Second Life Ranker

7. Executor (2)

Just before the Yeonwoo group showed up.

The neural warfare between Olympus and Malach was tense.

No, it was precisely Malach's one-sided vision.

“That's ridiculous.”


“Just because the god who disappeared is back doesn't make him happy. I'm saying it's ridiculous. I doubt that the mistress we knew was right. ”

Athena stiffens as she looks at Mikael, who laughs and blatantly complains.

I remembered the voice of Yeonwoo, who looked carefully at him. You don't know what you're up to.

“What do you want to say? ”

“No, I'm just saying. I didn't mean to make fun of you. Looks like it made planting of Athena uncomfortable. I'm sorry.”

Mikael shrugs as Athena opens her mind and pulls out Shichimi, pretending she doesn't know.

Athena's face hardened even more.

In fact, even during the war with Night, Athena didn't get along very well with Michael. No, it wasn't just bad enough, but it was bad enough that I had almost had a death row a few times.

Even though it is so famous in the celestial world, Mikael was originally a fighting dog.

When you meet a strong man, you see him fight unconditionally. And when it was judged that he was weaker than himself, he was also known as an underdog who treated him indefinitely.

If Metatron hadn't been holding the rope in the middle, it wouldn't have been weird to buy hatred from different societies.

But with the tower collapsing, the metatron could not escape extinction, and things changed completely after it was no longer possible to deter him.

Metatron maintains his focus on the war against the Night, but he also continues to be in conflict with his colleagues in the same ‘daytime’ faction.

No, it was true that there was only one place in the world where the metatron could reveal its instincts without filtration.

In any case, the most hostile of Mikael and his dissidents was Athena.

It was because there were many parts of her that were not naturally compatible with Mikael, who always attached great importance to rigorous military rule and empire, creating useless chaos.

I didn't want to get involved in other societies so badly, but I haven't been looking at you lately.

Now I'm going to make a public protest, and Athena was really annoyed.

Even if Yeonwoo didn't leave a message like that in the first place, Athena was always bothered by Michael.


“What's wrong with you? ”

Mikael smiles with a smile, but Athena's words harden her impression.

“Does it feel good to express your inferiority that way? ”

“…… what? ”

“It's ugly. Trying to fill your self-esteem in a way that shatters others. I'm great, I'm as tall as you are. Do you think yelling like that would be worth more? ”

“This bitch has a pierced mouth...! ”

“No one can treat you like Luciel, no matter how good you are. ”

“ ……! ”

Luciel. As soon as the traumatic existence of Michael was mentioned, the nature of the creed surrounding him changed.

I decided to live in speculation.

That much, Luciel, or Lucifer, weighed him heavily.

However, Athena's readings continued to pour out.

“You didn't think Luciel had inferiority, did you? ”

Luciel, who was born as a twin brother, but was chosen by Metatron and became an archangel, had to live only as a lighthouse in a miserable place for life.

But as he swallowed up the original fire, he became Lucifer, "The Dawn Bringer," and gained the power to burn the celestial system.

Although the wings were broken by the gods and demons, the damage suffered by the celestial system was immense.

At that time, Michael was the one who put a knife directly into Luciel's heart.

Known to have swallowed tears for the peace and safety of the celestial world, Michael put a knife to his twin brothers' chests.

The gods and demons in the place where Luciel's wings were broken knew the truth.

That Michael was smiling coldly at the time.

Luciel, who had been ignored until then, trembled greatly, and Michael, who was inferior to this, approached Luciel as an excuse to mediate and stabbed him.

So Athena, who was there on behalf of the Olympus, knew michael's nature better than anyone else.

Now I can see that all those crooked faces and actions are childish to build a strong pride.

But I didn't have to talk about it anymore because I thought it would only make me noisy when I touched Michael's egotistical face.

But if you look that hostile, the story is completely different.

“A pierced mouth..... do you think they all look the same? ”

As Michael sharpens his nerves, the archangels standing behind him raise their wings in unison.

The same goes for the gods of the Olympus.

Equally, he made a tight match while opening his mind.

[Malach opens Blessing, Winding Evil]]

[‘Olympus’ opens Blessing, ‘Army of Darkness and Brain'!]

[The two divine societies point spears at each other!]

[There is a sign that the faction of ‘Day (Eros)’ will be divided!]

“That's ridiculous! He was an apostle of the Dark King, and now he has the title of 'day’ in his possession. It's not unusual to point a spear at us in the direction of the night. ”

Michael continued his words as he burst his jaws.

“If Uranos finds out, I'll be frustrated. if you know that your society, which was originally the mainstay of the day, became the forerunner of the night. ”

Not only the Olympic Forces, but also Yeonwoo.

“You know what, Michael? ”

Athena was still not clearing cynicism.

“Shut the fuck up. It stinks. I can smell steam all the way here. ”

“This bitch is crawling...! ”

Such a tribute was unacceptable to Mikael, who was proud of Athena's words.

Mikael tries to burst into flames with his face as red as a date.

And then.


Michael suddenly stiffens his impression and raises his head in a flash.

You seem to have been contacted by someone suddenly.

‘What are you doing? ’

Athena glances at him with curious eyes, and Mikael communicates closely with someone without any flattery at all.

I looked like I was having a conversation with a serious face, but soon I smiled brightly and turned my gaze to this side.


“ ……! ”

Oh, my God!

Athena steps back without even knowing.

Michael's eyes..... were sharpened without knowing where.

It looks like a predator with delicious food in front of his eyes.

Athena, the chief apostle of Yeonwoo, had a lot of time left to spare.

Well, it was obvious there was something.

“…… It was just a car with timing in mind whether or not it needed to be. I understand you're saying that. There's nothing more to hide, is there? ”

Athena instinctively swiftly pulls out the Aigis and surrounds it in the air.

“So let's get started. ”

Michael twists one end of his lips as he finishes communicating.

Then I remembered a message as if I had waited.

[‘Night (Knox)' begins to set!]


I didn't even think about it.

Athena turns her head to one side.

The realm of ‘night’ was slowly disappearing. Like pulling a black insignia down, the darkness sucks into one place at a fast pace. I could see that I was drawn to the gods of the other world.


Whoo! Whoo!

And it was a coincidence to be there. Athena realized that Yeonwoo had received all the ‘Night’ she wanted, but somehow she couldn't be more pleased.

It was because there was a completely opposite phenomenon in Mikael.

[‘Night (Knox)' begins to bloom!]

“So let's stop acting, let's get to the bottom of it. ”

The sacred light swells around michael, and instead the darkness grows ominous. And he took something out of his arms and put it in his mouth.

At that moment, Athena clenches her back.

You didn't have to look closely at what Mikael was swallowing, so you knew right away!

Soul Stone!

I didn't know why he had that, but it was as clear as one thing.

If Mikael swallows adra stones, it becomes very dangerous!

Michael was Luciel's twin, who was the original owner of the adra stone. Then it was clear that the repercussions of the soul would be better than anyone else.


Wedge fluid

So Athena hit the ground straight away. Nine layers of Aigis dance as they rotate at a rapid pace, and a sword in one hand spurts up the sword.

Dig job!


I split my son-in-law's throat like a black and red bayonet was about to explode.

[‘Olympus’ and ‘Malach’ have started a war!]

“That's good!”

Mikael smiles freely in front of the power that seems to be forced to extinguish at the moment when he hits his own speed. He fixes his own gymnastics and raises it hard.

‘Quis ut Deus' written on the surface of Unwaldo? ’The phrase vomited more spectacular luminosity than ever before.

The patriot, Mont-Saint-Michel, who always shouts the name of God and carries the punishment, has fused with the nature of Temperantia.

With an explosive flame hitting the sword lightning, lightning strikes across the sky.

With such a breathtaking sight that I might not have come to visit you at all.


Above Michael's head, the 'night’ was clearly being regenerated, sucked into the shadow of Yeonwoo.

[‘Night (Knox)' is blooming!]

Even though it was lighter in color and smaller in size than the old 'night'.

But the fact that Mikael caused the ‘night' was shocking everyone.

No matter how much trouble you've caused, you've always thought you were a colleague of the same faction. In fact, there were quite a few other gods he defeated.

But it turns out that it was all a lie, and now the story has completely swallowed up the adra.

Under the gloomy darkness.



One day, the archangels, who were completely infected by the darkness and lost their focus, rushed to Olympus with a depressed nobility.

[Blessing and Blessing of ‘Night (Knox)’ goes to ‘Malach’!]

* * *

That. I think. Ooh. Lee. Oh, yeah.

C. Lynn. Rust. S.

C. Lynn. Smell. Bird.

Oh, Burr. G.

Oh, do it. E. Poetry. The road.

When I saw the gods of the world shouting that it had nothing to do with them, I realized that the 'night’ that Mikael caused..... in this‘ dream ’, the existence was called Evil Kera.

‘I thought I'd lost my mind for a while because of my other son, but did you take out the other hand I hid? ’

Still, I can't believe I let Mikael, who was a metatron's blessing, be Malach's forerunner.

I didn't know right away whether the two of you were from the tower or while Yeonwoo was asleep.

But there are two things that are certain.

One is that the fight against the Wise Evil Quest is not over yet.

The other one.

‘It won't be as difficult as it used to be because I took so much of the darkness from me. Let me show you who the owner of this dream is. ’

Aren't there some decent creatures to use at the right time?

“Show me who the real night is. ”

Scared to death of that word.



As the shadows spread along the ground, the creatures of the ‘night’ sprung out and covered Malach. I didn't know what they were thinking, but I couldn't resist the complete ‘night’.