Second Life Ranker

20. Piece of Ribs (4)

Besides the dead giants that Yeonwoo reaped, there are other giants?

Then I could think of Yeonwoo.

About his hometown that Valdebich said one day.

Many of the giants known only for extinction are still alive.

Then it also made sense to have them.

But it is.

"What is the smell of Soul Stone? ’

I have an unsolved question that has sensitized my senses and infiltrated the planet's inner nucleus.

In the meantime.

[The Legion of Death appears!]

[Dead giants stare at their old people!]

[Two giants are hostile to each other!]

As the dead giants lined up around Valdebich, they stared at the giants standing on the canyon.

In a moment, the speculation that each other emits towards each other collides, shaking violently as if the planet were about to break.

"By speculation, our people are right."

But also to them....

"Our smell is very serious."

The dead giants narrow their eyes as they look at the giants on the canyon.

It's also amazing that there are still old people in this place.

On the other hand, it was strange that they smelled not of the living, but of the dead.

I did.

All the giants on the canyon were undead.

Only the planet that has escaped or transcended souls is bound up with the energy it possesses.


However, the giants on the canyon certainly saw the dead giants for the first time, but they were grinding their teeth together and sending ugly eyes.


Valdebich wants to laugh at something weird.

“I have a headache because I want to keep holding my head..... Shall we start by putting our heads on the ground? ”

I slightly raised my fist as my son complained of unpleasantness. I was about to explode the brain wall immediately.

But the giants on the canyon seem to want to do it if they can.

Valdebich said he shouldn't be like this.

Bad guys.

At that time, an echoing voice echoed over the canyon.

The giants on the canyon turn their backs to a confused face. Smaller than the average giants, a giant with an indifferent attitude is walking towards you.

"Captain! Captain, how did you get here...?

"Why? Have you come to a place I can't come?"

Well, that's not it....

Did you think you wouldn't know if you left me? Get back! What are you doing?

The so-called captain threw Hillan without haste.

Motherfuckers. Look who the other guy is. He's a dog. What the hell are you doing?

Then the captain stood at the end of the line and bowed his head this way.

At that moment, Valdebich's eyes slightly widened.

It was a familiar face.

A man named the captain smiled bitterly and said,

Long time no see, brother?

* * *

Guided by the Yeonwoo group, it was a dungeon town located underground.

Like ant dens, the passageways were intricately connected to each other, and the cavities located everywhere had different characteristics.

It was as big and spacious as where the big giants lived. Maybe more than a thousand individuals lived in the metropolitan area.

Only a few hundred people now seem to be alive and desolate. The majority of buildings and cavities seem to have been abandoned for a long time.

"What the hell happened?

Valdebich had to bite him all the time to see those places. It felt like a gigantic emptiness.

What happened? It's just ruined.

The youngest brother, Narotz, who remained very clumsy on the one hand, burst into laughter lightly.

Valdebich was shocked when he first saw Narotz. It was also surprising that the face of his younger brother, who was only a very young child, remained until he became an adult, but it was too shocking to know that he was' dead '.

So Valdebich asked me a lot of questions all the way to the underground city.

Narotz smiles lightly and answers nothing.

But for Valdebich, it was just one shocking thing.


Okay, okay. You can answer it right.

Narotz shrugged.

"You left here when you were too young, but you didn't know it. You know a lot of the Progenitors crossed into the tower, right?


But not all the factions moved to the tower. Some of them were tired of the ongoing war, and their progeny were…….

It was us.

"Uh. Because of the lack of individuals to sustain the race, the lineage has been mixed with each other since.

There was no reason why the Valdebich brothers were anti-giants.

But after that, the race had to keep falling. The planet itself was falling apart. The faction's turbulence was falling..... and that's why it's like this.


"My father sent my brother to the tower to slow down the fall of such a race.

My father believed that he would somehow save the race.

Narotz added:


"Dead. All the other brothers." The plague that covered the planet is so great.


Valdebich bites and curls his lower lip.

Then one day, I suddenly ran out of oil.

Yongyeon, Son and Ryungjin, who were listening quietly to the story behind them, realized that it was a Soul Stone.

"It was a lot of rocks with amazing abilities…… but we were able to parasitize it. It was our idea to preserve the race somehow.

Soulstones carry a great deal of energy. It was Narotz who was leading the pack at the time that got the idea.

By forcibly tying their souls to adra stones, they were somehow trying to clarify their lives a little bit.

Because of that, the divinity that I had completely disappeared, and the turbulence collapsed together.

And I was bound to this desolate planet.

Narotz and his companions never gave up and remained steadfast.

I thought you knew we were coming, right?

Valdević recalls Valdević's will, the last king of giants, who gave his last power to himself and disappeared.

Our priest said, I believe that one day there will be a presence to guide us. I think it's you, and it's him.

I still don't know exactly what the prophecy of the last King Baldebich said.

But one thing was certain.

Just as he believed in that prophecy and lived as a long-running chaotic slave, his brother and his people here had no faith to remain.

Maybe it's different.

"Yes. I had a prophecy. A prophecy that one day the Savior will come.

‘As expected……. ’

"By the way, did you really come?

Narotz smiled as he rolled his tail up.

"I thought the only thing the prophecy said was you.

.... What the hell do you trust me for?

Just. Understood?

Valdebich looked at his brother with a ridiculous expression.

I have to say, Narotz only has a few memories left, and he didn't have any memories to share with him.

Moreover, in his childhood he was a considerable coward. A coward who talks and behaves slowly.

But I can't believe I felt that way.

This is the stone you're looking for. Do you think the adra is a real name?

Then Narotz stopped walking in a cavity.

Much larger than other cavities. But where it was so ruined, there was an altar piled with dust.

And the adra stone in the middle was firmly protected by a shield.

[Soul Stone found!]

[Currently inaccessible.]

The adra stone was shining very spectacularly, as it passed along the veins of the extinct race.

Yeonwoo ignores the warning message and steps toward the altar.

The shield tried to defeat the intrusion vigorously.

Grazic, bang!

[‘Shadow Realm’ seeps into the shield!]

[Turn off the shield function.]

[Release the component of the shield.]


[Shield has been invalidated!]

Yeonwoo reached the front of the altar, breaking through the shield too easily. From Soulstones to more than a hundred pairings. I was barely able to live with magic power through this.

It tries to reach out to the adra stone unharmed.

Stop it!

Giants from the starry Narots rush to Yeonwoo.

The dead giants don't miss it, but they blow it out and block it.


Out of the way!

Don't touch it! Get out!

The giants somehow tried to defeat the dead giants. More and more, the amount of horsepower emanating from adra and near-facing stones grew.

Valdebich quickly looked back at Narotz. Naroz bursts into sighs, covering his face with his hands.


Why are you doing that?

It's nothing. So I'm going to collect...!

"Don't touch me! When it's gone, we're all done!

Narotz tries to say something, but the other giant yells loudly before him.

Valdebich's gaze returned to him by itself.

"I don't know about you, but our God himself ministers to death. Even if you recover the Soul Stone, you can continue to exist like us...!

You don't know anything.


We have worn out our souls, so only thoughts remain. But how are you going to recover it and bring it back?


Valdebich only realized that things were going awkwardly.

There's only one thought left. It meant that when the foundation of the Soul Stone disappeared, they would all perish and meet.

I knew it was not easy to retrieve Soul Stones from here.

The giant twists the tip of one lip loudly.

"The one who will save us"? You? What kind of person left the race and home when you were a kid..!

Narotz said he was waiting for the Saviors, but in the first place the giants didn't believe him.

How the hell do you know what's left of the prophecy or what a drunken prophet is talking about?

When the Soul Stone disappears, they must all be ‘dead’.

A death I can't even think of.

For them, even if it was a meaningless life, the desire to maintain the phenomenon seemed like a chimney.

In the meantime, who knows if there's another way to escape this boring living hell?


Yes. You must have a lot to say. So many. But how do you come here to save us, who did nothing and had to end so powerlessly?

"Petron! Quiet...!

Shut up, Narotz! No matter how much you're in charge, you're not holding on to our survival!

A giant called Petron silenced Naroz's anger. The Giants split into two defeats, Naroz and Petron, roaring like they were about to go to war.

The hierarchy of giants is very solid. Narotz's pupils trembled at the fact that it was shaken.

But Petron ignores Narotz and stares at Valdebich.

Yeonwoo, too.

By the way.

“If possible?”

Petron looks at Yeonwoo with an expressionless face.

What nonsense..!

“Even if you disappear, it's possible to bring you back. ”

Petron's face is dull.

Are you trying to make fun of us?

“Why would I? All you have to do is push you out and take it. ”


At this moment, Petron's eyes trembled.

In fact, he knew that if he only cared, he could defeat them.

“I'm going to change. ”

…… what?

“I intend to transcend and change all the laws and causes of this‘ dream ’. Then you who collapsed without salvation can prosper again. ”

Not only Petron, but Narotz, too, looked back on the association. The same was true of the Irangjin, as well as Valdebich.

However, I was looking at Liaoning with a smile that I didn't know as much as Hand Five.

Tell me more…….

Petron said in a trembling tone.