Second Life Ranker

9. Executor (4)

In Jungwoo's eyes, all sorts of emotions passed.


A name full of yearning for him.

The first emotion that Jungwoo felt when he opened his eyes as a 'real’ Chongwoo was happiness.

I was finally able to meet the family I was looking for.

I was so happy that not only my father and mother, but now my daughter Cesha's face could be touched directly with this hand.

Until then, I had to touch Cesha with the fingertips of an idealist who couldn't feel anything.

But it is.

The emotion that came after that was exhaustion.

Teacher, I found out that he doesn't have a craftsman.

If only he had been there.

What would he look like if he found out that his disciple and son-in-law, Jung Woo, woke up and was finally able to reunite?

Maybe he didn't laugh?

Jungwoo thought so.

Though the expression was so strong on the outside, it was inspiring.

But there was a lot of rest in it.


The enemy of Abraham? ’

Jungwoo opened his eyes wide.

Yongmaan, far beyond the previous level, faced this example.

If the existing dragons simply pierced through the truth associated with the opponent, the new dragons, added to the power of the Quirinale, could read all the information in the space surrounding the existence and existence.

[‘Maan of Quirinale’ analyses the target!]

[Identified below.]

[Name: Yes.]

[Rank: Former General of the Catholic Church. Trinity Wonder. Belongs to the City of the Sea. Evil Quarter.]

[Sindhi: Moon.]

[Goal: Unknown.]


“I don't know what number you're using, but you're analyzing me? ”

Lee smiled as he looked at Jung Woo with a slightly intriguing face.

But the more you do.

Jung Woo's expression hardened.

It was because a line of phrases came into his eyes.

[…… Killing the witness, Braham, to protect the secret…….]

Defeated Braham.

That one phrase was enough.


< Sky Wing Maximum Output

< Absolute power space

Jungwoo poured maximum divinity into the wings of the sky. I wanted to shed a glaring glow, but soon he appeared in front of me.

Cha 'ang!

“What a surprise. I don't know how my brother looks like this. ”

One day, he crosses the two minorities, stops the sword struck by Jungwoo and twists one end of his lip.

It was Hillan who launched the attack.

Jungwoo moved continuously, not at all.

The Dragon Slayer paints a relentless arc of light.


Quack, quack, quack!

Jungwoo was the only one who wanted to kill Lee Yee.

Since Lee Ye was the first Trinity Wonder to build the tower, it was not important at all because he was the right arm of a thousand horses who recognized him.

Just avenging the vengeance of Abraham, Ananta's father and Cesha's only grandfather.

And uncovering the secret that Abraham had heard.

That was all.

[The sun of the day (Eros) reveals more light than ever before!]

[Blessing of Northern and Chilean!]

“Hmm! Military Vortex. It's rarely easy. Ji Ho, he doesn't move at all when he needs to, but it's fast. ”

Lee Ye narrowed his glance slightly to the feeling of a moving tribe trying to redeem himself.

His organs are in an agile and delicate movement, because his ankles are constantly caught and he is forced to catch up with Jung Woo.

Especially since the firepower that Jungwoo boasts is not negligible.

If Yeonwoo wanted to cooperate with Jung Woo here, it would be really dangerous.

“... I can't do that. I can't make my wife a widow. ”

After all, the reason he showed up here was not to tie his ankles like Yeonwoo.

Then I didn't have to hide my hand.

This example throws the spark in his left hand to Jungwoo.

Jungwoo, who was trying to get close to him, hurriedly turned his head to the side, and in an instant, his bare left hand widened and thrashed through the air.


The space breaks. As the crack spreads through the void at shovel time, the darkness blooms between them, reaching the 'night’ that Mikael had left open.

[The area of 'Night Knox’ is expanding!]

[A massive descent takes place!]

And the black lightning fell in unison.

Khh, Khh!


[The lost ‘Dream345,147,832,335’ adversary reveals himself!]

[The lost ‘Dream65,459,304,596’ opponent shines his face!]

[The lost ‘Dream12,312,778’ opponent creates a huge body!]


[System error.]

[In this‘ Dream ’, there are creatures who can never read or hear the information! Causes a strong overload!]

[WARNING! The intensity of the positive pressure given in the space is far exceeded! Those coordinates will collapse! The collapse of space can be summoned by a large black hole!]

[WARNING! The laws of that space are collapsing due to the massive presence of unintelligible beings! Quickly remove the Regular or Virus! Otherwise, the danger of the end may come!]

[WARNING! You don't have enough system memory for that space! The speed of information processing on the network connected between the server and the client decreases indefinitely!]


[‘Dancing Green Flame’ raises its head about how there may be remnants of the old ‘dream’.]

[‘Black Yoshin of Enrichment’ is annoyed by the unpleasant faces.]

[Say that the 'source of impurity’ seems to be those left by another father who was ripped off.]

[The 'Black Yoshin of Enrichment’ strongly protests that his existence cannot be a father!]

[Admittedly, the 'source of impunity’ is sorry.]

[This' dancing green flame ’says it's a brother-in-law who mocks them. Not only do they think they should be punished by a fake father.]

[‘The Singer of Destruction' reveals a strong intention to give them back the destruction they missed.]


[‘Night (Knox)' reveals a strong enemy to the lost ‘Dream’ creatures!]

All the creatures of the ‘Night’, wishing for the Holy Ghost, were touched as soon as they saw the beasts.

For them, of course, only those who knew long ago that they had vanished with the 'dream’ had emerged, so I had no choice but to be ridiculous.

Animals were the adversaries in their ‘dream', and because of this, they had to be hostile to the creatures of the night.

It seems like the nighttime beings remember all the dreams.

By the way.

How dare you name them "Night"?

Is that also what the Lord Self of the Dark Kings have always thought they were?

Of course, I was forced to feel betrayed, and those feelings naturally led to anger.

And on the one hand, their feelings of remorse for the sage that remained on the other hand were completely extinguished.

The beasts and the Hornsephalsin were greatly distracted.

Those who are much bigger than the planets of Wennan are fighting with their power out.

[System error.]

The system has already given up analyzing the phenomena they owe.

"Hong-hong! I really don't have an opening! Then the more you do, the more you'll be forced to turn it into a rabbit plate! Cute, cute bunny punch!

On one side, Laplace ran hard, revealing a bunch of copper muscles that were falling down.

Usually, none of the creatures would care to say a word about it, focusing on the fight together.

Problem is,

The trouble Lee Ye caused was that he didn't stop there.

[The adversaries of ‘Dream’ appear in the home of God, the Olympic Forces!]

[Demon Society, the adversaries of ‘Dream’ who have disappeared to the home of ‘Le Infernal’ are attempting a massive descent!]

[Demon Society wants to see ‘Dream’ adversaries disappear in Niflheim's palace!]

[There's a big war going on all over the world!]

It was as if we were going to wage a complete war with those who participated in the ‘night' as well as the 'day’, revealing all the power we had left behind.


King! As Agarès, it was a shocking message.

Currently, Le Infernal's metropolitan area has only minimal power, all of which have been brought here.

If the level of beasts that appear here also appear there, it will be a field of chaos.

At least Niflheim is only Fellirman, and the main power, including Rocky, remained in the metropolitan area, making the situation better, but it was dangerous.


It's dangerous to be here like this! We have to go back...!

Give the order!

The Demon Kings of Le Infernal, including the Dongma Royal Army, sent a message in haste.

Agarès screams at them as he makes a ton of impressions.

Don't shake it! Why don't you know that we're shaking, you idiots!

As if you would have torn him to death if you disobeyed his orders a little bit, Agarès growls full of life.

Halpas left in the Great Sanctuary will do well on his own, so don't be discouraged. The one with the slightest deviation will pick a branch from it and make it a material for good and evil.


Do you understand?

Bo, gospel!

Ah, I see!

I'll keep that in mind!

The Demon Kings nodded their heads and had to go back to war.

If Baal, the previous leader, had bent them over with an overwhelming charisma, Agarès would have shot and pressed them with madness and violence.

Moreover, the Royal Guard of Dongma is also known for its absolute loyalty. Having listened to Agarès' orders, they seemed to be really unable to escape extinction, so they were forced to follow orders.

I had no choice but to run away or leave Le Infernal. Agarès was a great man who would somehow chase him to the end and take his throat off him.

After all, watching his men follow his words.

Agarès sighs deeply.

But he knew very well that this kind of intimidation was nothing but an unpublished book.

In the first place, demons, even if they had a strong hierarchy, ended up putting their greed and privileges first.

If the Great Sanctuary is broken and even a little bit of their home seems to be a mess, I don't know how to react.

Do you intend to induce an end...!

If you really thought about it, I wish you would have done it before the tower collapsed. Why?

When Agarès saw it, the Evil Keran he had ever seen was never a great man who wished for an end.

No, even if I wanted to, I couldn't run it right now. I don't know exactly what it is, but he has a different purpose. Evil Que was a great man who would achieve it first and then bring an end to it.

Nevertheless, I cast this dangerous number.

Even though the ‘dream’ cannot withstand the territorial pressure and the fear of collapsing is great.

That means...?

‘That much..... you mean you're being chased urgently? ’

I thought maybe that was the right answer.

Evil Que has been deprived of much of the darkness from Yeonwoo. The night, which was an absolute support group, also turned to Yeonwoo.

Even though Panzee is still a little more favorable to him, he doesn't even know when to flip over. It meant that Yeonwoo was being threatened.

So as Evil Kero, you will want to fulfill your purpose before you are chased further by Yeonwoo.

Even if it was taken a little bit more from here, I don't really know what would happen then.

‘The purpose, perhaps, is to find something in the place where you want to find the Tomb of Rio..! ’

That's why Evil Keith threw a dangerous gamble.

To tie his ankles so that Yeonwoo can no longer be chased. As much as he hopes for a respite of dreams, he will never put dreams at risk.

While Yeonwoo has been chasing animals and taking risks, Evil Que must be trying to accomplish his purpose quickly.

‘I can't believe I've always been so confident and relaxed that I pushed Evil Quest all the way to the palace. Huh!’

As the top manager of the tower, Evil Que has always mocked the gods and demons. The skill of Yeonwoo to embarrass such a person was quite astonishing.

Agarès still held his gaze firmly to Jung Woo and Yeon Yeon.

This is how it keeps growing, isn't it?

Agarès licks his lips lightly with a red tongue.