! At first, Le 'Luo, which appeared to be merely a giant lump of land, was suddenly trembling like a giant cell mass and was alive.

Vascular epi lodged on top of the flesh roams ferociously, and small cells begin to proliferate spontaneously.

It was horrifying to see the whole world blown up a few hundred times in an instant.

Outside the tower, which was wet with gavel or chaos, seemed to soon be tangled up inside Le 'Luis.

Harmonia gazes at the scene from above with a calm gaze.

Now I think of the promised land, Le Luis, which I have been sleeping in.

She was just ahead of a relatively easy last step as it covered the world, absorbed Tom, and led her to embrace the spirit of the Black King who would wake up.


Harmonia has not laid a hand on Le 'Loire, but has let it proliferate. The ritual (@ Gyu) was also cut off while Le 'Tue was not covering the tower.

I knew only then would the real 'egg' be completed.

Her eyes still sink deeply, not knowing what she was thinking.

[Iron Black King wonders what his self-immolation is thinking.] [The Black King wonders if his self-immolation is beyond the limits of self-immolation.]] [The Black King…… -.] Messages about the Black King have become invisible to Yeouido from time to time.

[All data will attempt to upload to origin] [Failed.] [Failed.] [Successful for unknown reason.] [Course for upload will begin. Be careful, you may lose data.] [Your ear's (&) will start.] [All souls return.] [All self returns.] [All loyalty is yours.] [Every myth is precious.] [Bullshit (Hua ) has been lost.] [All the remaining data in the existing Viewer Cha Yeon-woo has been deleted.] [Successfully backed up all data in Viewer Challenge to the cloud system.] to load the hits data.] [Failed.] [Insufficient memory quota to perform the command.] [Attempts to reload backed up data for unknown reasons.] [Failed.] [Failed.] [Unknown reason blocked.] [Failed to reload.] After Yeongwoo was able to perceive the root of the Black King, she compressed all the data that constituted her and threw it into the air.

In the process, the body and everything, including the soul, were turned into fragments of a "dream" one day, but he did not care at all.

Even if we were defeated by the Black King like this, it would be the first to get eaten, so it was a choice in thinking that we should at least fight the grumpy.

And here, what Yeon-woo wanted was a complete subordinate to the King of the Blacks, 0088).

Instead of just letting the Black King restrain himself, he had to be able to restrain the Black King.

Fortunately, he had a medium called the "tower." If he threw his self in the dark, the system of the tower would have to be like that in the dark.

It is connected more closely to the system in the dark and the tower.

Of course, this alone was impossible.

It's only a simple restraint if the tower is completely darkened.

And the Black King who woke up from 'the dream' was sure to try to remove the tower somehow.

Probably not impossible

If the kite is assimilated, the tower's system will also be turned black, so it can be manipulated as much as possible.

That is why it was necessary for Yeongwoo to awaken her ego. We had to give them control of the system, not give them control, precisely.

Of course, it was almost impossible to awaken yourself in the middle of the pitch-dark where the word "infinite" was inadequate.

Yeon-woo had a place to believe right away.

The first is a sonic sword.

I thought a pitch-black sword that strengthens my will and forcefully twists to the laws of physics in the world might be able to use the Passion of Determination (Breath @ z) to sustain myself.

I was confident because I had already tried it several times.

However, even the black sword was destroyed by the "dream" of darkness, and the self did not wake up.

It was a tremendous accomplishment just by making sure that some of the damage was turned on while the upload was underway, without being compromised at all.


Yeon-woo believed in something else.

[Status abnormality detected.] [Current status is' black '.] [Remain rational with the' cold-blooded 'trait!] Characteristic cold blood.

The characteristic that began with Father Kronos and led to Yeouido was to fully awaken the data of Yeouido, which could have been floating in the dark for all eternity.

[Insufficient memory allocated.] Traded data will be reloaded.] [Successful.] [Status abnormality has been cancelled.] [Dark Resistance has been created.] [The self of Abuser Cha-young awakens!] Open your soft eyes.

"Success [A new sensation has opened up.] [Third in the trunk, Tachycardia (8758) acquired.] [The combination of the tear eye, the transition and the tenderness allowed us to observe a new world that we didn't recognize before.] [You can now observe the dark!] Yeongwoo looks around as she feels the disorientation system returning completely.


I saw it.

3233Kogol-gu Wanghong/Yunma 228% freshness The religious party/Jaggar did not go 2902/Low and half-years19) 4/There was only 2 at 7 p.m. clean. "Bear" 8 with moonshine # I don't have a wet door to save, even if I walk in class 999. 4 # lines of doxon 2-pole right. That's a lot of typhoons floating around without Ziquegnan Al Ghazzo.

I don't know how many eyes on the magic horn.


A multiverse (a superpozuta) that is so incredibly listed that it can be described as a fragment of a "dream."