Second Life Ranker

13. Hand Duke (2)

“A thousand horses.... What is that? ”

Irangjin's face was unbelievable.

But when he saw the face of the man walking across the street, he kept his mouth shut.

Apparently, he was older than the thousand horses he knew, but the overall look was the face of a thousand horses without spirit.

However, it is only limited to the appearance of the outside world.

When I went deeper than that, it seemed very different from a thousand horses.

I couldn't find any other peculiarities, such as thirsting for power or hiding it.

I wanted to be a human being who looks just like him.

But the problem is,

‘The essence seems similar. ’

Of course, the Irangjin have never pierced the essence of a thousand horses that are far more powerful than themselves.

However, there was a certain readability of Qi.

However, the nature of the corporation was similar to that of its substrate.

‘But I can't read the inner self, because I can't see the soul anymore. I rarely know. ’

It's complicated in the minds of the Irangjin.

“Let's follow him. ”

“Well, don't. ”

Ylang Jin immediately followed as Yeonwoo took the lead and began to step behind the suspicious corporation.

“You too...? ”

Likewise, Yeongwoo nodded his head that nothing was being read, and Ryangjin had to shut his mouth.

The alternate self of the Dark King is an unknown creature. Is that really possible?

I felt like I wanted to be forced to abduct or ambush to test my identity, but I felt like a chimney.

‘I don't think the king wants it. ’

Yeongyeon has told him a number of times that his identity should never be revealed.

That's why we decided to stay put.

Of course, all eyes and senses were fixed on the man and, at the same time, ready to unlock Jaden's divinity.

But it is.

Even though Yeonwoo and Ryangjin pursued the company to the end, I could not find such a suspicious element.

The man seemed to be the invitational singer for the festival, which was to be on the same day's shipment.

He was in charge of guitar and vocals at a place called Band Will. He lightly untied his neck and remained faithful to the rehearsal, enjoying the sum with the band members.

It was quite popular, and even though there was still a lot of time left for the festival to start, some fans came to cheer.

“A little suspicious, but not a thousand horses. Although he said he was a human being several times, there's no way that the writer who said he was building a territory was stuck in the Creative Library and was playing like this. I can't find any star anomalies because I'm looking at other humans around me. ”

Irangjin laughed bitterly with his arms.

In fact, it didn't make any sense at all.

There's no way anyone can detect it when the ‘Sulphur’ writer is in the summer.

The one who rolls the 'gullet'. Simply projecting ideas and creating chairs would have considerable repercussions, but it was obvious that no one could figure that out.

I read the inside of the other band members, and they seemed to have been in a relationship for quite some time.

Moreover, no matter how mad the thousand horses were, the Irangjin did not think that their protégé would be entertaining in the courtyard shortly after his death.

“ ……. ”

However, he faced a man who resembled a thousand horses for a long time without saying what he was thinking.

‘It's similar..... but different. What is it?’

Yeonwoo had to recall the memory of Olfoone Vivasvat for a long time, as he was almost in shape.

It also contained the image of a thousand horses who were faithful to their lives as human beings.

The image of a father who was selfless, kind, and warm to Olfoone Vivasvat, who was named 'Son Jaewon’.

That is why Olfoone Vivasvat followed his father, Thousand Horses, and as he realized what a transcendent man was, he wanted to make his own will.

And the celestial horse with the name "Son Ji Ho" in it looked like a man standing there at the venue with many faces.

You know, banding, tone, look and feel.

Looking at him, Olfoone Vivasvat in Yeonwoo was like, "Father! 'I felt like calling it.

But that's all.

On the contrary, Olfoone Vivasvat's residual idea was that it was not his father.

How many times has Yeonwoo asked about it?

[The myth of ‘Vivasvat’ shakes his head.]

[The myth of ‘Vivasvat’ says that no trace of kinship remains here.]

I think I was wrong when I said this.

The myth of Olfoone Vivasvat is still hostile to him, but his anger against the thousand horses has not yet disappeared.

‘Was I just too sensitive? ’

Yeonwoo thought so and eventually turned around.

There was nothing good about dragging time out of a place like this.

And you are.

The man smiled with a pale smile and focused on guitar playing again, looking at the side where Yeonwoo's back disappeared.

“Now, the next song that made us famous, ‘Fade Heaven’... ”

* * *

“This is it.”

Irangjin's troops guided him to the shore of the Shipyard.

Whether the day was still hot or not, the beach was full of surfers.

“I don't think I need to teach you who the Emperor Castle is. ”

Yeonwoo nodded silently.

I didn't know anything without being a fool.

There was a man surfing on the rough waves. Whenever the surf board is shaken around with a movement close to the waist, the white hair that comes down to the waist dances.

A face that looks exactly like King Mihu's faults.

Even his temper was the same.

Huh! Look at that bastard? Who's hitting and hitting the cave, and who's falling?

King Mihu's offense, who was borrowing from Yeonwoo's gaze, grumbled in an annoying voice.

He seemed so happy, too.

You will be forced to choke on the faults of King Mihu, who has suffered so much while trapped in the tower.

He was so handsome that he was all over his body, he was sitting on the beach with men and women watching his surf.

No. Hey, do me a favor.

‘ ……? ’

Do you know how to turn your back?

I don't know what else this means.

Yeonwoo frowned at the moment.

‘… but I can't. ’

Hmm? That can't be right. Did you say Shannon? There was a song that one of your men sang every time.

‘ ……. ’

Don't do that. Can't you just grind one of his tails? I don't like the way you do it.

Yeonwoo hits the temples with his index finger.

‘I'm not here to play. ’

Hmm! No way.

Yeonwoo sighed a little.

This awakening of King Mifu's transgressions meant to help persuade Hand and Hand.

It seemed like it was hard to ask for the rest of the things that had happened in the strange place.

‘Let's make contact and talk. ’

The moment Yeonwoo tried to move towards the Hand Duke.

Wait. Wait.

King Mifu's transgressions caught him in a serious attack.

“Looks like the gate's open. ”

The Irangjin, of course, also turned their gaze upward from SooGong later.

[The 'Satanic King’ is coming!]

[The 'King of Gyeonggi’ is coming!]

Then, as the void that was above the head of the Hand of the Fierce One Satanist king with red hair and a dry body of yeast appeared and sat down on the surface.


No matter how intense the impact was, the sea water soared several meters high and the sea was roughly overflowing.


“What, what is that? Isn't the gate all closed due to an unknown cause? ”

“Mo, I don't know! How do you know that? ”

“Run, run, run! ”

Lovers and families who were surfing and yachting, or roaming the beachfront in peace, were busy fleeing by sudden lightning.

In their eyes, there was a sudden dungeon break.

“How did King Dong-joo Chilma get there...? ”

Irangjin's impression hardened.

King Satha and King Kyo are the four and two figures of King Eastern Jubilee.

It was also a ‘Demon King’ strong enough to symbolize ‘Dragon' and 'Religion (, arrogance)’ respectively.

As a result, the writers in the enemy's position were forced to feel uncomfortable touching the Handball.

On the day the Hand of Orchid joins them, the power is going to tilt big over there.

I was so overweight with the existence of the Great Hand Duke.

“Even now, we have to stop...! ”

The Irangjin Army tried to move forward by opening their spirits.


Yeonwoo crossed his head with her shoulders.

The head of the Irangjin army snapped towards you and returned.

It was his face.


At that moment, the sound of breaking the watermelon heard over there opened his eyes and looked back at the handball.

I don't know why..... but I was stomping on King Sata and King Kyo, who appeared to be all over the place!


“Now, wait a minute, we have to talk...! Arghhhh!”

“These humans are real! Do you know how stupid this is? I've been watching you for a while and you don't know how scary I am, do you? Do you really want me to be the one who let me relive my old memories? Ang?”

Quabang, Kurt.


In the same way as the symbol of horror in religion, Satan and King Kyoma were being beaten to death without being able to resist.

If you try to exercise your power, you can't force it to cancel and hit it, and if you try to run away, you can't express the beating skill of a hand-to-hand kicker who follows one step ahead of him.

The problem was that the sound of him beating and screaming was much bigger than the heat.


I felt like I was picking a pig's neck somewhere.

Meanwhile, people who ran away because of a rough day saw you with a ridiculous face.

“Do you want to be like that? ”

“ ……. ”

Likewise, Yeonwoo asked as he looked at Ylang Jin's troops.

The Irangjin keep their mouths shut.

A long time ago, it seemed that the terrible memory of Buddhism turning into a field was refreshing.

But why does that man change over time? It's not like it's a fucking personality. Tsk!

He also kicked his tongue as if his transgressions could not be dried up.

Yeonwoo decided to keep an eye on the situation.

King Sata had already become a blood loaf and had no sense of harassment, and King Kyo was raining with a dull face.

Hand Duke still didn't look good.

“Enough! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Please forgive me because I was wrong...! ”

“What did you do wrong? ”

“Ugh, huh? ”

“What did you do wrong? ”

“That's it. I can't break this plank...! ”

“I don't know yet. ”


“Let's hit it harder. ”


Yeonwoo thought as he watched King Sata and King Kyo being beaten to death.

You can't use your powers right now.

If so, is there any way to turn them around and contact them?

Right then.

Can I help you?

King Mifu's transgressions made me laugh.

I think I've come up with a very funny joke.