Second Life Ranker

4. Day and Night (4)


Seriously, you keep doing crazy things.

The wise man cuts his breasts and looks at the squitte in and speaks nonsense.

Various deaths have alternately come and gone, such as rotting, shattering, stinking, burning, and freezing.

In the first place, the notion of death itself comes from the dark.

Now that I've fed it to Dorian sources, I can ask you if this makes any sense.

The problem was that the nonsense was really in front of my eyes.

It was not enough to drive the wise man completely to the path of extinction, but the hand of death to take him by the invisible was unpleasant.

Therefore, at that moment, the wise man was forced to fully acknowledge the association.

In the meantime, a handful that you can usefully use, or a cute little thing that I said I would try to save my brother and family somehow..... but it was just like that.

He was now completely side-by-side with himself.

Of course, it was too late to realize that.


Blood poured out from what was thought to be the mouth of the wise.

It was also a dark existence, but it was a clear indication of a significant blow.

Of course, all the creatures of 'day’ and 'night’ who were watching the sight were forced to wet themselves with shock.

“The center of the darkness is broken...? ”

Seriously, something crazy is happening in a row! Hmm!

Oh, Burr. G. Go. Oh, Burr. G.

Stab. Go.

That. Rum. Oh, Burr. G.

Jeong. Do it. Jean. Gun. a.

[The existences of the 'day (Eros)' frighten the Lord Self of the Dark King, who has wounded the Lord Self of the Dark King!]

[The existence of the Night Knox reveals the question of who the real foolish father is!]

And then.

“Ah... it's you. ”

Jung Woo's voice split his son-in-law.

They seem to be squeezing forcefully, but their ears are so sharp that they contain a great deal of divinity.

“It's not over yet, everybody stay awake! ”

[The creatures of the day (Eros) are awakening to the cries of the sun and starting to push back the forces of disgrace!]

[The creatures of ‘Night (Knox)’ look at the foolish father!]

Jungwoo was dealing with the space, so I knew for sure.

No matter how much death is transplanted, it's hard to say that you killed the wise man completely.

Rather, it could be more dangerous now.

Maybe it's different.

Yeah, a thousand. I don't know what you're drawing, but I'm sure I'm caught up in it.

But I don't know that I'm not in the mood either.


You have to make it somehow.

At the same time as those bows popped out.

Seekerman's gaze soars from the area thought to be a sage's eyeball.

[‘Confusion' has been forcibly transmitted from the target to the other side!]

Argh……! I thought there was something going on, but there was something really fucked up.

Kronos roars as he sees the darkness crawling up the Smelsmal along his specimen.

It appears to be the same shade of dark as it appears to be, but it's a completely different shade of dark.

The essence was also different in the first place.

And the nature of it was "confusion."

A very fundamental concept that draws out dreams, chaos, disorganization, etc. It was also a force that was always unleashed when a wise man dealt with a relationship.

If death destroys the target, chaos tears everything down and makes it worthless.

Rapidness, myth, divinity..... even though they are great things, they are not all like sand castles that will disappear after they wake up from the ‘dream’.

The wise man fully conceptualized those traits and made them his main attributes. Just as Yeonwoo puts death at the root of his power, chaos was the root of that to the wise.

Naturally, the attributes of this confusion were also very valid for other children.

Even though they are grouped together, they also have individual doctors. I didn't want to disappear so hopelessly. It was for all these reasons that I obeyed the wise man.

However, such confusion has been transferred to Yeonwoo.

It was never possible to forcibly inject new power without having an overwhelming force gap.

The problem was that Yeonwoo was united with Squitte.

Just as he inflicted his own injuries on the wise man through squitte.

The sage was also pushing Yongwoo into the same aisle.

I didn't know this was going to be hard at all.

[The leaf of death is returning to its fastest speed!]

[Death continues to be transplanted.]

[Start overheating due to maximum output.]

[Attention! The day of the leaf begins to wear out rapidly. The degree of damage is considerable. Recommend reuse after a break.]

[Attention! The degree of wear has reached a severe level. We recommend that you discontinue the use of tadpoles.]


[Warning! Durability is exhausted. Overheating is starting to ruin the leaf of death!]

[Confusion Invasion is taking place rapidly.]

[Rapid shaking in jeopardy.]

[Divinity is at stake.]

[Religion is at stake.]


[Warning! Chaos has reached the depths of the Spirit. You are about to violate the darkness you were holding.]

[WARNING! When the darkness wears into chaos, your entitlement can become dangerous!]


[WARNING! If you continue to disrupt the breach, you may lose your power as the Dark King's ego! In that case, you are very likely to be in the dark! We advise you to leave immediately!]

Tooth, Tooth

Chi Yi!

Yeonwoo's body shakes in jeopardy as if it's full of noise. The arm was broken, then repaired, and the face became a different shape, then returned to its original state. Even the main body, the giant dragon, appeared several times and then repeatedly disappeared.

It was evidence that all the elements that made up the existence of 'Yeonwoo’ were being forcefully shaken.

Who gets eaten by each other's attributes first.

It's not a bad idea to check it out, is it?

The wise man was still casting his bow in a harsh tone, but beneath it was a stiffness.


It was originally dark and was the most underlying frog in the world, which could not be called complete darkness.

Why do you think I could have come all this way?


The wise man was bursting with such a noiseless laugh.

So, just like before, eating with you would be a little better.

[This target is addicted to ‘Death’!]

[You have received the curse of 'Confusion’ from that target!]

The wise man grabbed squeeze tight. And he grabbed her inside.

Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. No, I was having more fun.

The deeper the squite, the more it connects. You can inject more of your attributes into Yeonwoo.

Rule of law, dental profit

The Wise Man's body was equally noisy.

The darkness that lurked between the two men was now tangled with the stables, and the different colors were almost eliminated.

Yeonwoo's eyes also shined cold.

It was an owl?

I never went behind my back to eat anything.

[The 'Spirit Sword of Hades’ is predatory!]

[Soul Stone (arrogance, appetite, color) wakes up and rides!]


[‘Death’ and ‘Confusion’ mix!]

[Rapid mixing.]

[The divine mixes.]

[Faith is mixed.]


[Presence is shaking!]

[Can't distinguish blackness. The self is merging and dividing.]


Kronos called out his son's name in his voice. The medium to medium was also shaking in jeopardy as the day became increasingly dull, but it was too bad that his son was immersed in a divine fight.

So I wanted to tell him to unmerge. Then we'll end up on the line where we only lose ourselves. Obviously, his thoughts would have been passed on to Yeonwoo as well.

However, he did not seem to have any intention of hearing that.

Khh! Khh!

This is more persistent than I thought.

Will we be given a chance?

Several demons also watched the fraternity and the sage fight excitedly.

In other words, it was ready to pop out.

Even if one of them wins, even if it's completely mixed up, it's bound to end up exhausted.

I was so good at taking fishermen's geography.

When there are so many eyes that they can't be counted.


[We have succeeded in returning all the ‘Legion of Disdain’!]

[The owner of ‘Daylight (Eros)' has used his power, 'Absolute Power Space’ to block the rift so that the 'Legion of Shame’ cannot be poured into the darkness!]

A message came to mind that he succeeded in pushing all the forces of disgrace out of the rift with a tremendous explosion.


Jungwoo quickly turned his gaze toward Yeonwoo and the wise man.

[‘Absolute Power Space’ has been reactivated!]

[The power of Chill is added.]

[Blessing of a thousand horses.]

Jungwoo opens the sliding door to the left and to the right with both hands, and opens it wide and wide.

Yeongyeon in his left hand and sage in his right hand. I didn't think it would break down. The two spirits were mixed together, but they were too cloudy. Yeonwoo also had too much of the sage's color, and the sage also had too much of her color planted.

Therefore, Jungwoo wanted to drop the two of them again, leaving only an identity castle that could clearly distinguish them.

Dumb job!

It sounded as if the paper was tearing. With so much noise, the relationship and the wise man, who were now hard to even recognize, eventually bounced off each other, and the darkness, which was mixed up, was forced to tear.

“…… big! ”

Yeonwoo stared at the wise man with a pretty tired face. No matter how forcefully detached he was, the darkness, which was still of a different nature, was in a tumultuous fight.

And that was the same thing with the sage, who was spitting the bow with exhaustion.

Really.... It's hard.

I never thought I'd be this persistent. How can you still maintain your identity even if it's eaten like that?

Of course, no matter how questionable, Yeonwoo did not answer.

Well, that would be natural for you.

By the way.

Looks like there's a whole bunch of guys out there that might make us harder. What are we gonna do?

Yeongyeon frowned and looked at the other monsters who were now blatantly slaughtered.


Here. Here.

Uh, I've got two too coveted fruits.

With a strange laugh.

The demons who were still silent began to rise one by one.