Second Life Ranker

11. Executor (6)

“Brother, what the hell...! ”

As Jung Woo, I was embarrassed.


The fact that it brings the end and awakens the Dark King from the dream.

It was originally meant to be a euphoria, but the destiny that was suspended when he became the self of the Dark King..... would wake up again.

And you are.

As an enforcer, there is only one means of awakening.

[World Quest (Enforcement Block) was created!]

At the end of the day, the wheels of the cart began to roll.

[World Quest/Enforcement Block]

Description: The Thousand Horses and the Eternal War of the Dark Kings, halfway between 'Dream’ and ‘Goulet', has been and will continue to be numerous, from the distant beginnings to the present.

And just as many dreams and gullets were destined to be true, this dream and gullet also began to count towards the end.

Just a short time ago, an enforcer was selected to roll the wheels of the end.

The Enforcer is blessed by the Dark King and represents the will of the Dark King.

Each of the steps made by the executor will result in the destiny of waking the Dark King from the dream, and each of the wills made by the executor will work with the destiny of freeing the Dark King from the gullet.

And when that fate and destiny reach their final destination, the dream will vanish and the gullet will be scattered in vain. And all the beings that live in it, and in fact, none of the phenomena.

So, you who live in these ‘Dreams’ and ‘Goulets’, block the will of the Executor to ensure that the achievements you have lived on do not go away. Otherwise, it will be submerged like a dream and a gullet.


Time-limit: until the end.

Conditions of Achievement:

1. Stop the Executor's intentions.

2. Execute the executor.

Reward: Survival.

World Quest.

It was the first kind of quest I ever saw as a friend.

It was easy to see what that meant.

This‘ dream ’is a quest common to all living beings, gods and demons, human or xenophobic!

They were all living in a dream, and therefore had a destiny to stop the executioner, whether to survive or to protect the family.

Unlike you, you don't have to receive these quests, but you have to execute them unconditionally.

Directly, the system sent down this quest also meant that the will of the enforcers would work just as strongly.

In other words, it was the same thing as just becoming the world's enemy.

Perhaps the same applies to those under his jurisdiction..

So the day and the night were all embarrassed.


The Four Kings! Are you going to do something ridiculous?

That was the same for the beasts.

In fact, it was true that they were driving this dream closer to the end, but they didn't really want it or want it to end.

Of course, as long as it wasn't the ‘dream’ they lived in, whatever the consequences, it didn't matter to them.

But I couldn't let this dream fall apart until I fulfilled their purpose.

In other words, the goal is to turn off the time until Evil Que gets' it ’from Rio's grave, and there is really no hope of pulling the end like this.

By the way, Yeonwoo went on like this and set the fire together!

That's why we're going to set fire to our bodies and die together!

‘I heard from Evil Que that he never had a normal accident, so I had to be careful..! ’

‘But I never thought he'd be this crazy! ’

"Maybe the families who want to keep you alive are in danger, but it really doesn't matter? ’

Eventually, the beasts had to sit on their right and left without doing this.

Do we have to stop the day and the night, or do we have to stop it from doing anything useless like this?

It was rarely judged.

Because Evil Keith never told me anything like this anywhere.

Of course, I never expected Evil Keith to run like this, no matter how crazy he was.

And you are.

In front of Jungwoo, unlike the others, there was another quest window floating.

[Scenario Quest/Opponent]

DESCRIPTION: You have long been in a state of internal solidarity to prevent the will and execution of an enforcer.

And just now, as executors completed their awakening, those destinies began to run the same way.

From now on, stop the executioner by mobilizing any numbers.

If so, you will be able to keep this‘ dream ’and‘ gullet ’as you wish.

Restriction conditions: adversaries.

Time-limit: until just before the end.


1. Survival.

2. Above the Lord of Tribulations.

It was very short compared to the World Quest.

The weight it contained was never light.

It was like an order to kill Yeonwoo right away!

[Blessing of Northern and Chilean!]

[A thousand horses bend over you.]

Jungwoo glances at the sky with her face twisted.

It was anger and resentment.

I was delighted that I had been chosen by him until just now, but not at all.

Was it because of this that you gave me the Military Report!

Jungwoo shouts in a furious voice.

I thought that no matter where I shouted, a thousand horses would continue to watch over me.

But it is.

[Thousands of horses do not give any answer.]

Thousands of horses did not give him any response.

Jungwoo shouts again as he forcibly cuts through the boogle.

I don't know what you're thinking, but you won't get what you want!

[Thousands of horses do not give any answer.]

Even though the man who was his right arm was right in front of his eyes.

Despite being close to betrayal, the thousand still show no action.

It was nothing more than to incur Jung Woo's wrath.

Jungwoo simply ignores it, spreading his heavenly wings and rushing to Yeonwoo.

I still had the idea of avenging Abraham's vengeance, but it was my job to stop it immediately.

The 'Above the Creature’ that was presented as the second reward of the Scenario Quest did not even come into sight.

As much as I had a deep understanding of space, I knew the infinite possibilities of creation.

And I knew that the supremacy of the Creator was more superior than "creation," but Jung was not flattered at all.

What are you going to do when you become a crusader?

What else do you do when you become the manager of this dream and Gule?

If he didn't have a brother there, it would be nothing but useless good for him.

[The sun of ‘Eros' shines most splendidly!]

So I somehow tried to restrain the euthanasia.

[The End Wheel speeds up according to the will of the Enforcer!]

[Causal rate for the end has been imposed.]


[Darkness rises by the given Causal Rate!]

The reason Yeonwoo woke up as an enforcer was to achieve a lack of causality and to spill as much firepower as needed.

If you only follow the first condition, you can keep it clean. Even if the beast were to swarm, it would never be able to deal with a relationship that became the alternate ego of the Dark King.

[The darkness of ‘Night (Knox)’ covers all light!]


A mist of dark light stretched from Yeonwoo swirled. The whole world swallowed up all of Jungwoo's radiant luminosity as it soaked into darkness.

“I don't...! ”

Jungwoo tries to stop it, but the Dark Tide overwhelms him in a single breath.

The same goes for Lee Ye or the beasts. I realized that Yeonwoo was about to flee and immediately tried to move toward it, but I was already caught in the darkness and unable to discern the front and back.

There were no exceptions, not even to the rights of Yeonwoo.

The power that Jungwoo sprayed had no effect. In the dark, there was no law of time or space.

After all, Yeonwoo hid its tracks in the gap.


When Jungwoo was barely able to reveal himself by scouring the darkness, everything was delayed.

Traces of divine power, even traces, were removed.

I didn't have the means to find out where I went.

“Damn it……! ”

Only Jung Woo's greed spread in the air.

[The thousand horses still bend over the enemy without saying a word.]

* * *

[The alternate ego of the Dark King descends into the sanctuary of 'religion', 'modernity'!]

Time is running out.

Yeonwoo immediately moved to the Great Sanctuary of the Catholic Church.

I didn't think I'd just go straight to the grave, but if I got caught in the wrong place where there might be something, I could make a mistake, so I was preparing for the pans.

‘I don't even know what the power of King Umar is. ’

Didn't you tell me about King Mihu's transgressions?

His body..... That is, find the Emperor Hand Duke who is Mifu.

If we could actually find him, who is also the face of a thousand horses, we might be able to identify the plan of King Dongjuchilma and give Evil Que a critical hit.

I told the clergy to find the Duke of Hand.

By the way.

‘You're here, too. ’

Unlike all promises, the main power of religion was in the Great Sanctuary, not where it was identified that there would be a tomb or hand-roll.

It was because there were also a lot of animals coming down here and making them into a field of ashes.

It must have been a heavy visit before the damage got bigger. No matter who says it, protecting the sanctuary will be of the utmost importance to them.

In the society of God and demons, the meaning of the 'replacement war’ at the heart of the sanctuary was just as heavy.

It is the centre that spread the power of God to all the worlds, and brings all the creatures that are touched here together in faith. It is also a place that represents the upheaval of society. Such a place is ruined, and so is the possibility that society has.

[An opponent of the lost ‘Dream76,543,545’ has discovered the alternate self of the Dark King!]

[The lost adversary of 'Dream 4,345,645,738,764’ launches a hostile attack on the alternate self of the Dark King who is trying to sabotage it!]


How did the author, who should be on the frontier side, get here…?

You can ask why later. First stop him! Come on!


As soon as they found the link, the beasts threw up their rough breath, revealing their ruthless teeth. Some wielded their long tail like a whip and tried to tear up the space and blow it all the way to Yeonwoo.

But it is.

“That's annoying.”

[‘Night (Knox)' spreads alongside the air of the Great Sanctuary!]

The shadow surrounding the eunuchs covered the entire heavenly realm of the Sanctuary in a single breath, without any bird using their hands.

And the gods of the other world pouring down in large quantities.


Whoo! Whoo!


Let go of this! I can't let go!

The beasts are like chameleons that cling to each other, and they somehow tremble to defeat the gods of the world, but the more peculiar the tentacles appear, the stronger their breath is.

[‘Night Knox’ takes enemies who should have disappeared long ago to where they belong!]


I haven't found a way to get into the blood yet. I can't die until then. The beasts resisted as they thought so, but the 'night’ took their life without exception and left them breathless one by one.

“ ……. ”

[All the gods of ‘religion’ look at the existence of ‘night (Knox)’ with their fallen faces!]

[All the gods of ‘religion’ look at the alternate self of the Dark King, who has so easily eliminated the strongmen!]

All the religious gods who fought with them until they had just died were forced to look at the association.

Or not.

Yeonwoo stood before the Ryangjin and Tataeja, who were all passing through them.

“Hand Duke, did you find it? ”

I noticed a lot of things Ryangjin wanted to say, but I had to nod at Yeongyeon's eyes that sparkled like I was going to tear him apart and kill him right away.