Second Life Ranker

15. Hand Duke (4)

Immediately before appearing in front of Hand Duke.

There was a secret that King Mihu's transgressions revealed only to Yeonwoo.

Have you ever thought about that? I'm trying to force myself into a cave, but why was I still there?

I've never doubted that. Obviously, it's strange.... It is strange that I decided to remain pure because of King Mihu's personality.

What's wrong with my personality, asshole?

Do you ask because you don't know?

On Yeonwoo's question, King Mihu's transgressions had to fall with his fist.

Ah! Now my head is a little thick...!

If you like your personality, you'll think about it.

The problem was that it could not be now.

Yeonwoo's upheaval is now so high that it is hard to determine.

If he rushed to fix his habits for nothing, he was the only one who lost.

The head was originally thick. Why don't you keep your promises?

.... What?


Yeonwoo is pointing to King Mihu's transgressions by hand.


When he pointed to himself, he said so.

King Mihu's transgressions became an annoying face, but soon the earth sighed.

How long does it take to get caught like this with a bet I made a long time ago?

Why haven't you forgotten now?

I wanted to see how great the skill of Yeonwoo is.

But it is.

Rather, the nature of such a relationship seemed to be more helpful.

That's it.


I'm gonna ask you to tell the body.

Please tell us more. I'm not sure what you're talking about.

When I remained in convergence, the body made one promise. Protect Mt. O'Hahn and guide the trainees to the right path.

The right path for Son Au Gong?

I wanted to ask you what nonsense it was, but I didn't ask because King Mihu's transgressions were serious.

I asked him why I had to go through all that trouble. What did he say? There's nothing you can do about it. Anyway, I was bothered to ask for one thing to make it look like I was leaving work.

What is it?

If ‘Work' explodes, ask me to represent the existence of King Mifu..... who was Filmaon, the Great Jubilee, and the battle fire.

The body has accumulated countless myths that are difficult to create, even the most rapid. Each myth has several names, and depending on them, the personality or tendency of the body changes completely. Among them, I am indebted to the myth of King Mihu.

I asked you to allow such a presence to be the ‘representative’ of the myths that make up my body. It's a tower where things go off, so I didn't know when they were going to affect me.

And I met you.

Yeonwoo nodded silently.

Then I found out what the contract was between Duke Son and King Mihu's transgressions.

I knew what he wanted to say.

I mean...

All the promises I have made to you and the contract applies to the body, don't you think?

Oh, yeah.

Then you have to keep your promise, don't you? When are you going to keep it?


* * *

It was like a thunderbolt as a handmaiden who did not know the conversation that had taken place between Yeonwoo and King Mifu's transgressions.

I'm your father!

His face was distorted.

“What kind of work are these...! ”

Of course, Yeonwoo was still preeminent.

“It's not a masterpiece. It's real.”


“Don't you have a pearl? Let's check that out. ”

The Duke of Song-seong put a lot of confidence in the gold jewel to hide the truth of the relationship, and soon received one answer.

Jin. It's the truth.

“What the fuck are you doing! ”

Hand Ogong looks at King Mifu's transgressions with a crooked face.

What the hell is going on around here?

Of course, King Mihu's transgressions were just shrugging.

It was just my face that I was cool enough to lose my spare time.

Yeonwoo said.

“Anyway, son, I want to ask you a favor. ”

“What a lunatic! ”

Son Ogong was in a position to take offense even now. Following him, the divine forces burst into flames.

It was still audacious.

“It's hard to think that the one who becomes a thousand is going to reap what he said once. ”

“That guy...! ”

“Represent them anyway. Don't you?”

“…… good. If you keep insisting, I'll take it. ”

“ ……? ”

Yeonwoo et al. 's eyes slightly widened.

A proud Hand Duke gives you this ridiculous restraint?

But Song-o-Duke is like a man who fell in love with NASA everywhere. ’I just smiled coldly.

“Instead, I sow it, and I will reap it. After you hit him, he's gone, too, right? ”

I could not help but agree to the declaration that I would eliminate it with force.

But we must not fight here.

I want to get my foot out of here, so I take a step back.

“Of course, I don't intend to impose this nonsense. I have a favor to ask of you. ”

“... that's what I saw. What is it?”

Hand Duke remained unyielding.

Yeonwoo said as Son Ogong confronted King Gyo and King Satha and looked around the area that had become a shy field.

“This place is so noisy, let's go somewhere else and talk. ”

* * *

Yeonwoo and Song-of-gong moved to a cafe on the west side of the shipyard.

The Shipyard has already been disturbed by the Dungeon Break. Many of the association's players were moving towards it. Even if the player system was completely shut down, not all of the abilities that had already been given had been reaped.

I heard the big festival that was scheduled was also cancelled. None of them cared about that.

With a straw in his hand, Wang shook Caramel Macchiato in front of him nervously, and gazed at him.

I could buy other people's attention, so I didn't forget to make sure that no one could recognize them while keeping the momentum hidden.

“So you're saying, teach me the purpose of our king? ”

“Yes, I want you to teach me how to unite your alliance with Evil Que. ”

Son Ogong was not praying.

“Huh! Look at this guy. You want me to give it away from where I've never seen it before? ”

How could you be so audacious?

Too accurate? Obviously, the body. It's not where the snowflake is going. Obviously, his face is very thick.

King Mifu's transgressions nodded in the middle and agreed with the opinion of the Duke.

Yeonwoo wasn't very nice at all.

“All right. I'll tell you how. So what can you give me? ”

Hand Duke narrowed his eyes as he laid the straw.

“As you can see, I am very satisfied with my life. But breaking it and helping you is a very understated business, isn't it? I don't know you very well. ”

“ ……. ”

“The brothers, on the other hand, even though what they are doing seems stupid..... even though they are actually stupid, they are only willing to help me together. Don't you think it's nonsense to blame them for what they're trying to do and help you? ”

From the time he took his seat, Son Leo said that he was completely separate from King Mihu's transgressions.

Obviously, it's true that they were made apart from themselves, but it's been hundreds of years since each of them had a different thought, and I was wondering how identities could be the same.

And I thought it made sense enough.

Because even King Mihu's transgressions are now coming and I can't seem to return to the body.

That's why.

Yeonwoo did not intend to emphasize the connection that had been made with Son-Ogong. Now it was all I had to do was convince him and buy a heart.

“You said you are satisfied with your life..... but it doesn't seem so. Isn't it?”

The eyes of Hand Duke narrowed even more.

“You seem rather dissatisfied. ”

“Hush...! ”

“I've seen you several times in my dreams. ”

“…… what? ”

I didn't even think about it.

The moment the face of the Hand of Ogong hardened.

“There you were always full of complaints. And you just said the same thing all over again. ‘Damn it. Another failure. ’ ”

“ ……! ”

“At first, I didn't understand what that meant. Now I think I know. ”

“ ……. ”

“Son of a bitch, don't you want to save a thousand horses as you're ruined in the Chang Chang Library? ”

“..... you son of a bitch! ”

Hand Duke stood up from the ground with his face dull. An intense gust of wind swung him around.

But it is.

Yeonwoo was able to realize that it was positive.

‘Who knew that the thousand horses in the library of the spear..... were known to be asleep..... because they didn't want to? ’

He would not have guessed if he had not come here and listened to the conversation with King Goma and King Satha.

Thousands of horses were in the founding library to fill the shortage of territory. It's the result of rolling countless‘ gullies’ and waking up ‘dreams’ again. And once creation was accomplished, he seemed to have stockpiled his power by being placed in the founding library without any further involvement in the world.

And he seemed to run around every time to save such a horse.

In so many ‘dreams’ that I peered at while dealing with other selves. Hand Duke was always running around busy. When ‘Dream’ goes down..... I always look up at the sky and say something wrong. With a face full in the quarter, I once promised to succeed next time.

The first time a thousand horses evolved into sulfur, they said there was a sacrifice by the Duke of Hand. After that, a thousand horses started rolling the gullet and brought him back to life. Son Ogong... I was trying to save a thousand horses who have been struggling for a long time. ’

The faces of a thousand horses share the same soul, but each has a distinct personality and identity.

The same is true of the prominent prophecy of Evil Kei, who became the ego of the Dark King. He tried to save the thousand horses every time.

‘It's not even Rapunzel, what..... ’

Somehow, Yeonwoo looked like a prince who was struggling to save him, Rapunzel, who was trapped alone in an ancient tower by a thousand horses.

Of course, if the two of you had heard about this, you'd be out of your mind.

‘Maybe it was all because of the mistake he left behind in the convergence. ’

The tower is a restraining device made by a thousand horses to press the Dark King.

If there is a Hand Duke left somewhere there, it will make the players who come to you stronger, and the weight of the tower will increase.

However, since Duke Zhong really needs to be busy trying to find a way to help him, he is forced to leave something else to replace him.

That is the fault of King Mihu.

‘The myth of King Mifu refers to a growing hand. In fact, I was able to see the effect. ’

Yeonwoo learnt the millennium thanks to King Mifu's transgressions, and he was able to reach here by realizing the sword pole.

For example, King Mihu's transgressions were as precious to him as the King's.

“Isn't it because you didn't say yes to King Kyo and King Satha's proposal to join us? ”

“ ……. ”

Son Ogong looked at Yeonwoo without saying anything anymore.

“So let me help you. ”

“..... how did you do it? ”

“As the thousand horses were trapped in the Library of Creation, it was because of the Dark King. Isn't that right?”

“By the way?”

“Don't let that Dark King ever open his eyes again. ”

Yeonwoo's two eyes glistened like a golden jewel.

“I'll make it. ”

At that moment, the eyes of the Hand of Wukong widened greatly. All sorts of emotions touched both eyes and soon sank deeply.

And after a while he opened his mouth.

“Do you have any brothers or family? ”