Second Life Ranker

12. Hand Duke (1)

“Where is it? ”

Yeonwoo's eyes were still intense.

Irangjin had no choice but to answer in a frosty manner.


Yeonwoo's eyes sparkled intensely.

* * *

Where the hell did he go? ’

Jungwoo barely chopped up the boiling bath.

And somehow, I wanted to calm my head down and try to organize my thoughts.

Someone might say.

If we're going to stop Yeonwoo now, this world might really be the end.

But it is.

‘That's the end, what do you know? ’

Yeonwoo wanted to preserve a world where her family lived happily. And in order to do that, I concluded that I had to sacrifice myself.

Maybe there is another solution, not to say that the existence of association is' forgotten in the world ’. And Jungwoo was somehow trying to find it.

However, it was not foolish to make such a thought and hypothesis, and it was that plan that judged it to be the closest answer.

I guess I told my family I was trying to hide whatever answer came back anyway.

And as Yeonwoo expected, Jungwoo immediately rebelled.

From Jung Woo's point of view, the only reason that families are experiencing this crisis is because of themselves.

My father was detained in Olfowon because he went to the tower, my mother was sacrificed, and my brother became the self of the Dark King.

Of course, in all of those backgrounds, there was a sack that was laid by the wise man Evil Que..... and that was the best thing he could do at the time..... but it's true that all his family suffered because of his stupid behavior, isn't it?

And the one who had to do the most damage was my brother.

But you're gone?

It was unimaginable or unacceptable as a friend.

Yeonwoo clearly wants to preserve this world, ‘dream’ and ‘gule’.

But there is no such thing as association.

Jungwoo couldn't accept it. Even if this‘ dream ’really came to an end because of diarrhea, I couldn't care less if the enforcer's wheels rolled violently.

Whatever happens to a dream without you, there's something you need to know!

Even if you weren't an executor in the first place, you would have disappeared someday for the end. It was just that Yeonwoo was somehow holding it back.

In the meantime, if the euthanasia had to be sacrificed unconditionally, he never would have let it go.

[A thousand horses bend down without saying a word against those who give positive opinions about the end.]

So I was going to stop the association somehow.

I wanted to talk together, change my mind. Even if I didn't see it right away, I had no doubt that I could somehow make it. As always, if you and I were you, we would somehow outweigh the challenges that no one else could ever overcome.

‘So stopping Evelke from sleeping is postponed ever since. ’

Yeonwoo is going to hunt down Evil Quest and devour him, so I will awaken him immediately as the Lord of the Dark Kings.

At that time, everything became irreversible.

If so.

Where the hell did Yeonwoo go?

‘I have no choice but to restrict where you can go right now. ’

Of course, the first place that came to mind was Evil Keith's grave.

‘But it won't be there. No matter how Evil Keith is being chased, you're never going to be the one to chase him. ’

No matter how crowded the opponent is, there are plenty of cases where you get stuck.

It must have been difficult to rush to see King Umar over there and the whole Catholic Church who seemed to have crossed from another ‘dream’.

There will be more strikes than they fear, and the chances of 'dreaming' will be lost.

Even now, it was dangerous.

‘Because the difference would be huge without you revealing your power. It's never gonna end to the slightest extent. ’

So it was clear that there was another way.

What is it?

Concerns did not lead to long delays.

‘I must have tried to weaken the power of King Dong Ju-Chilma or force him away from them. ’

The defeat that Yeonwoo currently has in relation to King Dongju Chilma is very simple.

Mischief of King Mihu.

‘Heavenly Castle..... I must find the body of the Duke of Hand. ’

The ‘first’ face of a thousand horses that are about to die. Given that Hand of Five is also the face of a thousand horses, I was sure I would find you.

Jungwoo's head rolled quickly.

‘Then where can I find Gong-seong? ’

The problem was this.

I can't find out where the Hand Duke is.

If you use the power of the day, you can somehow find it, but the time is too short.

If so, this direction should be dismissed.

So what's left of it?

Is it just a frontal breach? ’

Jungwoo opened his eyes.

He is still arguing with Lee Ye.

And he's currently holding hands with Evil Keith.

Given that it was one arm of a thousand horses and it was the Trinity Wonder that pioneered the tower, it would not be easy to wager a battle.

‘We have to take a picture and press it somehow! ’

Jungwoo was not trying to break this example, but was thinking about overcoming it.

That way you can talk about the purpose of Evil Que and guess Yeonwoo's line.

Of course, it was much more difficult to overpower than to kill.

We had to show that overwhelming power gap.

‘I'm so jealous of your skills...! ’

You don't have to suffer like this if you have the power to subordinate the soul of the object you killed to the Soul Collection and do whatever you want.

What am I supposed to do?

I'm forced to do what I can right now.

And you are.

After reading Jung Woo's thoughts, Kronos turns into Squitte and sucks it in.

[Characteristic ‘All Barrel’ shines splendidly!]

[Coordinate the frequency of all the channeling you have to find a connection with Squitte.]

What Kronos was able to achieve was unity, because he absorbed his body and awakened the Son of God, and because Kronos was once an apostle of the Dark King, the wavelength of his soul was well suited.

Jungwoo, on the other hand, was the son of Kronos, but his attributes were not the same.


Jungwoo was not surprised by such constraints at all.

He was able to possess absolute power in a certain space, and possessed an overwhelming talent for deciphering and analyzing God's data in a single breath.

The same goes for now.

As in Leah's time, Kronos unleashed the firewall that surrounded his rapids, and the data was immediately read all over.

[‘Day (Eros)' sun shines splendidly!]

And based on that, Jung was able to find a way to unite with Kronos and achieve what he hoped would be done.


Jungwoo instantly felt the eclipse of his cognitive realm blowing up and crashing all over space.

Wake up!

After hearing Kronos' warnings, he only regained consciousness, in danger of losing his mind and breaking the law.


Jungwoo grips the dragon slayer in his right hand and squeezes the squite in his left hand.

Quaa 'ang!

Even this time, he had to stop the aggression by pulling up the slime without pulling it back.

“Hmph! It's a thousand horsemen and the aggressiveness of the Dark King.... This is a bit tricky. ”

Lee smiled bitterly as he vomited the blood that flowed out of his mouth.

“I was just trying to grab my ankle, but I might have to risk my life. ”

Then he did not forget to look up at the top, which he thought would be a thousand horses.

Even though the situation was unfolding, the owner of his campsite had no intention of coming out.

But think about it for a moment.

Lee took his hand toward the new, eastern arch that was hanging on his left shoulder.

My eyes sparkled sharply.

If you keep grasping this side of the organ and it's hard to counter, you're forced to show overwhelming firepower.


Jung Woo and Lee Yeon's duel only got more intense.

* * *


Yeonwoo smiles as if she didn't know she was coming back to you.

There was even a planet among the candidates who had previously predicted that King Mifu's transgressions would often appear.

But it was a story before the tower was built, so I didn't take it personally.

Why the hell did he go there? ’

I thought I should find out from now on.

However, Cesha and Ananta live in the district. If I had misrepresented myself, it was easy to break through, so I had to hide my existence as much as I could.

[Power, Implant of Dreams]]

[Credibility is locked.]

[Rapidly locks.]

[Divinity is locked.]


[Presence is locked!]

So, Yeonwoo picked the right one of his "selves" and flipped it over on his face.

Then, as all the divine forces were shriveled up, they were locked into the shadows, and apparently there was a merely plain-looking man.


In the middle of the range where two boulevards intersect.

The cars lined up late to find Yeonwoo and rang Claxon.

“Hey! Are you crazy? Come out!”

“Pair! What the hell are you doing in the middle of the road! ”

Yeonwoo glances at them and bounces off their toes to cover their tracks.

“Uh-huh? Did I see anything in vain...? ”

The drivers wanted to see the rain from daylight, but they had to be terrified.

In the meantime.

Yeonwoo was on the road to becoming a rare human being.

“You have a strange face. It feels like something completely different. ”

Next to him, the Irangjin were walking side-by-side. I had to guide you to the place where the Son of Man is, so I followed him myself.

Ylang Jin looks up and down at Yeonwoo with strange eyes.

You look like a face. You can change as much as you want when you're divine, but it was almost impossible to change your presence like this.

“I pulled out one of those things from the old dream. ”

“Hm! Are you saying that you're not going to disappear? The Dark Self that I only heard in words...... Can I see it as one of the fragments? ”

“Similar, but what are you? Where'd you get a chair? ”

The Irangjin Army was looking similar to the body, but I could hardly feel a divine presence.

I thought I'd get a creature and project it on top of that.

“I am one of the candidates for apostleship. ”

“I guess we haven't picked an apostle yet. ”

“There's no one in sight. I've been busy. ”

Yeonwoo nodded silently.

Given the attention that so many societies had paid to the Earth around the time they opened their eyes, it was not strange that the Erangjin also had a few apostles or equivalent congregations.

I even wanted to be good.

If the body of the Irangjin Army follows, the negative pressure will bring the Earth to the attention of many societies.

I wanted to make contact with Hand Duke as quietly as possible now.

“But what is the Great Jubilee doing here? ”

Yeonwoo shrugs and nods as she looks around.

Where grey concrete buildings stand in the woods.

Seeing that the signs were Korean, it seemed like a city in Korea. From what people say, it seemed like a miracle.

Blue Sea Festival!

Invited singer: Will, you and the band, Shin Mi-young…….

A large banner hanging all over the place was shaken by the wind.

Somewhere, the smell of the sea seemed to be slight.

“What is the Great Jubilee doing here? ”

“I don't know. Surfing? Well, he seems to be enjoying it. ”

You must be playing. Yeonwoo nodded and asked me where to go.

‘ ……! ’

Yeonwoo paused for a moment.

“You can go to this area called Shipyard.... Why not? ”

The Irangjin troops do not guide you to the place where the Hand of Ogong is located, but stop on the way and raise their heads.

It was because I saw Yeonwoo's gaze fixed on the crosswalk leading this way.

I saw so many humans passing by each other.

Is there a problem over there? So I asked him, and he had to open his eyes to Yeongyeon's muttering soliloquy.

“…… a thousand horses? ”

Where Yeonwoo's gaze touched.

A man with the same look as a thousand horses from the Chang Chang Library was crossing the sidewalk with a guitar on one shoulder.