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Abraham said, 'After hearing Iye and Harmonia's conversation, we were able to anticipate what would happen to Yeon-woo in the future.

- You're preparing the Dark Lord to wake up. No, can I call this a pregnancy (Cow 6)..., Al '.

It was a place where the Dark Lord, the flesh, would sit when he woke up and became active.

Of course, it was never possible to accept the existence of the Black King in Weyman's bowl.

It's impossible for people of the class to do it. Rather, the body was completely consumed by the spirit, so the descent could stop spontaneously.

Therefore, there was a need to repay the existing good bowl with a new durability that was acceptable to the Black King.

The Black King sits in the egg and transforms all the essences from the soul to the body into black.

It was not wrong to say that Abraham was pregnant. It was just like the black king in a new scarf and being reborn. And of course, Harmonia and the sea of poetry dug a pond with these 'eggs.'

Among the ancient high lords who symbolized the "day," there were those who were born with the blood of Phneuma and Curinale who boasted their own unique existence.

There was also the fact that he was conceptually capable of obtaining the closest death to the dome.

Harmonia felt sorry for her lack of 'egg', but soon she committed herself as a priest that could help the Black King to rise.

And at that time, Abraham looked at all these things.

It was possible because he had been exploring the fundamentals of the universe for a long time and had insights that could not be compared to any god or demon through the revelations given by Yeon Woo.

But he also knew that he would not be very helpful to Yeon-woo.

If the Dark Lord decides to wake up, he will never be able to resist even the best of us.

Moreover, there was no way to reverse the fate of "Al" until I was a steward of Heavenly Horse.

Besides, he had a hunch that he was going to die there. He wanted to help Yeon-woo, but there was no way to use his hands.

So, what was left was the 'Book of the Sun.'

- Yeon-woo, even if it is likely that it should not be the way you are, I will rather run to the Black King……. They'll try to find Jungwoo's soul anyway. Then I'll help you remember "you."

Dark stands for "perfect dome."

that existed before the notion of light even existed. Since it had swallowed up all living things and substances, it would be almost impossible to survive in it.

Even though Yeongwoo has cold-blooded characteristics, it was certain that it would eventually fall completely in front of overwhelming darkness.

That's why.

Abraham wanted to leave a light for Yeon-woo.

No matter how dark the night may be, the light can shine on its own.

- I've been thinking about it for a long time. Thousands of thousands behind me in the tower...... Why did he leave the tower with the name 'Tower of the Sun God'? - I've been thinking for a long time, and I'm not sure, but I've come to this conclusion. In order to protest against the darkness, I thought they had a name for it.

- The sun looks very large relative to the planet…… but it's only a tiny crumb in front of a very large universe. But isn't it glowing and not alone? Like a candlelight. When I woke up in the Amateur Tower, I thought it was shining like the sun.

- So don't lose. Never.

Huaa! Yeon-woo was able to read the thoughts left behind by Abraham for a moment like that.

The spirit of Abraham (Brahma), engraved on the [West of the Sun], slowly echoes the soul.] [Restore a compromised identity.] [Restore a dangerous identity.] [Repair a dangerous myth.] [Stimulate the player Bivasvat's deity, Allfoone!] [Faith, Olfowon wakes up and raises his head slowly.] how he collapsed.

And what he was worried about.

In fact, Abraham never ran away, even as he was dying. I wanted to save my condolences for Yeon-woo.

Only then will he be able to protect his daughter, his granddaughter, his son-in-law. He was worried more about his family than he was about himself as he was dying.

That's why.

I should never have fallen.

[Shinhwa, Olfowon does not deserve the condition of darkness.] [Faith, Olfowon feels that you might be able to fulfill your unfulfilled wish.] [I would like to show you the true event of the sun-god, Bivasvatra.] [Faith, stored in Allfoone, will all be restored to a special trait!] [Reduced properties infiltrate into the transmission line. It has a strong influence on the soul and body at the same time.] [Wake up. [Body wakes up.] [The remaining qualities of Allfowon have been combined with the characteristic 'Cold Blood'.] [A new trait, 'Enthusiasm (Sun )' was created!] Yeon-woo felt like she was losing her mind for a moment.

Strangely, I felt like all the fatigue that I had caused during the fight with the magicians had disappeared.

[Characteristic: Enthusiastic] A special characteristic made by combining “Cold Blood `and' Olfowon '. It protects and maintains the spirit from all condition conditions and mental curses, and the stronger the aspiration and will you want, the stronger the effects you have on the body.

[The attributes' Enthusiasm 'and' Struggle 'of Deity are closely connected.] [The status of the struggle reacts more violently than ever!] Fantastic! The wings of the sky behind the back of the lotus just give way to more powerful firepower.

The black wings on the left pushed out all the black that had made the lotus so frustrating, and the red wings on the right brought freedom to the body.


Guanghuang! Yeongwoo bursts her lightning and releases her hand as far as she can.

In the meantime, many fires have spread and swept away many castles.

Th-that guy who appeared to be the leader of the two Horses raised his head in a surprised manner.


Yes, % 4/I smiled satisfactorily as though it was funny.

But if it's 1 Murai, you're 2 gals ahead! At the same time, the archers that were circling around him were crumbling.

Yeongwoo was again immersed in the battle against the Mages.


If it's different from before.

[A new black glow is coming through the dark!] In a world full of all kinds of domes, the quality that symbolizes Yeongwoo is gradually spreading.

′_"Around the time when the self-expansion of the 'BraHapkins' Luer gradually covered areas outside the tower, and the 'Night` force leading Honsefalsin nearly pushed the 'Day' camp into a corner.

Harmonia's eyes are wide open.

Numerous complex emotions passed along her eyes.

She can see because she is another descendant of the Dark Lord. The things that are being formed in that egg.

There was Abraham who thought he would never see me again.

After saving him in the dark at night, Bivat's intention was to act as a nuisance as well.

Only then could Harmonia realize.

Abraham could have survived if he wanted to, but he didn't do it for Yeouido.


- Harmonia. Can you see this message I left you? In the shattered debt, I could see Abraham's will to her.

- I don't know the life you've lived. You won't be able to ask me what Anantara and I meant to you anymore. Maybe it was a fun street based on simple curiosity, as I thought at the time.... Maybe it was for some big painting you were drawing.

- What I'm about to do to you is immaterial. You have your life, and there will be a bright path for it. But I wanted to meet you and say something.

Even though the stem was twisted in the middle and you can't see it now... I still want to say something like this.

"Lady Anabharamonia was unable to say anything the whole time she saw Abraham staring at her with his naked eyes.

I know that's a welcome sight.

It was as if Abraham in there would come out and call out his name right now.

An Anantara in the past. It was the result of a simple curiosity, but only briefly, I had a maternal relationship. And while she had a strange feeling about Abraham, she had something to do, and Yuhee was finished there. And being dead, I had to live only in the Abdome.

But Harmonia had never always taken her eyes off Anantara and Abraham. There was an impulse to jump in a few times a day to help them, but every time, several situational factors tied her up.

And...... I always turned away.

Even when I knew that Abraham was desperate to find himself, I turned my head as if I didn't see him.

And I always gave him a beating heart in the absence of anyone. However, I had to deceive myself as if I had to hypnotize myself that I must do something.

But what remained afterwards was an empty, painful feeling.

Especially when you have to watch him die in vain. Such emptiness became increasingly distracting. It was all because of that my conscious inner spirit was dazed as if it had been sold elsewhere.


Harmonia seemed to finally know what that felt like.


- Never regret it.

Regretted it.


Abraham was gone for good.

Harmonia can barely lift her head after a long silence.

Don't do anything you'll regret.

The words that Abraham wanted to convey to the end settled firmly in his heart.

"Abraham, you're messing with my head all the way to the end. Even when she gave birth to Anantara.... Yeah, that's probably why it's gonna be like you. Harmonia decided at this moment.

As the heir to the Black King, I've lived a life abandoned by my family and my people... But this time, I'll be Anatta's mother.

Harmonia flaps her sheep wings. With wings as wide as her size, they cover Le 'Luis.

Kukukuku! At that moment, Le 'Luo stopped halfway, rather than self-propagating.

At the same time, the black rose like a flame above the surface and wrapped around the entire Le 'Luis.


What. Ha. R. is.

Hornsefalsin and the god of the other world, who had a sensitive sense of the individual, turned their gaze towards Harmonia. Until now, I had no idea what she was going to do when she came out of the blue bottle of "night."

The ones ahead of their instincts felt something unusual.

Since the Wall Hall is open, you can shine again at any time... Please let my daughter go. Harmonia threatened Le 'Luis' safety.

Poem. Girl. Ta. Up. Let's go.

Poetry. Room. Jean.

At that time, the residents of the border turned their enormous eyes towards Harmonia.

Le Luo is the body of the Black King. The spirit of the Black King who woke up from 'Al' had to be kept because it was the place where the spirit of the Black King had to stay.

It's too much! Servant Le Luo 'er begins to erupt in the blaze of darkness.

As the gods of the other side flock to stop it, Harmonia gives them the strength to stand firm against them. The consistency was passing over my face.

Ghosts of the Past, which should have been extinguished, should have been as they were… Immersed in this world with me. Harmonia did not even think that she could defeat the whole "night."

But you will be able to tie your feet.

If you take down the whole world with an egg. If you shut down the Wall Hall connected to the other side and destroy Le 'Luis, it will take time for them to reappear.

"Anatta. Live well. My poor mother can finally do something for me." [The Promised Land is Collapsed!] [The area outside the tower will collapse!] The herd is collapsing! [The light of the day (eros) 'will turn off quietly.] [The night (Knox)' is buried underneath and disappears.] and nobody heard of it.

“Oh Hyo Hyo Hyo. This will make the last chapter of the Revelation a little more deferred. Don't you care about this, too?" The strange laughter of someone in one place.


Ten years passed.