Second Life Ranker

5. Day and Night (5)

They've been looking at Yeonwoo and the Wise Man.

Those guys got up all at once, and the mood turned upside down at once.

The unified dark ones are racing through the medium-high heating, but that's why they look more terrorized.

Because the unfinished moments contained only affection and an appetite for the wise.

Delicious fruit. Delicious fruit....

What are you two doing? Like we always do, we fight each other and we don't fight. Huh? Yeah.

Yeah, we don't care. Come on. Huh?

Of course, he was not a gentleman and a wise man who would stupidly pass on such words.

In the mountains where the tiger disappeared, I heard that the fox was doing the king's job.

The two tigers have not yet completely fallen, but are they so blatantly hostile?

I guess I looked ridiculous to ‘me'.

The sage speaks nonsense.

Usually, those who couldn't even face him properly, now the weather was downgraded, and they were puffy.

But he understood them.

The dark king's selves were usually only instincts and desires.

Originally, every ‘dream' had strong hatred and hatred, and the things that were chosen by the dark as executors were systemic.

After being fully attributed to the darkness, it was demonic to slowly lose its identity, and to that end, only the grudge that it held to the end remained instinctive.

They no longer have the word 'years’, but the place where they lived is completely gone, and the free will cannot proceed, even if it carries some new aspirations, so their natural identity is removed and dried up.

It was for that reason that the demon, the son of the Dark King, who fought so many times over Yeonwoo, only showed such an ugly attitude with such a strange laugh.

Rather, it was only irregular that Yongyeon had turned up here without losing his original identity.

If I ask you to name another Regular..... the wise man, is he the only one?

No, it's rather good. You don't have to take it and press it again to climb.

The sage muttered coldly and did not forget to look at Yeonwoo's eyes.

This is how the fight spread to the Triple Wave.

One could get caught in the back.

Moreover, Hyundai was not feeling very well because the notion of death in his body was constantly struggling.

The notion of death was constantly feeding on his darkness.

In addition, after the 'quarrel’, there was a rare lack of identity as the greed and darkness mingled around.

Perhaps it takes a considerable amount of time to completely shake off the implanted death....

The problem was that it was difficult for demons to make such a time when they came together as a group.

That is why the wise man intended to propose a ceasefire to Yeonwoo for a very short time.

He must be experiencing symptoms similar to his own, so if he is in danger of being eaten by another child, he will want to take all of them, press them, and make a decision with him again.

In the dark world, sequencing is very important sometimes.

To the wise man's mind, that was certainly a reasonable judgment. And the thought of such a wise man was communicated to Yeonwoo as well through thought.

It was not very difficult to pass on such an offer because they were sharing a cloud of darkness, even though they didn't have to write a direct line or a message.

However, there was one misconception here.

Unlike himself, who must remain fully occupied in the dark and continue to maintain his position as the State Self here.

For Yeonwoo, darkness is just a means and a tool used by need wherever you go.

“No. I'm not falling back here. ”

What is it?

When the wise man hurriedly turned his head toward Yeonwoo, pouring out the arrows that were ridiculous.

Yeonwoo was already hitting Squitte vertically.

“I'd love to see a battle here right away, but this is my family's safety first. I don't want to put you in danger. ”


I felt like I could hear that somewhere.

The darkness..... was tearing.

The infinite darkness unfolds, and the middle is cut off, centered on where the yeon and the sage are.

[The world of darkness is over!]

[Separate into two colours.]

[Warning! The Dark King's interior is fluctuating greatly. Be aware of strong shocks!]

[WARNING! The cloud is in jeopardy. If complete separation is not achieved, there may be a risk of collapse.]

[WARNING! The darkness is forcibly tearing. There can be loss of energy. Be careful.]

[Warning! The Darkness...]


Oh, my God!

The sage only wanted to realize what Yeongwoo's number was.

In the first place, it wasn't the structure of my brother and mother. The advent of the wise man was an event that was not included in his plan.

In such a situation, you don't have to settle with the wise man right now.

Other children run like dogs, but only their families and their families are in danger.

Moreover, Yeonwoo was different from the sage who had to be completely subordinate to the dark and completely detained here.

He still has a body called the Giant Dragon, and he still has his‘ dream ’on hold, so he can take it out there at any time.

You can treat it right there.

After that, if he came back and targeted the wise and other monsters who were exhausted, he was the perfect fisherman.

I was not worried about being kicked out by leaving my seat for a while.

Now that half of the darkness has already been watered down by the notion of death, there is no one who can cast out euthanasia.

Even if he falls out of here for a while, he will never lose anything.

On the other hand.

Wise man had too much to lose.

No way, I'm aiming for something like this...?

The wise man could see the coldly smiling face of Yeonwoo and realize that it was all under the calculation of Yeonwoo.

The wise man stretched out his darkness toward him, thinking that he should not send a eunuch like this.

But in the meantime, the darkness surrounding the pond had already fallen beneath the cliff, and the gap had widened.

Kick-kick! I'm gonna eat, I'm gonna eat!

Delicious sage! I think I can keep eating even if my stomach explodes!

Get in my boat!

What are you talking about? Get in my boat! I.... I am! I'll make it delicious. Come here!

The demons rushed to the wise man in unison as they spilled their tears. I cling to him stubbornly, as they thought it would be better to target only a wise man who was out of strength than to deal with both of them at once.

The darkness that was about to reach Yeonwoo was broken or extinguished as it struck the other descendants of the flying tribe.

And the darkness of the wise man in the barrel where the demons cling to the virtues no longer leads to association...... I had to turn my back on the road to face the relentless self.

These damn things!

It was the first time that the Wise Man's Focus Face had collapsed, no matter what had happened.

* * *

[The complete separation of darkness is taking place!]

[There is a strong shock to the cloud. Watch out for the aftermath.]

[Cloud is forcibly disconnected. Please check the source for any data loss concerns.]

[In the cloud…….]



The separation of darkness.

Everyone was appalled by the unusual situation that had never happened before.

Puhahaha! How dare you fuck the Dark King! Really, Cha Yeon Woo, you...! Truly, Tom had no choice but to fly! How can you think like this without going crazy!

Agarès bursts into tear gas without rest.

Madness mixed with laughter.

With madness as his name, these outrageous streets were only fun.

I don't think I've ever seen one or two of these before, but I never thought they'd fuck the state ego that they thought they were the Dark Kings!

Oh, Burr. G. Ah. Burr. G.

E. My country. Two.

The creatures of ‘Night’ were also a little surprised by this fact, but they returned to the shadows without hesitation.

Rather, they noticed the situation as it is now very interesting.

It was a great pleasure to live in a vain world where there has never been any change or arousal.

[‘Dancing Green Flame’] This father shouts, 'You are so great!]

[This‘ source of impurity ’says that this is sure to be my father's victory, so I'm going to sing a song as a memorial!]

[The Black Yoshin of Enrichment shouts, "Don't think about picking a pig's throat!"]]


Rather, they were delighted that the eunuchs who embraced them had shuddered the wise man and taken his victory.

And you are.

[Thousands of horses burst into laughter in a special situation that had never been accomplished even in the repetition of 'Dreams’ and 'Goulets’.]

[Look at the new Dark King's ego with astonishing eyes, even though he is an enforcer, but behaves completely different from the existing enforcer.]

Thousands of horses have also sent messages in turn.

I don't know where Yeonwoo is, but I felt like I could see her with my own eyes.

What the hell is he thinking?

I still wondered what his doubts were.

[Reopen the book that the thousand horses were reading.]

And the message of a thousand horses was cut off there again.

[Currently, the number of blacks that have fallen is about 49.6% of the total.]

[Loss rate 0.4%]

[Error Range ± 0.1532%]

[The durability of the 'dream’ spans within the error range, and the existing self's John Lip is jeopardized and the grace lasts.]

[But the durability of 'Dream’ has fallen indefinitely. Keep in mind that when a strong impact occurs, this can happen.]


[Confirmed to have acquired nearly half the Darkness. I was close to watering the darkness entirely with my own color.]

[Title changed to 'Alternate Self of the Dark King’.]


A world full of black swirls and falls into the shadow of Yeonwoo.

And when Yeonwoo opened her eyes again.

He and Jungwoo returned to the place where they had originally left, on the border of 'day’ and 'night’.

If there is anything different from before, the area of the ‘night’ is now completely invisible.

“Phew...! ”

“Are you just back? ”

The ‘daytime' creatures were cheering loudly on the fact that they escaped safely from the darkness and even saved Jung Woo and Leah.

The same goes for Jungwoo.

I woke up from a long sleep, and soon I became a frowny face.

This air.

This feeling.

Numerous sensations were being felt at the fingertips that I had never felt when I was in a mind or soul.

Really..... you're alive.

Jungwoo suddenly became choked by that thought.

Leah then hugs him with all her might.

At this moment, Jungwoo felt like a seven-year-old child.

“Umm..... don't. ”

“If you want to cry, cry. It's not good to insist. I've been working hard, so it's okay to cry cool. ”

Jungwoo buried Leah's face in her chest. He told me to cry, but I still didn't want to show others how fierce I looked.

“We're..... back, right? ”

“Yes, I think so. ”

“You can go home. ”

“Yeah, so let's all go back. ”

Leah nods quietly.

Because the moment your family was hoping for is finally here. Leah, on the other hand, wanted to see the other children who had left her in the Olympic Forces. I heard there was a lot of dissatisfaction between my children... I had to think about how I could reconcile them. Zeus had to comfort himself when he was so crooked.

However, the idea of two hats did not last long.

The other one.

Yeonwoo and Kronos, who knew they were smiling the same way, had a stiff face.

When you and the wise man are mixing, you accidentally see the insides of what you've been hiding. As a father, I think I stole your son's diary. I'm sorry, but I'd like to ask you this much.

Precisely Kronos was angry with Yeonwoo.

What the hell are you thinking, son?