Second Life Ranker

14. Hand Duke (3)

The sight the Satanist, who was nude, saw when he woke up and opened his eyes.

Puck, puck, puck!

On his own behalf (?) was the king of Gyeonggi who was being trampled.


You look like you're getting all squishy and dusty. You really must be feeling sorry for yourself.

Who in the world would have thought that the tyrant, the tyrant, who was shaking the sea around Sumic acid as a horror horse?

King Kyo's religion () was originally meant to be a giant biweapon, the Kyo Dragon. He was the King of Cannabis, who was hard to use in the heavenly world. It was not for nothing that only seven people became the second king of East Jubilee, who was worthy of communion or intercession.

He tends to be cunning and subtle, so he is eating away at all such majesty, but he is still so reckless (?).

But that's a story that works everywhere outside.

In King Dong Ju Chilma, it was actually like a Chan Bop Shin.

I was in a position to lead King Dongjushilma on behalf of King Umar, who was not very interested in external affairs, but the agendas were not a good listener.

Especially since my youngest was always crawling.

The youngest, the youngest, was the youngest of the seven brothers and sisters. He only listens a little to King Umar's words, but he struggles to defeat others according to his temper.

Thanks to this, King Kyo was a Northern neighbor who was pressed from the top and struck from the bottom.

The first time King Umar summoned King Kyo Ma and ordered him to bring Duke Leo, he was so frightened.

‘Hah. What the hell is going on? ’

Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr There's the Satanic King, there's the Borough King, and I don't know why!

What am I wearing?

Yes. My big brother told me, so my second brother is here.

Damn it! I don't like it! I'm almost playing a game right now, but if you interrupt me, I'm the only one with that temper!

You don't like it?

I don't like it! So what do you want?

I can't help it.

.. now you're talking..!

I'm afraid of dying in my youngest hand, so I'll have to send it myself.


At that time, King Umar was smiling and lightly lifting his hand.... It was still unforgettable.

Even though he was a satanic king who didn't blink a single eye, the pressure he felt at the time was actually more than he imagined.

King Umar is a good man now, or is he not the 'King of Cannabis’ who once smashed his religion by himself?

That temper never went away. If your brothers go the wrong way or don't listen, you can use your hands as much as you want.

It was the first beast, and it was also a sulfur.

A monster that accomplished two attacks at the same time that could never be established. I felt good when I was an ally, but I never imagined what would happen when I was out of the snow.

The problem is that the youngest is just as scary.

“What? Are you knocked out already? Why are you so weak? ”

Soon, King Gyo grew. I had a lot of bubbles in my mouth.

Hand Duke kicks his tongue and throws King Gyo on one side and turns his head this way.

King Sata hurriedly closed his eyes, hoping to see him. It was really a big deal if I got caught here.


The footsteps of Hand and Hand are getting closer.

I felt like I was sitting here watching.

Breathtaking tension. A cold sweat formed along the backbone of King Sata.

“Fourth brother, aren't you getting up? ”

“ ……. ”

“I know you're awake. Why don't you get up?”

“ ……. ”

A voice full of life.

King Sata had to endure a few winks and almost a beep.

If you run into the snow here, you're really dead.

I only thought of that.

“What? It's stuck, isn't it? Arise till you count three. Otherwise, this youngest brother will smash his head first. One, two, three. ”

“ ……. ”

“What? Are you really sleeping? ”

“ ……. ”

“Well! It's not much fun to just knock him out. ”

“ ……. ”

King Sata was able to sigh in relief at the sound of his tongue.

Let's just hold on like this. Then I pretend to be conscious when the anger of the Hand Duke sinks.

King Sata decided so.

Not until you hear the back words.

“Then let's kick it with our feet. ”

“ ……. ”

“Sakerkick? That sounds fun. It'd be fun to see how far you fly, wouldn't it? ”

I heard the sound of the Hand of Ogong lightly loosening his legs. Then, when I felt the temper of trying to kick something, King Sattar quickly got up from the bed.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. This. My job. Uh, I'm pissed. ”

The Satanist King tried to say something in an awkwardly disconnected voice, but Hand Duke was already smiling coldly and kicking at him.

“It's too late, brother. ”



King Satha soon became the star of the far sky and drowned in the pond.

* * *

“So you need me to find the piece of the mango, right? ”

“Well, yes……. ”

“Khh, big brother! ”


When King Umar instructed him to pick him up, he stroked his chin with his hand and was deeply troubled.

Because King Umar knew very well that he did not touch his brothers to do this.

Especially for yourself.

But calling it in person means it's just as important.


King Kyoma and King Satha were kneeling before the Hand of the Fierce One and rubbing their bruised snowflakes with eggs.

They were relieved that they no longer needed to suffer from youngest siblings, but their present position was only too lamentable.

‘Why did you save that man by rolling the scroll again?' ’

The Satanist King shouts in his unfair heart.

“Hmm? You seem to have a lot of complaints in your eyes. You don't think he knows why he brought me back to life? ”

Are you surprised?

“Ha, ha! That can't be right! Hahaha! You know I'm not such a floater, youngest! ”

King Sata shook his head while sweating.

Hand Duke opened his eyes and stared at him for a long time, but King Sattar somehow pretended not to know that he was really dead.

“Just take one, very long. Then I'll dump both my lumbar cavities. ”

“ ……. ”

“You said you were looking for a piece of rice, right? I know it's nice to have a thousand horse-faces in there..... but why would Big Brother suddenly want to find it? How many times has Gule been rolled over, and he doesn't care if he gets in his way? ”

Son Ogong did not understand.

King Satha looked back on King Gyo. I heard what King Umar said together, but I didn't really understand myself, so I was asked to speak for my second brother.

King Kyo Ma frowned, but I had to answer because the gaze of the Hand Duke was the gaze.

“It is because of the territory. ”

“Territory? There's no reason for Big Brother to need it...! ”

Hand Duke did not speak, but stopped on the way and kicked his arm and tongue.

“Because of Ji Ho? ”

King Kyo Ma nodded.

“I wore a lot of strength in the barrel that rolled ‘Goulet’ without resting. Big Brother seems to think that if you keep doing this, something big might happen. ”

“He's trying to be good at it.... ”

“Precisely because of you, youngest. Because you share a soul with a thousand horses. ”

“…… hmm. ”

Hand Duke stroked his chin with his hand.

I had enough feeling that the endless struggle between the thousand horses and the Dark King was almost at its limit.

Even though they are tied together by a comprehensive concept of 'face’, it is not as if prestige is sharing the soul.

I was also aware of the deliberations that a thousand horses would have.

So I built a tower with the idea of the last gamble, even though I was stuck in the library of creations because I was running out of space.

However, King Umar seems to have decided to actively help the thousand horses.

‘But it is. What else are you gonna do with that Goblin? Ehh.’

Hand Duke filled his tongue lightly, recalling the contradictory existence of the face of a thousand horses and the ego of the Dark King.

I know what his wishes are.

Thousands of horses, a world free of the Dark Kings. The birth of the so-called Pian.

It was rarely easy, though it was quite close to the cliff that he and his horse hoped for one day.

Nevertheless, Evil Que ran endlessly to accomplish his purpose. I tried to find a way out of the ‘gullet’ that rolls every time, and now I've found some.

However, because there was too much damage in the process, Duke Son was not usually fond of him.

Even if we shared the same soul, it wasn't the same.

It was the faces of a thousand horses that served different purposes and identities, even though they could be called "selves."

“Let's think about it. ”

In the end, the answer given to King Kyoma and King Satha was the same.

“You……! ”

“But Big Brother is trying to help you...! ”

“All right, let's go. ”

King Kyoma and King Satha had to shut their mouths as the Hand of Leo lifted his eyes slightly.

Until now, I've been treating them with half a joke, but I've noticed from now on that I'm really going to step forward.

“I know that Big Brother said he was going to help me and the Horseman..... but you know that you shouldn't touch the piece of the Trick, right? What if it explodes like Luciel did again? ”

“ ……. ”


The two of them lost their word.

“I'll think about it for one day and answer it. ”

“ ……. ”

“Go? Or do you want me to kick your cheek? Well, don't you think you can leave? ”

“Oh, no. I'm coming!”

“Ha, ha, ha! Well, don't wait for the answer, youngest! ”

King Kyoma and King Satha are fleeing from Burinake.

Hand Duke sighs deeply with an irritated face, clenching his head to the other side.

“I think we've all heard enough. What are you guys doing? ”

I was terrified before the words of the Duke of Hand were finished. As the space opened, the relationship with the Erangjin Army appeared in turn.

“Long time no see.”

“I heard that the mutineers were attached to Big Brother. Did you come to me to stop that? ”

“Similar. But more than that, this side wants to talk to you. ”


Irangjin stepped aside and introduced Yeonwoo. However, I did not neglect to be prepared to open the door at any time. I saw him beating King Kyo and Satanist with a furious fury because I wanted to make myself dangerous.

He didn't seem very interested in him.

His gaze was on Yeonwoo.

Yuan Yin Jung.

The two eyes were shining golden, as you could see from the fire of the armpit.

“Is he like Evil Keith? ”

At this moment, the impression of Yeonwoo was crumpled.

Son Ogong looked like he was going to die because it was fun.

“My smell smells terrible? I think it's dark. How can it be? Did you rob a misfortune? ”

In Yeonwoo, the scent of King Mifu's transgressions was intense.

Yeonwoo did not want to be disturbed by King Kyo and King Satha, but he said that King Mihu's transgressions were the solution.

He deliberately spilled his scent and told the Duke that he had them.

It was because he knew all about them that he had thrown out King Gyo and King Satha, who said he would answer in a day.


The shadow of Yeonwoo rises up. I wanted to, but soon, as I was chopping up the shape, King Mihu's transgressions appeared.

But somehow, King Mihu's transgressions were filled with complaints.

"Long time no see."

“Hey, I don't know who you are, but your face is so handsome. ”

It sounds useless. I have a favor to ask you.

“What is it?”

Let's grind one of your buns.

King Mihu's transgressions were full of sincere expressions.

As I said at the beginning, while he was on a hard mission in the convergence, I felt the horn tightened, thinking that the Hand Duke would have been playing.

But here, Hand Duke was only funny.

“Do it. ”


“Mane if you can. ”


I'm out!

King Mihu's transgressions grind it hard. I knew the body would come out like that, but I felt so dirty.

But that too, for a moment.


King Mihu's transgressions cast a laugh and looked back at the euphoria.

Did you say that? That the promises we made are true of the body? In the tower, I was representing the existence of ’King Mihu' himself. That was the condition.

“Are you?”

Yeongyeon nodded in a voice that was just as disconnected as he was reading a language book.

Soon, I felt something strange going back and turned my head to the frowning Hand Duke and rolled up one of my tails.

“What are you doing here without saying hello, son? ”