Second Life Ranker

10. Executor (5)

[The lost ‘Dream98,564,875,443,134’ opponent has arrived at the sanctuary of Olympus‘ Urunome!]

[Enemies of the lost ‘Dream342,342,368’ have come!]

[The Great Sanctuary of the Olympic Forces is in great chaos!]

“What the hell is all that...! ”

Poseidon stepped outside in a tremendous upheaval that shook the Great Sanctuary with a message window that suddenly filled the void.

He had been released from custody a long time ago and now spends a secluded time in the Senate like the first generation gods, but he could not do so now.

And whether it was the same with the other gods of the Senate, everyone looked up at the sky after being amazed.

Above the shield, which surrounded the Great Sanctuary several layers...... I saw the 'beasts’ who boasted enormous bodies.

Quack, quack, quack!

Kurung, Krr

The beasts, who looked like one, were beaten relentlessly to somehow break the shield.

The claw creates a large scratch on the shield, and the sheer soot remains as the power grows several times.

It was a shield that Athena reinforced several steps as she breathed the Dark Attribute.

I'm in danger of breaking even now.

[Large Shield, 'Glorious Spring’ is in crisis!]

[Large Shield, ‘Sunny Summer’ is just about to break!]


[Large Shield, ‘Cold Winter’ has been destroyed!]

[Shock wave spreads serially with other large shields!]

And when one was crushed, a series of other shields began to crack.

It was the gods of Olympus that became so urgent.

The sanctuary was now vacant, with all the major powers fleeing from other societies under the orders of the Yeonwoo.

‘How the hell..... did you avoid the surveillance network and open the portal? ’

Since Olympus is not an idiot, I thought I could surprise him to live and die in another society, so I was preparing for him.

I had no understanding of what route those unidentified beasts went through in the large space transition.

But the question is for a moment.

What are you doing! Without repairing the shield! Are you going to stay like this and kill them all?

Poseidon bursts into flames with divine power.

He didn't want to abuse his power so badly because it wasn't the same as before, but he didn't notice it at all.

He, too, was the home of Olympus, where he was born and raised.

Even though my brother is not well acquainted...... Yeonwoo is now given by God, this was the place he must protect.

Even if you die from diarrhea here, you can't defile this place for those who don't even know its root.

And so did the other elder gods, who opened their divinity in unison against the heavy sky.

The power of genius!

'Modification of the opening'!

Fill it, fill it!

Although it was true that most of them had retreated from space long ago when Uranos narrowed down the universe and were weak compared to the Stranded Nubil.

However, there was a considerable level of confusion as to where the face of the old workplace would not have been.

But it is.

Kukung, Kukung!

Quaa 'ang!

[All large shields have been destroyed!]


But such beasts have lived much longer than they have. No matter how resistant they were, there was no limit to blocking them with a shield.

I pushed my head into the cracked shield gap with a horrible mollusc head that I don't know if it's a dragon or lizard. As the eye looks for something bigger than the sun, the degururu rolls and twitches.

When a fire burns through the Seekerman's throat, Poseidon shouts again.

Each location……!

But before that, the breath of the beast was intense and barren in the middle of the Olympus.


Just once.

That way, the breath of the bay swept through many of the great sanctuaries.

Even the gods who were exposed to it were swept away.



The beast that first pushed his head into the middle of the sanctuary landed.


As he stretched out his wings, he screamed, and the ground, which sounded like a gross thunderbolt, stood upside down, and at least the shields that were holding the skeleton were broken like glass windows.

The gods of the Olympic Forces were also shocked and terrified as they vomited blood.

“This is ridiculous...! ”

Among the fallen gods, Poseidon was also mixed.

In his field of view, the violent shaking of the beast is reflected towards the temple located in the center of the sanctuary.

At least the gods of the less shocked Olympus tried to unlock their power to stop him, but the beasts that followed stopped all their power in the process.



As if he was looking for something, he shook the temple with his giant claws and immediately snuggled deeply inside.

Then I saw someone on top of his head sneaking down.

“... No way? ”

I couldn't recognize my face because it was too far.

Poseidon seems to know who he is.

And if he was right, it was a big deal.

No one knew how the author was going to get out.

So Poseidon moved towards him, forcing him to think that he should somehow stop him.

But it kept ringing. I was told that the horror that was not good was shaking even more loudly before it collapsed.

And you are.

“My brother, you pretend to be so good and you don't seem to be making any sense? ”

By the time he was close to the beast, Poseidon faced a worrying situation.

Even though I lost both eyes, it was still as good as my voice, because my brother was coming out of the battlefield with someone's support.

It was Zeus.

And..... the one who saved him was the one with a giant look and temperament on his dull face.

Poseidon is well known.


He has obeyed Kronos since he was a child, and in the days of the new king he was reputed to be the best kidney, a loyalty that he kept to the last side during his fall.

However, there was a person who was evaluated as missing and extinguished in a place that no one else knew…… was there.

To save Zeus.

“ ……. ”

Atlas looked at Poseidon with a solemn and expressionless face, as the Poseidon brothers feared as children.

“You……! ”

“Huhu. I never thought I'd get a life like this. No, this isn't it. ”

Zeus forcefully spat out a divine statement.

I never thought about it.

Zeus considered that he should not lose his majesty as a god, even if his body was broken, and once again filled each syllable with divinity.

In that sense, why don't you cheer each other up?

“What..... do you want to say? ”

I'm asking if I don't intend to provide nourishment for this unwell brother. There's a very good way to do it. No, is this supposed to be a sickness?

“ ……! ”

Poseidon hurriedly retreated to Zeus' appearance, revealing his intention to eat his relatives openly.

Chuck! Chuck!

Zeus stops in Atlas' reach as he moves forward to catch such Poseidon.

Zeus frowned and stared at Atlas for stopping his amusement street.

Atlas shook his head in such a way that he couldn't. Then I also felt the will to leave if I did what you wanted here.


Zeus kicked his tongue and laughed bitterly, as if he had no choice.

Well, I guess it doesn't matter. It's not like there's anyone here who can come after me anyway.

Zeus turned back as he said so.

Atlas looks at Poseidon with dry eyes and covers Zeus with a large mass and climbs over the beast's head again.


The beast roars long again, raising a massive body over the air with wings. A strong wind blew into all directions, and he flew up, and the other one took his place and started to stir up again.

‘We have to stop him somehow.....! ’

Zeus should not be sent like this. Poseidon instinctively received that instinct. It was because if Zeus got out of here, he would have left it in bad shape in the Olympic Forces.

However, there is no way to use your hands in your current state. I was going to put the news towards Yeonwoo, but you should also know about what is owed here by now.

Still, there must be something bad going on over there that's not moving.

Poseidon was evil in thinking that this should not be the case.

And you are.


[Begin to evaporate rapidly.]

[In return, your divinity will be unlocked!]

Poseidon vomits in exchange for his soul.

Wedging fluid

I flew towards Zeus and Atlas.

And you are.

‘Father, come quickly. ’

I found my father for the first time in a lifetime.

* * *

[Enemies of the lost dream 232,115,675 descend!]


The head of the Dead Giant, Valdebich, throws up laughter like a gigantic beast again.

With the shadow of Yeonwoo as the basis, he could be resurrected at any time while fighting here, but there was still a limit to mental fatigue.

There was nothing good about continuing to fight like this.

But there was something else that really worries Valdebich.


The fact that I had to see a friend who was shaking mentally made me sick.

Over the last decade.

Valdebich talked to Jung Woo a lot. Leon Hart, who occasionally came to the battlefield with Artiya, also tilted his drink.

We talked a lot and resolved some of the misunderstandings and prejudices we had. I made an apology, and I made friendship again.

But until quite some time later, Jung remained heavily indebted to Valdebich.

When Jung Woo was in danger, the guilt of not being by his side remained like a shackle in his heart.

In the meantime, I'm glad that Jung Woo is completely resurrected. I can't help but feel my heart twitching with grief.

I want to help.

That's when that thought touched my head.


The voice of Yeonwoo was heard through pairing.

"Why do you do that, God?

I have a favor to ask.


It's about Jungwoo. I think you should help.

…… What?

Valdebich opened his eyes wide.

The god they serve, the god of communion, did what they were told. He was never the one to do ‘please'.

What the hell are you trying to do?

Valdebich swallowed dried saliva.

A little later…….

Soon, I had to open my eyes to the order of Yeonwoo.

* * *

Yeonwoo tried to get out while looking at Jung Woo and Lee, who were having a tight fight.

If I kept getting caught like this, I would really miss Evil Quest.

[Power, Celebration]]

That's why I'm moving towards Evil Keith.


“Where are you going! ”

[The space transition has been cut off due to forced intervention from outside!]

[‘Celebration’ failed.]

Jungwoo intervened like a ghost and cut off the Fellowship of Yeonwoo straight away.

When dealing with space, he was above Yeonwoo, so the skill of the space transition line could be forcibly cancelled at any time.

You have no idea what you're thinking with Lee Yee, the enemy. Jungwoo wanted to keep the two of them together.

It seemed like he was dealing with two people alone, but no one would be able to deal with him if he only had a heart while he was developing all the attributes. Dealing with space was just as scary.

When the situation was finally resolved, it was a matter of urgency.

‘Not like this. ’

I tried to convince Jung Woo. It was almost like being caught in the fire.

Besides, Kronos was worried that Yeonwoo would escape and was looking for Hositam's chance.

But it is.

That doesn't mean you can't leave Evil Quest in the palace.

Yeonwoo had to become the Lord Self of the Dark King. Whatever the purpose of Evil Que was, it was clear that this‘ dream ’would come to an end soon if we let him go on like this.

That much had to be stopped.

‘I didn't want to do this much. ’

The only way left was to never choose.

Of course, if you force me to push without doing so, I could somehow get out of here..... so that my brother and father could get hurt, so I didn't want to.

Even if I get hurt, I'd rather get hurt. That was what Yeonwoo had in mind.

In the end, he was so paranoid.

[The Dark King's alternate self has discovered a new hidden possibility or destiny that has long been given to him!]

Jung Woo and Kronos hurriedly turned their heads toward you, hoping that Yeonwoo would do something else.

Your destiny as an enforcer has begun!]

[The end is beginning to be quick!]

“ ……! ”

Not only Jungwoo and Kronos, but to this day.

All the messages in front of my eyes had to look at me with a frightened face.