Second Life Ranker

18. Piece of Ribs (2)

From then on.

Yeonwoo has begun to travel around the world and around the planet.

“Hey, man! You don't think I'm seeing shit now, do you? It's really raining, isn't it? ”

“Vida! It's raining! ”

“Thank you, thank you! ”

“When it rains, the famine will be relieved and the reservoir will be filled again! You'll see the golden fields again! ”

“God! God has listened to our wind! ”

Soulstones were present in various forms.

Somewhere, it was just buried in the basement.

But that alone had a huge adverse effect on the planet itself. It broke the atmosphere's circulation and planted an evil energy throughout the formation, preventing crops from growing.

After more than a decade, the crops did not grow properly. It's not raining, it's always just the hot sun.

Thanks to it, many fauna and flora did not win the famine and died. Humans are barely able to carry on with their life with their sheaths, and when that is not enough, horrible things happen, such as eating and eating their opponents.

All the blue skies are gone and only the dry desert remains.

But the moment Yeonwoo collects those adra stones, the planet pours billions of rain as if it were trying to wash away all its wounds. What I put off and put off for more than a decade has found its place again.

Every animal ran out of the cave and opened its mouth to the sky, and the seeds that had been dormant in the dry land began to germinate.

Humans all burst into tears, singing the greatness of God.

Those sacraments were all gathered to Yeonwoo.

“The blizzard has stopped! Fire! Get the fire! ”

“…… That hell of a day is finally over. ”

“Any survivors? Any survivors? ”

“Has God answered our call? ”

In addition, the dreadful glaciers of civilization have been lifted, and the sea, which was constantly swarming with wind, quietly sinks.

“Monster..... Another monster wishes for self-defense? ”

“That's ridiculous! How long do we have to keep the sisters in town? ”

“Oh, my God. Please save us. ”

“My daughter, my daughter..... What a pity! ”

“Hey, hey! Monster, monster outside now! ”

“But why? ”

“That horrible monster is dead! ”


“Ah! There was a god! ”

Some places, wildlife accidentally ate it and became horrible monsters.

Based on their clumsy spirituality, those who tried to fill their lack of divinity by devouring humans themselves were monstrous creatures that hindered the development of each civilization and planet.

After they were eradicated, a completely different story began.

The desire and ambition that have been suppressed have exploded all at once, and a new era of development has begun.

Naturally, their faith suddenly appeared and went to a god who did not know a name, who saved them without saying a word.

“Oh, my God! ”

“Save us! ”

Of course, there were some cases where Yeonwoo anticipated that there would be adra stones and there would be no adra stones at the place of arrival.

It was already a place where someone else had taken it with great annoyance, or where the adverse effects of adra were acting through some other route.

But the places where Yeonwoo passed by were filled with cheer and praise for Yeonwoo as well.

Of course, those things were only very small compared to the faith that was currently being held by the Eucharist.

He was the destroyer of the tower, the goddess of Olympus, and the alternate of the Dark King.

Even though the faith received from the transcendents who already recognized him was immense, the faith sent fervently by the gods of Olympus and other worlds was so vast that it could not reach all creatures.

But it is.

Fellowship was rather strange.

It was a freshly tempered belief, contrary to what he had always felt.

* * *

[This is planet Destrudo.]

Yeonwoo stands at the highest cliff slit on the planet and looks down at the surface of the ground.

The sky is painted all over and the land is red. Numerous humans were walking around on it.

It was a monstrous monster, undead, who never died or lived.

It was a monster I saw countless times in the tower, and it was well known about how to fight and how to fight.

It was only possible to some extent, because if the number of individuals exceeded a certain number, the story would be completely different.

Undead is so easily infected. So the propagation is fast, and it corrodes nature easily. When the Undead begins to rise, the battalion becomes so messed up that it can't use its hands anymore.

Destrudo did it right away.

It was a planet full of the energy of death.

It felt rather horrible to be there.

‘The quality is falling. ’

No matter how it became a conceptual existence of death, there was a qualitative difference.

It was a rather unpleasant place to clean up quickly.

The moment you bounce lightly, pointing your finger at one of the surfaces of the ground.


The spark explodes, but a violent explosion reaches the entire planet's surface in a single breath.

That's what happened right away.

What was surprising was that a rough explosion accompanied by a post-storm and heat swept away only the implanted surface of the ground.



The undead became ashes in the heat without even knowing how they died. It was a rapid extinction that had no time to struggle with the burning afflictions.

“What the hell...? ”

“The Undead is gone? ”

“New Bee! New Bee is down! ”

Yeonwoo now widened her hand as she heard a voice filled with hope, as she became somewhat accustomed.

Then, from the middle of the swept seat, something was pulled up and sat quietly on the palm of Yeonwoo's hand.

[Soul Stone (Anger) Acquired!]

[Soul Stone (arrogance, appetite, color, nathan, jealousy) reacts strongly to Soul Stone (anger)!]

[‘Hades' Spirit Sword ’wants to forcibly swallow Soul Stone (Anger)!]

[Soul Stone (Anger) is strongly resistant.]

[Soul Stone (arrogance, appetite, color, nathan, jealousy) crushes the resistance of Soul Stone (anger).]

[‘Hades' Spirit Sword 'attempts to absorb.]


[Soul Stone unites!]

[6 Sin Stones are gathered.]

[If you absorb the remaining Sin Stone, you can create a complete Sin Stone.]

[The Stone of Wisdom has become more complete.]

The sage stone located in Yeonwoo's bosom resonates greatly, making it feel firm.

A reaction caused by absorbing the energy of Soul Stone.

However, this did not mean that there was a huge change, as when one obtained the stone of arrogance or the stone of appetite.

It doesn't make a difference how great a Soul Stone is when you put a river in the ocean.

However, as the sinful stone was fully formed, Yeonwoo was still feeling what the ‘Piece of Riot' was saying.

The energy that made up the Soul Stone. The traces that remained in it were very slight fragments of an eel. No matter how connected they were, they were small enough that they would never be found if they didn't pay attention.

But as the adra gathered together, they returned to their original form. A solid piece was formed in the center of the Sage Stone.

Yeonwoo was quite curious about what this would look like when it was complete.

‘I am also sensitive to the faith. This is kind of amazing. ’

Is it because the piece of reed originated from 'Hwang’?

As Yeonwoo roamed the planet, the newly harvested faith was directly linked to the shards of the Tribe.

It tickled me without knowing where I was when I received a faith of such a negative nature as struggle and death and a faith of such a positive nature filled with hope and cheer.

If that meant it was bad, it wasn't.

Should I just say it's amazing?

“Faith is a drug. ”

Then, Lee Rangjin approached with a smile as if he knew the idea of Yeonwoo.

He was helping Yeonwoo a lot, following behind him the whole time he was gathering adra stones.

“There are few people who taste good when they become gods or demons or transcendents. Because the power of faith is so sweet. That size is never important. Rather, it is no more dangerous when you have a faith of a nature that is completely different from the previous one. ”

Irangjin seemed to say not to swing there. If you look at it, you may find it more likely, but if you look at the time you spent as a god, he was way above it.

Yeonwoo nods as if she understands. Certainly, it was the first time that a faith of this nature had been held for a very short time, but it was true.

I thought it might have been a little dangerous if I had felt this faith when I had just left.

But it is.

On the one hand, I also thought so.

‘Receiving a faith that has not been gained before…… In fact, it also means that we can achieve as many advances as possible. ’

Myths, myths, and divinity are all based on faith.

At the same time as the size of the faith is determined by how many congregations are secured, and how much support they give.

It was because the kind of myth that the faithful knew varied completely depending on how they perceived God.

In the case of the Erangjin Army, humans regard him as the god of healing circulation.

At the instigator of civilization, human beings were forced to be very sensitive in the water as much as they lived on rivers. Of course, the dimension was an important homework for them, and they naturally sent their fervent origins and faith to the Lee Ran Jin Army, who had a myth that the dimension had been achieved.

In a similar context, the myths of association were related to struggle and death, so faith was all of the same kind. In particular, the myth of 'killing a god’ is more shocking, so more faith has been drawn towards it.

But the faiths we receive now are completely different.

Hope and salvation. They were giving new vigour to the myth of communion. It was clear that as an enforcer and the ego of the Dark King, it was difficult to build up.

That's why.

Yeonwoo came up with that idea.


If we make good use of this, I think it could be the key to getting out of the framework of the Dark King who is now restraining him.

‘.... It's transcendent. ’

Yeonwoo remembered what had not yet been accomplished, but moved to the next place.

‘Did you find new possibilities in an unintentional place? ’

I put that in my mind.

* * *

[This is Sirius Star System.]]

Yeonwoo arrived on a planet.

Suddenly I met an unintended message.

The adversary is fully awakened!]

[Enemies begin to move to prevent the execution of the end.]

[Armageddon, which was suspended, restarts.]

“ ……! ”

A message that comes to mind on one side of Yeonwoo's retina.

And you are.


[Death Squad Returns!]

[‘Night (Knox)’ returns!]

The god of Dis Pluto and others, who had been left behind to stop Jungwoo, returned to his shadow in unison.