Second Life Ranker

21. Piece of Ribs (5)

After I met Son Oh Gong.

Yeonwoo began to think many thoughts alone.

‘How do we survive? ’

‘Dreams’ must be followed.

That way, the only family I've ever gotten back can live with a smile.

I even thought about giving them the power of darkness and forcing them to become 'sulfur'.

However, it was not as easy to raise the bar as it was to say, and it made me wonder if my family would really like it.

Anyway, what he wanted was not just the survival of the family, but the landscape in which they lived happily.

However, in order to do so, he needed to be submerged in his head…….

So I thought this was the best thing to do, and I tried to hide my wish to live and turn away.

All you have to do is live happily with your family.

I wanted to be brainwashed a few times.

But Son Oh Gong said.

I think it's just a deception.

Even if you sacrifice it, will the family like it?

Of course, memory can be erased, but it's just manipulated happiness. And you made me look back at the sincerity of what I've been trying to avoid to cheat my family.

So from then on, he tried to find a new way.

It still doesn't look like he's walking in the fog... but somehow he's moving forward a little. In front of that, there was a hand-roller who helped me not to go the wrong way.

And it's very small, but we found a hint of a solution.

It was transcendence.

Of course, it may be absurd to be a substitute for the Dark King.

Even though he was already in the ranks of the Emperor, even if he became the Lord of the Dark Kings, it was difficult to call him transcendent.

The transcendence of his existence meant that he went far beyond the framework of the Dark King.

Of course, this was almost impossible.

If you say to those who know the existence of the Dark King, ‘Are you crazy?’ It was my decision that the answer had to come back.

And that's what you know better than anyone. Because of this, I assumed some of these options but was avoiding them unconsciously.

The beginning beyond the dark beginnings..... No, it was much earlier than it was before.

It was not the Dark King who had been there before the first thousand horses opened their eyes and made light, began the creation of the universe, and rolled the ’gullet'.

But I can't believe I'm going beyond that.

It was impossible to imagine such a presence in the first place.

But it is.

'I can. No, we have to. ’

Yeonwoo decided to reach such a ridiculous position.

That way we can stop this tireless gullet with our own hands, and keep on dreaming.

Thus, I decided to become a carpenter myself, tear down the oysters that make up the 'gullet' and conserve the 'dream’.

So..... I was going to continue to live with my family.

No, it wasn't the only one.

I was going to lose it and put everything I had to lose back.

Starting with an old lover who had to die because of himself.

I was only worried about my granddaughter, so I closed my eyes and left with a warm glance....

Yeonwoo put all those things where they were originally, and he thought he would be in between.

It all meant the same thing.

Of course, I knew those processes would never be easy.

No, it would be much more likely to fail.

Maybe after the failure, Yeonwoo became like a common demon.

The ones who lost most of their memories, lost their identities, lost their instincts. Those who were all greedy to scream evil and fill their present deficiencies would have been creatures who once ran with a goal like themselves.

Maybe it's safer to choose a footage. But it is.

‘But..... ’

However, I wanted to try one way or another, even if it was the case with Diarrhoea.

‘It's good for a little while. ’

Fortunately, there was no way.

Piece of rice.

If we can use it to have the power of a thousand horses together...!

I did not know that I would escape the restraint of the Dark King, who was simply entrenched.

* * *

"Have I ever wanted to live like this? ’

In the meantime, Yeonwoo laughed with such thoughts.

I was able to say for sure.

By no means.

He was just a ghost who didn't die in the meantime.

After my father covered his tracks, when my brother disappeared and even my mother died.

He became an orphan, fled into the army, and deployed to Africa. And I pushed myself into the pit of death several times.

At that time, I only thought it was okay to die now. I didn't commit suicide because I had my mother's past. It's just that when I look at it like this, I'll be with my family one day.... I only think about it.

After that, he knew his brother's whereabouts and went into the tower.

For revenge, his life seemed good. Even if he died in the process, he considered it enough if one could kill more enemies.

And then my brother woke up, he found out the truth about his father, and he met his mother again.

The seeds of hope begin to sprout, though they are very small in the mind of Yeonwoo.

And now that I've decided to live somehow.

I live a happy life with my family, and I have a wish to work with Edora now.

Yeonwoo was more determined than ever.

It's time.

I feel like I've become a ‘real’ living human now.

* * *

.... So you want to be the Dark King and bring us back to life?

Petron listened to Yeonwoo's explanation and became the face of Gigi.

He also knew what the Dark King was.

Even though I had never met him in person, I had never encountered anything related to him, but the message continued to be passed on within the race.

You're going to be like that, even if you're a whiz to the giants?

As a Petron, it seemed like a crazy piece of shit.


Yeonwoo crossed his head like he was wrong.

“I'm saying I'll go higher than that. ”


“The Dark King is redeemed. ”

The voice of Naughty Yeonwoo was full of power.

“I'm always tied up with" Goulet "and" Dream ". I can't do anything without it. So I'm going to cut it all off. Objectively, after seeing Goulet and Dream, we'll be able to tear all the oysters apart. ”


Petron tried to say something, but he had to stop while he was on his way.

It was because the eyes of Yeonwoo were shining brightly and I saw one mouth dry up.

“Well, I can't help it if I don't want to. ”


“What are you talking about? Even if you don't like it, it means I'll just take the adra stone. ”


To put it bluntly, it was absurd for you to say nothing but silence, but Petron and others were not able to say anything against it.

“So choose. ”

Yeonwoo's laughter grew even bigger.

“Just disappear like this, or hold on to a string of hope, even if it's so weak. ”


Petron and others had to be dumb after eating honey.

Valdebich and Naretz, who were watching the situation, were also silent.

Especially the shock Naretz suffered looked very big.

He also believed that Valdebich and the god he served were the Saviors in the prophecy.

But such a Savior will be strong and open, and the image that he had will be shattered.


Son Ogong noticed that this situation was so interesting that he would die.

His voice led to a breakthrough so that he could only hear Yeonwoo.

Aren't you the face of a thousand horses?

…… What does that mean?

I really want to be like the rest of us.

I hate being compared to you.

If you were worse, it would never be less.




Hand Duke smiled.

Somehow it seemed like a laugh, but he decided to ignore it.

Or do you intend to be?

Does anyone just want to be?

Is there any law against the courtyard where the face of a thousand horses becomes the ego of the Dark King?

…… I see.

Isn't that what you're after?

Hand Duke's voice was still mixed with pranks, but on the other hand it was more serious than ever.

Just as Evil Keith is trying to accomplish his purpose with the possibility of a thousand horses and a Dark King at the same time, so are you, too?


If there's anything else, he's just trying to make a rabbit den to escape, and you're sitting on the top of the head of a Dark King and a thousand horses, and you're going to make it all taste good.

Yeonwoo sighed lightly.

Exactly. It's true that I got the idea there.

Well done.


Well done. Even if it's a very small possibility, rushing blindly to acquire it. That's the most important thing.


Yeonwoo is listening to the praise of the Duke of Hand. Somehow, I feel strange.

And on the one hand, I was convinced that this was the correct answer.

I hope he came to this conclusion in the first place.

You can lose your strength and crunch one day by simply teaching, but if you come to a conclusion of your own, you will be able to push hard.

I thought so, so that I could feel my heart sinking calmly.

Until he became the alternate ego of the Dark King, the goal he set once was to somehow succeed and regain his mind.

Yeonwoo said briefly as he looked back at the wandering giants, still unable to answer quickly.

“I don't say trust me. Trust Valdebich instead. So what happens?”

At this moment, Valdebich's gaze is on Yeonwoo.

The eyes of the giants were all drawn to Valdebich.

And you are.

…… I want to meet my family.

A giant on Petron's side broke the film for the first time.

A voice filled with sorrow.

But it was a voice with little hope.

Dead father, mother, sister.... Can I meet them all in the world that you make?

“Let's try our best. ”

"Me too! I want to open my eyes to this desolate place, where rice paddy fields grow a lot!

"I wish I was popular with women! Damn it! This life is over! How long do you want me to live as a motherfucking solo? Next life! Only the next life is the answer!

I refuse a lot of money……!


Me too……!

Starting with one person, several giants floated and began to wait.

The wishes that each of you had on one side of your chest.

But the moment those hopes blossomed that could never be fulfilled in a world full of frustration and despair, the association could once again feel the new faiths' insides return to themselves.

[You acquired Giant Faith!]


[You have succeeded in gaining the faith of all giants!]


[New title acquired!]


Petron closes his eyes as if he has nothing more to say, and Narotz knocks Valdebich's shoulder with a smile filled with relief.

And frowned one eye and said,

"Don't forget me, brother. You know, it's been a long time.

Paa Narotz is scattered as she breaks her words to pieces. And after that, the giants were sucked into the adra stone because the rope was replaced by magic power.

Petron, who remained until the end, still had a serious face.

If you are the real Savior, you will find us again. If you don't find one, I'll come to you one way or another.

“As you wish.”

.... I hope that damn prophecy is true.

Petron is disappearing like that.

[Soul Stone (Muscle Stone) acquired!]

* * *

…… There is only one Soul Stone left in the world.