Second Life Ranker

17. Piece of Ribs (1)

“What do you think...? ”

Mikael looks at his chest with an incredibly long blade.

Of course, if you are, your heart is pierced or your head flees and you don't die right away. The most important thing is divinity and the myth and divinity that support them.

Much more, Michael was able to recover as many wounds as he had because of the great power he had in his possession. Given that he also had adra stones, it was only a scratch that would make him laugh.

But Mikael couldn't afford that.

The piercing of the blade was not just his body, but the spirit itself.

It was the framework that bound the myth that made Mikael exist.

And what made that possible was squitte.

The body of Kronos, which is beyond the ranks of the new king already achieved in the past.

Because of this, Mikael looks at Squitte with an incredibly distrustful expression, and looks at Jung Woo, who grabs the end with a careless face.

Clearly, Jungwoo was struggling with Lee Yee until just now.

It was a crisis that I had no choice but to sell for a little while.

Where the hell did he come from?

‘Obviously……! ’

Clearly, Lee tried to pull himself back, and Jungwoo tried to burst a wave of light towards him.

But unlike I expected, the waves of light were directed towards Michaels.

Mikael stopped it in Buriaburia, but he could not avoid it as much as Squitte, who had just dug a blind spot.

“You know what I hate the most in the world? You're trying to embarrass me. I was hit so much when I was a kid. ”

However, Jungwoo felt like he was just a nosebleed, just like Michael.

He knew right away.

That Mikael was just looking for a chance to attack Hositam like a matchmaker in the back.

Waiting for the two of them to lose their strength, or just for one person to see the gap.

But Jung Woo and Lee Yeon never wished for that.

Even though they didn't have much conversation, they agreed to fight after defeating Mikael like Nalpfly first.

And I was aiming for the opportunity, and I was able to put a knife to Michael's spirit while precisely timing it.

[Squitte's Curse is implanted!]

[‘Death: verb’ goes on.]

[‘Death: Galsa’ proceeds.]

[‘Death: Asa’ proceeds.]


Although the concept of conjunction is shaped by death, it was Kronos who was the strongest of the gods and demons of death until he appeared.

It was not so difficult to implant the concept of death in Michael.

She was a fucking mother to me, but she helped me a lot in this way.

The idea of transplantation is that Kronos got a motif from the Guyanese curse. I received very little help from her.


[‘Daylight (Eros)' begins to absorb the light that the Sun gave to the opponent!]

[Divinity is denied!]

“Oh, no...! ”

Mikael realized what Jungwoo was trying to do later and hurriedly dropped him off.


Mikael's body spreads over the crack.

In the first place, the divine decree in Malach was based on the maintenance of the ‘day’, which was created to fight the ‘night’.

However, as Jungwoo became the owner of the ‘day’ and was recognized by the elders, he also became entitled to reap the sanctity that was given to them.

Because Mikael knew that, when he betrayed him, he gave priority to killing Jung Woo.

Someone else has the right to flee their life, but who would like it?

Fortunately, I thought that if I didn't get hurt so badly because I had Soul Stones, I would be able to protect the Divine as much as possible.

As long as the myth began to disintegrate by Squite, there was no way to protect the divinity.

Michael's Holy Spirit swiftly takes Squitte's specimen and sucks it into Jung Woo.

Michael muttered his lips as if he wanted to say anything, but the crack covered his entire face in a shovel.



Mikael breaks down and gets sucked into Jungwoo.

Michael noticed what he wanted to say, but it was too late.

And Jung Woo's radiance is even more spectacular.

After the end of the reign, Jungwoo's two eyes sank deeper.

At that moment.

Wedging fluid!

I wanted to hear a strong gust of wind whistle through Mikael's place.


Jungwoo bounces back the strong wind by roughly swinging Squitte without even feeling the fox and nudity that the spirit brings.

On his left hand was a new stone, a stone of self-control. I caught Mikael disappearing and falling.

“... Oh no! You failed.”

Meanwhile, the strong wind again took the form of a man. Seeing the stone of resection, Lee made a wet look on his sacred face.

Now that the breadth of the statue is too narrow by Gunrimbo, the only way to shake down Jungwoo was with the use of a resection stone.

Jungwoo never let him take the fisherman's seat. I was pushing the stone of Dorian resection into his mouth quickly.

Hua 'ah!

[You swallowed the sunstone (excision)!]

[A resonance occurs between the sun and the sunshine of the day (Eros)!]

The problem was that the nature of the arrangement was well suited to Jung Woo and Na Na Na Ne.

In union with Kronos, Mikael was consumed, and even the stone of self-control is obtained now. Jungwoo's creed was expanding exponentially.

It was vast enough to be able to wield any rapidity, but he embraced it all without much difficulty.



Jungwoo pulls all the divine power to the tip of Squitte's blade and hits it up. From the bottom upward, a beam of light flashed through the earth and the sky.

And there was another example of an ankle tied to a monument. His left arm was cut off and bounced up into the air. An archer loses a single arm that is like a lifeline.

Jungwoo stepped on the monument and lowered his squeeze over Lee Yeo's head.

* * *

“All you have to do is collect all the Soul Stones. ”

After waiting quietly for Yeonwoo to churn his mind, he slowly takes out the words when he wants to regain some consciousness.

I didn't even think about it by chance.

“Soul Stone, are you referring to Luciel's Soul Piece? ”

“That's right. I think you have some, too. ”

Yeonwoo nodded.

He already had fourteen adra stones of arrogance, appetite, and color, and he didn't fit into his body, so if you put them together, he had four.

I could have the most of all gods and demons.

But nevertheless, he did not really know Luciel very well.

He was originally a lighthouse and greedily lit the original fire, becoming a celestial achievement, and he only knew that he left 14 pieces when his soul broke.

Everything else was heard by other gods and demons.

I didn't really care.

But you talked about it?

It was obvious there was something.

“Luciel was originally a lighthouse. Don't you know what a lighthouse is? ”

“I know it was a creature that protected the original fire. ”

“What about the original fire? ”

“I know it as the origin of the creation of the universe. ”

“Who made the creation of the universe? ”

“Thousand horses...? ”

“Yes. The remnants of a thousand horses left in this world, that's the original fire. And I'm sorry.”

The mouth of one hand dried up.

“It's called otherwise. ”

“ ……? ”

“Piece of a duck. ”

“ ……! ”

“That's exactly what Evil Keith and King Umar are looking for. ”

Yeonwoo had to swallow the drool.

The explanation of Song-ofong continued.

“The story seems to be too long to elaborate on what the piece of rice was originally, so I just want to skip it. As a matter of fact, the adra stone is Luciel's soul, so it is also called a piece of the rib. ”

Haven't you ever thought about that? What an alternate Soul Stone can be so strong even if it holds only one. Can even a single creature be strong enough to threaten even the rapids without any difficulty?

That's what the thousand horses asked.

In fact, it was also a question that Yeonwoo had always held but could not solve.

The reason for this is because there is a very big possibility of being buried in a piece of reed.

“The origins of a thousand horses are buried, and that's a great thing. Luciel kept it by his side, and eventually he became blind and barren, and would suffer such an accident. ”

When the gods and demons first found a piece of reed. I knew that if someone held it personally, or if a society held it alone, there would be a big catastrophe.

So they had an agreement between the societies to prevent this. No one decided not to touch the piece of rice. If there is a presence that breaks the agreement, all societies decide to join forces and bring him down.

And I always asked Malach to keep the pieces of the Ribs as a gift.

At this time, Luciel was chosen as the lighthouse.

At that time, Luciel was talented and qualified enough to be considered the next Clerk of the House, to be called Metatron's right-hand man.

“At that time, all the other societies thought Luciel was trustworthy. That's how much he looked like he was bigger than a metatron. ”

Hand Duke laughed.

“But even though a very strong force is a creature with a hard heart, the Holy Spirit is close to the essence ( ZZ). Luciel touched a piece of rice like that. ”

“ ……. ”

“What you need to do right now is very simple. Collect all Soul Stones in one place and pick a piece of Ribs there. Even with that, the radius you can move is very wide. ”

“How exactly does it get wider? ”

The impression of Hand and Hand was crumpled.

“Do I have to tell you everything? Do you really have to explain everything? Hints. Faults. ”


Yeonwoo seemed to know the number of Yeong-soon.

Hand Duke is the face of a thousand horses. If you're carrying a piece of rice, you have to make a huge difference. Even Luciel is strong enough to threaten the celestial world.Would a thousand horse-faced creatures die?

And Yeonwoo holds the faults of King Mihu, who can be said to be part of the Duke of Hand and Hand. If you have a piece of rice, you will see a positive effect.

And it also meant the possibility of a thousand horses.

“Evil Que was also a face like me, and a lunatic who served as the ego of the Dark King, wasn't he? But there's no law against you, is there? ”

The lips of Hand Duke were bent to the brim.

“And the sculpture is designed to pull the sculpture. Even if Evil Kei and King Umar find the pieces, it will be easier for you to intercept them on the way. ”

However, Yeongyeon thought that it was not the only number of Yeongyeon Gong.

Evil Que said he would take a piece of reed and create a world that would never fall apart, the 'Pian’. That means that the power that the piece of reed holds is so great. Then I didn't know Yeonwoo would open up new possibilities that I had never thought of before.

A world where dreams don't fall apart and relationships can survive.

There must be a way to help Hand Duke survive. Yeonwoo thought so.

And as soon as that thought was over, Yeonwoo moved straight away.

I raised my head toward the sky.

And I closed my eyes.

“ ……. ”

This world is the dream of the Dark King. It was the same thing that existed under the consciousness of Yongyeon who became his alternate self.

So I wanted to concentrate my consciousness and project my ideas to control the whole 'dream'.

To find adra stones that will be scattered all over this dream.

Obviously, the tower would have been scattered around as it collapsed.

[Search for Soul Stone.]


After such a long search.

[Found Sin Stone (Natai).]

As soon as the message came to mind, Yeonwoo immediately stepped on the celebration.