Second Life Ranker

19. Piece of Ribs (3)

The mountain shatters as Lee Yee's arm falls down. With so many particles of light pouring out.

Jungwoo had to harden his impressions and see where he had just been.


[This example was successfully logged out.]

[No trace found.]

‘I can't find it. ’

Jungwoo tried to quickly pull up his traits and senses to find out where Lee Ye had fled, but his creed left no coordinates.

It's like hiding out in the void outside the world.

‘Angle of gold derailment……. ’

Like saying that the spider leaves the skin and leaves only the body, Lee Ye succeeded in fleeing by sacrificing his one arm. It must have completely cut off the trail by leaving some superstition.

“... Damn it. ”

Because of this, Jungwoo had to frown. Abraham's grudge is a grudge, and we need to find out the exact purpose of Evil Keith. This is why the situation is so unfavorable.

But luckily, his arm is still very little.

[Skill, 'Yongmaan’ performs a lead on the target.]

[Detoxification is accomplished.]


[Successfully decrypted 32% of the amount of information the target had!]

Just before Lee Yeon's arm completely disappeared.

Jungwoo succeeded in deriving some of the data that was engraved in his divinity, namely the myth.

Thanks to that.

Jungwoo was able to glimpse some of the ideas he was watching Evil Que in his eyes.


You..... what? The face of a thousand horses? Ha! That's ridiculous. He's the one who smells of darkness? If you're trying to make fun of me, just get out of here.

Ohoyo! I know what you're thinking. But if you were the master of the Moon Palace, you would see the light I hold.

What... what is it? What the hell are you doing?

I'll tell you about my secret later when I get a chance. However, there is something I would like to offer you.

What is it?

Don't you want to wake me up?


After rolling the ’gullet’, the horse is always stuck in the library of the spear and looks down at the world.

And we only observe the many events that happen there quietly, and sometimes only when the gods and demons try to intervene with the creatures for more than a certain degree.

This example was not always my complaint.

Just a little more.

If you go a little more proactively. Gule won't just keep going around like this.

Lee thought that the ongoing fight between the Thousand Horses and the Dark Kings was a tragedy, in fact, where the Thousand Horses did not take a more active stand.


If you become such a presence and defeat the Dark King completely.

If you wipe all the laws of the world with your own light, why do you keep trying in vain?

Of course, I had no idea why the thousand horses were doing it.

The goal was always to cut off the connection between the earth and the sky, to free the creatures from the bondage of the gods and give them complete freedom.

But in fact, this example followed a thousand horses, but in my heart I did not understand them.

It would only cause trouble for unqualified beings like the Emperor, because if a properly qualified person were to be able to enforce only the Windings of Evil correctly, there would be a more complete and peaceful world.

Lee thought that Thousand Horses had that qualification, and tried to convince him somehow to pull him in that direction.

But every time, a thousand horses crossed his head.

And he used to laugh optimistically, continuing his tedious struggle with the Dark King, saying that someday the matter would be resolved smoothly.

Knowing that it was forcing your hands and feet together.

"Goulet" stopped one day, and "Dream" came to an end.

This example did not make any sense.

So I made a commitment.

I have to force my horse to wake up.

I have to move, shake it so that the horse that tore itself to the top of that tall tower can walk out of my feet.

It was all because of this that Lee Ye was immersed in the sea of poetry and helped Evil Que.

If you help Evil Que, the thousand horses were either freed by themselves or forced to go out on their own.

I'm going to collect some pieces of molluscs that haven't been recovered yet.

You want a piece of the mango?

Yes. If I can do that…… I will have both the possibilities of light and darkness. A new creation is possible.


Ohoyo. You still don't know? to create a new world beyond the reach of the thousand horses and the Dark Kings. If that happens, it means that the angels, the Dark Kings, are completely out of their hands, and the world is born..... Of course, won't you stop? because they would prefer to have everything in their hands.

What if the creation of a world beyond the reach of the thousand horses and the Dark Kings took place?

No one knows what will happen.

Nothing can happen, but it can hit a thousand horses or a Dark King. It breaks the myth they had from the beginning. Maybe their backbone was shaken.

Evelke convinced him to hold hands with himself by telling Lee Yee this.

In this example, you can have a thousand horses walk out of the window library, so all you have to do is help Evil Que and take your hands off him directly when he comes out.

The problem was that the stubbornness of a thousand horses was far greater than he thought.

Then, this became like this. I thought I'd go all the way to the end. After the tower broke, I joined Evil Que.

When he bumped into Jung Woo, he had to be confused when he saw that Gunrimbo was given to him.

It was the first time that a thousand horses had given a 'gift' that had not blinked a single eye, even though the lines of the enemy had fallen out.

Still, I had no idea what he had in mind and intentions.

Then one arm was cut off from Jung Woo, and he fled like a chase.

‘Thousand horses. Thousand horses'.. Obviously, I have something on my mind. ’

Jungwoo did not know what the ‘plaque’ had been planned for a very long time. He and his brother could have been organ horses just playing on it.

However, Jungwoo decided not to think about the horse. Now I had no other idea that I should somehow go after Liang and listen to the story.

And you are.

Fortunately, the ideology of Yi Ye touched upon the plan taught by Evil Kei.

Oye! Soul Stone. There's a piece of reed in it.

That was enough.

It's not enough to make Jungwoo move.

Jung Woo, wait a minute!

Valdebich reads Jung's thoughts, and blows his body over here to dry him.

Just before Yeonwoo left. It was because of a favor I did while leaving him.

But it is.

[The sun of the day (Eros) does not allow disturbance!]

Jungwoo blocked Valdebich's access by emitting a louder glow, as if he didn't want to hear it.

Because I knew that it would only disturb you if you weren't an idiot. I didn't know what to persuade, so I didn't intend to listen.

[‘Day (Eros)' sunshine fills the entire world!]

[Defeat the remnants of ‘Night Knox'.]

[‘Night Knox’ is banished!]


Eventually, all the ‘Night’ beings, including Valdebich, were forcibly expelled by Jung Woo, but had to return to where they were supposed to be.

And you are.

Son, are you going to find the Soul Stone?

Kronos, who noticed where Yeonwoo might have gone through Jungwoo, asked me a question.


Jungwoo stubbornly crossed his head.

“If you go that way, you'll just keep getting one beat late. You're not the one who's going to be so much fun. ”

So, what are you going to do?

“We need to find someone to hold him together. ”


Kronos raises his head.

As an adversary, he has awakened and united himself, but it is still a high wall for Jungwoo.

But is there anything that can stop the association?

At that time.

Jungwoo's eyes sank deeply.


* * *

…… I couldn't say anything to Jung Woo. I'm sorry.

Valdebich lowered his head as if he had no face.

But Yeonwoo crossed his head as if he was okay.

In fact, he was guessing for some time.

‘But I thought it would be enough to stop Jung Woo for a little while..... but it's not enough anymore. ’

[‘Dancing Green Flame’ is a force majeure for their father!]

[The ‘source of impurity’ cries out to my father that he is sorry!]

[‘Black Yoshin of Enrichment’ insists that his brother could not resist the ‘day (Eros)' he sows!]


[The creatures of ‘Night Knox’ show a melancholy mood for failing to fulfill their father's orders properly!]

Certainly it was a great skill to cast out all the gods of the world.

There may be a sudden upheaval, but it's probably more because you evolved into an adversary who can be said to be a natural enemy at night.

[The Dark King's alternate self comforts the creatures of ‘Night (Knox)'.]

[The creatures of ‘Night (Knox)’ are impressed by my father's vast quantity!]

‘Besides, if you stole this data, it would mean that you predicted what Evil Kei's plan was..... I think we should hurry. ’

Yeonwoo's eyes sank deeply.

“Is there a Soul Stone here? ”

He looked back and asked.

A desert full of wilderness.

I can't find the energy of Soul Stone because I don't have any.

Song-o-Gong said there would be Soul Stones here, and brought Yeonwoo around all the time.

Without even answering the question of Yeonwoo.


“Why not? ”

Ah, no.

Valdebich quickly crossed his head, but Yeonwoo did not miss his eyes shaking.

So I'm trying to figure out why.


Suddenly the ground they were on began to shake roughly.

[Enemy has appeared!]


Obviously there was nothing on this planet.

As a coincidence, I had to be frightened.

This means that I fooled the sense of Yeonwoo..... that was ridiculous.

But it is.


Magic bombs pour relentlessly as permits open all over the air.

"Who dares!

Valdebich raises his head as he bursts into flames.

The Shadow of Yeonwoo also rose high and removed all bombs from the air.

[The Black Fortune Lord] dares to warn those who toothed his father!]

[The 'source of impurity’ growls! I want to avenge them!]

[‘Dancing Green Flame’ warns you to spread the glory of 'Night (Knox)'!]

[‘The Singer of Destruction' stares at the enemies!]

[‘Night (Knox)' reveals the union of life!]

In the shadow of Yeonwoo, countless eyes poured sharply.


Suddenly, the cliffs soared high above the ground around Yongyeon, Song-Wukong, and Ylang Jin troops, forming a deep canyon.

And on top of it.

Thousands of warriors are staring this way.

Intense speculation ( Qi) was shaking the canyon, no, the planet itself.

Is it...?

The moment I saw them, Valdebich's expression turned hard.

And you are.

They smelled of adra.


The moment I saw the man at the forefront of the Giants, Valdebich screamed like that.

This is the place.

It was the home he had left as a child.