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- That's enough. Aren't you tired? W-woo. Lee. Wake up.

I... want. Bay. Hall. Only.

Just before the beginning of the creation of space, we saw a thousand horses at war with the great blacks.

- # Let there be light.

After emptying the Black King into the void, there was also a view of the thousand horses lifting their heads and shouting the Covenant.

The universe was beginning with a single point of light.

You are ignorant, and reckless! I can't say "daylight" anymore! Somehow there was Bivat, who shed tears and cursed Metatron and Baal.

- So I ask you, what's your "I" number? After dipping his hands in the dark, he saw Chronos soaking wet in the castle.

- And again, "This is how the roller rolled. The end is postponed again like this…… I can't recognize the face covered by an Abdome, but there was a world where a man with a voice who was unfamiliar with no idea where he was speaking his mind.

Above all.

"How can that be...? Ridiculous` - Luckily, this gift still has a little power, so even if it can't break the curse completely, it can be suppressed to some extent.

- All in the head.

The myths of Yeon-woo. There was a vivid record of what would have just been done as a 'story' by simply performing a quest.

Everything he had been possessed by Chronos, and all the accidents he had done to get Phenomena's sky, were happening as if they were "real."

At that moment.

Yeon-woo was able to realize.

They were once "real" events, but they were the world.

It's a "nothing" world right now.

When Yeonwoo always looked at the book of Revelations, there was a question that I asked when talking to the beings of the "day."

That is, what exactly does "dream" mean?

Dream, the Black King fell into a stupefied sleep in the void... and understood that he was able to create the right universe.

But then it was a problem.

If the Dark Lord appeared at the door to the Thousand Horses, why was the universe represented as the "dream" of the Dark Lord? And why is the fundamental, circular, basis of unconsciousness (& 060000) that humans and many other creatures possessed by the depths of the Black King's stay? In addition, will the dead souls turn around, first wandering the Dark Lord's doubts and then returning to the world? It was full of riddles.

But Yeon-woo suffered the power of the Black King for a long time, and became himself. And as I went deeper and deeper into the Black King, I felt like I could understand why.

'The Black King… was also not a simple entity to define. It's more of a concept. "Before the beginning. It seemed that the beings of the generation that were born with the creation of the universe could not be observed or defined.

Even so, the creation of space itself was an indispensable relationship with the Black King.

There are traces of the Black King all over the universe.

All the negative concepts that make up the world, including death, uh, dreams, souls, winter, evil, destruction, etc. can be seen as the 'Black King'.

"If you stand side-by-side with the thousand horses in opposing positions, it will also be called dualism (-tt)." The pride, the traces of the Black King that remain throughout the world, are expressed as' dreams. '


Those dreams will be shattered into a mere illusion when the Black King wakes up.

Yeonwoo seemed to realize how incredibly large the Black King was, and how great the thousand horses and the "day" that forced him to suppress it had been.

“Too many. The universe and dimensions that God and demons had been able to possess were just a handful, but they were so vast that Yeon-ju could blindly transcend her world view.

And how humble he feels in front of it.

“This is all...... the dream that the Black King is having." "No matter how close we got to 'Huang', even though we had the God-king, we were just a handful of grains of sand in front of the Dark Lord.

If it wasn't for his cold-blooded temperament, he wouldn't be able to sustain himself like this.

I swallowed all these things, and I felt overwhelmed by the feeling that I could be the main character.

"Puhahaha! I didn't believe it until I chose you. I never thought I'd make it this far... -! Immediately, Yeon-woo turned her head to the side, with her voice ringing in her head.

[Some of the myths of Abuser ChaYeon-woo are embodied with blackness!] [Illustrated Myth: Crawling Chaos] The first light clouds suddenly clump together and resemble a lotus.

Her eyes widened when she saw it.

It was definitely not supposed to be here.

Dreams can disappear at any time. That's it when it's over. But it's hard to say no. If someone recognizes it and remembers it. Crawling Chaos. To be precise, it was the gear chaos that Yeonwoo absorbed from the 'night' while experiencing the myth of Kronos.

I was drawn by the Dark Lord, but I didn't hide my inquisitiveness and curiosity about the Dark Lord.

Anyway, I never thought I'd end up in the stupidity of my father's decision. Yog-sotos, if you didn't know that, your eyes would be like bubbles! Hahahaha! The sound of the roaring chaos was gradually engulfed in frenzy.

This is bigger than I thought. So many worlds are embraced, which means infinite inflation on a superstring…… but what can be confirmed is based on the inflection point of perception and the interpretation of observation? No. It makes determinism meaningless, and with so many eyes, it's impossible to interpret the multiverse...! The chaos of crawling around suddenly stopped while I was talking endlessly about what only I could know.

Then he froze his face and rolled up one lip.

Hey, popular guy. I'm seeing so many of my father's gazes, I don't know what to say. The crawling chaos was able to read the countless gazes, thoughts, and personalities poured out on Yeon-woo.


that Yeon is also qualified by one of those views and personalities.

“Why did you come out?" Yeon looked at her glabella and narrowed her eyes without answering the question of the chaos crawling around.

No other reason. I just wanted to see you. “What?" The beginning before the beginning! The Darkness before you! Chaos Before Chaos! The real father! And I sprinkled a strange glimmer of chaotic eyes crawling around. "

The end of this foolish father. The image of Yeon-woo smiling coldly at his eyes.

I just wanted to see where the dream 'leads. Yeon-woo said nothing for a little while.

It was because there was no way to understand what was in his head.

Rather, I smiled.

I can't believe you want to see the end of the Dark King. That's what Hornsefalsin symbolizes the night.

But it also made me think it was just like him.


“So that means you won't get in the way?” It was the most important thing for Yeon-woo to leave everything else.

If the geeky chaos tries to get in the way, focusing on these Horsemen will be useless to the judges.

Thankfully, the crawling chaos nodded.

“Then that's enough." At that moment, Yeon-woo raises her head.

There have been numerous horoscopes detected throughout the multiverse.

The remnants of the unconscious bloom naturally, one by one, through the time of the Dark Lord. Or the faults of dreams.

They all wanted to be the masters of the Black King, but they were the scum that failed.

[Sixth Wave Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] [Wings of the Sky] Whoa! Yeongwoo opened her back wide and revealed the wings of the dragon as much as possible.

Is it because of the seventh degree of solute awakening with desquamation, it appeared that some scales were peeling off the debris slightly.

[The stuffy desertion will resume!] [Currently, due to unknown effects in the vicinity, desquamation proceeds more rapidly. 47.2, 47.3… 47_6% "" "_] [Current state is' Paint '.] [7th degree of dissolution Awakening is ongoing with desquamation. To complete the Awakening safely, you must end your desiccation.] [Currently, the attribute of Viewer Cha-young is“ Balm. "] Hahaha! I see. Are you trying to outflank and dominate the other Horsemen at once? Slow progress was replenished_by_absorbing the horses defeated in the competition..." "The crawling chaos noticed the breeding grounds of Yeongwoo in one fell swoop and blew up the Paan Sanctuary once more.

Even though the other data of Yeongwoo was destroyed, there was one power that wanted to protect it with cold-blooded characteristics.

It was.

If that were the case, we could have laid the groundwork for reversing any other data lost or corrupted.

If you go to war with the myriad of selves, ideals and wars representing the Dark Lord, and swallow every last one of them.

This will allow us to quickly complete the slow desiccation by feeding off what has been reduced to the dark, giving us an edge over all the other magicians. Yeongwoo did not answer any of the inferences of crawling chaos, but flew to the world nearby first.

Then, various activists who were traveling between the world and the world began to come together.

22Gugon9) - Woong Owl # 2 I sharpened my eyes, Po Burn 0/Go. The ninth place, Gongot2 Sagongyeongheun, who blamed the most sluggish 272, was a puppet (3%) who held out his fist strongly toward Yeongwoo.

Light! Kurz-Squite and his fist thump into a fierce position. And what came out of there wasn't fire poop, it was Abdome. It quickly distorted the world where Maestro was.

At that moment.

Tiering! [A new matching quest has been created following the scenario quest (Black King's Nightmare 1)!] [Scenario Quest/Black King's Ambitious Description: The Black King is now preparing to wake up after defeating the 'Day' who betrayed him the other day, bringing the "Night '.

But to wake up from a long dream, you need to get out of a dream that you don't know how many times it's been repeated. But the Black King takes so much time and preparation to wake up after he's been asleep for so long.

So the first thing you need to do is wake up a non-dreamer.

So from now on, win the race against countless minds that exist in the darkness to help the Black King complete his identity.

Then you can be a host again, as you wish.

Requirement for achievement: 1 Immerse the Tower of 1,000 Horses in even more darkness to complete building the Temple (Horn\\).

2. A fragment of a "dream" spread in black (the world) is distributed one by one. Win a race against them to earn more 'Dream' pieces.

3. The bigger the piece of the 'Dream', the closer you are to the true owner of the 'Night'.

Limit Conditions: Black King's Odd Time Limit: - Upon Success: Black King's main character.

Failure: Piece of the Missing 'Dream'.

The system that was infiltrated into the dark with the kite, quickly identified the intent of the kite and created a new scenario quest.

Battle Royale.

The war had begun until the last one remained.


9/8 Even though I went there, I won't bring a state that will make me a 'woo'. It's a flat bowl throughout the week. The horses that appeared in Al 7 Koh's nostrils, combined with various archers, rushed towards Yeongwoo in unison.