Second Life Ranker

6. Executor (1)

In any cave facing the tomb of an ox.

“…… Cool! ”

Evil Keith did not walk through a narrow and long passageway, but suddenly opened his eyes and was severely bleeding.


Why are you doing that?

King Umar and the whole Catholic Church, walking side by side, frowned and turned their gaze toward him.

Rule of law, dental worker!

Evil Kera saw a lot of noise in her body that was forming a 'presence'.

It means the turbulence is fading.

Thanks to it, the soul code in it could be read to some extent.

In a moment, King Umar's eyes narrowed.

The existence of Evil Kera that he has seen so far has been full of mysteries.

Since the beginning, it has been difficult to count the depths, even though there are few people in the eye.


It was clear that the body was a vessel for projecting only ideas into the world. The problem was that the body behind it could not be seen.

‘The face of a thousand horses..... but the strange thing is that it doesn't smell like him at all. ’

King Umar was once in a relationship with a thousand horses before he got the name "The Horse" and taught them a short time.

It wasn't from the 'Gunrimbo’ that he used as his signature skill, but it was derived from the Ubo he was calling for in the first place.

So I knew that the thousand horses had so many previous births and rebirths, that even if they shared the same soul, each had a different personality, goal, and identity that each moved separately.

However, it did not completely disappear to the inherent character of existence, which began with Hyoma, the first flame keeper and lighthouse keeper.

In that respect, Evil Keith felt no such distinctive trait at all.

Is it more like "deliberately" removing the uniqueness of an ox and a thousand horses from him?

So it was close to colourless.

An empty bowl that contains nothing that anyone can have...

But a solid bowl.

And I rarely felt what was inside.

This means only one thing.

He was hiding his identity by placing his body somewhere else.

It's so high in intensity that it can never be read by the 'eye'.

‘Maybe the darkness..... is that. ’

The face of a thousand horses has the power of the Dark King?

There's no such thing as absurdity or contradiction.

Maybe it was possible.

It doesn't make sense that you can't read with your own eyes unless you do.

Either way, as King Umar, the exact identity of Evil Que is unknown right now.

I'm still holding hands with Evil Keith for strategic reasons, but I was still deliberately distancing myself from him.

Suddenly, you don't walk so well, you look like you're about to collapse?

There's only one meaning.

‘The body in the invisible seems to have been hit hard. ’

Maybe Evil Kera was threatened big enough to collapse her existence..... I thought so.

Funny face.

And whether it was the same idea, the Orthodox Church was grinning blatantly with a hand stroke on her chin.

If we do this, we'll have to take him down.

Evelke was also very interesting to her, so I thought I could experiment with this if I could hold her.

I was interrogating her about Bimagildara, the background that led her to this dream.

Nevertheless, the presence of King Umar and the whole Catholic Church was still as sharp as the eyes of Evil Keith.

Moreover, the smell of the beasts that are opening their eyes in his shadow has also come out.


In this narrow space, the two of them did not necessarily move their thoughts into action, since they were all crumbling together in a cave.

Of course, they weren't just worried about the Raw Burial, but the Tomb of the Lamb should never have collapsed.


“Phew...! ”

Evelke sighs for a long time.

The noise that shook the existence was also silent again.

But King Umar and the whole Catholic Church were already noticing.

Many of the elements that made up Evil Quest, almost half the force, suddenly slipped away somewhere.

Before, his horror, which seemed as grim as it was hard to guess how high it was, seemed to have fallen a few steps.

Of course, the average transcendent was still as high as it was hard to count.

That alone allowed King Umar to read precisely where the background of Evil Keith was unknown.

"Darkness! Huh! No way, but you didn't think it was real? ’

King Umar was like Gigi.

What kind of story does this little Goblin have that he's lucky to be the face of a thousand horses, yet he's revered by the Dark King?

‘No..... This is not the extent of your honor, but it will be your self. The face of a thousand horses and the self of the Dark King. What a miserable creature. ’

King Umar bursts into laughter as if he were hungry.

“Huh..! ”

Of course, the Orthodox Church also noticed who Evelke was reading.

However, my eyes were sharp.

She was once a vigilante and followed the Dark King.

What she had as a god was the proof of her dream.

“Ohoyo! I guess I showed you two a bad look. ”

Evelke smiled with a smile full of courtesy. Despite a considerable loss of power, he did not see a faint tint.

“Are you okay?”

“Ohoyo. What do you mean? ”

“The mask you're wearing right now. It looks like it's gone with less gold, but it's okay to keep it that way. ”

Evelke laughed very briefly.

It was because King Umar's expression could not be more accurate.


I had this vessel to hide my true identity, so I didn't say anything wrong. They were very different in character and tone.

“Thank you for your concern. ”

“I'm not really worried. I'm not the only one who's had trouble getting inside because of you. ”

“Hyo-hyo-hyo. You don't have to worry about that either. ”

Evelke rolls up his one-tailed head.

Even though I had to miss all the Curinale and Pneuma in front of my eyes, and I had to miss a lot of darkness when Dorir's ankle was tied.

He had all his ways.

If you keep running away like a faggot, you can flip all the existing plates and throw them in one place.

“I've already put my hands on that part. ”

* * *

Son, don't you ask?

“ ……. ”

Could you please give me an answer?

Despite Kronos' ongoing dedication.

Yeongyeon remained silent.

Because the atmosphere between the two wealthy people was so harsh, Jung Woo or Leado and the other members of the family couldn't get into it.

Cha Yeonwoo!

In the end, Kronos made a big fuss.

I've been sorry for my twin sons my whole life. Especially because I owed Yeonwoo a lot of money. I knew how much trouble Yeonwoo was going through. Kronos did not want to scold him.

I thought I'd be right back, even if I was on the wrong track.

Whenever I stopped doing things I could not reasonably guess since I woke up, I never got hurt about it, even though I saw it with worry.

After all, he was a son who had lived well, because he believed he would go through well again this time.

But it is.

Not this time.

It is his deceit that Kronos saw united with the Fellowship.

The plan was so horrible that Yeonwoo's presence was mixed with that of the wise.


Kronos does not try to make a loud noise, but he sends a message so that he can only hear the connection when he sees Leah and Jung's worrying gaze facing them.

[Message from Kronos has arrived.]

[Message: You're asking me if I was thinking about the sunset! Answer me, Cha Yeon Woo!]

“ ……. ”

But he kept saying nothing about it.

…… haha. That's right.

Immediately, Kronos' shoulder, which had gone up a whole bunch, sank down the axis. Annoyment, anger, sadness and compassion passed through his face.

And you are.

As a father, I was young and disillusioned about myself, which led me to hold this kind of inheritance for my son.

In fact, Yeongyeon Yeong-soo was not that difficult.

So that this‘ dream ’will never be exposed to the threat of the end again..... being the Dark King himself and going to eternal sleep.

When the Dark King wakes up, this world is completely at a standstill. And a new ‘dream’ begins as the thousand horses rebuild the Dark King. Truth, memory, existence are all ‘dreams’ that start from the beginning. Creation comes after the end.

Yeonwoo was about to eliminate that threat.

If you don't wake up, the end will never come. Then this‘ dream ’will continue forever.

The dream will no longer have the threat of night, nor the confusion of day.

A peaceful and secure world for everyone.

A world where families can no longer suffer and be happy.

To do that, Yeonwoo was confident to bear as much as his sacrifice.

As always, he still considered himself a life-saving tool to achieve his goals.

And Kronos was forced to fall into grief because he had read all those thoughts.

It all happened because my parents were ugly.

Do you really think we're all going to be happy if it happens? Just because it is, we will really like it...!

“You don't have to worry about that. ”

You're not talking about that right now!

“ ……. ”

Yeonwoo knew what he was going to do right after he fell asleep.


to make the existence disappear from everyone's memory, and not even the fact that it was in this dream.

Then people won't honor him or grieve.

It was ridiculous.

If I was about to become King of the Dark Ages, I would be able to do that easily.

Haa! What really happened..!

Kronos covers his face with his hands.

There was no more grumbling.

But it is.

“ ……. ”

Such silence came heavier to those who were watching.

And then.

“…… Father. ”

Jungwoo approached carefully. He wasn't stupid either. It was easy to see that Yeonwoo was caught trying to do something ridiculous.

So I approached him with a hard face and I tried to ask him,

Right then.

Quaa 'ang!

All of a sudden, in the heat of the sound, everyone's gaze returned to it.

Where the "daytime" camp was originally located.

[‘Olympus’ and ‘Malach’ have started a war!]

Then, in a sudden message, both eyes were wide open.