Second Life Ranker

24.Egg (7)

How much time has passed.

The concept of time disappeared from time to time.

Day 1.

Yeon-woo had a tense encounter with one Mage.

State # 9/Kuno. Much of it was much stronger than the one who had been bullying Yeongwoo for a while.

I didn't think it was all the same because of Maestro. The world they were born in, the business they built, and the years they spent together must have been a disaster.

He chose to be the closest one, but he boasted of the power that might be stronger than Yeon Woo…… or perhaps even stronger.

Maybe if I just saw him separately, I'd think he was a substitute or a martyr.

It was absurd that such a superior being was merely a 'trivial' part of the Black King.

But above all, there was something that annoyed Yeon-woo.

In addition to having that much power, even environmental requirements were absolutely beneficial to him.

Seeing black everywhere, even though my arms were flying, I was able to recover quickly.

There seemed to be no limit to health or magic. Rather, the more the fight with Yeon-woo continued, the stronger it got.

All this time, it seemed like I could reclaim the fighting method that I had forgotten.

Whereas honeycomb is still not fully assimilated in the dark using cold-blooded properties. I was unable to draw the power of darkness into the free material.

It meant that there were limits to physical, magical, and mental strength.

But it wasn't that there were no corners of faith in Yeouido.

[Wise Man's Stone (Arrogance 'Appetite') strongly resists the continuing state of 'Chaos'! ["Arrogance" plays out!] ['Seafood' discovers new prey and spills out!] Colorfulness "Sprinkles a strong fragrance for enchantment!] The Wise Man's Stone, which had already become fully aligned with the three adra stones, revealed its respective properties one by one, encouraging Yeongwoo.

Arrogance encouraged Yeong-woo to never carry more magical power.

The nature of the appetite was to occasionally reveal the 'Sword of Hades' and to bite the necklace of the magician.

The nature of the color lust actively sought to be assimilated into the dark matter that continues to treat Yeongwoo as foreign matter.

Then, I was able to close the gap to the level that I could.

Of course, that didn't mean I could win.

In the end, the fight was only tied up by Yeon Woo.

"And there are hyenas looking for opportunities to explore, not just this one." Yeongwoo twists the tip of her lips coldly, looking at the castles surrounding her.

Hundreds? Hundreds? The incomparably crowded castles were looking for themselves.

I couldn't tell what she was thinking, but I could see what she was thinking.

7 In the book of Appeals 9 712, he raised the wings of the sky significantly instead of answering to Koyang Yang Yang, who respected the soup 242, which he had seen before.

Hrrrgh! [The myth of Struggle shines fiercely!] A dark red flame blazed with lightning, day two.

Yeon-woo's left arm is severed.

Day 15.

Two of his right fingers flew away.

But thanks to you.

[Successfully defeated Maestro 134,298,111!] [Mighty 'Hades' Sword of Eternal Intelligence 'attempts an Eternal Intelligence on the Castle.] I was only able to win my first victory.


Then/I faced my next turn without a chance to stand.

[Quickly extinguishes Dark.] [New changes are given to the factors that are synthesized.] The onset of desiccation is a little faster. 49.4, 49.

5Aaa 49.796] Day 43.

[Universal Restore 'is on fire!] [' Debt Poison 'has successfully poisoned' Maseong 98,423,964,593 '!] "Is it... just three days now? At first, it took me only three days to finish off one of them, so I was getting used to fighting them gradually.

Of course, the process was not easy.

Several times a day, Artman's limbs were cut off and repaired, and occasionally the system was shut down due to overload.

It was that the physical and mental forces put too much power out and put the limits at risk.

The Wise Man's stone, which he always knew would cast an infinite amount of magic, was rushed to its limit.

[Pride 'I want to somehow overcome the overweight burden on this Wise Man's Stone.] [You need more black to replenish your lack of' appetite '.] [Colorfulness' effects are greatly diminished.] I absorbed some of the castles that I killed, but there were only a few of them that fit relatively well into the magical replenishment, with the placenta being used as food for deconstruction.

No, even if all of the absorbed black were turned into magic, it was as inevitable as mental fatigue.

He's never rested in his life.

It was because the horses never gave Yeon-woo any room to stand.

It was fortunate that he preferred one-on-one life rather than pushing with numbers.

Even so, I couldn't stay sober, so I was even more exhausted.

However, Yeon-woo grips her teeth and squeezes a squeeze.

Somehow he had to win this endless fight.

That way we can save him and preserve the place where he can live.

It was not until Yeongwoo was able to reduce the time from three days to a day to deal with one of the castles.

And thanks to that, I learned more about Mars.

"Every one of these... is fully free." I doubted it even when I first encountered it, but now I can be sure.

Mars was a completely separate personality.

Each of them had different personalities, and some of them were friendly or hostile.

There were a group of people who looked like leaders, and some of them, depending on their skills, were at the bottom of the class. There were others who were separated from the herd.

Most of all, it was the same as the order of the heavenly societies or other gods.

'Their skills, powers, and traits are all different... They are now subject to the darkness, but that means they originated from different places. Like me.' They were the same as Yeon-woo.

Each one lived a different dream, namely, in the world.

Then, by some means, they were appointed as descendants or self-immolations by the Black King, but they must have failed to wake him up.

“The Dark Lord…… No, it has to be a vessel that can contain the dark completely, but if it is broken for any reason, it will eventually erode completely in the dark. Maybe the world they lived in one day ended up as a dream.

Yeon-woo was curious.

Did any of them, who once lived in their own world with different connections, ever have the courage to stand up to the Black King? The fact that the Black King was still asleep means all of those attempts failed... … I also wanted to ask how it happened.

Of course, it doesn't look like they're going to answer.

Day 599.

Yeonwoo was finally strong enough to win even if she fought two magical achievements at once.

And after 1,000 days, we were able to take on three at the same time.

After 2,000 days, I became strong enough to survive the unification of five people.

Strong Sundae/Guan Jadget- I felt nervous during the 'Yunla' Yangyang Challenge, but even the coffin with the big fresh roots is Hu067 Kyobo/and about 5,000 days later.

Yeongwoo is no longer stubborn and strong enough to fight the herd.

I never missed a victory against countless castles, and I fought and fought without considering my injuries at all.

And I won again.

It was like $0 to remind me that there was one. \ Pop) Only fighting was infinitely repeated.

The word_infinite_2 ( minus 8) was not strange at all.

[Exfoliation is in progress.

63.6, 63.7% ………] [Current Status: Heh.] However, if there was a problem, it seemed that Yeon-woo was now extremely tired.

9/Received\ 227 Wow, but the horses were unlikely to consider such a state of solidarity.

Among the horses, the “Elders", who were always looking at Yeongwoo, were starting to show interest and try to move.

Those who make decisions about the existence of the Dark Lord.

Of course I do.

Yeongwoo's fatigue had to grow that much.

How long has it been?

10,000 or 100,000? I had no idea.

Maybe hundreds of years, maybe thousands of years.

Yeongwoo's consciousness continued to be in such a dangerous state that it would not be completely dark at any time, repeating that it had been illuminated and extinguished.

[Remain rational with the 'cold-blooded' trait!] If it didn't have character, the consciousness would be completely gone.

And, 'After a long time, the new Magic Castle with memories that were bound together again in the past will be beautiful.

Just after arriving in Room 722 in Chingchon, Australia, one of Week 9, Bhagun's existence suddenly ceased to exist.

Instead, a new one was walking towards the place where the constellations had retreated.

One who can't see much of anything compared to the others.

No, he was too small to see it like this, or he would have passed.


I was unfamiliar with the shape.

~ Apprentice::?) I suddenly thought that Yeongwoo might appear familiar after removing the black membrane.

However, when I woke up and looked back, the feeling of the first time was completely gone.

Whistle! The cheerleaders dance around him all they want.

A human being as a worker is like a pawn for a field of chopping chopsticks... The Grain Patriot Equal 99/Also weighted 98 Cheap and cheap 9/What kind of coin do you want to say?

There is no king. Kolhu Muggles' bowls: Silver was boom. Yangt. Haramo was not a man. 9. Dream '9) Week 5 end 9 Compliments of Jardin? Admiration? Yeon-woo can barely read the bows in a blurring ritual, but it's hard to fathom his insides.

If I was going to say useless things, I just wanted to say come on.

And the harbor-Chonma, and the floral creatures of Gono Chuvon Andu 4047?/Castle-0 to Rune Koh Koh Gonmuya with no goal juvu 779 degrees of turbulence without Suvau clothing Mo Cheon Deo Immediately Ura Gongjiang) 2 shows that this is the 9th War 2 2290 proposal -urah '9/. Some are delightful in the 717 sunset area in yogurt... but 29 Ankyunk 9 Yun Jong Bun main river Hat Juju = Gonya That wake-90son spider 9 Pokan' 7 has taken over the view of Mudget 2 229097 and isn't it four-digit 4? I don't know how many horse-drawn castles he's got.

They seemed to rate Yeon-woo much higher than they expected.

[The Black King admires his self-esteem.] [The Black King thinks the vessel of his self-immolation is of the highest quality. [The Black King offers you a throne to sit on.]] At the same time, a 2-year-old typeface suddenly burst in front of Yeon-woo, circling around.


“Give... Jungwoo's soul back." ”As I almost forgot, Yeon-woo said directly to Han Sik Seong.

For making him endure all this hard fighting over and over again.

If I could only reclaim his soul, it didn't matter if I didn't become the main character. I was happy to be reunited with them and turned into Maestro.


Lots of excitement - it's not just that it 'liberated Wu... 777 Twenty and a half crabs The hot line mediocre idiot swung his head as if he couldn't be defeated.

Yeon-woo made an impression.

“Then get lost!” Home. Without Kel, the creature seems to have some notion. With a bitter attitude, he almost runs toward the kith. "

Very slow motion.

It looked so clear, I thought I could get away with anything.

I couldn't lift a finger until his hand covered my face.

“So... we have to lose?" "When Yeon-woo thought she wanted to yell at me.

Chop, chop, chop!] ['The Book of the Sun' begins.] A miracle happened.