Second Life Ranker

16. Hand Duke (5)

Why are we asking all of a sudden?

I wanted to tell you not to ask questions.

I had no choice but to answer because my eyes were so bitter.

“…… there is. ”

“How's it going? ”

“I don't think it's bad. ”

King Mihu's transgressions got caught in the way.

Not so bad. He started climbing the tower when he heard that his brother had been betrayed.

Yeonwoo kept his mouth shut.

Hand Duke narrows his eyes narrowly.

“I was also trained on an unnamed volcano at first, and the reason I went to the world was because a friend who was living like a brother died. ”

“ ……. ”

“I held the wand in my hand to avenge it. I caused such a sudden rush. ”

What do you want me to say?

“I won't let you open your eyes again. Explain in detail what you intend to do. ”

Yeonwoo said boldly about his plan.

A plan to defeat the wise man Evil Que, the Lord Self of the Dark King, to absorb him and awaken him to a complete Dark King and not to fall asleep.

Even though Kronos was caught on the way, his voice trembled very loudly, as it was the first time he had been raised by himself.

He is my brother, father and mother.... Everyone has no choice but to oppose the plan. Even at this moment, he asked himself how many times this was the right path, but at the same time he firmly believed that this was the only solution.

By the way, before the explanation was finished, the impression of Hand and Hand tightened.

“That means..... that you will save your family at the expense of one of you? ”

“Is that so...! ”

The moment Yeonwoo tries to answer.


[Intimate World, Forced Summoned to ‘Mountain of Monkeys’!]

Suddenly, the world around Yeonwoo wanted to be twisted, and he was instantly trapped in the world of Mind of Hand and Hand.

And you are.

Quaa 'ang!

Hand Duke has been sneaking around with all his strength open. The wiggling fist contained the rough flame of the flame wheel.

Yeonwoo was surprised by the unprecedented attack and crossed his arms to stop the aggression.



A devastating flame hits the back of the storm and sweeps everywhere.

However, he persistently defied him as if he didn't have enough.

Quack, quack, quack!

Yeonwoo was forced to frown while blocking it.

“What the hell are you doing! ”

“A guy like you needs to be right. That way you'll wake up. ”

“What is that...! ”

I wanted to say something about Yeonwoo, but he didn't listen to him.

He just rigidifies the impression and strikes the bombardment with all his might. It was moving in motion, and the brain wall tax was intense. The Duke of Hand showed great power, trying to prove why he was called the Great Jubilee and the Battle Light, and why he had bought great fear from both religions and clergy.


It was a coincidence that I was so annoyed.

It was because he was strong enough not to ignore the Duke of Hand.

Of course, as I was almost familiar with the teachings of the Kingless as I rolled over with the Son of the Dark King, there was no reason for me to be pushed away in one way or another.

And if you pull up the darkness, you can beat the Hand of the Fierce. There will be very few beings who can stop themselves from becoming the alternate ego of the Dark Kings now…… Fellowship already thought so.

But then we have to open up the causal rate, and then the will of the enforcer is deeply imprinted on the world and the end speeds up.

Though I awakened the Enforcer to defeat Jung Woo, I can't really call an end to it.

Above all.

‘Why are the transgressions nothing? ’

King Mifu's transgressions seemed to understand why his body was doing this. He even drowned behind his back and drowned in laughter.

I didn't seem to intend to dry it at all.

However, I don't know if I know the circumstances of such a relationship, but the aggression of the Duke of Hand has only become more harsh.

A skill that can never be compared to a beast or a 'Sulphur' class without a single strike.

Even the martial arts and martial arts were incredibly powerful when it came to fighting.


In the end, the gap was exposed as one shoulder of Yeonwoo rotated greatly in the rough hand of the Hand Duke.

Hand Duke never missed that moment.

A wide palm flew like lightning.

Quaa 'ang!


Intense upper left thoracic fracture of the lower part of the palm of the hand. The scars remained very dark in black.

A shock strong enough to resonate with the soul of Yeonwoo.

Eventually, his body was pushed backwards.


One day, Hand Au Gong opens up the space in front of him and lowers his fist from top to bottom again.

Quaa 'ang!

This time, it was much better than the attack we've been dealing with.

Because of this, I thought I couldn't stop the association anymore. I pulled the shadow up and bounced the attack to the side.


[The will of the executioner, who sank for a while, becomes active again!]

[The end is a little quicker.]

The world of the mind is also in a state of great swing, as soon as it breaks.

“No, I don't think you should just tell me why! ”

It seems that Yeonwoo will no longer have any references, but he is activating the Seventh Lycium Evolution to shed light on the darkness.

With the whole body covered in dragon scales, the flashing of the dragon's eyes was nowhere to terrorize it.

The atmosphere boiled hot.

Even a hundred-and-a-half pound of flesh in it may be suffocating and drowsy.

However, as if he did not like it, he narrowed his glans.

“I still don't know... Haha! What's more stupid than this? ”


Yeonwoo closes her eyes.

I looked back at the faults of King Mifu, who was looking at this side with an exciting face.

“Hey! What have you been doing with all this trouble? ”

King Mihu's transgressions shrug.

It was fun to be knowledgeable.

“What fun! Just be strong, nothing in your head! ”

How much fun would it be to do something like that? Do you think we saw each other when we were kids?

“Fuck you! I didn't do this. ”

Yes. So you've been locked up in Mt. O'Hahn for over 500 years.

“..... Don't listen to black history? ”

Everyone is prepared to faze the past.

King Mihu's offense was to giggle.

By the way, cynicism about the world is like throwing all the cynicism, and eventually running around saving the world. In the process, the damage or injury suffered by others around you is the same.

“That's why you brought him in front of me. ”

King Mihu's transgressions were only laughable without an answer.

But he quickly realized that it was something positive.

It seemed like revenge was held in the convergence.

“What nonsense are you talking about! ”

However, I could not erase the idea that I was teasing myself because of a connection that prevented me from engaging in their conversation. I was going to open the causal rate right away as my face turned dim.

Hand Duke turns his head this way again.

But it is.

Unlike when talking to a transgressor, his face sank more solemnly than ever before.

“I think it reminds me of my childhood, when I was like a jerk, because I wanted to see your stupid face like he said. ”

Yeonwoo kept his mouth shut. I wouldn't even look after Hand Duke if I told him nonsense.

Everything I've endured so far requires the cooperation of the Duke of Hand, and I think he has a reason to do this.

“Let's ask one thing. If your brother sacrifices..... No, if he dies again for you, what will you do then? ”

Yeonwoo recalls Jungwoo's death on his behalf for a very short time.

“I'm trying not to make that happen again. ”

“So what do you think of the opposite situation? ”

“ ……. ”

“This is what you're thinking. If you sacrifice and erase everyone's memories, everything will be peaceful. You won't have to worry about the end anymore, and your family won't have to suffer anymore. Don't you think?”

Yeonwoo had to keep his mouth shut when he read his thoughts correctly.

“But isn't that just deception? ”

“ ……! ”

“Do you get peace by disappearing? What kind of peace is the peace of your family? When I look at it, it's just your self-satisfaction. ”

“ ……. ”

“The Dark King? Yes. In fact, I've never seen you before, and I don't even know what personality or tendency it is. I don't want to know if it's garbage, if it's really a sacrificial spirit, if it's a hero. What do you do about the Seekerman bastard? So if you're gonna be a real pain in the ass, I'd rather open my arms and welcome you. ”

Hand Duke ran to the back room to save a thousand horses. In the countless rolling gullies, in the recurring dreams, I used these numbers so that the thousand horses could catch the ride completely, but I haven't been able to come up with these measures.

In his position, the Dark King leaves on his own?

Of course it had to be good.

It meant that the thousand horses didn't have to suffer that much anymore.

However, he immediately kicked the opportunity.

As soon as King Mihu's transgressions..... seemed so stupid as to have seen someone's childhood.

He is originally greedy and indifferent to others. So if he could accomplish his purpose, he would not care much whether anyone else was sacrificed or hurt.

But I couldn't do that this time.

“But why are you stopping it? ”

“I know what the rest of you are thinking! ”

“ ……. ”

“I've taken both sides. And what I found out is that it's a really shitty thing. That's never a sacrifice. It's just a civil act that hurts the people around you with reasonable self-rationalization. ”

“ ……! ”

“And what do you usually say when you see something like this? ”

The tip of one hand's lip dries up.

“Young man.”

“ ……! ”

The myths of Hand and Hand are so varied that it is impossible to weave them together. There were times when the world was narrow and running around like a thunderclap, but for more than that, he had to spend years researching the ‘accident’ he had committed.

It was only a blueprint that came out of the process, because it was the Great Wall.

Captain! Run!

You don't know the captain. How much fun we had to meet the captain. And how meaningful life has been.

So buy it, Captain.

There were men who died on his behalf.

What the hell did you do? What happened to your arm? What's wrong with the other brothers?

It's just a little scratched.

Is it a scratch that got cut off? What nonsense...!

Just the youngest, because of you, the pagans are making a scene.

.... What did you do?

I kicked the face of a rooster once. Hahaha!


Big brother, you missed one. You couldn't have devastated the sanctuary at the crossroads, could you? Hmph. How ridiculous it is to see them flee.

These lunatics are my brothers!

There were brothers and sisters who fought, cried and laughed on his behalf.

Hmm. This stone monkey must have had another accident.

Three! Not this time, really!

Teacher, I saw.

That's noisy. Why are you all so fussy?

I met him as a colleague, but there were friends who understood and cared for him.

And you are.

Oh, Duke. Did I say that?

What do you want?

Oh, Duke, it's so ugly. How could you do this? But the ugly reason is that they're all different, and every time I look at them, they're new.

What, asshole?

There was a thousand horses.

Son Ogong has made connections with so many people. And they knew their thoughts, and when they were gone, they knew the pain they had. It wasn't all because of the thousand horses that rolled ‘Gule' several times.

So he wanted to correct the wrong idea of Yeonwoo. It's stupid to think everything would be peaceful if you worked hard for yourself. I didn't want this fool to suffer for what he had to suffer.

Son Au Gong let go of his thoughts without even noticing.

Yeonwoo learned the sincerity of Son Oh Gong through the dragon's eyes and the pearl jewel.

Even all the pain he's been through.

And you are.

I also learned the pain that Jung and other families would suffer if they succeeded in their plans.

Even if it removes the existence of the self engraved in this world, it is also simply manipulating and deceiving their emotions to their taste.

So..... it's hard to say it's for the family.

“…… but you can't do anything about it. ”

The problem was that if it wasn't that way, there was nothing you could do about it.

“I wasn't trying to find another way! ”

A repressed voice.

It was a mixed voice of anger.

Even if Yeonwoo used his life as a tool, it never meant anything.

Before that, I don't know.

It was different now that I had my family back.

He also wanted to draw a happy life with his brother, father, mother, Cesha, Edora...

I wanted to hang out with them and laugh, and I also wanted to give birth to my own child and start a family. Just as my father and mother did, I wanted to make myself a happy family.

But no matter how I rolled my head, I didn't see such a future.

No matter how much you defer to the end, the Dark King will eventually wake up and the 'dream’ will be over. And the whole family will disappear. It was a definitive future, how Gus could not be saved.

In the end, I had to choose this method. In the first place, I decided that I had no room for happiness.

By the way.

Hand Duke says it's crazy.

It exploded and blew up the buzz that was still being pressed.

“What do you know...! ”

The eyes of Yeonwoo, who had been frozen so cold, trembled greatly.

“I don't know. I said I don't know you, and you don't know me. Maybe it's too much to reproach. I'm not in charge of it. ”

“Then……! ”

“But I can help. ”

Yeonwoo had to stop while trying to say something.

“I don't know what the solution is. But I'll help you find it. Didn't you say you'd help me, too? Then why don't we just help each other? They both have the same purpose anyway. Don't you think?”

“ ……. ”

In the snow of Yeongwoo, which was noticeably shaking, the moisture gradually cooled.

“So live. Somehow, if you promise me that, I'll help you somehow. ”

On that horse.


A stream of tears poured down the right eye of Yeonwoo.