Second Life Ranker

1. Day and Night (1)


Yeonwoo and Sage hit each other relentlessly.

If you stretch your fist this way, Yongyeon slants up with a squitte, and vice versa, if Yongyeon tries to stab his neck with a sword, the wise man blows up a brain wall made of intense brains and bounces back the offense.

Whenever that happens, the darkness, painted in their colors, relentlessly engages and collides over and over again.

Just as the two cogs, which turned to the contrary, hit each other, making an intense noise and sparking, the darkness was already as confusing as if someone had swung it with one big hand.

It's the middle of the centuries, which is hard to discern.

Hahaha! I never thought I'd get this tense.

It's interesting to see me there, who has been dominating me for a long time.

Yeah! Fight like that! Keep fighting, keep fighting, and you'll both lose your strength! Do you know if you're both going to lose your strength and be able to swallow? Kikikikikiki!

If there was such a dinner, greedy ‘me' wouldn't be standing still.

Well, I don't think so! Even if you die here, you're part of the same ‘me'!

The demons who were already far away clapping and laughing and chattering were so amusing that they would die.

As for who wins anyway, they were just happy that the mass consciousness of the Dark King would be stronger.

Or you can break your neck with a fisherman's heel.

They're all destined communities, but on the other hand, they were only looking for a chance to kill each other and be reborn as one.

That is why the Son of the Dark King thought that fraternity and the fight of the wise were also an extension of such a long tradition.

I didn't care who won, I guess.

On the other hand, an association with a strong tendency to be independent still wanted to put the darkness completely under its feet, and the wise man who had ruled for a long time as the Lord of the Dark Self seemed completely incapable of giving up his place.

Rather, he did not take this opportunity to completely absorb the entanglement into the darkness, but he was deceived to catch all the Quirinales, Pneumas, and the adversaries at once.

However, it was not that easy.

Hmmm! Though I felt like taking my children.

I never thought I'd take them up like this.

That's why I keep hiding things, isn't it?

As the battle with Yeonwoo continues, the wise man speaks out the words "difficult."

The fact that he had been familiar with the skill of a thousand horses, which is called the Dark King's maturity, was a secret he was trying to hide to the end.

It was because he did not have to reveal what could be called a secret weapon.

In the meantime, however, Yeongyeon was comparably strong, and Tae-pole Hye's half-black sage, completed with a dark red Guvitara, also made the tale cool.

So I couldn't help it.

The sage had to raise his confidence even more, thinking that he would not be able to catch the Fellowship unless he did his best.

Whip, whip, whip!

The darkness that followed the wise man drew a huge vortex and drew attention to him.

Gather around!

Yeonwoo had to squeeze out the dark vortex by sprinkling the gum pole.

‘This guy. ’

I was so accustomed to the sentiments conveyed through Squite.

It was a miracle that corresponded to the Great Misfortune.

In addition, the miracle of sucking in the darkness and blowing it up all at once was the wheel of fire that corresponded to the stream of fire.

‘I never felt the last temper I felt was wrong. Heavenly Misfortune Master..... I'm too familiar! ’

This allowed Yeonwoo to fully realize the identity of the wise man who had only been considered a mystery in the meantime.

Dark Self and proficient in all kinds of misdeeds like the faces of a thousand horses.... No, I use them perfectly, and there is only one person to think about if they are relatively spherical compared to other monsters?

But the question is, how can he be the Dark King's self, and be able to live without having to use such a different causality?

That's it. I did it because I can always reveal it later. Right now, I had to find a way to catch him somehow.

At the moment, the proportion he occupies in the dark will be only five.

Recognized as the true father of ‘Night’, it was the result of raising the bar and attracting several children.

Of course, the sage also had exactly five halves, so even if he kept hitting it like this, it was difficult to win easily.

I needed another way.

There's a way for him to be a variable that he wouldn't even think of.

You must be thinking the same thing.

Then, the wise man pushed Squitte aside and spit out that bow. I still didn't know his face, but it was clear he was smiling.

We just keep hitting each other like this. I can only say that I was really great when I started as an exterminator and got here.

So we need a way. It's a good idea to flip this plate. Isn't that right?

But there is this way for me.... What is the way for you?

At that time, the wise man stretches out one palm of his hand, forcefully pushing the air that was right next to him.


There was a crack in the air.

And you are.

Heh heh heh.

The rift stretched out everywhere along the darkness at shovel time. As the space was first opened for darkness to pour into the world, another darkness appeared dimly as the crack collapsed.

Yeonwoo somehow felt ominous.

Each one felt like a fragment of darkness, but somehow it felt completely different.

And you are.


From there, all the grey armies poured out this way.

What, what is that?

Kronos sees it and spits out a damp voice.

* * *

[The Legion of Humiliation has been activated!]

[Darkness bites in a different color!]

Humiliation…? What is it?

Agarès hardened his impression of the message that suddenly appeared in the air, rather than defending his fraternity with the wise.

Apart from Baal, he also had the longest life in Le Infernal, so he had some knowledge in his head, but he never heard the word 'disgrace’.

Of course, it happened continuously after knowing Yeonwoo and Jungwoo brothers.

The identity of the other world, the relationship between the Dark King and the Thousand Horses, the truth of this universe called 'Dream’ or ‘Goulet’, the eternal war represented by ‘Day’ and ‘Night’, and the contents of the Revelation that recorded it….

But those things are only the truth behind the very rarity of those who know them.

That wasn't like that.

It was God.

It was a demon.

It was a polyp, and it was a giant.

Objects transcending one another.

But what was important here was the past.

The armies that the wise man pulled out by breaking the darkness were transcendent, but the dolls in them were empty.

There is no focus in both eyes, and there is no notion of death.

Humiliated because he is a god who has lost himself.

It seemed that way.


Fellir barked loudly.

Then, it seemed quite angry to hear the snarling sound of the snail.

And so did Agarès.

You don't have to say that. I guess I put them together without erasing them from my dreams.

Agarès brutally distorts his face.

How dare you treat our noble demons like these puppets? I will kill you!

Agarès spread out dozens of pairs of wings at once. After Maggie had dispersed as she drew the siege, he began to move the forces of the demon he had brought back.

In response, Fenrir returns to the shape of a giant wolf and rushes to the disgrace that came before him.


Dear God!



With the thunderous cries of Valdebich, the war against the ’Night' of the last decade has now left the dead giants as they were on the day of battle.

"Let's go."

Hmph! Every time you fight without dignity, it's just like when you're in the dark.

In the words of Goryon Kalatus, the Queen flies high into the air, wiggling her huge wings up and down, and spraying Bress intensely on the armies of disgrace.

"What." Do it, master. of. Let's go. Boy. I don't know. I don't know. Seven. The Dark One. Real. Owner. E. Who it is. You. You guys. Up ahead. Up ahead. Reveal it. D.

On Wealth's command, the dead, including Shannon, Han, and Rebecca, ran forward, leading Dis Pluto.

And all the other ‘daytime' creatures who followed him moved toward the armies of disgrace.

The sight of the two armies engaging each other and fighting was such that all they could see was the power.

[‘Daylight (Eros)' brightens!]

When that happens, it was‘ night ’that I got really nervous.

Oh, Burr. G. Figure. Wow. Hey.

Ha. G. Man. uh. Oh. Burr. G.

F. Gi. Ex. Vu. Oh, Burr. G.

Nuh. Oyster. Tac. Hall.

Us. Burr. G. is. That. Gigi.

Sun. Tac. This. Ah. Nin.

Jean. Squeeze.

They were submerged for a very short time, but soon they were able to gather their thoughts together.

Even though this place is in the bosom of a great father, if they do not make any choice, they will be forced to be pushed back into the house in the light of his righteousness.

That's why you're ashamed to say you're my father's son!

Moreover, if they were to sit on the throne in so many places, they might not be able to stand with their coughs at a later time.

Oh, Burr. of G. Young.Light. Up. Do it.

After all, the action was quick after the choice.

[‘Night (Knox)' goes dark!]

As the shadow of Yeonwoo grew longer, the gods of the other world poured out.

[‘Black Fortune Lord’ curses the 'Legion of Shame’!]

[The "Legion of Shame" is infected by the group.]

[DEF decreased.]

[Increase the number of involuntary attacks.]


[‘Source of Disloyalty’ bestows immortality on the ‘Legion of Disdain'!]

[Immortal power granted to the 'Legion of Shame’ is gone!]


Until just a few days ago, "day" and "night", which were hostile relations, were fighting hand in hand.

By placing a common enemy called the Dark.


The wise men glanced at the sight and let out their bows in a gigantic tone.

I was forced to understand the sight of the Dark King, who has lived as the self of the Dark King for the longest time.

Yeonwoo was the most recent of his children. Nevertheless, I did not understand how the creatures of the night followed him, nor was there any reason why the 'day’ should be with him to spit out the wrath of the eunuchs if he was the ego of the Dark King.

Therefore, the wise man judged them to be 'foolish’, but there was no clear way to shake them.

I really don't know.

In fact, it was unpredictable from the existence of association as a wise man.

Though I was going to bluff it out as an executor, it was because I had never been able to disrupt the order of dreams.

What the hell are you thinking?

It was so small that I questioned it.

Apart from him, the sage did not think he would lose here.

In the meantime, the power of disgrace that he collected, as he collected one by one from the 'Dream of Disappearance', did not diminish by killing and killing.

I'd rather erase all unnecessary things and start over.

Clear the existing order that was represented by 'day’ and 'night’, and wake up from the dream again. Now that I've got the Pneuma and the Quirinale I wanted so badly, this time I'll have a ‘dream’ that will never break again..!

But the wise man's thought had to be cut off in the middle of the day.

[The sun of ‘Eros' has risen!]

What did you say?

A message I didn't think of at all.

The wise man's face snapped and went back to another place.

Fifi piping


The magicians unite all over the void, and so many beams of light pour forth like showers, sweeping away the power of disgrace.

< Wave of Light

< brute force

Above the darkness, where everything is annihilated.

Jungwoo was staring down at the wise man. Next to him, Leah, still pale in complexion, stood with him.

“Long time no see, Bird? ”

Oh, my God.

You're having a hard time.

On the left is Yeonwoo and Kronos.

Jungwoo and Leah on the right.

At the same time, a wise man with four families had to make a bitter laugh at his divinity.