Second Life Ranker

8. Executor (3)

“I'll talk to you later. ”

Yeonwoo did not talk to Kronos, but as another ‘night’ blossomed, he moved toward him as he moved his shadow.

Yeonwoo, kite...!

Kronos urgently called his son's name, but Yeonwoo was already treading on the festival.

Usually when this happens, he used to treat Kronos unconditionally, but now he doesn't seem willing to.

An attitude that is only cold because it is not cool.

However, I knew my father who had seen many aspects of his son.

That's what he looks like when he wants to hide something.

You…… really……!

Kronos couldn't say anything because his son couldn't make it.

I was angry and sad. And he was just so lamentable that he couldn't do anything without being a father.

But you have to convince him somehow. Kronos is trying to move with that thought.


Jungwoo quietly approached him.

Kronos clenches his back and turns his head toward you.

Jung Woo's face was stiff, and Leah was looking at this side with unrelenting relief behind her.

‘It's my mistake. ’

Kronos covers his face with his hands without even knowing it.

The more this happened, the quieter we had to deal with it so the other families wouldn't notice.

It was only regrettable that the emotional agitation was so loud for a moment that the rest of the group sounded so loud.

“Tell me what you're thinking. ”

Kronos thought he might try to get rid of Shijimi for a while.

I didn't want to tell Jung Woo and his wife.

But the moment he saw Jung Woo's intense gaze, he intuited that he couldn't take it anymore.

Yongmaan. No, the two eyes that awakened Hyeon were firmly fixed on him.

If I tell a lie, I'll notice right away.

And it was obvious that he was going to tell the truth one way or another.

Moreover, that eye..... was the one who made every effort to sacrifice himself for others.

Kronos is for the family. Leah did it for her sons. Just like Yeonwoo did for Jungwoo.

Jung Woo also seemed to be able to do anything for Yeonwoo. In such a case, I could never lie.

After all.

.. haha!

Kronos sighs deeply and opens his mouth slowly.

Jungwoo's eyes trembled greatly.

* * *

[‘Night (Knox)' comes gloriously!]

[‘Night (Knox)' blooms loudly!]

[Two ‘Night Knox’ collides!]

The sight of the 'night’ and the 'night’ striking hard led the seer to become creepy.

But Yeonwoo thought that the ‘night’ over there would collapse shortly.

I don't know if the wise man came here himself or if there's an Evil Quest.

It was only because Mikael, who was only a single handed man, had no choice but to smoke the ’night'.

But Mikael was racing like a real Luciel a thousand years ago.

“Fahahaha! Yes! This is it, this is it, not this! ”

Mikael's divinity, which swallowed the stone of self-control, was certainly superior to God's creation or the speed with which he gave it.

In the first place, Michael had more power than Metatron, but his imagination with the Soul Stone was so good that it exploded like a potential explosion.

And now it's filled with the power of darkness that you have gained by prospecting into the night.

Michael was completely intoxicated by his power, as if he had taken everything in the world.

The fire fell relentlessly. The other gods of the world who played the leading role of ‘Night' bounced off the ropes or were hunted. Olympus and Athena were too busy bouncing off Mikael's lightning.

Besides, the power of archangels hovering around Michael's Bangle like a wealthy ghost was never enough.

Uriel and Raphael clearly had a strong propensity to join the Olympus and the events, even if they were to maintain the metatron.

But they were all sacrificed to the wise without my knowledge, and the divine body was being used as a tool to support the forces of disgrace.

[Society of God, ‘Malach’ has been infected!]

[The current status of ‘Malach’ is‘ disgraceful '.]

But it is.

No matter how much, the story has completely changed since the advent of Honcephalin.

[The Black Yoshin of Enrichment] reveals the question of what the hell these things are.]

[‘Dancing green flame’ says you don't need to care much, so if you use it as a nourishment for your father, it's enough.]

[The source of impurity says it's very correct and invades the realm of Night Knox over there.]


Mikael and Malach initially wanted to be superior, but the battle was gradually changing. Starting with the source of impurity, Honcephalsin began to stand by, sprinkling his power without hesitation. It's like putting useless garbage aside.

“Phuhaha! I knew it would be different...! ”

Mikael ignores the ‘night' he smokes and laughs at the god of foolish thresholds who tries to break through.

If it breaks down easily, can it be called "night"? They are only strong, but they are fools who can't think or think at all. I was thinking that.

Until the infected archangels burst out like firecrackers.


“What is this..? ”

At this moment, Michael's face was puzzled.

I never thought that Malach would be pushed so easily.

Of course, he knew very well how powerful the gods of the night and the world were.

No matter how mad the daytime faction has been fighting for decades, it has never had an advantage over the night.

It was because of this that Mikael finally decided to abandon ‘day’ and turn to 'night'.

Others of the ‘daylight' did not doubt that the Fellowship would wake up one day and save them, but Michael did not believe it in the first place.

How do you know that even if he wakes up, he can defeat the Night?

On the other hand, the story was different if we could move on to "night."

You can also have the ruthless power seen by the gods of the world. I had no reason to be bothered.

‘But why...! ’

The problem was that the power that Mikael gained, the power that he thought would become stronger after swallowing the adra stone, was a trick in front of Daewoo.

I doubt it's really the same night.

Becoming the owner of Knox, which could be called the essence of the night, was now a patchwork that was made to know that it was a relationship, not a sage.


Yeonwoo shook her hand lightly in the air.

[Swordsmith hits!]


[Black Guvitara is prevalent!]

The gods of the world march, and the sword strikes, pushing Malach to the ground. After that, when Dis Pluto such as Shannon advanced like the occupying forces, everything moved to the realm of Yeonwoo at a rapid pace.

“Oh, shit! Shit! What the hell are you doing! ”

Mikael screamed at the whale, but it was only by him that he stopped the hammering of the sword.

Even if I could not win after swallowing the resection stone, I thought I could do it somehow..!

He could only realize that there was a gap between himself and Yeonwoo that could never be crossed by any number.

Even the fact that Evil Keith, who pinched himself, whispered a lie.

‘Evilke..! You tricked me!’


Quarr, Quarr

Evil Que seemed to simply need the means to grasp Yeonwoo's ankle.

But knowing that, it was too late to reverse the situation.

Yeonwoo's gum mines continued to grow stronger.


Suddenly, when he saw a sword falling over his head, Michael could barely shake it off to Mont-Saint-Michel.


However, the one room spread throughout Mont-Saint-Michel, completely losing its function as a divine creature, and the horsepower that the resection stone was unleashing exceeded its output and stopped for a while.

He almost crippled Mikael with just one shot.

In such a ridiculous situation, Mikael was completely knocked out by his predecessor.

“Don't you think it's good to sell one eye? ”

Athena swung her sword as she appeared before her eyes.

It was a sword condensed like that. If there is anything else, it should be said that the divine power is much more open than ever after the absolute blessing of Yeonwoo.

Quaa 'ang!

Eventually, Mikael collapsed into a rushed and pushed position to stop Athena's attack, without even enjoying enough correction for swallowing the resection stone.

‘This isn't the end of it. ’

However, as a coincidence, I narrowed my glance to the idea that the trap that Evil Que dug was too shabby.

Simply grabbing his ankle was too wasteful to throw away Soul Stone and Mikael's defeat.

‘First we have to kill him and move on to where Evil Keith is. ’

Yeonwoo only thinks that he should go catch Evil Keith a little sooner, as long as Kronos has all the plans.

After all, the family regained all, the 'night' was recovered, and the upheaval was brought to a level equivalent to that of the wise man Evil Que.

I thought it would be better to catch Evil Keith and absorb even the rest of the darkness when all the wounds have not healed due to quarreling with the other self.

I need to find out what the hell you're up to at Evil Kegata's grave and play first.

Above all.

‘When Jungwoo hears everything from his father, it hurts. So we have to hurry...! ’

Thinking of moving quickly with his hands out, Yeonwoo tries to swing his finger in the air to quickly hit Mikael's neck.

Fifi piping!

Suddenly I saw the arrows of light flying apart from the air into dozens.


Yeonwoo notices who the owners of those arrows are and frowns.

He was the one who killed Abraham!


Gather around!

Spraying a sword in the air, the brain spreads out in the shape of a web and shoots all the light rays out of the air.

In the meantime, Lee Yee landed quietly on the floor.

“Long time no see.”

He said, "It's good to see you." He waved his hand and greeted me.


Already before that, Yeonwoo was slicing the dust cloud and blowing his body this way.

“Oh, my gosh! Are you a handshake? You've grown more violent than you've ever seen. ”

[Seventh Solvent Awakening]

[Power Full Open]

[Sky Wings]

Yeonwoo spreads out her wings of black and red fire and scatters a sword full of flames, as if it were covered with dragon scales.

“Well, I wouldn't be so bad if I was just fighting. I asked you to hold your ankle for a very long time to become Evil Keith. ”

As if he knew it, he took out two small arrows from his back and cut the sword with a dagger, and began a bonfire and an amphibious battle.


Yeo and Yeo had a series of clashes there. Punch and fist hit, power and power collided.

As the divine power draws the door, it stretches out into all directions.

[The owner of ‘Eros' is coming!]

Between the stars, Jungwoo fell vertically with his heavenly wings wide open.

If you get caught in the wrong way, you will be bound by the power of the Quirinale. Yeon and Yeon pushed each other hard and fell far away.


“The new descendants of the Curinale will be very handsome, so be careful. Is that you? ”

“Listen, you little punk is in love. ”

Jungwoo glances at Yeonwoo with a fierce eye and turns his gaze.

“Brother! I thought you would like it..! ”

“The one behind you. ”

Jungwoo tried to scream while his face was dim, but Yeongyeon cut Jungwoo's waist in a calm attitude and pointed to the forehead behind him.

“He's the one who killed Abraham. ”

“ ……! ”

Jung Woo's gaze returned to this direction.