Second Life Ranker

3. Day and Night (3)

Of course, Jungwoo's phenomenon was never the same as Olfoone Vivasvat's.

It was only because the appearance and outcome were similar, and the process of expressing the power that was working in them was completely different.

However, it was true that Jungwoo was inspired by the Thousand Horsemen of Olfoone Vivasvat.

Weighing up a certain space to keep recruits from twitching and exercising absolute control.

One day, when Jung Woo went up to the 77th floor of the tower to get Elixir, he was able to get a lot of inspiration from Olfoone.

His world as a dragon was so different from the world he was walking in.

And now we're up to that position.

Now that the conceptual karma and the spiritual upheaval combined, he sought to fully bind the forces of disgrace by utilizing the reinterpreted Thousand Armistice in his own way.

[The property of the occupied space has been changed to 'Restraint'!]

[The nature of restraint is full!]


[The nature of 'restraint’ has been changed to 'total dominance'!]


[More properties!]

[Quirinale's power shines splendidly!]


[More binding!]

[Unintelligible power, found similarity with 'Gunrimbo’!]

The armies of disgrace have reached a level where they can no longer move.

Some of them could not withstand the pressure, but they were in danger of shaking and shattering.


Military…… Bo was able to follow? Not even the blood of a thousand horses?

No matter how ‘daylight’ the sun is and the descendants of the Curinale, this is rarely……!

[Black Fortune Lord] Cautious as he swells his body with tons of swells, whether or not a thousand horses appear!]

[The 'source of impurity’ reveals a strong enemy to the unfolded target!]

[‘Dancing Green Flame’] The author advises that he is the brother of a foolish father and should not be touched too soon!]


[‘Night (Knox)' is indistinguishable and confused!]

Even the ’daylight’ beings, who did not know how to interpret the situation now, had a formidable panic.

No matter how much you participate in the 'day', and even if you know the maintenance of metatrons and Baals, as them, celestial horses were easily forgivable.

They were trapped in a tower where they lived freely and made their son watch over them. He was the enemy of the enemy.

So are the creatures of the night. They always held grudges against a thousand horses who kept interrupting the weather and drowning their foolish father.

Do you follow the prayer that symbolizes him like that?

Of course, for this reason, my determination had to be shaken.

No, in the first place, I wondered if a thousand horsemen could be imitated like that.

No matter how different the process was used, it was a shocking story to see the same result!

Then they could all realize.

In the meantime, Yeonwoo said 'talent’ and how great Jungwoo's talent was.

He was not only learning the Quirinale by reading Leah's Soul Code and raising his own awareness, he was also achieving an absurd achievement simply by taking a few lessons.

If it was such a crazy talent..... wasn't it too much to buy jealousy from so many creatures when they were in the tower?

Precisely this outside world, not the narrow place called the tower where the sun of the day will stay!

Perhaps in just a few years of entering the tower, the simulation that we put in the clock based on magic was an absurd achievement at the level of the creature.

But it is.

Their shock didn't stop there.

[Cover the book that the thousand horses read and carefully look down.]


There was a thousand horses who had set up the tower themselves and were just watching it collapse.

I watched my son die, but I didn't see him until the end.

In the meantime, a writer who had no idea where he was doing what was revealing his will!

It wasn't a reversal of the mood, or another miracle.

I just thought of a message.

That was enough to keep all the beings in the dark in silence.

[Thousands of horses laugh bitterly.]

[Say that a thousand horses is a good thing.]

[The adversary says the thousand horses are quite unusual this time.]

A deep silence passed.

This was an unexpected sight, even as a friend who imitated the Thousand Arms of Armies. I was forced to look at the message for a while.

[But he says it's still a long way to go if you want to follow it completely.]

[Thank you for understanding my son, though, and tell the doctor that I will give you a gift for what happened a long time ago.]

And you are.

[The power of a thousand horses has been conveyed!]

[The nature of ‘Gunrimbo’ is added!]

[The nature of the North and the Chilseong combine.]

Hua 'ah!

Seven dots in a row are drawn in the shape of a ladle on the back of a castle.

covetousness, castration, greenery, anthem, passion, songs, pagan.....

The tattoo of Northern Doo Chil Castle gave Jung Woo a powerful boost while shining splendidly.

“ ……! ”

In a moment, Jungwoo felt a deep sense of upliftment and fulfillment that might have caused him to lose his mind.

It meant that Jungwoo, who had once escaped the limits by accepting the ideology, was once again out of the limits.

[Increase your rank!]


[Current Status: Photography]

[Blessing of a thousand horses!]

[You have been awarded a new title: the adversary.]]

Jungwoo was able to feel the resistance of his fingertips diminished for a moment. With the blessing of a thousand horses, the skill of handling space is much better.

No, precisely from imitating the monarchy, it has now reached the level of being able to spread it ‘directly'.

Even though it could not reach the monarchy used by Olfowon or Thousand Horses, the same power was gained.

‘Why did you kill me..? ’

Jungwoo was pleased that he was recognized by Thousand Horses, but on the other hand, he had to soak up the feeling of disguise.

Yeonwoo, a brother, is part of the Dark King who is said to have been placed at the headquarters of a thousand horses. By the way, the power against him was given to him.... and the power that should have been given to Olfovon.... what the hell does that mean?

But Jung Woo's idea had to stop there.

Whatever the horseman had, it was he who used it.

As long as the freelance doctor follows, it's up to him to decide how to use it!

Just like before or now.

Jungwoo hated being manipulated by others.

So Jungwoo gave the same confidence to his right hand. Equipped with the power of the Curinale, a new space took place at the fingertips. The crest of Chilsung on the back of his hand throws up a splendid light again.

[Take over the new space!]

[The space has been given the property of "Floating"!]


Is that so? Are you trying to give us the opposite?

On. To. S. A. Strength. State. is.

A thousand. E. The power of.

Here you go. Fig. 1. (b)

All the creatures of the day and the night opened their eyes. Unlike the armies of disgrace, the space around them became lighter. His divine power was returning more fiercely than ever before.

The enemy oppresses and empowers his allies.

By doing so, the beings of the day and night, who had been unknowingly infected with darkness, could more easily burst their power and suppress the forces of disgrace.


The armies of disgrace began to drift behind the car.

To send them back beyond the crack of darkness.

This is ridiculous...!

The sage also saw the sight, and for the first time threw up the panic.

No matter how many thousands of horses are guarding you, Gunrimbo is allowed?

As a wise man who had been a direct adversary with a thousand horses for a lifetime, Gigi was a great adversary.

No matter how hostile they are, they have rarely received such blatant blessings.

If I could have been blessed, wouldn't the appearance of my dreams have changed so much in the past?

The thousand horses respected the free will of the creatures, and the world did not feel comfortable resting in the hands of the absolute like them.

By the way, giving him everything he could..... was not even understood by the common sense of the wise man.

But that or not.

[Clock's reels are fiercely swirling!]

Oh my...!

The Quirinalenge monarchy was already cast by Jungwoo.

Here, Yeonwoo adds to Pneuma's power and speeds up the absolute time around the darkness, making it resilient even at the speed of drowsiness.

[Pneuma reveals the nature of poetry and the Lord!]

[Quirinale reveals the nature of the ball and the right!]

[The rope and the blade are intertwined!]

Lines and wings. As two threads are interwoven horizontally and vertically to form a tight texture, we need a line of time and a line of space to weave the fabric of the universe.

And it was Pneuma and Quirinale that each symbolized as a god.

The most important elements that make up a 'dream' were the two.

It was because of this that the son of the Dark King, including the sage, was most saddened by the loss of Pneuma and Querinale.

There were no two things that could be called 'Dreams’ and ‘Goulets’, because their ‘Dreams’ were only half a mile away.

After all, I just kept repeating what the thousand horses wanted.

But when these two things are intertwined, they are against the wise. And now a thousand horses that were still quiet had just one number.

It's an exquisite number of punctures that precisely stab the heart of the edition that the wise man has designed and operated so far.

Thousand horses...! Is this what you've been hiding?

The wise man spits out his furious bow.

He's never been emotionally agitated by anything that's happened before, but he can't do it now.

Both the seedlings and the wings crossed that way. And it is each exerting great power against him. There was no blade more dangerous than this.

And no matter how the wise man ran and rolled the darkness, there was nothing he could do without dropping the evil clinging link.

Above all.

Yeonwoo and Jungwoo, the sum of the twin siblings, was great. No matter how hard you tried to stop it, the flow of the plate rolled so naturally as if the cogs were rolling.

After all, the armies of disgrace continued to be pushed and pushed to the crack where they had originally been.

The darkness, which the wise man used to call out to, began to stir up like the sea in which the storm gradually met, and then continued to crumble and drift.

That's when the wise man's hands were getting dizzy.

[Clock's reel winds up as fast as possible!]


In a moment, Yeonwoo concealed himself in front of the sage. No, it was precisely moving too fast, and it was right to say that the wise man had missed the rest of his mind for a very short time.

And the place where Yeonwoo appeared was right behind the wise man.


When the sage detected Yeongyeon late and turned his body toward him, Yeongyeon was already smiling coldly and putting squitte in his chest.

“I've been eating a lot, so why don't you go fuck yourself? ”


Squitte's pointed blade penetrates the wise man's body and protrudes outward.

[The leaf of death winds at its fastest speed!]


Along with the sound of the invisible leaf winding somewhere.

[The target has been forcibly implanted with ‘Death'!]

[‘Asa ( dead)'].]

[‘Galsa ( dead)' is executed.]

[The viper is executed.]

[‘Verb ( dead)' is executed.]



Around the spot where Squitte was stabbed, a mottled black shadow spread rapidly.