Second Life Ranker

Tuesday and night (2)

And then.



Jungwoo is a spicy (?) He turned his head without even knowing that he was surprised by the touch.

Leah stares with her axe open.

“I told you to say something pretty! ”

“Oh, Mom! Still, I'm setting the mood like this...! ”

“What the hell do you keep telling me that I'm good at? ”

Pair, mate, bitch!

“Okay, okay! Stop hitting me! Argh!”

Jungwoo begged her to stop crying, but Leah's spicy hands didn't seem to stop.

Apparently, the rapidity is still at stake, but I don't know how you can do this. I couldn't understand the wiretap.

But there were other things that made Jungwoo even darker.

What happened?

“Tongue, brother? ”

Familiar voice conveyed to the mechanisms.

Jungwoo turned his head to the other side with his back bent.

Looking at this side, I could see Yongyeon smiling brightly.

We have something to talk about, don't we?

“... Brother, you got one thought for yourself. Do you think I could use that? ”

Uh, no.

“No, that's me, too! That's why, Sam...! ”

Uh, no.

“ ……. ”

Have you eaten any pumpkin? I don't know why you cut so decisively.

I'll see you when I'm done.

After leaving the words alone, Yeonwoo grabs Squitte again and blows his body toward the wise man.


Jungwoo was forced to sigh because the land was gone.

Seriously, I don't know if I'm going to come back here with a job a few years ago and do it like that. I didn't understand why I could be so narrow when I was as old as I am, and I've been through so many lives as a Dark King.

You don't usually have to get out of the Minor Pear if you can't get to the Minor Pear by then, do you?

“…… but it's a bit of a mess. ”

I hear everything.

“I told you to listen to everything! ”

Jungwoo flinched for a moment, but he gave a lot of strength to the ship with this audacity.

By the way, it was so much easier to come out with nothing to lose because it was confirmed that you would get it eventually.

I used to do that.

Want to die?

“Mom! You're threatening to kill me! ”

Jungwoo hid behind Leah's back with her hand.

Leah's Axe Eye is now facing Yeonwoo.

“Yeonwoo, you! I told you to stop harassing your brother! Did you go to school while you were gone? ”

…… that.

“However……! You're the only ones in the world who can trust and rely on each other without Mom and Dad. I'm not listening! ”


“You guys, when are you going to grow up? They are over thirty now..! ”

He sold me out first.

“You keep hitting me! ”

“I don't want to be quiet! ”


“ ……. ”

“But I'll see you later. Both of you. I know you're going to be very upset! ”

Yeonwoo and Jungwoo became the same.

“Let's fight to see who they all look like! ”

Er, eh? Ma'am, you're not gonna tell me that, are you?

Kronos stumbles in awkwardly while watching his sons get confused.

Of course, Leah's Axe Eye couldn't avoid her immature husband.

“Because you don't know? ”


“Because you're like this every time, they're not talking the same way! I'll see you later, though. ”

Kronos, who suffered from drowsiness because of his children, never pretended to listen to Leah.

It's an open slate.

The sage who was looking at the Yeonwoo family poured out a bow saying that it was ridiculous.

His ideas were still firmly anchored to the Yeonwoo family.

An executor, a king, a self of the Dark King, and a lord of the Night.

An adversary, Jungwoo, who began to rise again as the sun of the day.

Kronos, who was the new king of Olympus and who was regarded as the descendant of Phne Umar as closest to the 'Emperor’.

As a couple, Leah was the best interpreter of Quirinale's power since ancient times.

Each and every one of them resonated with the universe in the past and symbolized the contemporary world.

The wise man wanted it the most, but on the contrary, he was as vigilant as they got together.

It must have hurt.

It's family... it's blood...

What the hell could you guys do, even a miracle that didn't exist?

The wise man could not understand the current situation.

Obviously all the plans were perfect.

From the past, present, to the future. It is possible to observe and coordinate everything beyond the providence of the causal rate, thereby creating a trap that they will never escape.

A plan to create a Pian.

But why are all those plans breaking down like this...?

It had to be confusing for him.

“If you don't know.”

[Time's reels are swift and fierce!]

“Hit him until you know it. ”


Yeonwoo's aggression was beginning again.

Khung, Khung, Khung

* * *

…… I'll see you soon.

“Mom, you want me to come out to the back alley later? ”

This son of a bitch?

“It's a curse. ”


“I'm screaming! ”

Jungwoo told Leah exactly what Yeongyeon was threatening to do, and the more she did, the more the echoes went up in her heart.

Of course, Leah's Axe Eyes were still higher.

In the end, Yeonwoo swayed Squitte as he only thought he was caught up in the boiling bubble when he tried to make the horse longer.

Currrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I think the power is stronger.

No, the atmosphere of aggression itself was a little different from before.

It was only a one-sided attack.

Before that, in the aftermath of the aggression, the forces of 'day’ or 'night’ were not affected, Jung Woo and Leah got caught up, but the cautious attitude was strong.

It wasn't now.

It was because there was no need to worry about the rear anymore.

I knew there was Jung Woo.

“Anyway, I don't eat when I do this. Do it all by yourself to make sure it's cool. ”

Jungwoo grumbles and widens his heavenly wings.

I knew I didn't have to say it myself.

What Yeonwoo entrusted to herself.

< Sky Wing Maximum Output

Absolute power space

Hua 'ah!

Heavenly wings glow with a sheer glow.

The providence and the law in this world felt as if they were stuck to their fingertips one by one.

The darkness..... was touched.

Quirinale's power was specialized in sensing and coordinating space, and as this mixed with the universal nature of power, new attributes were added.


It was precisely a manipulation.

The caster's intention is to force the mind, and to force the providence and the law that make up the space.

It is often said that the position of God and the devil is different from that of his sanctuary, but the power of the Jung Dynasty has always prevailed, both in scope and in authority.

It was because the space he could control and manipulate also included the realm of others with owners.


Based on this, Jungwoo wanted to ‘dominate’ and ‘manipulate’ the dark space.

The space trembled.

The darkness rang.

Demons laughed and mocked one another.


You're trying to do something crazy!

It's only now that you've awakened the Querinale and awakened its power.

Are you trying to touch us?

Isn't Quirinale usually rational and rational? Far from being reckless. Hm!

This side is usually responsible for the Pneumates.... Did the blood mix and the tendencies change?

This is just as much fun as this.

However, the demons merely watched Jungwoo's actions as if they were amusing, and did not intend to intervene.

I think you should try it.

Or if this is an obstacle that the wise man must overcome, he will overcome it on his own.

“Are you okay...? ”

Leah had just turned into a worried mother from a stern mother who had just rebuked her immature sons.

As a woman, I was worried that Jung Woo might become as dangerous as before by pulling her superstition beyond her limits.

“Mom, you're okay, right? ”

Jungwoo looks back at Leah with a relaxed expression.

There was an invisible thread, a spirit, connected between him and Leah.

Leah, who had exhausted all her energy to save herself, was sharing her strength by connecting her soul directly.

It was done as soon as he woke up.

“Yes. So..... ”

“So am I. So don't worry. ”

Jungwoo shook his head lightly and smiled slightly.

“If you're still worried, can you give me a lecture? ”

“River…… Ron? ”

“Yes, teach me how to handle this better. But I'm better at studying than you are, right? ”

Leah swallowed the drool.

How can we not know that it is the care of our son?

The fact that you are doing this well means that you already have a high understanding of the power of the Quirinale. So there will be nothing to learn from her.

However, asking me to teach..... was a gluttonous heart to relieve my mother's worries.

So Leah nods heavily.

I won't worry about my son anymore. Instead, if he decided to succeed Curinale, he was going to teach him that what he knew was never all he knew. As a parent, I didn't want to be left behind.

“Listen carefully. ”

So Leah slowly recited the wisdom of her forefathers that she had stored, organized, interpreted and developed in her head.

Jung Woo's eyes became deeper and deeper when she learned that the depth that Curinale had was significant.

Hua 'ah!

The more glare he emits, the more glamorous it is.

[The sun of ‘Eros' shines brightly on the world!]

[Your knowledge of Querinale has deepened.]


[I realized the meaning of the ball.]

[Increase your rank.]

[karma builds up.]

[You have earned additional divinity to complete the transcendence!]


[Title changed from successor of 'Day (Eros)’ to owner of ‘Day (Eros)’!]

And on this basis.

Jungwoo wanted to take control of the one-on-one space and manipulate it to his taste.

The left hand is wide open and placed horizontally.

[Quirinale's power is working!]

[You have taken over a specific space.]

Something caught on my fingertips.

Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

For a moment.



The forces of disgrace that have been so intensely mixed up with the Yeonwoo group have stiffened their waists.

What is it?

After noticing that something was wrong, Agarès raised his head and looked back at Jung Woo.

Jungwoo lowers his left palm as it unfolds.

It's like pressing something.

The nature of repression has been given to the occupied space!]

Then the armies of disgrace began to tremble less in unison. As if only they were given strong gravity!

The movement growls, and the tension that emanates collapses.

All the armies of disgrace are caught in the fingertips of Jung Woo. And Jungwoo started pressing it harder.

[The occupied space has been given the nature of 'oppression'!]


Twice, three times, four times…….

The more power continues, the more pressure the disgraceful army receives, and the more the action ends, the more it reaches a level where it all stops.

And you are.

It looked like Jungwoo had a very similar trait and shape to someone's skill at the tower one day.



It sounded like the bell was ringing somewhere.

< Thousand Army Limbo